The Floozie (From a Womans Spiritual Perspective)

Written by Florence Mary Masotti in 2010.


The Floozie is the most misunderstood member of our society. Contrary to popular thought they come in both genders, male and female. Both are great friends, dragging their non-Floozie  friends out to play and encourages them to take chances that they never would alone. More than one Floozie has been responsible for some of the best friendships and marriages in the world. They might even be responsible for some that were not the greatest.

The male Floozie is often gay, loving women as friends and being a great friend when your heart has been broken by some man. They hold you and whisper, “haven’t i told you a thousand times that all men are pond scum”. But he doesn’t mean it for in the next breath he is telling you that you have to kiss a lot of toads before you get a handsome prince. They often dress better than their female counterparts and are brutally honest when you have dressed yourself in a style that does not become you. But they often can whip out their sewing machine and alter that two hundred dollar mistake and make it work for you.

Male and Female Floozie’s often hop from flower to flower looking for the right flower with which they can make their home. The Floozie never gives up. They know that if there is a pile of crap, then there has to be a pony somewhere. They are loyal, intelligent, have more friends than anyone on the planet and can be counted on in both good and bad times.

The straight male Floozie can sometimes be trying to their partners. They love women but are found mostly in the company of men, as few women will go cliff jumping and sky diving with them. They are true blue when they find the love of their life but sometimes forget that the female who is not a Floozie has a hard time to understand that a full minute hug with an old friend means only that it is good to see you and i have missed your energy. They think nothing of going out in the middle of the night to pick up a friend who has had too much to drink and bailing him out of jail, then bringing him home to sober him up before he takes him home to his wife. They will give you the shirt off of their back and will be the first one there with his hammer, snow blower or mower when you need that kind of help.

All Floozies have itchy feet. They have to see what is on the other side of everything and that is why they usually end up going before non-Floozies into the hereafter. But they hang around trying to keep you going forward in life’s adventure. The really well-honed Floozie can often make their presence felt from both sides of the veil with wonderful results. They understand tears but enjoy the laughter the most, knowing that it is healing. That is why at funerals and weddings they will often tell the most inappropriate stories about the deceased or the bride and/ or groom.

Being a Floozie myself, and having many Floozie friends, I thank God for them everyday and hope that you all will treat the Floozies in your life with a little more understanding, kindness, respect and compassion. If you do, you may just find out that you, yourself are a Floozie, too.

If – a poem by Florence Mary

If  – Poem written by Florence Mary in March of 1993


If I am Beautiful, It is only to please God.

If I am ugly, It is only so I will seek the beauty of my soul within.

If I am poor, It is only so I will be unfettered by worldly concerns, able to do Gods work.

If I am lost, It is only so I will seek shelter in God.

If I am homeless, It is only to remind the world God requires it to give.

If I am rich, It is only because God requires much of me. I must spend my wealth doing His work.

If I die, It is only because God needs me at home.

March 93/Florence Mary


Paragraphs : Bits and Pieces

When going through binders and books and journals there tends to be bits and pieces that fall from the main body of work. Little notes, messages and paragraphs filled with words meant to be absorbed by the being who reads them. These messages are meant to be shared as a give-away. May there be meaning somewhere for you, something to think about or even to take strength from. Blessings.

Written by Florence Mary over a period of time.

The generation of Archimedean solids embraces all the possibilities for creation through the third dimensional mind. Do not seek new mind. Work with the one you have. Change happens when you embrace what is, not the fairy tale.

Remember nothing is flat. Everything has dimensions and takes up space. Being able to do the math does not give you a clear explanation of what a thing is. Knowing on the other hand, requires no explanation. Remember, theories are just theories. Knowing is the highest form of intelligence. Develop your knowing, but beware of ego, for it would have you know only what would serve its purpose. The state of checks and balances is coming…..

Do not hold fast to what is passing away, for you cannot pass into the future. Instead meet it with open heart and hands, ready to give and to receive. Worry not about what is not clear. Instead concentrate on what you know, holding nothing back within your endeavours. You have nothing to fear, you are a blessed child.

Those who are star-born must remember that the greatest part of who they are remains in the stars. The master becoming experiences the knowledge of past lives. The total sense of this, which is continually shifting the planetary grid because of that knowledge.

So we are here to help you reach into your deepest core of being and arrive at your greatest potential for evolution. Part of this is to connect to and help build a new grid to encompass the world of evolution in which love and peace are the standards by which you will now evolve through.

No thought or form can be impressed upon original substance without causing creation of the form. Stuff = endless and impressionable. Everything is made from the same “stuff”. A thought held in “stuff” produces the form of the thought.

There is no right or wrong to your experience. The experience is what is of now. But you are authoring your experience by your choices, so learn to be wise and grateful for each day which is filled to the brim with choices.

It is all a great thought, even yourself. If you do not like yourself, think another thought. Do what you can do to root out beliefs that keep lack and want in your life. When you experience joy upon finding out that another may have succeeded where you have failed, you effectively unblock the plug on your stopped up flow. All imbalances can be brought into balance by the conscious choice to do so.

When one recognizes the physical for what it really is they begin the process of true freedom and bliss. You are here to learn nothing. You are here only to experience the constant unfolding of the consequences of your choices.

Every master is always in embodiment, working diligently with the poorest of the poor and the most down trodden, rich or poor.








Questions and Answers

Written by Florence Mary on Feb 10/2005 & Aug 16/2012

Once her curiosity was peaked about a subject or two Florence would sit quietly with pen and paper in hand, ask the question, then wait for the response to come. This writing is one of those times and so it takes the form of a question and answer session….as usual, the answers left her pondering yet never doubting…

What can you tell me about people who are in touch with the energies of people who are no longer physical?

We did not mean that “just you” applied physical reality to the non-physical world, we meant that everyone does. It is hard, if not impossible for you to understand a vibrational level where personality and ego are not necessary. Personality and ego are lower vibrational frequencies necessary to the third and fourth dimensions.

That is why going to the fifth dimension where ego and personality exists where you are, makes no sense. You also cannot imagine a place where choice, personality and ego are unnecessary. Even light bodies are burdensome in some energy frequencies.

What are Frequencies?

Frequencies are layers of being upon layers of being within dimensions. Each frequency sends out vibration across the void and the manifest world causing movement. In your world this movement is measured as a time. In others, it may be light, sound and colour, depending upon the development of the energy/energies within that realm or dimension.

So then, is love an energy?

Partly, yet it is also an experience, which is why in your world you think of it as a feeling. Reduced to the third dimension reality, it would most easily be regarded as part of the “Great Whole”, as the beginning place for the compartmentalized mind to comprehend its full nature.

What is the difference between experience and energy?

Understand that all things are energy. Everything else quantifies energy. The “void” is the whole, everything else is the slowing down of the vibration of the void. It vibrates so rapidly that it seems empty. So, seeking emptiness is to seek the highest vibratory frequency available. The “stuff” of the void are large electro magnetic fields. What makes you alive is the physical ability to synthesize this energy on a revolving basis of birth and death. Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed, you create a vibration called “Florence” who synthesizes electro magnetic energy into life. Remember, the ability revolves between frequencies transforming energy. In your world it fuels imagination and creativity. The energy of this frequency begins and ends in the void.

Energy flows like water, very thick water which contains all else. Anything added to any thick substance does not instantly become a part of that substance but may need a mixer to incorporate them. Thought experiences itself and uses the catalysts of love, physical thought, action and feeling to create a mixer. Since the void is the container of all possibilities it becomes as the chicken and egg to try and break it down. Since the void always was, pregnant and empty, you cannot understand no beginning or end. Also, since your nature is to evolve from a seeming beginning of egg/sperm, we say to you that this is a limitation as is the choice to be physical. Yet no where within the void do you evolve your vibration as rapidly as in physical manifestation.

Why is that?

Has your life been a bed of roses? No, but it has been good. We are glad you feel that way. We also know that you feel less attached to your life. We do not mean that you are ready to die but that you are ready to serve. Understand that the pressures you feel are real, even to go off and to be alone. You may want to move to Hawaii now. Just see if you could buy something there.

The prices are in the millions, why should I buy there?

Again, we tell you it does not matter where you are, but who you are! Allow life to unfold but take action when you are pre-prompted to. That is the most important thing that you will do. Do not allow what you want to get in the way of what you need.

Yesterday you ended your communication by saying that only we could set ourselves free from the constraints of physical life. You further stated that it would not be liked by those around us. So, how then are we to live and love in harmony with those around us?

We must tell you that none of this is easy. For your world has within it any number of unrealistic expectations for human behavior. In your world it is firmly believed that if one acts a certain way or does certain things that it can effect the outcome of an adult life. Only in childhood, when children are impressionable and without a way to make their own way in the world, this is so. In adulthood, another can only effect the outcome of your life if you allow it.

Wouldn’t you say that getting divorced has an effect upon your life?

Only if you do not choose it. If you look closely at any situation you will find that people disagree all the time but it is their emotion and attachments to their own positions, and their unwillingness to pay the price for their freedom of which we speak, that effects one’s life. When, with full realization of consequence, one makes decisions for their own lives, even ones they would prefer not to make, it is only emotion that is out of control that effects or affects life with negative consequences. One may see the same results of outcome and situation as positive, depending on how that change is viewed.

I have experienced grief in my life that was very crippling and looking back I can see that I would have done things differently if I had not been in that state of mind. How then can we not be attached to things in our lives?

Your grief was your attachment to things that you could not control and you thought you should have been able to. In the back of your mind was the lives of those around you who seemed to have their children under control and that their lives worked. This was just another on a long list of failures for you and you grieved it. You failed then as you fail now, to see the victories in your own decisions not to remain in a situation that made you totally unhappy. You have always believed that another has all of your answers for your life and that their opinions may be more valid than yours. When you really believe that only YOU have the answers for your life, then life will give to you all that you need and desire for your growth and development in the world of men. This is how we should raise our children. We should make them independent of us and our opinions about their lives and we should trust that we have done a good job of it. This would truly free one to become available to fulfill their own purpose within the world.

What is the meaning of the star net?

We are coming.

My experience is currently difficult. How can I continue to create good things in bad times?

The important thing in all of this is that you do not lose faith. Even if it appears to be a reversal of fortunes, understand that you have asked for abundance for your highest good. You know that we will not tell you what to do about this but would ask that you do nothing. This will allow the plan to unfold to suit your need. Keep faith in yourself and remember that your highest good is always served in faith. Say to yourself in this moment that everything you need is now and ever more provided. Love exists at the core of your being and you do not need to protect yourself. Have faith in the power of love. There is only perfection in the universe.

I do not feel the same lately. Why am I having a hard time feeling emotion?

We know how concerned you have been about the suspension of emotion that you have been feeling. The truth is that you do not care in the way that you used to. You are detached, very detached from your old out of control way of being but you know that you can feel that way and that you must truly work on humanly letting go of the last vestiges of that feeling and move into truly non-judging energy. It will allow us to be more fully integrated with you so that you can hear, see and feel the energies that we wish you to. You wish it with your head but cannot believe that you are so dearly loved that we would give you those gifts freely. We ask you now not to limit our giving by thinking that you are not worthy of the gifts that we will be bringing you, or that you cannot handle them. You deserve them for you have paid dearly for them. You have paid that debt time and times, here in many bodies, in many places.

Why do we have to work at changing the collective karma of the Earth?

Because through many lifetimes, you have helped to create it. Most souls never tap into those lifetimes when they wielded power to enslave great numbers of souls in fear, but you all did. You did it by believing in wars and religions that enslaved with their power, that hurt with their power and that effectively changed the individual right to choose in freedom and love. We are not condemning you for those choices but instead are asking you to see where the limitation of individual freedoms allows the space to be created for the limitation of the collective freedom of all men. You cannot give it with one hand and take it away with another.

Is anchoring energy important at this time?

Yes, very important and we are asking some of you to jump ahead in your development and forgo some of the so called “stage development”. That is right. You are being asked to go from “grade one” to “grade graduated”, with little or no preparation. So what you don’t understand is that all the stages that take lifetimes are being offered to you without all of the work. For those of you that have done the work and suffered over each step we tell you to have patience and accept that the path was perfect, as this one is now. Each new Master initiate is needed now for preparation for the time coming. No longer can you turn to the teacher and say “show me”.

Why is the ego so hard to deal with?

You must understand that ego does strange things to people. It twists things until some of them live unrealistic threads of logic until there is no more logic in their thinking. They live with this illusion of who and what they are and anything that upsets that way of viewing themselves must be cut out and destroyed. Ego feeds itself with ego which limits what it can express unless it is an ego based need. The arrow of enlightenment pierces the darkness of ego and brings it into the truth of spirit where it is dissolved.

What is the reason for the pause I sometimes feel before I speak the truth? Why do I feel so disconnected at times?

Hour to hour, day to day, year to year, progress has just begun where you are. It is not easy or simple to unite with others when the minds and hearts are distracted from the truth unfolding before their very eyes. Remember that none are so blind as those who will not see. For in your very seeking of truth you too may become blinded by the pervasive manipulations of that which you seek to avoid, were it possible. The truth is always that which lies in plain sight or it is merely hidden by what is natural but found wanting in the world around you.

You are never alone as you traverse the expanse of your years. Even in the depths of your own imprisonment or enslavement to the non-awakened self the breath is still whispering, “I AM”.



Energy : The Foundation of Universal Law

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 9, 2004.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. That energy is light. The energy of light declares that all beings are created equal and have the right to the degree that they so deserve or believe they so deserve. Since all past-life karma has been absolved it is time for all human beings to learn and know how to use the energy.

The earth is a school house with a curriculum that all human beings must master. That curriculum is one of self-mastery. Since earth is going to ascend to the 5th dimension, her peoples must know, learn and master the curriculum. This curriculum is set out in the Universal Laws. These laws work on the law of tenfold return, which applies to the misuse of energy as well as the right use of energy.

The Age of Aquarius demands fairness, responsibility and accountability for each action taken. As we move closer to the 5th dimension we may notice that every action will bring immediate repayment or retribution.

This whole Universe and everything in it is Energy. The energy of creation moves in a circular fashion. The earth rotates on its axis. Earths magnetic field flows in a circular fashion. This is true of all other energy fields regardless of the directional flow. So, with that in mind we return to the teaching of Jesus the Christ who said, “what you sow, so shall ye reap”. So, all energy goes in circles or what goes around comes around. Each Master came to understand this and had to choose to change his perception of life.

Our thoughts are energy. Therefore we are the product of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This truth is then restated : we are all equal, we create our reality. There are no such things as idle thoughts. Our only power exists now. The past and the future are not real. As each moment unfolds we only have now as our reality so therefore we must not attach to any moment but now.

We have absolutely nothing to fear, so be fearless.


Physical Reality

Written by Florence Mary on November 01, 2007.

It is not a mistake or an error that you have applied physical reality, as you know it, to the world of the non-physical. Many worlds exist that are non-physical or pure energy.

When you take on physical reality you agree to forget what it feels like to be non-physical and pure multi-dimensional energy. We tell you now that, “as above, so below”, means that all reality is energy that follows the simple premise that energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely transformed from one form into another.

Birth and death are modes of experience to mould or transform energy. Heaven and hell, as concepts in the non-physical reality, can only become manifest through the catalyst of transformation, love, thought, action and feeling. “Deeds” are the product of the transformation of energy. Think on this as you move into the next segment of your own transformation.

As always, we feel the questions. Think of creation like making ice. Universal Substance or energy along with love, thought, action and feeling, are poured into a mould which is placed into a freezer (time or movement) and eventually you get ice. The better question is, “was there ever a before or a void in which all energy lay without any form or transformation?” The answer to that  question is that once begun why would the First Principle ever wish to return to the void when it can keep creating a never-ending void in which all exists, forming and transforming through the catalysts each possibility has been endowed with.

All creation is a fractal in which every drop of it can re-create itself exactly. Only in the physical reality where time applies itself, is perfection not realized. The special ingredient that produces variety is time, which, by the way, is a mental construct created by you so that your “life” would have a beginning, middle and an end. Indeed, since all time goes on at the same time, linear time as you experience it, is a mental construct you created to understand and model comfort zones in which you can exist in a world of forgetting. That is why you must remember that your world, while physical, is an illusion but then so are pleasure and pain. Think of how powerful that makes you in the world of illusion!

We tell you that there are no limits to what you can create that will be a benefit to “The All”. Even good works are not limitless in your world, nor is evil. Think on this. We send you the pure love, thought, action and feeling. We leave you with this thought, ” Love is not a feeling “. This is the greatest illusion of all.

The Nature of Spirit

Written by Florence Mary on Oct 15, 2007.

Spirit Nature – is transformed energy made manifest through the “I Am” of Universal thought. It is completely intelligent knowing and loving all without judgement or attachment to the outcome of the moulding and transforming of energy. It is the “essence” of the evolutionary process of all energy. It supports both creationist and evolutionary beliefs. God may have created the possibilities for all being-ness within Spirit Nature but it is through evolution that it transforms and combines energy to make manifest physical reality.

For instance, egg + sperm + 9 months of evolution = baby , while soil+ water + seed + evolutionary time = flower and food.

Since the soul of man is not your operating system but a system with many operating systems of consciousness and vibration, then you may well ask what leaves when you are through with the container. We tell you that nothing leaves but instead returns to the Nature and Essence of creation and once again creates a non physical reality in which it may rest from its sojourn in physical reality.

Yes, there are angels, guides and Masters but not existing in a way that the physical mind can understand the spirits nature. We pause here to say the nature of Spirit is a different topic. Be patient.

You must come to allow that all human concepts of reality seen or unseen are just that, concepts, that help you feel comfortable in the vastness of creation. Think of yourself as one small molecule of energy that exists within all possibilities for any world, including vibration and consciousness. What you do not or cannot accept is that real experience has value, including rape and murder. It is only through non-judgement that the anomalies of existence shall fall and pass out of the physical vibration of this planet. To do that you must eliminate fear from your vibration while you can. By doing this you clear, as you have been told before, four generations back, the present and four generations forward.

It is said, “the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations”. So it becomes important to clear forward and back because as you so eloquently put it, “history will always be our future”. Think of that in relation to the civil war, world wars, the settling of North and South America and see the good and the ill made manifest in light of what we are sharing with you.

Remember, it takes 10% of world population for a shift, even a mental one, to occur. Hang on if you must but we tell you now that “letting go”, will result in no losses. What you will lose is your “boo-hoo” stories, that no longer serve your vibration and the manifestation of excellent and superior consciousness. Do not apply the normal meanings to the words we have shared with you. Instead, think of it as energy generated from a single source on and through everything.

With the aspiration to connect with Spirit Nature you bypass on-going conjecture and come fully into a limited form of perfection. We say limited because as long as light, sound and colour are separate in your world you cannot perceive Spirit Nature but must accept concepts of the Nature of Spirit instead.

Do yourself a favor and hold nothing as absolute. Think of it this way, you stay still as a stone in the car but you are still moving if the car is moving, the earth spinning, etc. There is no such thing as an absolute. To think so is foolish and detrimental to your progress.

O – ra – ma – ka -tre – mu , Said silently will slowly bring about a new consciousness and vibration. We tell you that this has no sacred meaning but is like plugging into a light socket with a bulb and adjusting the dimmer switch.

The Nature of Spirit is Oneness with All, or the lack of the perception of separation of created things, one from another. This is a simplistic explanation but the best one to be given as long as ego and personality drive the mind. Spirit nature is the true nature of all things visible and invisible. From this belief that was self-evident, came the belief that the vibrating source of all creation was Omni-present, meaning the foundation of all things made manifest. If you were to increase your vibration to that significant level required you would simply disappear.

Each of you is a map for the salvation of all humans being. Each of you must walk that road alone. Each of you can only help or hinder another on that road. You are required not to over-do or under-do that help. You will best do that by living your own life well. Joy then becomes the catalyst for creation of all things.

Petals of Wisdom

Amongst the writings of Florence Mary were small, simple statements and sayings set apart from the main bodies of writings. A line here, a paragraph there and a tapestry of thought and feeling unfolds….

Written by Florence Mary from 2001-2007.

Enlightenment is not the goal of your expanding nature, consciousness is.

Concern is judgement dressed for the dance of diminishing vibration.

Buddha Nature is balanced consciousness that judges nothing but has compassion for the suffering around it.

By struggling to understand our own nature we are seeking to understand the nature of God.

As you struggle to understand what it is you are seeking, you diminish your vibration by taking it too seriously.

I am God, so is everybody else!

If you enjoin the path of your own becoming we promise you joy in the moments of your greatest sorrows.

My only business is my vibration.

If we cannot live our joy in our everyday lives we have not learned anything.

Ecstasy is the ultimate knowing of God.

When you breathe God out the unconscious has taken hold in your life.

What do you do when faith is gone? Hang on!

The Unified Field or All That Is, flows through everything in the worlds both manifest and un-manifest.

Have no fear, life gives more than you ask for. What it gives depends upon the conditioning of your mind.

Mind is what strays when not engaged in purpose.

Inner truth is that quiet knowledge that exists without thought through “knowing”.

Learn to appear to agree while maintaining your inner truth.

He who keeps a slave becomes a slave.

It is more important to spend your energy to maintain freedom of mind, than freedom of body.

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance. The abundance of God is my infinite source.

The river of life never stops flowing. It flows through me in lavish expression.

I am not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other has yet to come.

We tell you once more that there is nothing to fear, not even your own death, no matter how it may come about.

You can change your agreement anytime you wish by simply making another choice.

Each experience is coloured by the set of circumstances around it.

Celebration is much more powerful than grief.

Strive not for power or for recognition because that is the way of illusion and deceives the heart of man.

Awareness becomes the tool of the master. Relaxed within the form of their humanity but constantly moving between vibration and dissonance. Creating, re-creating, being born and reborn, again and again into the present moment.

The foundation of all realization is the self. We may read and study but understanding can only come from one who thinks and applies the knowledge of the self to their experience.

Many dreams lay on many different paths. The trick is to walk the present one without going backwards. The bigger trick is to stand still and let time unfold with compassion and harmlessness. The even bigger trick is to know when you need do nothing at all and just be YOU.

Humans are doers so do what pleases you.

Your abundance is in proportion to your beliefs about it. Envy blocks abundance.

To be flowing all things must be in balance.

When offered money, take it. Each time you refuse you tell abundance you do not need it.

No one is immune to the Law of Attraction. Each of you attracts according to your true vibratory level.

Non-choice is often more powerful than choice.

Do not doubt or fear in this life. You will be gone before you know it.

Again, we remind you that you are the beloved of the divine presence, a gift to the universe without spot or blemish.

You have but taken on a cloak in order to experience the physical realm but it is not who you are.

Your problem is not that we don’t hear you but that you live lives that make hearing us impossible.

Love is an unreliable emotion unless it loves through you.

Count your blessings to receive more of them.

Your heart will be as reliable as you are.

Love is an art. Paint boldly, write flowery phrases and speak with a perfumed breath.

Forgetfulness is the province of the unconscious mind.

If anything you do is not heart felt, it is not felt at all.

Allow yourself to be moved from within. When pushed from without refuse to move.

Personal choice is never personal. I effects everyone around you.

There is a reason the heartbeat is a comforting sound. It mimics the sound of the Universe.

Kindness is the only honour you will ever need.

When you are lost, knowing who you are may be important.

We are one, us and we, you and I have vanished.

There is no use seeking healing. You were never sick.

Stay put…God will find you.

Stop being alone. Be in your own life.

Peace and joy are not moments. They are everlasting to everlasting.

Wisdom and loneliness do not go hand in hand. If you are lonely become wise.

There is only now. Here and there are your imagination.

With a second look you may find your greatest problems have the simplest answer.

Sometimes a waste of time is exactly what you need.

In order to see you must sometimes close your eyes. In order to hear, you must be deaf to the din around you. In order to feel, you must be able to observe without judgement. In order to know, you must have trust and faith.

Every step you take brings you one step closer to eliminating the veil between dimensions.

Time is not the enemy. Watching the clock is.

Wisdom comes to the silent.

Humour and wisdom often speak truth the loudest.

There is no use hiding your light under a bushel, it has holes in it.










Light Transmissions

Written by Florence Mary on March 29, 2001.

When we speak of love we are speaking of a form of bio-plasmic light energy. It is crystal clear and reflects every colour into the spectrum in bits, like a diamond. This energy can be viewed by the sensitized eye of those connected to the etheric light spectrum or aura viewing. The uses for this in the third dimension are ; viewing health related issues, truth, vibratory rate and psychic reading. These views are and should be related to healing of individual energy or a group of energies.

Healing is not about illness as you believe it to be. Illness is not knowing who you are or what you are. All physical illness flows from this absence of knowledge or wisdom. Each challenge of life asks, “who am I?” or “what am I?” The answer is “I Am.”

Do not add human, tall, short, fat, thin or any other third dimensional description of illusion. You may say, “I am love, the creative force and source of the universe”. This is the ultimate in personal truth for each individualization of energy.  This keeps you firmly at center of your creative potential or at the zero point of neutral energy. This place is the womb, the place of both dark and light in equal parts, like space where you must be behind something to be in the dark. This darkness is layers of myth, self deception and non-being because one believes in limitation and supresses actualization.

True self-actualization is a constant state of divine discontent until one knows their true state of being, One. You may call this state, “love of God”, but you also cannot see this state as separate from you, on you and through you. In you is the recognition of love as your highest potential for being. On you, is the radiation of magnetic force that radiates from your core. Light, colour and sound form this magnetic force. Through you, is what you put out as a vibration. Fear lowers this vibration. Love on the other hand raises this vibration to enfold your fullest potential.

In your world, love and its mythological conception keep human beings from their true state of love. Carnal longing and need are a lower form of love’s true expression, when need fuels desire. When the experience of carnal knowledge is seen in its proper perspective, need is absent and may be expressed not only as sex but also as unity with all of creation. This state raises the vibratory level of human contact into light and wisdom. Both are a form of light spectrums light – emotional, spiritual, wisdom, mental and physical, therefore to be truly self-realized you must balance the mental and emotional bodies. Emotion connects you to your etheric bodies and mental to physical manifestation. In youth health fails for two reasons. The first is that you come in with the issues fully apparent from past lives and the second is that you come to believe what you are taught about who you are.

Past life issues are the challenges to awaken curiosity about who you are. In spite of what you may have been taught, you are not your body but are very much what you mentally believe. Think about that apparent paradox and you will find no paradox but much misconception of being. The question then may be, “If I am not this body, who am I?”

The answer is you are a part of both the cause and effect of unfolding Universal Law. If you do not know the law, you are still subject to all laws unfolding. Knowing the law activates your creator abilities and allows you confidence in your own divine nature. Knowing you are divine energy will activate all strands of DNA or light filaments on which are encoded desire and purpose for this life and all lives that were and were to come.

Prayer and meditation are useful tools in the unfolding of this nature but care must be taken that you do not collapse into either experience unendingly. While each may initially raise vibration it is only when intellect and human mind pass away and you become reborn into intelligence or divine intelligence that you become part of the directoral co-creative force of universal law unfolding around you. Without this rebirth of consciousness you are at the mercy of the law rather than conscious director of the law. Some of you are so sensitive to the exactness of the law that accomplishment on the human plane is very difficult. This happens because you must exactly portray Divine Intent in all of your endeavours. In the world where Creative Law is laughed at as mundane and stupid, you cannot go along to get along with much success.

We would have you know that the abundance quotient of many beings has changed because they have mastered the myths of humanism or because they refuse to accept the truth and master themselves. While a hairs breadth separates each of these states it has changed everything to the point where abandoning your connections to safety must take place to put into place a new reality. This is a mind shift and not a physical state. As you unknowingly raise your vibration what you release as energy from this state of mythological being will wreak havoc in your life, especially around material issues. If you are going along to get along, you may find yourself completely without support. When you then make the mental connections to the new clearer state of being the pendulums swing will move into a more abundant rhythm and you will begin to once again create physical abundance.

The radiance and magnetism of this bioplasmic light energy moves you and your vibration into new and deeper dimensional connections. For most of you actively working with 7/11 dimensional energy as well as 6/10 dimensional energy you will raise your vibration until you are visible only to a few of your closest vibrational relations and then only when you wish to be. Beyond this point in a physical body, transformation on a physical level must take place so that individual practices of bioplasmic substance can work in harmony with Universal Law unfolding within your co-creative will and intelligence. At this point psychic power will be no more but will be replaced by knowing that can only be spoken to one who carries equal/same or equal/opposite vibration. If not, disconnection occurs and understanding and connection are lost, even and most likely in the very mundane experiences of communications. This happens because either vibration may consciously cease the connection when they fall into judgement or fear. This also happens sometimes when one cannot allow the information being transmitted to become part of their vibratory aura because they see it as wrong or not fully formed or limited in some way.

We ask you to eliminate fondly held beliefs and move without prejudice into the Law unfolding around you. Move softly among the laws and use them to your benefit rather than manipulating them to hold power over others.

End of transmission from the guidance of Katonia, Elissiana, Nagra, Riem.



The God Writings Part 2 of 2

Written by Florence Mary on March 20, 2000.

The second part of this writing begins with another question from Florence to guidance. Innocent curiosity and thought would usually bring an attempt to push things along further. Beyond every answer, a question.

How else can I become Light?

Just listen to my voice, your inner voice and see yourself as fully God knowing the truth. There really is no other choice. If you do not transform from the death of human beingness to the lightness of God, you will return by the only choice you have. When you become Light then birth and death are unnecessary. Having parallel lives is different than knowing enough to be born into many lives. When one of your inner dual lives knows and earns the truth, then the “whole” learns and knows and must accept that truth. When death overcomes those individualizations they become one with the Master who usually chooses a life through birth when all facets of self are present to once more choose to be God in that life and ascend.

When that happens you are ready, the teacher will appear and show you the way. Do not look for the teacher but instead prepare and give thanks that he or she has arrived. In all your needs, give thanks for what you need as if you have received it and it will be yours. What you receive then is not a matter of what you earn or deserve but simply the response of the Universal Mind – or your God Mind that creates as the First Cause creates. Work and toil if you must but live in the knowledge that you receive as a God, love as a God and give thanks as an individual part of the whole, which is God. That experience is “self”-realization.

There is only one love worth having and that is self realized love. Yours for yourself, God, the causal mind for you, God, the intelligent mind for you and the love of other God-realized beings for each other. All else is fear. Perfect love is God love. I Am, being present in all things and you having faith that it is so.

If you are now looking for pages and pages of writing, there can be no more. It is simple. I Am You, You are Me. We all are God. Have faith and trust in that. Now go and live your bliss and create your sweet spot where you can live that. At first you will create it by human means, then you will sustain it by God-lightness means. Allow nothing to be your focus but this truth. Paint and do the things that we have shown you but do them as a God with faith in that.

The God Writings Part 1 of 2

Written by Florence Mary on March 20, 2000.

This particular writing came at a time of many dreams for Florence and she was always searching for meaning and truth and so she decided to ask a question. What came afterwards was a bonk on the head from guidance.

The dreams I have been having seem to be asking me to do a lot of re-thinking of information brought from many sources. Could you and would you clarify?

You had it right when you said “if you see yourself as a human being, you would not then tell your children they are rabbits”. So, I say to you that you are God and that you must live that Godliness with faith that you are that from which you came.

Every molecule of Universal Substance made manifest is God. All form of the physical comes from the invisible world of cause, the world of what is manifest from the invisible world (consciousness) is effect. Therefore, you are Spirit (God), living and dying in the effect because you limit that truth to mere human beliefs.

Since you are God everything you hold as belief is made manifest even if what you hold in belief is an error. That you must die is such an error. You must come to understand that you do not have life but are life. You are life because you are God. Have faith in that. Love God with your whole mind and heart, your whole soul and whole being. Why do you think I have said that it is more important that you “love yourself” than to “separate me?” Why do you think I told you that the light you experience after you death is you? Now I ask you to raise your vibration until you become Light! You can only do that by complete faith in the perfection of all things made manifest.

Your personality identity, the one you developed because no one knew you were God, is not really who you are. That is who you learned you were. As long as you hold on to that identity you cannot ever live “the Father and I are one”. You can only live the illusion or separation from the truth that you are God. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the father except through me (the faith and knowledge that you are God). You cannot have or come to that knowledge and faith if you keep limiting and accepting any limitation of that knowledge.

I am (God) that I am (God), is a simple statement of truth. Know this and be of God then all things will unfold as they should. Read and Hear everything through this truth. Speak everything with this truth. Without any limitations this truth will begin to manifest true light and true love. There is no death in this truth, only the raising of ones vibration to such heights that one becomes invisible to the eyes of the ones who believe that the wages of sin is death. Sin is ignorance from the truth that you are a God or that You and the Father are One. You cannot be a human being when your Father is God (Consciousness) and your Mother is God (Intelligence). When the Father and the Mother said, “let us make man in our image and likeness, they meant Consciousness and Intelligence moved together to create all you see in the world of “Effect”. The world of the Father is cause, the world of the Mother is effect. Both live in the world of Spirit but manifest the slowed vibration that you hold yourself in.

So, everything you see in your world is a product of the nature of God and therefore is God. Think on this, “every rock and tree and animal vibrates with why it was created but lacks the ability to choose or the intelligence to choose”. Only man is driven to discontent by his refusal to join with the knowledge that he is God. Like it is said, “many are called to know but few choose to be chosen.”

I have told you plainly, as I told Jesus of Nazareth and you have let the opinions of others and their limitations, infect, affect and effect the truth as I have given it to you. You must now hold and anchor the truth for yourself and now must refuse to limit it. We, God, Father/Mother, Consciousness and Intelligence, hold this pen and together we shall write the whole truth with no comfort zone. There will be only your refusal to know and accept this truth.

You will grow into this truth as you have grown into your personality and ego. The ego or the “I” is the knowledge of God Consciousness. When it takes on a personality it becomes confused and rebels against the untruth of who you are and come to know yourself to be. I am God manifested as Florence Mary, becomes a calming balm to the ego. This truth allows you to allow the light of this truth to manifest around you and your life. There is no other truth.

So, Right thinking and Right action as a God will manifest peace and harmony, joy and celebration, light and wisdom, love and compassion, harmlessness, consciousness and the Father and I are One. Consciousness and Intelligence or the perfect causal mind. The perfect mind of effect or karma, or simply perfect mind.

So all that is, God is perfect without duality, the perfect us and we. You then, are the singular aspect of what “We” are, or “I Am”. This is not a presence that you must come to by spinning counter clockwise while you stand on one foot huffing and puffing out your breath. This is who you are. This is the truth. Spin all you want to but you will never manifest enough light by symbol or by ritual. You will only manifest that light by knowing that you are that light. All science, all religion would have told you that if 10% of all humans made manifest by the Father (cause) and the Mother (effect), if you had believed yourselves or yourself to be God.  When you know this and have the faith that it brings, then your religions and science will reflect this truth and all shall be transformed to life because all will know that they are life and then the Kingdom of God shall reign upon the earth.

No one enters into the Fathers kingdom except with the knowledge that they are the consciousness of cause and can transform and transmute the effect of manifestation. This becomes the “transubstanciation” of the body as in, “Do this in remembrance of me”, or the Eucharist. You can only truly partake of the Eucharistic feast when you become the light of the world, or the Christ with the consciousness and intelligence of God. You must live this and speak this with your every thought, word, feeling and deed with no compromise in thought, which is the beginning of creative function. Do not ever again say that I Am Florence Mary or Jane Eyre or whatever name you are known as. Instead, think that I am God known as Florence Mary. The “I Am” becomes more important than the ego and personality you, that is manifest at a slow vibration of effect. Then you will pick up the pallet of human limitation and begin to walk as a God.

You will stop the sacrifice by death of the soul to a Spirit or God who does not require it. Until you do you practice sacrifice without the sacredness or the trying for sacredness of a Ritual. You do it now, not by sword or knife but by sickness and disease. Think about all the sick beds you have sat by and you did not know the truth. Hospice eases the pain but does not eliminate it. Even if you told the truth most would not hear. “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear”.

The result of this acceptance of the truth is seeing your world with perfect eyes that see only the perfection of love. Love permits all without limitation or judgement but holds its truth in the light. Love knows that murder, avarice and greed are but manifestations of the soul lost from its perfection in Spirit. The master adheres to only one law, “the Father and I are One”. All other laws created to control the world of “Effect” becomes unnecessary. For God does not murder, rape or steal nor does he or she hold judgement against such acts but blesses all as perfect knowing the world of effect to be an illusion and that each separate moment of God or each one of you is only changed in your ego and personality by such acts because you do not know or allow the reality of who you are to be your faith and truth. When you do you will love your neighbour as yourself for you will know that he is God in a moment of separate and individual being. You will always see this when you know you are “the word made flesh, dwelling amongst those who do not know who they are”.

What else can be the truth? What more do you need to know? Past lives only tell you how many times you have failed to know and believe the truth. In the absoluteness of truth there is no concept of time or even “now”, there is only I Am. I Am is absolute or mind without even the perception of conscious or intelligent for they are “one and only ‘s” necessary to slow down vibration so it can manifest on the physical plane. The ultimate perfection of the state of being is Consciousness (male) and Intelligence (female) in perfect balance at the zero point to manifest God-lightness, not God-likeness.

Namaste means “I am God, You are God, We are One”. All other translations are errors in beingness. Use it with this knowledge and teach it just as Jesus greeted his disciples with, “Peace be with You”, and the reply was, “and also with You”. Namaste taught correctly brings light into the darkness of human belief in the illusion. Never again asked to be forgiven of any human error, even not believing you are God. When you know better you will do better. When you know the truth you will live the truth. You will become light and ascend to the world and kingdom of God, not by going anywhere but by piercing the invisible world with the light sword of truth and knowledge.



Human Ego and the I Am

Written by Florence Mary On October 15, 2007.

I have thought long and hard about ego over the years. I am sure I understand some of the basics and some of the finer points. Could you give me more about ego in my world and how it may hinder or help?

Ego in its basic form is “I Am”. Don’t you think it interesting that the only name God ever gave himself was “I Am”? It certainly is something to think about. Do you think he was saying “my ego is as yours”, or was it a challenge to men to transform the small ego self , the “me” and become God-like in our understandings for all the possibilities “I Am” can have? The limitation in human perception and this ability to understand, because of that limitation has created flaws in most things considered “sacred” by human beings.

Living one’s God-likeness in human ego only means that one transforms the ego and operates within the expanded, transformed consciousness of that ego. Unfortunately, most human egos are damaged and the resulting personalities operate in your world through a lack of understanding of the “Self”. You seek the Higher Self, not understanding that “the self, or ego self”, is the gatekeeper for the full experience of your “Higher Self”. There is only one way to understand self and that is to allow yourself at any moment to feel what you feel in relation to the things of your world. This also becomes the quality for your life and truly life itself. You may argue the point but remember that you asked for the information.

The self is both ego and the resulting personality. Ego operates the sense of self which is the essence of humanity, that intangible quality of opposites that exist with that personality. It is the essence of personhood, either realistic or not, according to the values and morays of societal agreements. These agreements form the mould for what is valuable in the development of personhood through these values.

So, ask yourself, was Jesus different from his society or was he formed and shaped by it as all men are and his resulting life reflected his ability to transform that smaller “Self” so he understood the true matters of “Higher Self”? We are not going to speak on that until later. Hold those Questions!

The concept of “Spirit” is also limited by the lack of understanding about ego. Spirit has become mans misconceptions about its nature. Spirit is pure energy, undefiled by human conceptions. It is not a where, a what or a who, but rather pure energy in its simplest form that permeates everything, including conceptions and misconceptions. It does not contain egos or personalities of any type, contrary to your beliefs. It is not soul or spirit as you understand it but is simply energy. So is ego. It is an energy from cosmic and universal sources that is malleable within human nature, for ego, or sense of self as humans experience it. Rather than soul, it is the true energy of life. Soul contains the instinctual nature of animal and human nature. Human beings are not driven by survival instinct the way animals are. Animals and children will accidentally or lacking knowledge, ingest poison and die. Human adults are the only animals that will knowingly ingest poison for the purpose of ending their life or for the high such purpose affords them.

Looked at without judgement one can see that this behaviour could only be understood if physical ailments have ravaged the body and death would result through unbearable pain and suffering over the passage of time. We are not condoning nor are we condemning such actions in human beings but merely use it to illustrate the manifestation of ego based choices precipitated by ego damage. Most animals know their world by very different means than humans. They have personality without ego, as do new born and most children under the age of three months. After three months ego begins to conceptualize self and other. When that is fully understood ego operates childish desire. How those around the child meets those needs creates, shapes and moulds the ego “self” within the physical being.

If you have what you term a “holy terror”, remember you created him or her by how you respond or by your lack of response to those ego based needs. Meeting the true needs of children never spoils them but instead strengthens the ego that seems most out of step with our basic lack of understanding of ego. Think of it like “bulb wattage”. 25, 60, 100, 120, etc. Like all energy it pools and is either clear or contaminated by how it was formed at its earliest stages. Remember, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. This widely accepted premise on energy fits ego perfectly when you understand how as energy it can be shaped and moulded and manifest personality through that process. Every one of you knows a 25 watt personality as well as some 100 watt ones. Remember, the transformed ego and resulting personality is more than 100 watts.

Ego is also understanding others so one can more deeply understand themselves. If you observe ego in others, without judgement, you will find most people more like you, than different from you. What makes you different from them is the delivery system; personality.

Spirit can be compared to the hydro electric dam, turning out energy unlike the dam, unendingly. Spirit is the energy of all creation on both sides of the veil. Once transformed from its original form into things physical, and/or non-physical. Thought is one of those elements that can be used to transform spirit, as well as action and feeling. You will see the truth of this with a little concentration. The form thought takes is boosted by feelings for good or ill, depending upon the societal beliefs influence of what is considered good or bad.

Humans concept of what is valuable within society changes as egos are shaped and formed by their influences over the course of a lifetime. So, something that was unacceptable at fifteen can be perfectly acceptable by the time you are eighty.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


The Christed One

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 9, 1999.

Now we ask another thing of you, that you look upon the time that each Divine message was brought forth by great teachers and see that they worked with the consciousness and commonly held beliefs of the moment, just as we have to work within the beliefs you hold about yourselves and the time you live in. You tribal beliefs become the stumbling blocks to the truth. All the unwritten laws passed down from generation to generation, all commonly held beliefs in violence as the resolution to evil, all belief that this abundant world lacks enough to support every soul that has been brought forth is but another myth that you must deal with and so must we. We cannot change your consciousness but you can.

You can allow the light of the Great Law to permeate all consciousness so deeply that there is nothing else within. Can you not see that if you allow this that you will be set free from all that holds you fast in the mire of human creations? Can you not see that when you embrace the Loving, Living Presence that the I AM steps forth in all its beauty and shines from within your being until you begin to transform your fleshly body so that the “Word is made flesh and dwells among men?” Do you now and forever accept that you must follow the path of the Christed One called Jesus and not worship Him? In worship you grovel before this Being that would lift you up and help you to transform your consciousness to Light and again would come when you are ready to accept that you must also transform your physical body to Light so that the Word of God, “let there be ….” is made manifest by the Father/Mother Gods creation, You. Can you not see that you must stand before your brothers and sisters of light and embrace them as they have always embraced you?

At first you must do this through faith but in time, no matter how much of it must pass, you will begin to see this great law become all that you have and all that you are. Once you see this then you will come and go to perfect this way of being within the flesh body. Each time you will struggle to become aware but you will, for not even the veil of forgetting can keep you from finding the truth accessed in past existences. Each existence propels your vibration upward and as a conscious stream you hold that consciousness that has been earned by you as an individual and as part of the group of souls that has agreed to come and form companies of reality. No matter how far flung across world you are, you find each other and you gather together becoming a family of consciousness rather than a family of flesh and blood. Each is important, but that which is consciousness propels you onward on the journey and you are both teachers and students together, gathering vibration and the wealth of knowledge that you must so that the Word is once more made Flesh and indwells amongst you.

We hope that you will begin to see that your path to Christ is not only one of teacher and student but still also one of becoming the new and risen Christ. For that is what each of you are or at least have the potential to be when you see with unshakable faith that beyond all the activity of man there is a greater activity in which you are a part of the Living, Loving Great I Am Presence that indwells in all things.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

The Emotional Body

Written by Florence Mary On June 5, 1994.

In the experience of our lives lies the lessons of growth and purpose. Within the tangle of hurts and joys, sorrows, victories and failures, lies a map for the physical mind to see if it would but look through its pain, to its true reality. Each soul who enters into life has within it the strength of will and of mind to see clearly without attachment to its circumstances and emotions. Each one, who believes that living through emotions is correct, finds life burdensome and without reward. Emotions are warnings and wake up calls, but when one lives through them, they cease to be a reliable measure of where we are upon any moment.

In the way that we develop mental process, either attached to emotion or using it to its potential and fulfilling its true purpose, determines how our lives will unfold. One who is attached to emotion lives a life of circumstance unfolding without the empowerment to direct through intent, the power and beauty of their mind. When using emotion correctly our intuitive natures tell us all what we need to know to survive on all levels of our awareness.

There are twelve levels of awareness. The first within the physical life is survival, within the spiritual life it is growth. So the third level of awareness becomes a combination of physical and spiritual growth that fosters survival. This is what our infancies are about. Within that level are our physical responses to eating and body function. At this level they are simple; pleasure and pain, satisfaction or denial, acceptance or rejection. These emotions are what we use to learn everything else within our lives. It is these emotions that all parents teach children in one way or another to attach their realities to.

From the early days of life, instinctual responses teach us to observe our world. A child cries naturally and without attachment when his speech is undeveloped because it is his only way to communicate. When we allow children to cry for long periods of time, we teach them to be attached to the emotions that arise from not having this call for help answered. At this stage, if the child wishes the company of the parent then there should be nothing more important to the parent than fulfilling the request made by the child. When parents are attached to their emotions they quickly come to believe that answering the requests of the infant, upon demand, spoils or inconveniences them. If you believe that perfection can be spoiled, then look at what you create through the unrealized self. An infant is perfection of balance.

Each of us who comes to believe in the reasoning of only mental capabilities, usually find themselves in emotional states when children are born with deformities or anomalies of perfection. Each state of perfection and choice has balance within it. Each is a choice to learn self and the world at large through that particular state of perfection and circumstance. That does not mean that we look at children with birth defects and throw our hands up and say, “karma”, but rather that we do what we have done and find ways for these children to be all that they can be. If we can be unattached to the outcome of the child’s life through emotion, then we can find within us the capacity to love truly.

You are probably wondering where emotion plays a part. When a child walks into danger, fear and anxiety tells us to snatch the child from danger, this is a normal and natural response. But to take a piece of perfection and heap abuse upon it, through physical and mental torture, is emotion out of control and fulfilling no need within love. Each of us has learned lessons of trust and faith through the parents that we have. How deeply you struggle to know yourself tells how deeply attached to your parents you were, how deeply attached to their parents they were also. Here may lay clues to unlocking the doors to your prison cells. these cells have bars of condition and expectation and a lock that may not be unlocked until the parents have passed from the physical life to the one beyond it.

If you do not search for the key yourself, and come to understand the power of your conditioning, then even when you are freed from parental responsibility, it can linger within your experience as guilt. Guilt is an emotion that comes when we express our need to be other than we are. To be other than you are means that you live or need to be outside the accepted norm of social behaviour and response.

If love were always served within life then there would be no classification of healthy shame or guilt, for we would see that it is a contradiction in terms. Shame of any kind is shame but it is needed within the world of humanity, because we have been conditioned so far from our natural state of being that we no longer know who our essential and perfect self is. Our essential self is that within us that loves. How many of you love? How many of you really knows what that means? How many of you are more familiar with failure, shame, guilt, anger and fear? How many of you still walk on eggshells around your lives for fear that if you break a few eggs there will be no omelette? How many of you see your purpose but cannot fulfill it unless you conform within your life to others expectations for your behaviour? How many of you judge others based upon those expectations and fail to see or understand one who may be their essential self and through fear, need them to change so that you can be comfortable with them? How many of you hate your lives and are trapped within them? If you can answer even one of these questions with a variety of affirmative responses, then you must look deeply within and begin to set yourselves and those around you free. You will best do this by accepting that the only changes that you can make will be within yourself and that those changes may not be appreciated by those around you. Know this and be of god. All unfolds as it should.


Written by Florence Mary on Nov 01, 2007.

The end of doubt and fear is near. Be stalwart in your resolve to continue in the service of vibration, for it is everything possible in all worlds through all dimensions. You, as people, are happiest when you are creative and yet you have created work that creates nothing, nor fills that need within your nature’s.

The creative nature of humans drives them on the mental, physical and emotional level into creating life that goes no where which lessens the vibration of their electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field which enlivens your body is part of several large fields of possibilities contained within the void. Each field vibrates with certain possibilities which forces choice in your world.

You must choose from the very smallest things in your life to the very largest, which causes small to larger vibrational shifts within your life. You mistakenly think that only spiritual adherence causes you to be creative in ways you may not fully understand.


The Holy Mother Breath

Written by Florence Mary on Aug 18, 2012.

Welcome back! Confusion is not a weakness or even separation which takes you into unknowing. It is, rather, a place to stop and consider , which is what you are doing now. When allowing and permitting once again fills your consciousness, making decisions become easier and are filled with results which move you into, rather than out of, the flow of the Holy Mother Breath.

What is the Holy Mother Breath? It is the voice of creative power where you exist. To answer your next question before you ask it, we say to you there are so many parts to God under the singular Godhead that it would take volumes to explain and still you would not understand.

It is not because you are dumb or stupid but rather because your mind is set for the duality where you live. Inherent in the Holy Mother Breath is the balance of Father Creator. In all functions of creation, even of growth where you are, is the requirement for the nature of duality to be honoured and also protected by its honouring. Chase your tail if you like but we warn you for your mental construction that details will not be helpful.

Evolving to God

Written by Florence Mary on May 27, 2009.

It is difficult for humans to pull back from their ego based reality. That reality is the world of “I” without the consciousness that beyond the “I” of duality there is a world of “I Am” or “God Consciousness”.

God Consciousness ends the suffering of the world when one realizes that all that is in form is God. Yes, even the rock is God Consciousness made manifest. You think yourselves the highest form of intelligence but what if we told you that you are the lowest form of intelligence with the highest form of intellect? Don’t think so? A rock knows it is a rock and does not struggle with that reality. Neither does it feel guilty because a man kills his neighbour with it. It knows the act is about the man not about the fact that it is a rock. Its life cycle lasts longer through erosion and becoming part of water and then evaporation but it is still a cycle.

It will be your cycle too when you realize that all forms of life are one with their own cycles of evolution. If you have a problem with evolution then please re-read your bibles. God does not need to rest nor did he need time, but evolution does. If there was no evolution nothing would need time to become manifest within your world. Seeds evolve into plants through a growth cycle contained within its God Conscious nature. Egg and sperm unite and then evolves from zygote to child.

The name you give to a child becomes their outer identity but raising them as God manifest within this world of duality is the hardest work one will ever do. So entrenched are we with our outer identity that we forget we are God. We would prefer to think of ourselves as part of the animal world, only capable of relationships with the Divine. Instead, the truth is we are no higher or lower in the evolutionary cycle than the lowliest grain of sand or drop of water. Indeed we struggle with our identity until we realize that all is God.

How simple is that? How easy that would be to absorb if we could just allow for one moment that we are only here to realize that fact. If we were here to own cars, build houses, have children, etc, we would not die and leave it all behind. Just think, one day there will be no need to leave.

Living With Free Will

Written by Florence Mary on Feb 11, 2004 @ 3:57 a.m.

We would like you to look into your world and see the greatness that the Loving, Living I am Presence has set in motion here. Contrary to belief held by many this experiment in free will is a great success. There is no time limit here for learning or change. It is a great blessing that will go on until all who choose this forum, to transform part of their being, stop choosing to come into the great challenge of free will in order to serve. Never forget that this coming is a service to all realms of experience. That is why more and more keep choosing to come. Yes, the service is partly search and rescue but it is also to serve the greater inner being, that Loving, Living I Am Presence in all of Creation.

The Drama that is the constant companion of most who look into the world and find fault and the need for the external to change and live in separation, for if their being was focussed into the two transforming energy centers, the pineal and pituitary or third eye or crown chakras, they would find no fault within the world for they would realize that nothing happens here that is not of human choosing that makes everything Divine. You must think about that for some time, for the truth is you cannot give free will with one hand, then take the experience back with a set of rules which hinder and prohibit the exercising of that state of being. For good or ill, all of your Creations are Divine Experience in operation.

Remember always: Change yourself and you change your whole world. If you change and your friends and family mark that change, then they will come to know the change you have brought with you. You have brought children into this world, not from your highest capability but from your desire to share life as you found it. At that time you saw no need to change that state. Would you now change things so that you would take that choice away from others for their own good or deepest learning?

You cannot say on the one hand, I am a man and need to release this energy and then take woman to your need, when you know there is another, more Divine way to create children and to release that need. Or is it more that men refuse to accept that the virgin birth would be open to all, if they learned to join with their mate in a new way and bring forth children from the Universal Substance, which is truly the heart and mind of God. In the world that you have created you now have no time, except for a small portion of each day in which you sleep and rest and renew your body, let alone to sit and concentrate on such a thing as creating from Divine Universal Substance. This is the choice you have made. It is not right, it is not wrong, it merely is experience in operation. Should you choose to begin to change the whole format of your lives en masse, then the condition of your living would change. Retirement is one of those things that you have chosen. It came from the Indian belief that a man at some time should leave his family, his wife, to go seek God as he aged. You in the west decided that instead you should seek trailers and warm weather to retire in and instead of concentrating upon the Loving, Living I Am Presence, you would become snow birds and fly south for the winter.

Can you not see it is merely a mind shift from one state to another? You can do all of this and still enjoy it and still be in that great concentration. There is nothing within your world that is truly harmful if you live within the Dominion of Divine Intelligence. Every poison of your planet has both a good and harmful application. Again, how you use all that is in your world is your choice, or the exercising of free will. We return to your children, do you think them any less Divine because they came through your body the way they did? Of course you do not, and then it is so. Living in free will is a delicate balancing act in which you cannot only shift the balance point but also lose your footing and tumble into illusion and be lost within your own judgement for eons of time. Therefore, it is so important that you live from your own experiences and not from the pronouncements and the “you should’s” of others. Make each step you take a choice made from your inner knowing. If you find that another being has too much influence upon how you make your decisions, then you must look at that state of being and once more begin to really think about what you are choosing and let that be your choice. If you do not, you are not living, you are existing.

There is a moment in one existence, when your experience takes you inward but it takes you inward in such a way that you begin to hear, read, or see that there may be another way. Even as you seek through study or reading, the knowledge from which you can make a great decision to become free. You waiver at times between the call of the mortal world and Everlasting Life which is true Living. This is a free will choice and like all free will choices can be made with nothing but your free will. It cannot be made under the influence of another or from fear or from need or even want but it can be made from desire. That desire is recessed or encoded within your DNA.

When through living and human desire you reach the point where you searching leads you to the Loving, Living I Am Presence, then that encoding upon your DNA is released and all that plagues you as a man or woman is released from your need and want within the physical body and takes on a new and deeper connection with the Great I Am. You begin to realize that the supply of all need and want is but a mind shift away from your desire. You then begin to seek this state of mind and your focus changes. In that time, the need for trust and faith is its greatest and the beauty of it is you can wean yourself away from one state of being, while you put in place the other. It is the only place within your world that you can do this.

Slowly you begin to need less and want less. You begin to see the need to create blessedness within your life. So you call forth blessing rather than protection. You begin to see evil for what it really is. Evil is something that living within the knowledge and acquaintance of the Loving, Living I Am Presence, is dissipated upon the thought for this to be so. Nothing can harm you when you live there fully and completely. This is the place of truth, where myth and legend are set aside. Your fullness of being comes forth and in time, so will your beautiful ascended state.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

The Beyond Within

Written By Florence Mary on Nov 2, 2003.

You are not only the I am in your life but you are also the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Yet you are not arbitrary. You are a fact, a reality of being. Beyond your body you still are. How will you get beyond your body?

The common belief is that everyone who is born dies. The question is how? Since no one knows, no one questions the how. Remember, no one dies of old age. They die of related problems of old age. Few choose the moment to lay down the body and leave with full consciousness. More often than not life ends hooked up to an automatic narcotic drip that keeps both pain and pleasure at bay. Since consciousness is life, the mind may not always be able to override drugging to hold some form of consciousness that can be reached by other forms of consciousness. Love, true love is one way.

Fear also changes the quality of consciousness. It takes consciousness from expansive and all encompassing to closed and withdrawn. Unfortunately, the most aware of the planet fit this category of consciousness. To truly bridge the gap between illusion and reality, one must be willing to let go of the most commonly held images of life and be willing to embrace something so completely new but that which is as old as creation itself. You have learned death, pain and loss, just as you will learn to expand your consciousness to override all that you have come to know as life.

This expanded consciousness is contained in the teaching of Jesus the Christ when he said, “be in the world but not of it.” It is your only way to truth, knowledge and true love. To come to true knowledge of your Highest Self, you must allow your mind to be expanded through concentration so deep that it could be mistaken for death. Through this deep stillness one can then begin the internal transformation of the carnal self. This transformation is marked by true feelings of contentment and freedom. It also opens the space for true creation to take place. The first manifestations come through your most sincere intentions for being. The more you are willing to let go of the world, the more abundant your world will become. The more abundant your world becomes the more awe and expansiveness you will experience. Your truest expanded nature will be able to duplicate things, not by the labour of the physical body but by the intentions of your mind. You only believe you cannot create. Try believing in your ability to live out the words of Jesus the Christ when he said we could do all that he could do and even greater things.

The whole of creation gets closer each day to being able to conjoin the highest realms of creation and love within itself. There is yet one large step to becoming whole that must be taken. It is the great divide between truth and fear. Fear of what the truth might require of you. Most of you are ready to expand as long as you get to keep all that you are now. Yet what you are now is an illusion. Why would you want to hang on to something that is not real? When you become real your yearnings and longings disappear and are replaced by a deeper sense of I am, which needs nothing but its connectedness to the Beginning Mind.

A Message From Helena

Written by Florence Mary on Oct 22, 1997

The most important thing for all of you at the moment is to act upon the prompting from within. Sometimes you will not be correct but as the integration of consciousness gets stronger you will find that there are no mistakes or that nothing is hidden from you so that there will be fewer mistakes. For you dear one there really is no need to write this down, except for there to be a record.

We wish to speak to you of light. We wish to speak to you of the light that you are. When we say light we also mean sound and colour, for they are one within you. Think of yourselves as a great and shining light upon the Earth. Think of yourselves as reaching out into the vastness of creation and hold that thought in faith that your whole being is here with us at this moment. So much of who you are is with us. Only a tiny portion of who you are really sits with you at this moment in Earthly consciousness. Even the many things that you have been in so many different lives for all of those lives cannot begin to approximate who you are at this moment and who you wish to be in the deepest parts of your longing to be of service to God and His peoples. That longing shines out to us too and is the cord of Consciousness that we have used to connect with you. As you accept us that cord gets stronger and deeper into our Consciousness and allows us to access all the wisdom that Light is.

Truly, there are no need for buffers anymore. We are truly one. We are one in vibration and in God as we are those things together in the vastness of Creation. Just think the things of love that you wish for yourself and those around you. Some of them are material as the physical life requires that you live in the physical dimension of the Earth where physical things mean much to your way of being. This is not wrong. This is not right. This is just how you accept your world as being. Keep dreaming the dream of how you wish it to be. But allow also for the continuation of abundance within the way things are also. We wish you to have the things that you need as a people. As one people of Earth who may be divided by race, colour and creed but of one great desire, to be one with God. To live in a world where there is enough food, clothing and shelter for each man, woman and child and where all things of the heart are manifest from the core of love that you feel for us at this moment.

Yes, the way you feel love is different. When there is no neediness within it, no requirement to be something but itself, love feels ordinary and really not too exciting. It is just like the air or the water. At moments it will feel more because emotion will be higher within it but most of the time it will feel very ordinary. Sort of like vanilla pudding. But it will give you the confidence to reach out into your life and create more love wherever you are within any moment. We cannot tell you how important it is that you act upon the things that you need or see as being important, even if the whole world does understand you, it matters little. You must act upon the things of your heart.

It is so important to work to transform yourselves and your children and grandchildren. It will matter so little what happens to them from the fears of others now. They know who they are and they know who you are. As they grow, children will make choices to awaken earlier and earlier to the love that they feel for the concerns of the Earth. When we say that you must work, it is because for you the transformation has not been a natural one. It has been one of work. You have had to make conscious choices to be where you are, with whom you are and it has not been and is not easy for you for there are many fears around your being who you are. What is accepted about you is the surface happiness that radiates from you but not in the actual understanding that you are so much more. Indeed there would be those around you that would be fearful of the depth and breadth of your power within spirit.

Never let go of being who you are. Never hide who you are from anyone. We will shield you from all that would harm you. That shield will come in the form of knowing when to and when not to be openly truly who you are. There is really so little that you have to do in the old way. Taking opportunities when they feel right tells you when to act and until then, do what you like but do not put off the things that need to be done.


The Void/Shadow

Written by Florence Mary on Oct 14, 2007.

The void is the place of shadow but not of complete darkness. Within the shadow one has the chance of seeing all possibilities from very different perspectives, even ones that have never been considered.

Here one learns that there is no right or wrong. Only a set of truths that work within the laws that operate the Universe. The Universe always has the first move until you learn to master not only the light of duality but also the shadow side. It is only then that you realize that all is light and all is shadow in equal measures, so you find yourself right in the center of your universe where you are always meant to be.

Here at the neutral, balance abides. Nothing matters but the experience of life or the journey, not the outcome. Belief will tell you that it is the outcome that one must worry about, but the truth is that the living of the journey is most important. How you live the journey is not as important as that you be a living being full of experiences that moves you along to a final conclusion of consciousness. In your world you see that as death, the ultimate void. To the master fully emerged into his power it is only one of several conclusions of consciousness.

The conclusions of consciousness are many and varied. Life through birth and death has only one. Birth means you will die. Death means you will live and be born again on the never-ending wheel of Karma. The master begins to see that there may be other conclusions to the present consciousness contained within the present body. Just as the conclusions begin to unfold, it is then realized that like death, there is but one conclusion that really matters and that is the one that dissolves the life of matter into the life of light.

Within the shadow or void, one sees the womb of accomplishment begin to unfold within the united soul and spirit and the creator abilities begin to unfold. The master then becomes adept at unfolding into the material all the possibilities of fusion. Here he/she remembers that as things enter into this dimensional reality, they do not enter in straight lines but rather are bent like the reed in water. So they do not wait where they are or try to stop the moment of realization but rather keep flowing within the movement of all things.

In this there is no struggle, only the flow of oneness and the abundance of love that created everything in its own image and likeness. Since this love and image has no form, in the form of physical life it becomes apparent that the form of life is the will and creation of ourselves, not the imposition of some greater will. What greater will is there than the will of one who feels abundant and complete in love within the Divine Source. Drawing upon this power in the times of greatest sorrow or darkness brings light in where we may think that there is none. Knowing intellectually that there is always light does not help when the only perception is darkness.

Light and Wisdom

Written by Florence Mary on Oct 3, 2007.

Light is the quality of wisdom that all human beings contain. Whether that wisdom comes from instinct or from the mind or intellect. True wisdom comes not from mental intellectual striving but from just knowing. Yet while this is available to all souls manifest, trial and error and loss or sorrow are the ways most beings manifest in physical life choose to become wise. There is another way and that is to enter into the deepest part of your personal essence through silence to bring forth all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this present existence.

Since all time goes on at the same time, it becomes the path of the emerging master to pull from the past, present and future all the possibilities that are there just waiting to be accessed by being here now. In order to do that you must access the supra mind and stay within the balance or zero point reality in order not only to be wise but to keep the flow of wisdom/light within your present existence. That is best done by not identifying with the world of matter or with the world of spirit overly. By striking the balance between the two, you are still but not fixed at the center of your own life and move into the supporting roles of others but causing no harm. You do this because you have trust and faith in the process of life unfolding around you. Since nothing is ever written or encased in stone, being able to see what is unfolding and taking up the possibilities for consideration, either intellectually or through knowing, is of most importance. Each form of consideration validates the being that you are without placing you back into the world of duality, so you become master of your circumstance rather than the victim of it.

Light is also the quality of wisdom. The clearer the light that surrounds you, the clearer you are. In order to clear the light around you balance must be maintained. Owning one’s life in ways that are impossible for the human doing or even the human being, become easy when the lesson of “be in the world but not of it”, are mastered. Light, Sound and Colour are ultimately one in the farthest reaches of Divine Vibration. As you become more familiar with your own light body, you will begin to feel the power of wisdom within you. You will live with and in silence not casting your pearls before swine or by becoming the swine yourself. That requires the ultimate of respect not only for others but for yourself and the process of mastery unfolding. You do this by the process of non-judgement and observation and the farthest reaches of compassion that you are capable of in any moment.

The Space of Becoming

Written by Florence Mary Sept 17, 2007.

While the void is the place of shadow and birth, space is the place of transition where energy is released into the void and will be used later to create. The “Master Becoming”, realizes that all beings release energy but rarely, if ever, use it to its full capacity for creation. In the midst of becoming, large amounts of energy are released. The “Master Becoming” rests within the energy as it moves within the space of possibility. Even while resting he/she is weighing the possibilities of creation.

Upon the alter of creation lies the essence of “Mastership”, the sacred marriage of cause and effect and the unity of soul and spirit. Only in this union is true sacred energy released bringing about a synergy with the present moment. As the creation is formulated mentally within space, the adept begins to move within space to the place where manifestation will occur. Then begins the time of silence and focus where the earthly walk must take place within the mundane and the ordinary. Only they realize that they are moving forward the point of gestation where they, the new self, is born and reborn, using and releasing energy in the spacious consciousness of the creative intelligence.

Here within birth and rebirth the Divine Man emerges fully into the light body causing space to expand. Upon the reflection on space one realizes they are not alone but instead have merged with the “All”.

Life exists only within and is perceived externally in the same quality and quantity of that inner perception. Here is the place where the Master first creates both quality and quantity or the mundane or a lack of richness in ones own life. Awareness becomes the tool of the Master. Relaxed within the form of their humanity but constantly moving between vibration and dissonance. Creating, recreating, being born and reborn, again and again into the present moment.

Meditation & “Ism” Thinking

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 23, 1999.

The silence of the heart and of the mind is meditation. Everyone must learn to become compassionate to themselves understanding that man cannot give truly to others or be of service, if he first cannot give to himself. To the western mind meditation is viewed with suspicion as it requires you to do nothing but silently examine the condition of the mind and to observe it. By observing our own thoughts upon everything it soon becomes apparent that, I could have, I should have, I would have, form much of our thinking.

Ego constantly criticizes us without compassion or sensitivity to the true value of human life and its potential for transformation and transmutation of energy to consciousness. Only with the practice of meditation can we see ourselves with compassion. Meditation is a safe place for self observation, where we finally see that all consciousness is tied together by the stillness of creation and the silence of the heart which is meditation itself. So it is a circle of energy both filled and bound by silence and self concept. Self concept either rules us or provides the grounding place of physical awareness and conscious experience of the invisible world of spirit.

A further step down the path of self observation allows us to give to ourselves without guilt. Guilt is the controlling agent of the western world where ancestor worship or honour is not present. Guilt is used to extract reverence for things, rituals and personages that may or may not deserve our honour. Inherent in the use of guilt is the holding of myth as fact or truth. Each “ism” has an active mythological base that is portrayed as truth or historic fact. For practitioners of such “ism’s”, finding out that myths are just that (myth), would mean a loss of faith. Yet viewed without the need of ego and personality to cling to, (magical thinking), they would see that certain myths pervade all “ism” thinking. So religious thinking, like so many other systems that loose the purpose of service to the practitioner, become self service and perpetuate themselves for the sake of the system rather than those who embrace it.

Meditation relieves the mind of all attachments to all systems and allows one to embrace their totality of experience within or outside of “ism” thinking. Therefore, even the practice of meditation is not addictive as in clinging to or an aversion as in not doing because of fears. Therefore, meditation in its clearest sense is a basic trust in life. Each soul freed of its fears breathes in deeply, without puffing and blowing but smoothly and evenly, through the nose, observing both the mechanics of the breath and the effects of each breath on the body’s operation. As clarity dawns, practice and concentration on the breath may produce knowledge about the individual functions of the body which allows one to sweep from consciousness, dis-ease that effects each soul according to karma and the ability to forgive and release it.

Further along, one begins to be able to see the moment as the only moment of reality, each coming and going, embracing the impermanence of existence rather than trying to cling to the need to hold onto “good” experiences, but rather releasing them as one releases bad experiences. In the western world we do not release bad experiences but instead deny them. In doing so we create buried disease that takes years to manifest itself in disease. In eastern thinking karmatic disease response is accepted with a fatalistic view. New thinking now being brought to consciousness is the restoration of non-disease and non-disease reality which was once part of our make up as light beings.

In essence, each of us is light, sound and color, made up of both wave and particle reality that resonates to the degree of consciousness attained through living. Meditation can either expand the consciousness of self or limit the possibilities of both the spiritual and physical self through “ism” thinking. But letting go of “ism” thinking does not mean the dishonouring of the “ism”, but the understanding that the “ism” provided and still provides a vehicle for the first steps of spiritual growth. In that respect, each “ism” should be shown respect, study and honour, for the intrinsic values portrayed in its myths, legends and parables. In truly conscious beings, one enjoys the ritual life of “ism” for the energy that moved within them. Singing and toning are a part of many rituals. Outward signs are another means for all of us to focus energy and bring about a sensitivity to subtle energy movement within ourselves and within others.

The silence of meditation becomes a point of attainment and practice for moving energy for specific purpose. That purpose is healing. Healing, in the greatest sense of things is the release of karma to the Universal Source through understanding and forgiveness.

The Ten Gifts of Being and Spirit

Written by Florence Mary on May 15, 1993.

Go softly into the world and share your gift with it, for the world has forgotten that it was created by God for the enjoyment of all who inhabit its surface. Look not upon its lacks but instead look upon its bounty, and praise He who made it every moment of your existence. Know with assuredness that you never die and will come again to perfect your perfection. Everlasting life is my gift to you.

Everlasting life is not a curse but your inheritance as my child that I give to you beyond your freedom to choose your life as you would. So when you choose sorrow and defeat as your truth, I do not weep for I realize that you are but testing your freedom to choose, and if not now, later you will realize that no one must suffer as you have, to prove their love for Me. Look upon yourself not as a mistake of creation but as my greatest accomplishment, for do you not at times look upon your children and see that no matter how flawed you may perceive them, at moments they are your greatest joy because they show you their divinity in spades. Know that each of you are joys beyond measure to me and I love you above all else in the Universes I have created.

You are my child and I love you without expectation or condition. I wish nothing more than your complete happiness here on this Earth and beyond the physical world of your choosing and the spiritual world where you were created and which is your true home.

I have given you many gifts with which to smooth your way. The first of these gifts is the Knowledge that You are My child, and should bow to no one, not even me. Do you ask your child to bow before you in humility and fear, or do you lift him up with your praise and support? If you do not, then you had better change because like you, your child will have lost his way and there will be no one but you to guide him. Look down at yourself and see that no matter how you have abused your body, it still works and needs only your time and attention to change anything that is not perfect about it.

Aging is not a loss of perfection but my promise to you of everlasting life. Your body may die, but you , what really makes you, you, for all the lives that you have lived, will live on past all of the antiquities of the Earth. You are as old as I, for have I not told you that when I created you I created myself? For without you to know me as I know you, I did not exist except in loneliness and despair.

When I created you, I created Love and it is my second gift to you; Unconditional Love. With it, you should have the confidence to do in the world whatever you wish. If you hurt others with this gift, you not only hurt them and yourself, you hurt Me and I do not deserve your hurt. Like your Earthly parents, I deserve your love. But I do not require that you love or acknowledge Me, only that you believe that you are loved and you will best do that if you learn to love yourself.

My third gift to you is the gift of Thought…You may think whatever you wish but I warn you, thought is a very powerful tool, with it you shape your existence and that of those around you. So, with my third gift I remind you, be careful what you choose to hold as belief, for to do so you must spend time in thought and what you come to believe is what the world will be for you. If you believe that the world is inhabited by a bunch of bastards who are out to get you, then that is what your world shall be. Do not cringe at this profanity, for it is what those of your world believe in one small way or another, for they do not see the God -likeness even in those whose thoughts and beliefs are erroneous. But you must believe that in each soul who inhabits the earth is my presence. Do not curse those in error, instead bless them tenderly in your thoughts and prayers, for you can change nothing with curses, not even yourself. Remember, I made no errors when I created each of you as my children. I created only perfection and I have sent you all about your lives to discover that you are perfectly imperfect. This too, is the way of God.

Sometimes in your world, the odd, more often than not is seen as a rarity, and those who fit the mould of sameness are dismissed as being nothing great. You are all great. Your thoughts are of great importance to me. So when you think in error, I am always there trying to correct the thoughts that do you the most harm. How could I not? I love you all. You, as individuals and as a group are my greatest treasures and your thoughts reach me daily.

My fourth gift to you is the gift of Action. It is the sword that you use to cut the fabric of your life into what you wish it to be. With the realization that you are my child and loved unconditionally by me, you create your world not only with your thoughts but also with your action. You can be like Hitler and create Hell or you can be like Jesus and create love wherever you go. All that Hitler forgot was that I loved him and that he was not alone. He believed he was doing something good for his people but he chose prejudice and hate and they contain within them the seeds of their own destruction. All I have created has been created out of love. Love is what we shall use to create a new and better world that shall cause all others created within this one, to fall and pass away. So when you act, act from love, never anger, fear or disillusion. For these are part of fear and in fear can live hate and prejudice and I can never allow those things to exist for too long. Know that if your world does not embrace love when I wish it to, your thoughts create what is needed to cleanse itself of the rot that can destroy it. So think and be love and all will know the presence of my fourth gift of action. For each of you who know and love yourselves, you will move in the world to change it.

As you go out and act in the world, you must have my fifth and sixth gifts. Those two gifts are Trust and Faith. While they are separate gifts, one cannot exist without the other. You can have no faith if you do not trust me that I love you and that you are my child. You can have no trust unless you have faith that your life is yours and that I love you beyond all reason and purpose. Know this and be of God, for I am in all things, even the despair and hurt in the world. For from such things, you are sure that my love will act to ease the of those who need to know that I love them. And what you do, will show them that I do. Remember always that I am in all things, even hate and you can erase this with your love and belief that love is stronger than all the evils of the world. They are all love just waiting to learn their other side and the other side of hate is love and you must have trust and faith that this is so.

My seventh gift to you is that of PURPOSE. Purpose is beyond work and activity. All of us engage in work of some kind, for even thought is laborious when there is no love in it. But purpose is the Divine reason that you are living in the world of the physical. Did you think that I would send you to earth without a purpose? One that would serve not only yourself but your fellow men, and in doing so would serve Me. But be sure that without self-love and love of Me you cannot fulfill your purpose, and it may take you many tries to get it right. The you may be filled with so much love of yourself and me that you come again and again to share it with those who are your brothers and your sisters.

Each of you were put on the earth to overcome your fears and to find true love. When you have found it for yourself, you must share it with those around you. Know that until you accept that this is your only purpose you will wander aimlessly among your many accumulated riches and possessions and still feel fear. And in your fear you shall destroy the only real love you have ever known. No matter what I give you, you will always believe that there is more. There is, but if you have not conquered fear you will destroy what you have in order to have more. Therefore, you will always be a beggar. I did not intend for you to be a beggar. I intended for each of you to live the life of a rich man, but you must examine what you value. If you are lost from belief that I love you and that I created you in love, then you will always be dissatisfied with what you have.

If you love yourself and me, then you have my eighth gift : DIVINE DISCONTENT. It is what makes you seek beyond the highest mountain or to refuse to believe that there is not a cure for cancer. But all of these are physical solutions to spiritual problems. They all stem from the fact that each of you cannot believe that you are loved beyond purpose and reason, because you just are. When you believe that, you cease to be a beggar and become a rich man. For like the man with millions in the bank, you begin to live your life with peace of mind, even if there is not a sous for your purse, for you have faith that I will always provide and you trust that at any moment I will tell you how you can overcome the circumstances of the moment and give you what you need to survive the present.

It may be hard for you to believe as you stand there in rags and with no food to feed your starving children, but I ask you all to believe. Only with unshakable faith will this world become one of love and caring that will herald the millennium of peace and prosperity for all people. All it takes is love, trust and faith, and a little Divine Discontent and the absolute knowledge of your worth, to yourself and to Me. Know that I am always with you and will never abandon you. Even in death, it is I who await your arrival in the world beyond this one. I do not wait to judge you or your deeds but I wait to welcome you home and I will send those whom you love, who are here to help you cross over to the world of spirit.

My ninth gift to you is the gift of Fellow Men. Fellow Men with whom you can share all that you are and all that you have. When you have laid your plans and something comes along to upset them, know that there is a choice to be made here. That choice may require you to put aside what you wish for in order to fulfill your Divine destiny. So, when all that you have planned is upset, embrace the change with love and security, for it is just me knocking on the door of opportunity for you.

In each person that you meet you will see yourself mirrored. If you do not like what you see in others, then change yourself, for they are the best gauge of what must be corrected within you. When you make this personal adjustment within yourself you will find that others no longer have faults, but then, neither do you. The reward for all of this effort is a world in which you find a brother or a sister just around any corner that you can share the bounty of your wisdom and love with. Remember, whatever you give to a soul of mine I will send back to you one-hundred fold. If you share hate and fear with my world, I will multiply it. But if you share love, oh what a wonder your life will be!

In your world you see the gift of psychic-ness as something beyond the norm. It is not. This gift that is numbered ten is the gift of SELF REALIZATION. When you finally accept what a wonder you are, the gifts of intuition and psychic awareness begin to make perfect sense. Jesus had it and so many others who have come to believe in Me with unshakeable faith. You may rename the gift or gifts as you choose to, but know from me, your God that it is the gift of Self Realization. With this you can move mountains, part oceans, fly without wings and airplanes and communicate with those who have passed from the earth and exist in the dimension of spirit.

I did not send you into the world alone. I sent you with guides and a map that was imprinted on your soul the moment that you were created. All that you need is inside of you just waiting to be discovered. When you do, you will have my tenth gift. The gift of self realization. With this gift you will realize your own divinity and will treat yourself as the rare and precious gift that I have given to the world. In all of existence there has never been another like you. Each time you have gone to your world to represent me, you have laboured long and hard in my vineyard. Sometimes you were wise enough to recognize your gifts and at other times you did not. But your life was never a waste, for in each one you learned something that makes you exactly who you are at this very moment.

if you do not like the person you are, then I have given you ten gifts with which you can change who you are. From this moment on, you can be whatever you wish to be but only if you realize that all creation is conceived and brought forth in love. All function and process of your world and the worlds beyond what you know, exist for love. Love is the greatest gift that you can give to your world and this one.

You may develop the gift of self realization and find yourself isolated from the world that you live in, but look again. It is just Me trying to get You to realize that what you are leaving behind is not making you happy anyway. So leave it and seek the newness that will come to you in love. Before you leave all you know for a new toy, look again at what you are leaving for it may contain just what you need for self realization. How will you know that what you have left is correct? For a time all that is disowned wreaks havoc in your life, but inside of you is a peace that will just not quit. Joy, even in times of sorrow is part of you but do not mistake the thrill of a “new toy” for any of my more lasting gifts. When true self realization has reached your life, your life becomes mine. You pray every day for a purpose that reflects my will for your world. Nothing that I will ever ask of you will be impossible. Nothing that you are given to do will seem menial to you. For everything will look as the greatest gift you have ever received and your enthusiasm for life, love and purpose will be multiplied one hundred, no, a thousand times.

Even when those of you are waiting for me to reveal your purpose in action, do not despair that I have forgotten your prayer. I never forget. It may be that you are not ready to fulfill your purpose and must yet age like a fine wine until I am ready to drink you. But I will send you work to fill your time and you will meet those who may fulfill my purpose with your direction. Know that nothing in the life of one who truly believes that they are my child is purposeless. Only those who believe they are nothing are, and that is only their belief, for I always know that you are my child. I am always with you.

So now we have come to the place that we come to in every day. The place where you must get on with your life in the physical and I must become only an echo in your memory. I am your God. I am speaking to you as my child. Share my words with those who would do my work and they shall hear. To others ears my meaning will be lost as they are lost. But I shall use the feather of discontent to coax them back to these words, so they too, can know their value to me and to themselves and their fellow men.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.


Written by Florence Mary on March 16, 1997.

The delight of illusion is habit. We feel safe in our habits and in the routine of those habits. It is only when those things fail that we remember that there is no comfort in the habit of routine. They are illusion of the cruelest sort, for they lull us into unawareness.

Awareness keeps us observant of ourselves in relation to all other things and cognizant of our feelings. Our life does not spring from the external but rather from the internal feelings we have about our relationship to everything else. When we are unaware of this wisdom we are constantly a victim of life. When we are aware of this wisdom we can realize that our internal dialogue of feelings, self talk and judgement is operating the law of attraction.

When life challenges us and we would fall from awareness, what must we do to regain our perspective? We would ask, “What lesson would this challenge be teaching? How have I attracted this challenge to my life? What have I asked for that this challenge is answering in my life at this moment?”

Illusion of Separation

Written by Florence Mary on August 30, 1995.

The limitations of time and space have enclosed your planet. But there are those among you that know truly that these things are illusion but necessary for the development of the plan that comes and exists in the center of the heart and mind of the One True God. Here we remind you that to be attached to belief in any one thing or entity as God will leave you very vulnerable. But following and believing in the inward path is the true path to freedom and love that exists totally and completely without expectation and condition. This kind of love is truly Divine in nature. It is your inheritance as a child of God and of the One. It allows no separation or fragmentation and has at its perfect core, you, transformed and transmuted by this love that you have found within your own being. It is then what you offer to the world.

In the world of One, all things exist without separation and classification. So light, sound and colour are without separation. There are no elements, such as you know them. They are unneeded. Yet each thing exists in perfect harmony. Each thing is separate and distinct but knows only separation as it enters into the illusion of the physical world. Yet each thing knows itself to be love and therefore has no need for separation.

In your world the greatest pain is caused by separation and classification. And you do it to yourselves. Rich and poor, happy and sad, educated and uneducated, gay or straight, ugly and beautiful, just to name a few. It is your hurt rather than your happiness that you cling to and explore, as if it is some great sin to fully know your happiness or at least some great unselfishness. It is only by knowing something fully that you can expand it and give it to others. If you are unhappy or feel undeserving of that happiness then that is what you offer to the world around you.

Sometimes even when you know your happiness, you are swamped with sadness but do not know why. We tell you now that it is because you are feeling the unhappiness of others. It sets you alone and apart and this feeling alone will make you let go of it so that you can feel part of the world that you live in. If you do that then you will have to begin again to feel joy and peace that you have so diligently worked for over time. It is not bad, selfish or sinful to feel this joy and peace. It is this state that becomes the channel by which Divine Love enters your world for the good of all. In the moments of your sadness, know that it is only momentary and it is because you have finally reached perfect joy and peace in your world. Do not cling to it but instead allow it to be beside the moment that is overwhelming you.

At the moment you feel overwhelmed, the things that have not been resolved will rise and it will seem that these are the things you are sad about, but instead they are the things that you have given to God for resolution and you should allow them to exist only in that form.

The things that you have given to God that would contain ego gratification are best left in the hands of God. What you should do is examine what you have done with these issues and how you have resolved them in the past and see, really see, how you have applied your abilities in these matters. The greatest stumbling blocks to your development is the choosing of life partners. But we tell you not to be too hasty in your judgements of who people are and what they are about. Life long partnerships require that you go slowly into them, allowing each person in the partnership time to know and find within them their divine nature in relationship to your partnership. Without this fully in place you can expect heartache and pain to be a part of any relationship in which you have allowed ego to flourish.

Every person you meet can be a perfect relationship if true love exists at its core. Until you have travelled the inward path and know that love from within, you are unable to give it to anyone. You may argue and defend your ability to love but as you travel inward you will gladly sign up for “Love 101” and begin again to learn or relearn love.

We remind you once more that love is simple and uncomplicated. It exists as the reason for all things, not for purpose but just because things are. Purpose rises out of love, not the other way around. You have separated yourselves from this knowledge and have failed to keep it close to you. Your separation from this knowledge is what drives you beyond love and into fragmentation and separation from all things.

In the beginning of your healing, you will have to keep reminding yourself that you are a part of the One, but as you fully allow yourself to be part of the One, you will find greater joy and peace within you. Separation will disappear and the blurring of the veil between this world and your own will occur. As you bring it about for yourself, you hurry the process for all beings that exist and believe in the fragmentation of nature and being-ness.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

About Love

Written by Florence Mary on January 1, 1994

Love is not a matter of creation within ourselves but a condition that just is. It does not originate within the heart, mind, soul or body but rather is ours for the asking from the Universe.

Love knows only itself in the person who has trust and faith in themselves, and therefore, in others. Love knows no habit of condition or expectation for behaviour or response. True love does not ask another to bear what it cannot bear within itself. Love knows no lust, greed or avarice but instead gives from purity of motive and mind. Love asks only for faith and trust and with its every thought and action creates itself within itself. Love holds no mirror to another’s fault nor a light by which it may be viewed, instead it employs forgiveness as a way to increase itself and moves on past forgiveness to itself. Love condones no abuse of power or authority and seeks not to use such to gratify the carnal self, realizing that to do so is to transgress against one’s own nature of Divinity.

Love asks only to be true to itself, giving the first and the largest measure to the self in esteem and acceptance both of our human and Divine natures. It realizes the pull of humanity as no excuse for abuse of our God given powers with our fellow beings.

Love shares itself through service not for personal gain or glory but in an honest desire to know godliness in human form.

Love believes in its own power to right wrongs and forgives those thought to be sinful, and judges not. Love knows that the desire for goodness and its accomplishment are two different things but with trust and faith in the God-likeness of humanity, love would see itself within the crimes of the world if fear could be healed.

Solstice Message 1998 Part 2

Written by Florence Mary on December 21, 1998.

When we all know the Truth and it is rightly interpreted, truly is it not one and all from the same source? Are we not all one with the universal mind substance, God? Are we not all one great family? Is not every child, everyone born, no matter caste or creed, a member of this great family?

You ask if we believe death is unavoidable. Let me answer in the words of the Siddha;  The human body is built up from the individual cell, like the bodies of plants and animals, whom we love to call our younger and less evolved brothers. The individual cell is a minute microscopic unit of the body. By a process of growth and division repeated many times, this minute nucleus of a cell unit results at last in a complete human being, built up of almost countless millions of cells. These body cells specialize for certain different functions, but they retain in the main, the characteristics of the individual cell whence they arose. This individual cell may be looked upon as the torch-bearer of animate life. It passes on from generation the latent fires of God – the vitality of all living beings, with an unbroken ancestry reaching back to the time when life first appeared on this planet. This individual cell has the property of unlimited youth. But what about the group cells called the body? The group cells arouse from the individual cell repeated many times, retaining its fire of life, or Eternal Youth. The group cells, or body, function as guardian of the individual cell only during the short span of life as you know it now.

The most ancient of our teachers by inspirational means perceived the truth of the fundamental unity of life reactions in plants and animals. We can well imagine these teachers beneath the spreading Banyan addressing their pupils as follows, ” Look at this giant tree. The vital process going on in our brother, this tree, and in ourselves is fundamentally the same. Behold the leaves and the buds and tips of the branches of the oldest Banyan are as young as the seed whence it sprang, even so the group cells in man, forming his body, need not gradually loose their vitality and die, but may grow young and evergreen as the ovum or individual cell itself. Indeed, there is no reason why your body should not grow as young and vital as the seed from which it sprang. The ever-spreading Banyan, always a symbol of everlasting life, does not die, except through accident. No natural law of decay, no old age process seems to exist within the Banyan tree to affect injuriously the vital energy of its cells. The same is true of human Divine form. There is no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident. No inevitable old age process exists within his body or group of cells, nothing that can gradually paralyze the individual. Death is then an avoidable accident. Disease is above all, dis-ease, absence of peace or Shanti – sweet, joyous peace of spirit reflected through the mind of the body. Senile decay, which is the common experience of man, is but an expression that covers his ignorance of cause, certain disease conditions of mind and body. Even accidents are preventable by appropriate mental attitude.” Says the Siddha; “The tone of the body may be so preserved that it may naturally resist with ease, infectious and other diseases, like plague and influenza”. The Siddha may swallow germs and never develop disease at all.

Remember that youth is gods seed of love planted in the human form divine. Indeed youth is the divinity within man; youth is the life spiritual – the life beautiful. It is only life that lives and loves – the one life eternal. Age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, unreal. Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the ugliness of old age. Joyous thoughts, love thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the beauty called youth. Age is but a shell, within which lies the gem of reality – the jewel of youth.

Practice acquiring the consciousness of childhood. Visualize the Divine Child within. Before falling asleep, suggest to your consciousness, ” I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy-body, ever young, ever beautiful. I have beautiful a beautiful spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth, skin – the body of the Divine Infant, which is now, tonight, perfect”. Repeat this affirmation and meditate upon it quietly while falling asleep. Upon rising in the morning suggest to yourself aloud, ” Well, (addressing yourself by name), there is a divine alchemist within.” By the spiritual power of these affirmations during the night a transmutation takes place and an unfolding from within, the Spirit, has saturated this spiritual body and spiritual temple. The inner alchemist has caused dead and worn out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness. Truly divine Love in demonstration is eternal youth. The divine alchemist is within my temple, constantly coining new and beautiful baby cells. The spirit of youth is within my temple – this human form divine, and all is well. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! (Peace, Peace, Peace)

Learn to smile in the sweet way of a child. A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation. A real smile is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the Inner Ruler Immortal. It is well to affirm; “I think a kind thought for all the world. May all the world be happy and blessed.” Affirm before taking up the work of the day, “Within me there is perfect form – the form Divine. I am now all that I desire to be! I visualize daily my beautiful being until I breathe it into expression! I am a Divine Child, all my needs are being now and forever supplied!” Learn to thrill yourself. Affirm, “Infinite love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect life”. Make everything bright and beautiful around you. Cultivate a spirit of humor. Enjoy the sunshine.

You understand I am quoting from the Siddha. They are the oldest teachers known, and their teaching antedates all history by thousands of years. They went about teaching the people and showing them a better way of life, even before man knew simple arts of civilization. It is from their teachings that the system of rulers sprang. But,  these rulers soon wandered away from the realization that it was God expressing through them. Thinking themselves, the personal, who were doing the work, they lost sight of the spiritual and brought forth the personal or material, forgetting that all comes from the one source – God. These rulers personal concepts gave rise to the great separations in belief and the wide diversity of thought. This is our concept of the “Tower of Babel”. The Siddha have preserved throughout the ages the true inspirational methods of God manifesting through all. They have never deviated from this teaching. Thus they have preserved the great fundamental “Truth”.

Before, in the passages above, we mentioned the torch bearer. This has been your past but your future now is the water bearer who comes to pour out the truth upon fertile ground to grow these ancient truths into the new age coming. This new truth is the Ascension not only of consciousness but of the physical reality as well. Until now it has been an illusion of half-truths and speculation. Now it is time for only one Truth. The Truth of All in all. The truth of Divine marriage of human and God as one. This is the only thing that can give you the compassion of love that you wish for. Nothing else will do.

We know that for most of you this step forward may not be something you can embrace readily. There is all of the traditions and comfortable places that you hide from this truth that allows you to be and not change that being. Yet you are all so ready to embrace suffering and want. How is it that you cannot embrace Everlasting Life? A simple statement, “I do not embrace the concept of death as the only end to this life but instead believe that like the Living Christ, I may too know Gods perfect plan for my life and live that perfection as my truth in every day”, ends the suffering that you have endured for all of the lives you have lived. It ends sadness and want, fear and ego based needs, and brings you back to the purest form of love, like that of a perfect parent (God) for the child (You), learning to become the perfected human being – God, in likeness as your children now bear all of your likeness, be that suffering or want, or knowing the perfect truth.

Solstice Message 1998 Part 1

Written by Florence Mary on December 21, 1998.

We have asked a lot of you over time. The most important of which was to open your minds and have faith in the world of Light beyond the world of darkness that you live in. That darkness is not so much evil as it is ignorance and misinformation. What we have tried to tell you is that everything you hold as belief in the world that you live in is but a partial truth. You must hold in mind always that the truth is not limited, You are! And what you are limited by is the agreement to live in a world, not as you have believed it is, but in the world of free will. Everything in your world is predicated on the fact that you have free will or the right to choose your way according to the influences of your upbringing and all the choices you make from there on. Therefore, the goal of all life is self liberation from the things that bind you within the world that you live in. Physical life is not the only choice for being. It is and always was just one of many choices. Some of you need to look at the fact that you are within the world to bring light and love there. All of the things that you are caught up in on a day to day basis either helps you doing that or limits your choice for being. Again, it is how you see your life and what you choose to do about it. What path will you choose to attain the knowledge of the authentic self?

There is nothing imperfect about the live that you live, only your perception and judgement that makes living life less than perfect. Remember as you judge your own life and then look out and judge the lives of others, you have lost compassion for life itself. When you have done that you have also lost the contact with the unseen forces of grace that have been created to help you attain the perfection you seek. Attaining perfection is more easily accomplished from minding your own life and trying to understand who you are, rather than what you should do or how you should be. In the world of the physical “doing” is a forgone conclusion. You will always be doing something. Even “nothing” is a state of doing, as in doing “nothing” with your life. So again we remind you that you are not what you do. You are what you know yourself to be. Therefore, your perfection lies in a human being. Being what? This is the important question. For those of you along the path, seeking wisdom, light, joy and love, is the only task you should be employed in. Even your livelihoods should reflect this. The state of true being is a state of true stillness in which all things are known, therefore they are at one with you and you with them. Stillness is a state of pure mind and non-thought.

The hardest task you will ever have is unravelling the state of self deception. You are asked to follow this teacher or that one; understand this way of thinking and believing or that one; or this master or that one. But at sometime in your life you must leave that all behind and connect to your own wisdom and inner truth and live that in quiet  awe. Teachers are but signposts of learning and ways to your own inner truth. You may surrender to the teaching but not the teacher. You must only surrender to the First Principle of Creation. Therefore, you must only surrender to that kind of love. Every other kind will leave you yearning for that which you already have. When you are wise enough to know that you have love, then you will be able to move into a new dimensional paradigm that will be created from that knowledge.

Many of you who have been taken through the process of death and have seen your own death, are always surprised by the light, love and warmth that you feel when you enter into the after-life.  Just about everyone who has done so connects with this core. You have all believed that is was the presence of God, but we tell you now, this is your contact with your higher self or your light-body. This is who you really are. That is what you have struggled so long to become in the world that you live in now. We ask you now to work on connecting with this light body so that you can bring light to your planet as it struggles through the darkest part of its life.

Each of you must come to understand that there is a world of creation and love that is there to assist you on your way. Masters, angels, and guides are always there, but when you make a conscious effort to connect and have faith in their willingness to help you and to bring the perfect moments for love and light, then you will understand yourself and your light body much better and be able to work with that great pool of light that you are, in all your human endeavours. You must try to understand or at least allow the magnitude of your greatness in the world beyond this one and being that greatness here. You need not be separate or think yourself separate from that light. If you allow the connection to take place then you will become all you are meant to be. Will your life change? Only if you wish it to. But inside you, where you really are, in your core self, the change will be drastic.

Every being in existence, including yourself, has chosen to be exactly what it is now. The First Principle of Creation created possibility and choice or free will. Being perfect, what else could it create? If it created an angel only to be an angel, what free will lies there? But in possibilities, each energy chooses its place and creates with the First Principle of all things, that very place. Each choice radiates more possibilities and each energy chooses to enter into those possibilities to make them part of Love and Matter. It is then that the energy becomes being.

In early times, so anxious were energies to be, that they inhabited possibilities that were not well composed. You have spent many lifetimes reorganizing those possibilities of created partnerships that brought suffering to the energies that inhabited those possibilities. Even your very being now is such a reorganization of beingness. Bringing light and love is what you have chosen to do by being in this present moment. When you suffer over your suffering you cut yourself off from Light and Wisdom, therefore you cut yourself off from yourself.

In love there is only radiant being or the knowledge of being All. When you understand or can allow that you are All, then you are a miracle being, a true gift from the First Principle to your world. Then where you are, all beings if they can allow it, do not suffer but instead respond to the radiance that you are, as you love yourself and love your world. Being in the moment, at the present second of your time, experiencing that moment fully, stops suffering. Therefore, you allow yourselves to live out the promise made, If you will but allow love to be within you as you have not known it before, we promise that you shall experience joy even in the moments of your greatest sorrows. Therefore, do not seek to define love but to be love and again, without defining what love may be, for you do not know it but yearn to be what is already there. Being carnal keeps you being carnal. Seeking light allows you to be light, radiant beyond anything you have known in the limitation of where you live now. The saddest thing of your world is that you do not recognize it in yourselves and therefore, cannot allow it in others. This limitation of being makes suffering your way of life. Going beyond this limitation opens the doorway to ascending consciousness.

Choosing to allow your consciousness to ascend is the first step to being all that the First Principle of Creation allowed for energy to be. To begin to understand, look to your own children. Do you wish them to be less than what you are or do you with all of your heart and soul wish them to be more, do more and have more than you have now? Then why can you not allow that the First Creative Principle desires the same for you? In allowing you to experience all and not judging it, that Principle, gave you complete freedom. If there are rules sent from the Creator, then they are your own, devised in the same love; again, not to bind but to free you from yourselves.

If you ask “What is life?”, then it must be said that life is freedom to choose that which will allow freedom to be in all things. If you say life is a game, then there are rules, made up as you go along the way. Some work, others do not work. When they do not work, then you devise new ones. When they work, you keep them. If you ask, “then what?”, your higher self answers, since it is the half way point between yourselves and the First Creative Principle. It answers according to your deeply held beliefs. To do otherwise would be of most disrespect for the fundamental gift of free will.

Even the after life, beyond death is but a step created to give you somewhere to be until you learn the ultimate truth of freedom and choice. At some point you must choose Eternal Life or continue returning to the physical life. This choice is not some analogy with a set of rules that limit you but one simple understanding that all you experience in life now, you have chosen as your reality and have learned by tradition and belief. If you make a new tradition and live within it in complete faith, then there begins to be another reality for the term Eternal Life and then your consciousness will begin to ascend in that direction.


A Letter to God

Written by Florence Mary on February 8, 1995.

Dearest Lord God,

I come to you with my heart heavy with the judgements I make around others. But I am free from fear at this moment so I ask you to make clear what it is “I” have not learned about love that keeps this energy reaching out to me. Look within my heart and those around me and cleanse me to your purpose.

I do no longer wish to serve the selfish self but would live in your world of love and care for all beings of your Earth. Look upon my light and see where the dark unrealized bits cause blockage and pain, not only for myself but for others. Lift me and all of my fellow beings to Your World of love and care. I surrender all within to your purpose. Guide my hands, feet and heart along the path to all that is.

Hear my prayer oh Father of One. Hear my prayer dear Mother. Allow me always to draw from your energy and not that of another. I ask that only in healing may my energy be used for your purposes and not of my own. Let me walk always in the ways of love. I ask this for all my relatives. I ask this also for my Mother, the Earth.

Dear God, it is easy to love in the temple, but outside the world your children have created makes true love wither upon the vine before it ever has the energy to ripen. Show me Your Way to be loving within your World of One. Make me truly a pure channel for love. Bless me into usefulness, thy will be done.

Willpower – Power of Will

Written by Florence Mary on Dec 24, 2007.

Now is the time to gain back some of which was lost one time. As always, with things that are out of balance or not fully understood or clear, begin slowly and methodically but with unwavering purpose. We would say “rain or shine”, but that is not possible for you. Right now there is no real need for perfect clarity, only for resolve. To move forward into the unknown with trust and faith. Perfect trust and faith, knowing  that the ups and downs of life are always present in any moment.

While trust and faith must be perfect, remember that life is not. It always tests your resolve as you must manifest your will and power to accomplish on any level. “Willpower” is not blind determination that blocks out everything but for the goal. That kind of selfish power creates karmatic events that cannot be wiped out by present dispensation within the energetic field. This willpower must consider purpose even when purpose is not clear or is not known. Willpower is both internal and external energy used to transform latent mental constructs from ideas, thoughts and passion, to actual form; both material and etheric. Both are very real, having very different constructs. One may contain struggle and strife, the other merely flows from the source and rewards trust and faith.

Ask every day, ” Why do I not have what I need? Am I what should be? Have I lost my way?” Look to what is obviously out of balance, to the best of your ability in present circumstances, right the balance, through the process of transformation. Sometimes transformation is as simple as making another choice or admitting that you do not know the power of will. Look at these things. Observe without judgement and choose. The Law of Attraction also moves by choice and even by non-choice.

Do not ever say, ” I did not choose this”. Non-choice is often more powerful than choice. That circumstance is true because non-choice gives up will and power for weakness and grasping. Think on this before making the next choices for your life.

My Brother, My Friend

Written by Florence Mary on Jan 30, 1995.

I have passed the place of yearning, to longing for my dreams to come true. Where energy moves and shuffles along corridors of love between me and you.

For you are my brother. I am your sister, true. Our natures are loving when not filled with dread. Our home is the sky or the sea for both bring clarity of thought and of action when the heart leads the way and lights and shines through our nights and our days.

Come, my dearest brother. Come and show me the way and I will give all I can to you, through eternity, our endless day. How softly whispers love within our ears, our eyes, our hearts. How softly touches moonlight upon the waters and the stars. How lonely are our loved ones when we are near or far. For they do not understand this love that enfolds both me and you.

The secret is the music that plays within the stars. The magic is the vibration breathed upon our births. What is it that I create with a breath that is deep and light? Could I walk upon rice paper and not one rustle make? Or could I step upon the sand and leave not my footprints there? Could I pass from this world with no one knowing I was here? Does it really matter that I have been here?

Only if I have shared and created love as I have passed along my way.

Moment of Praise

Written by Florence Mary on April 13, 1995.

The heart trembles when touched by love that does not require us to be anything. And so the door of the heart opens wide, not only to give but to receive from the bounty of God which is limitless. And the limitless of God is within. An endless pathway to all goodness within the world of One.

Do not press against desire, for it shall leave you thirsting for unknown pleasure that surely hides pain. Do not press against want, for it shall leave you to hunger both in body and in soul. Instead drink from the Grail, which is your life and taste upon your lips Universal Love.

Hold not to the promises of life here after for they be but the dreams of men lost in the fears of human existence. But if you let all go without exception, you will know truth and one day freedom.

And I am saved by the light that glows within me for it comes from the source of all Oneness; God. So let my heart sing with a voice that trembles as the love in my heart fills me with God.

Come oh bright and shining Oneness! Long have I awaited for your glow and long have I waited just to know. To know a love that would not leave me, like in Spring does the snow.

So I hold fast to the feeling, just beginning. As light as the air on a breathless day. Warm as the sun after winter as it touches once more my skin.


The Inner Voice

Written by Florence Mary on January 21, 1992.

Where are the words of God? Many times they are not heard because most people do not listen to their inner most voice. That voice is often silenced by fear. It takes great courage for most of you to listen to your inner voice, for most of the time, it says things that you would rather not hear. This is the voice of our past experience, speaking of all we have known and all we have ever known since our creation.

In each incarnation, you hear that voice with varying degrees of trust and faith. You are deeply affected by the present circumstance of your lives and often allow that voice only to speak of what is now present in your lives. You must live in the present always and the voice may speak to you of your past lives but it is important that you understand that this is only to help you understand the circumstances of the present and deal with these circumstances with love. None of you are to live in your pasts. Not even in this life. When today has passed to tomorrow, when this hour has gone and another begins, when the second hand moves to the next second, it is the past and you cannot change the past, only the moment you are at. Therefore, past lives mean nothing in this one and while they may shed light on your circumstances, what is important is how you live this life, how you overcome your fears and the doubts you have chosen to work on in this existence. To live in the past is to live no life at all. It is to deny your purpose.

If one’s present husband was once one’s mother and you have old business to settle, you must look in the present for the solution to those past difficulties. Very few people actually benefit from this knowledge. There are those who would even have you think that the injustices done in the past, justify in the present or allow one to feel justified in treating you or treating another badly because of past wrongs. This is not the purpose of remembering past lives. Remembering past lives only helps you to see how your choices drive your life forward. They should help you see the habit of your choices, made either in love or from fear and doubt, and what that has meant to your lives. Remember, love and all that it entails is the key. Love is the only thing that embodies all virtue.

True love forgives all but the other side of forgiveness is condemnation and as always there must be a balance between the two. Condemnation viewed through love becomes discernment that allows you to see things as they are and choose things not from judgement and fear but from love, knowing that certain things are not for you. One must always acknowledge injustice before it can be overcome. Love is like a well cut diamond and is the most precious gem. But in the cutting, one false step and that precious gem is ruined forever. The scales of love, like justice are delicately balanced and you must be careful not to teach only the good parts of love. Indeed, some of the negative parts serve a purpose. That purpose is to allow you to let more light in when it is dark and what is reflected back is a radiance beyond measure. It is knowledge. Knowledge gained through hard work and study. It is always a never ending process, one in which you are ever expanding and encompassing all that comes into your sphere of existence.

You must always be sure that the lessons you are learning are the ones you were meant to learn. Many times, you miss the true lesson because you have no self love or esteem. Because of that, you live lives of quiet desperation and you never hear the voice which tells of the love that is there for you. There is no punishment to life, only the living of choice. When one falls in love and has children, you do not worry about your gene pools or what could be produced by them, nor do you look at a child with congenital heart problems and say that this is his choice. Love keeps this knowledge from us. But the child does choose the vehicle to reside in but you then must help him to be all that he can be in that vehicle.

A soul always has the choice and sometimes decides to take the vehicle anyway, for there is really no right or wrong way to live. here, there are merely lessons to be learned, fears to be conquered and coming to know the God-Creator as your personal mentor.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.


Written by Florence Mary on August 8, 1995.

We shall attempt to give you a different view of God, one that may not make any sense to many but one that we hope will begin to clarify for you God in a more harmonious way and take God into an essence not of maleness or femaleness, or God or Goddess but as a perfect balance of those essences.

In order to create, the vital energy of God was moved into two forms without destroying the original form. The original form for God may be represented by the circle. It is within this circle that all of creation takes place. We will call this circle “The Circle of Inclusion” (God). Nothing exists outside of this circle. Nothing can go beyond it. Nothing that has been created has ever tried or will ever succeed in being outside of this circle. In other words, nothing exists outside of God. When we tell you that God is in you, on you and through you and so it is with all of creation, does that begin to hold meaning for you? Does it then make sense that ancient man, superstitious man, man of old, needed to reduce God, even as late as two thousand years ago, to something that his limited mind could imagine and see? Does it not make sense that man in his fear would create God in his own image, giving him the attributes both good and ill of his own limited physical form? Or that a teacher would come along and not contradict the universally held view of God in order to teach the people? God knows no anger or need to punish for God can change all with a mere thought and yet He loves so completely that He can allow the human race to create Him flawed.

Each of you are so vast that only a tiny part of who you really are is contained within your body in any moment. If this is so, then can you begin to see the vastness of the Divine Creative Mind. You are not only one intelligence, but many. You are not one soul but that of many or one soul so vast that the human mind could not conceive of it. For human beings, being individual, because of ego, is so important but holds no relevance to God. This is so because all of Creation exists within Him. Therefore, the fact that you can perceive yourself as individual is a miracle of the greatest proportions. But the vastness of who you are lies not in singleness but in the spirit of non-separation.

The next step in the creative force was separation, spiritual separation of essence. If you take the centre most point of the circle and mark it and see this as the beginning point or the point of the Big Bang. mark it and then mark the four points of the compass upon this circle. Now place God the Father in the North, the Holy Mother Breath (not the Virgin Mary) in the South. Now, on the right hand of the Father place the Son and on the left place the Holy Spirit who is the Son’s equal and opposite energy, or the Daughter. As you read, remember that this division and assignment of male and female is only to help you see the active and passive within the energy forms.

We begin to see that all of God still exists but the original form of God unseparated still exists but now the essence of creation are in place and all energy, all creative energy still exists in its whole or entirety but the force of creation has been split into first, two and then four, much the same way creation still takes place upon the most primitive levels in the world today. Now join the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into one Trinity and then the Holy Mother Breath, the Holy Spirit and the Son into another. Now you have two Trinities within the Circle. Each represents the creative force of male and female or the active and passive principles. This then is the form of all creation, even that of vehicles for the Soul and Spirit upon the physical plane.

Each division does not diminish but rather creates more energy by which creation keeps perpetuating itself but its source is always from the center of the circle or from the Great Creative Mind or God. No theory, no position or thought of anything, nothing exists without coming from the Original Source or Force.

Directly from the Son (visible active energy) all spirit descends into matter, if that spirit chooses to descend. All spirit descends into matter through the most high levels of creation to the speck of dust that becomes the drop of water and then evolves into all physical creation which fulfills the scripture; from dust you were created and to dust you shall return. Matter evolves quickly through the lower levels of creation. even the mountains that seem to have stood for thousands of years and the tress for hundreds, are wise enough to allow parts of themselves to evolve and return to spirit in order to take on other facets of creation and evolution.

Once in the physical human plane where mind enters with ego and personality, aeons of time must pass before true wisdom can be absorbed by the intelligence of the mind and the density of the human body can be left behind consciously, and with it instant evaporation of the vehicle also fulfilling; from dust you were created and to dust you shall return. But it is only the physical part of humanity that returns to the dust, not the true essence of spirit or soul. The truth of matter is that all matter in its present, unique form will only ever come here once. In other words, Cleopatra will never return again as Cleopatra. This truth gave rise to the belief in one life, one try to become perfect and the heaven/hell, reward/punishment theory of life. Because this belief is held by human kind does not mean that this is true. In spite of belief, the soul and spirit essence which descends into matter must redeem itself through this matter and then begin the long ascension back to pure spirit. This is done through the Holy Spirit or the Daughter (the invisible or passive energy) who rules the invisible world of ascension.

If you see the active, creative principle or the Son as male or active descent into matter is only accomplished through the Son and it is only through Him that the return to the Father can be accomplished upon the beginning of the path of return. It is through the love and the faith of the son of man, who ever he may be, that all men can learn to devote time and energy of the physical world to seeking God through relationship. But it is only the beginning. It is the active part or motion that is enjoined with relationship but it is the invisible path of emotion or the Holy Spirit that must be enjoined for a complete return. In other words, you all are very good at descending into matter but have lost your way out of it. Look carefully at the teachings of all wisdom, both ancient and modern, including those of Jesus the Christ and those of the Buddha, and many others, for in them are contained all the wisdom of an esoteric nature that you must use to return to your original form. It will be easier if you accept that you are not now, nor have you ever been separated from the original source of your creation.  You have merely misplaced it under mountains of doubts and fears, egos and personalities that have long since ceased to be important in your quest and desire to return Home.

So, we began this discussion by speaking to you of God and now we are speaking to you of you. So, what you seek, you are, therefore what you are, you seek. In the seeking there is no beginning or end, only a large, vast, complete, unbroken circle of life on the highest levels of spirit and on the lowest levels of physical creation, all of which are either descending into matter or ascending out of it in a continuous evolution or revolution of time, space, thinking and creation. Get it straight,  you are not separate from the source, you are a part of it. Therefore, what you seek in physical life begins to show the state of your ability to create. You must then ask yourselves, if what you are creating allows you to seek God as part of your life in every thought, word and deed, or is he kept on a shelf to be used as one would use a broom or a mop to clean up the messes you make within your life? Ultimately, you cannot use God, you are here to be used by Him and thus cause benefit of the best kind to you both.

Why resist? You cannot fool God into knowing you any way but how you really are in this moment or present. So in the next moment if you change your mind and begin to seek Him, then he knows you in that moment and sees nothing but that present moment so you are always redeemed or condemned upon the moment that you exist and in the condition that your mind exists at. But the redemption or condemnation exists only within you. With God there is only patience and tolerance for your choices. Life is driven forward by the choices that you make. Your reward or your punishment in life, lies within those choices.

Seeing the Universe as One

Written by Florence Mary on June 9, 1994.

The nature of the Universe from the physical point of view is small and without connections to everything. Stones and water appear, to the uninformed human being, to have nothing in common. The truth is that what they have in common is molecular and also when the human mind can accept, bioplasmic.

Each system in the Universe has from the physical point of view, a motion that is subject to entropy. Entropy is what the rolling stone suffers as it reaches the bottom of the hill. But bioplasmically there is no such thing as entropy. Energy therefore belongs to the bioplasmic world of physics. Physics, chemistry, biology and all other branches of science are not part of the scientific world but are the scientific world. When you begin to study them as part of a great whole, then the greatest discoveries will be made.  Therefore, the science of life is what we will discuss with you. We are going to cut across the divisions of science and spirituality and try to bring it all together so that the average individual may become more cognizant of the working of the Multiverse and their Universe.

No one in your physical Universe denies the vastness of the Universe that you find yourself part of. But you do not as yet see yourselves as part of the distant stars that you observe as you do the rock that you pick up and hold in your hand. You feel separate from it all. The soul of your Universe is a vast pool of electromagnetic energy. Those who have chosen to be part of the Free Will Universe exist within the vastness of that Universal Soul. Every Universe that makes up part of the Multiverse has this vast pool of energy that surrounds it. It is the screen upon which and within which physical realities play themselves out. But all are connected and “sister” each other.

Each time one of you within this Universe begins to understand the world of your choosing and chooses to share the harmony and peace that understanding brings, you share that with all of creation. You do that because there is no separation between anything that exists within the Divine Creative Force. The Whole of Creation is not controlled by God, but that energy becomes the balance point in all of Creation because that energy is within all of Creation.

The musings of the Spiritual Masters who observed the physical world spoke, wrote and attempted to explain their world; their descriptions were dismissed because science could not observe and prove that these things were possible or fell within the realm of possibilities. Now they are the very stuff of all scientific research. What was once seen as fantastic and beyond beliefs is now common place, therefore the way of existence for the average human being must be faith, not belief. You once could not conceive of the vastness of this planet and saw it as being limited and flat but now you believe that is not so much round as it is a sphere. Science is pushing the boundaries of its study and daily it peels back another layer that clouds the understanding of what the Universe is, of what God is and what you are.

There are those who see the world through the science of medicine, psychology or religion and dabble in a little of each. But there are also others with vast educations in science that do not know what the uneducated peasant in the pampas of Brazil knows. That there is a Force in the Universe that goes beyond all knowledge and conception of the physical reasonable mind and exists. It exists for our use and for our benefit if we come to know it and love it as part of us the same way we are a part of it.

Ego will not allow the miraculous to exist when the science of the physical world could have played a part in things. Because there is no separation between the energy of faith and the energy of science, each is part of a necessary whole for the other to exist and operate, or one does not exist without the other. remember the fantastic or miraculous of yesterday is the common place tomorrow.

You have learned much about your world because with the limitations of the physical mind you have reduced the physical world to its parts. Science itself has taken itself out of part thinking and in physics, at least has begun to dabble in the concept of non-separation. But medicine is just beginning to look holistically at the human function from the point of view of both biochemical and physical systems.

Bioplasmic functions are practised by faith or energy healers and are just beginning to make their way into your medical world through Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and other forms and formulas of Energy Work. You will make their use limited to those who can obtain and have educated degrees that regulate their practise. This is a grave mistake.

Each of you is a potential healer. The knowledge of bioplasmic healing should be taught and honoured within each being as a greater knowledge of who they really are and what their true function within the world is. Each of you is not separate from the Bioplasmic World, except through your belief in that separation. Each of you knows how to use that energy to heal and function in the world of one. Its keys are prayer and meditation. Much is about to come from the study of such functions and will change the view of your world and our world. It is about to truly become One.

The Process of Descent Into Matter

Written by Florence Mary on May 2, 1993.

It is hard for the human mind to conceive of the vast electromagnetic field, which is God. Our human instruments can measure our own field and see those in space here and there. But the truth is that it is one field and one day it will be magnetics and their use that shall solve the energy crisis, healing crisis and eliminate the Free Market Mentality that holds man hostage to his base nature.

From the heart and mind of the Source of Creation came a shift in energy that allowed on a spiritual level, creation to begin. As the Son (Matter) evolved and the Daughter (Spirit)  evolved they created in concert, the Son, matter, the Daughter, the higher realms of the Counsel of Wisdom which guided the Son as matter, expanded and grew. The first thing that was created was single consciousness that collectively expressed themselves as energy. These energies then became single but androgynous. They were the highest form of Angels and their only purpose was to serve the counsel, the Son and the Holy Spirit and thus served the One God.

Each level of spirit created the one below it to serve and assist but it was at the highest levels that the first matter was created. Again, it was the separation of the androgynous nature of beings that created the separate energies of male and female. When this occurred those spirits became souls and united in the vastness of space. Their decent into matter came through the Son, as it was in his court of Angels that this took place with Lucifer the Light Bearer. We see this as rebellion but really what it was, was the progression of choice. Lucifer did no more than choose to know both sides of his nature in separation. In the highest realms of spirit there is no separation of those energies. It was these single energies that became the creators of physical matter. It was the choice that the Son and the Source gave them to redeem their single, completely androgynous nature. So complete is the descent into matter that physical creation is only now moving to ascension.

We stop here to speak to you of evil. Evil is the creation of souls upon the physical level and carried into the next dimension of soul. Beyond the physical dimensions of being, there is no evil. Evil is so strong that as each individual creates it and abandons it, by turns it takes on a force of its own. It is all in those stray thoughts, words and deeds that you unconsciously create upon any moment. It is not the creation of Lucifer the Light Bearer but in the process of separation itself. For it is when each of you sees yourself as a part of the whole of creation, needing only to be a part of the whole, “consciously”, that evil is eliminated. It is evil that tests love. It is personal choice to do things correctly, in love, that eliminates it.

All that each of you has ever been, through all the levels of creation, exists within you at this moment. As you descended into matter you were all that lies above you now. You were the speck of dust, the drop of water, the flower, the tree, the animals of the earth. All of life exists as evolution. The man was first two separate cells that came together and became one and began to divide, or evolve into a vehicle for soul and spirit. Evolution or Motion takes place on every level of being. It descends into matter and then back out of it by the same process. It is when the soul and spirit make real contact with the higher realms of the Holy Spirit once more, that Ascension truly begins.

In physical form, you have no idea how many bodies you have worn out trying to make that contact strong enough to leave this plane and move into the first realm of pure spirit. But it is the vastness of what you really are that must once again become the electromagnetic field of intelligence from which you were created.

There are many worlds which descended into matter in slightly different ways but it is only upon the Earthly plane that freedom of choice exists in the way that the humans of the earth know it. It is evolution of choice that will redeem all of Creation, including itself. That is why all of the worlds of being have contributed to the evolution of this planet. That is why each part of matter came here and contributed its being to the evolution of mankind by becoming human. There was only one race of true human beings and they had no pineal gland. There are so few left that you would be hard pressed to find one. But what still exists, is the faith and the original wisdom contained within that faith. But long since the true way to use wisdom has been lost and buried under practice of ritual and form and not of moving the vast magnetic fields of consciousness. Why is this so? Because all of humanity has not been ready for this evolutionary process until now. Soon, the last struggle will take place and then the true evolution of nature will begin.


Ceremony and Celebration

Written by Florence Mary on April 8, 2008

In this time of great change and flux we must remain constant and observant. You must not allow yourself to condemn the intermediate circumstances that manifest through the time of flux. Your concentration may scatter as you endure the challenge of change.

This then is a time for ceremony and celebration. Ceremony done without judgemental attachment to form allows for concentration to remain during flux. Celebration allows us to give thanks for enduring moments of great flux which at times seems never ending.

As always, remaining within the circle of self becomes challenging if trust and faith are not present. Having trust in the Divine is not enough, you must also learn to have trust in yourself and the family of man. You must give as well as receive and celebrate the opportunities to provide for both. This or that are your choices but know that a choice must be made in order to create experience.

The more sacred the person, the more challenges there will be with your bodies. Here is where ceremony is called for. Ceremony, as simple as lighting a candle while eating your meals can express the deepest gratitude for food or anything else. If your concentration is seriously challenged then longer, more involved ceremony may be called for.

Do not worry about prayer. Each breath you take is a prayer for one who is sincerely engaged in the path of their own becoming. Do not ask, “becoming what?” for there is no answer to that. Only here are you like the feather or dry leaf upon the wind. Each one steeped in fear or marshalled by trust and faith.

Let nothing be as a stone; hard and unyielding to the bare hands and feet of men. Let all things resemble clay which when shaped or moulded become things of beauty, like sunrise or sunset. In all things remain both the participant and the observer. And what shall you observe? Your self, of course! By observing yourself you will to see both similarity and contrast in all of humanity. Remember, rigidness in belief, form and practice is a trap.

The path to wholeness or oneness was never easy. That was only desire on the part of humans so as to avoid the complexities of life. Therefore, a life well lived can neither be controlled nor avoided. By trying to avoid it you create pain and suffering. Remember here that suffering in its original form simply meant to “experience something”.

We send you blessings as well as love, light, peace and joy. Remember to watch the sun.


Written by Florence Mary on March 16, 1996 on the BC Ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay.

Each soul incarnate contains only a small portion of their true essence. Essence is whole of your Divine Nature. This nature is not separate from your physical nature but merely hidden by the duality of karma. Karma, therefore, is the design and unfolding of all physical life. Each entity despite their present address within physical incarnation, has designed their place within that incarnation. Despite what you believe or have been told, the design holds no predestination, reward or punishment, only opportunities for you to make choices to realize your “Essence Potential”. Essence Potential lies in the core of your being. It allows you to recognize your full inheritance as a child of the one true “God”, to develop all of your abilities of both the physical and spiritual nature. It is the accepting and blending of these two natures which seem opposed that you will discover your true purpose. This purpose must be expressed through your physical life but must be “chosen”.

The path to that expression lies within and is developed through the soul. Soul may be fragmented within the individual by present life design or from past life experience contained within cellular memory. Each soul has the ability to override present psychology experienced through their life expression and choice. It is done by living in the present. Is that difficult? Of Course it is. Entering physical life washes away conscious connection to one’s spiritual nature. Therefore, in each lifetime that connection must be re-established through soul and spiritual growth. This growth is fostered by pre-planning in spirit your life expression. Each of you choose that expression from moment to moment. Every moment becomes a chance to express Love and Divinity into the world.

Fear or unknowing hinders this expression and creates the space for self doubt, self abuse and consequence to be the driving force for physical expression. This becomes a “response” to reality rather than a creative one. If we could give you rules for physical expression we would say the first rule is ; love yourself, for no man can give to another or allow for another what he cannot allow for himself. The second rule would be; change yourself and watch the change in the world as you experience it. These two factors allow the fragmented soul and its expression and personality to unite within the entity to express into the world true love, purpose, light, peace, joy, compassion and harmlessness. The path to this expression must be through self-development. Only within a compassionate, harmless, peaceful nature does one come to experience Spirit or Divinity and experience all other entities within one’s life within this nature.

Many of you who seek the spiritual path live ungrounded within your bodies. The reality of your body is not your experience. If it were you would not be surprised by medical diagnosis of illness, nor would you believe it could claim your physical life against your will. You would understand its place within the design of physical expression and like the clam, create pearls from all of the challenges of your present life. If peace, love and harmlessness are the expression of your nature, then no matter what circumstance befalls you, you will express all of your experience through this nature. Pain, the physical expression of individual chaos or karma, will not be felt in the same way it would normally be. And yet, the experience of the body is realized fully as an observation rather than the experience of fear. The observation of Spirit moving through physical life allows the human being to become an alchemist. The process they desire to transmute is the lead of ignorance turned into the gold of enlightenment. Each experiment whether judged successful or not is observed without fear and points the way out of the ignorance of fear into the enlightenment of love. This enlightenment is expressed into the world through service.

Before one can truly become of service to the world, he must become of service to himself or self-serving. Oh, how you all cringe at this! This is fear! Remember, no man can give to another what he cannot give to himself. If you are a child of God, you must accept your inheritance from your parent as you live. Unlike your earthly parents, there is no death for your Divine Parent and this inheritance for you is the ability to find your true nature through Divine connection. Love would be the choice for this expression if left up to your Divine Parent. Within the alchemical process one comes to realize that all life expressions are expressions of love and service. If fear is that expression, then life will be fraught and expressed through the paralyzing effects of the fearful mind. If love is that expression then fear will be absent from the expression. Fear comes from unknowing of the qualities of your Divine Potential. Divine Potential has no beginning or end, unlike the accepted mode of present physical expression. In other words, you accept the end of your physical expression (body) through its death, but your Divine Essence, Soul and Spirit never die. Your Divine Potential lies in the expression of your understanding through your inward path. The inward path is not an expression of unoriginal thought. Unoriginal thought is any belief that is not your experience.

If you cannot experience esoteric wisdom, then it is all just theory. Even religious experience is but theory if a group or a dogma limits your expression and knowledge of truth within your physical expression.  If this truth creates fear within, then its understanding is not correct and has not been spoken correctly into Universal or Collective Consciousness. In the past, esoteric wisdom has been expressed through the fears and limitation of religious dogma (beliefs). The expression of truth comes to the individual experience of consciousness through the elimination of fear. The elimination of fear allows for complete realization of Essence Potential. Through this realization abilities of the “self realized” individual become deeper and more completely attuned to the cosmic connection of the fully integrated being while still in the physical body. The vibrational change takes place and then choices are made to attain several levels of consciousness. The most developed being the Avatar, the least being Planetary Server. Each level is more developed than any metaphysician we have seen yet within planetary influence.

Planetary Servers are all those who contribute loving ways to all present life circumstance from a realized religious or non religious base. They show great desire to share the improvement of both physical and social consciousness with all souls upon earth. They do not exhibit fear or prejudice toward others of different religious, political or social views. They use religion to worship the one “God Essence”, not the messengers and do not fear so-called occult sciences. Instead they allow for all experiences of the one nature, which is Divine. They are peaceful and contented within their lives and are rarely found outside of service professions.

Energy Servers are those who exhibit all the qualities of the Planetary Servers but they come from a far more esoteric base. They are also in helping professions but may also be found working in Metaphysical arts and sciences. They are truly “now” people and are far more adaptable than Planetary Servers. Age does not play a part in their abilities for they view the world through a “Cosmic Now”. They have elevated energy and vibratory levels and the appearances of the third eye energy spot is apparent, although not always necessary. Their presence has a calming effect on all those around them and they are highly respected by peers. Miracles are not unheard of around them and they can command elements and spirit through their faith and love connections with their own Divinity and Spirit Connections. They suffer little from the physical body and aging may have stopped it within them at the level of their higher conscious attainment. They have few if any struggles on the physical level.

Channel Servers have all the qualities of the Planetary Energy Servers. They are acutely aware at all times of the duality of the physical world but do not withdraw from participation in it. Patience is their most significant quality and unhurriedness. They are expansive in all aspects of their lives, creating what they need as they arrive in the moment. They do not struggle with physical life but instead fully understand their Creator abilities and use them to create their lives in peace and harmony with the dual nature of the physical world. Each day they anchor the love of the Divine into the heart of the Earth Mother through their esoteric knowledge.

Esoteric Experience: Reality or Imagination?

Written by Florence Mary on Nov 22, 1992.

Human beings have reduced their reality to that which they can experience physically, all else to them is imagination or a creative function of the mind. They also have a tendency to categorize anything that is not physical in experience as imagination, therefore it is dismissed as not being reality. If that is true then all function and thinking of the mind should be seen that way. Even the belief in all things spiritual should be seen as merely imagination for they cannot be experienced in reality. If you are rebelling at this statement then I want you to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the last time God came for tea. If you cannot give a date, then we have proved our point. Now, we want you to show us God. Where is he? Where does he abide or live? How does he exist? What is his physical form? In human terms there is no reality for God nor is there any real spiritual reality but that which can be experienced through the mind. As we have stated before, the mind is the vehicle of the soul as well as the function of the spirit. No thinking would go on in any brain if it were not for the coming together of these two parts of the invisible world. It comes together in the shrunken, ancient organ or eye called the pineal gland or body. For the star-born ones, the ones who were called and came as children and carried their jewels as part of the biochemical processes, this gland is all that remains and is carried by every member of the human race now. It is proof that the star travellers interbred with the people of Earth in order to give those peoples of Earth those qualities that would allow them to survive and grow in the ways of peace and harmony.

When the spirit has left the body the soul can allow the body to hold function but the mind is no longer present and the person is termed brain dead. This is not a rare occurrence but is the condition called coma. It must be realized that the soul and the whole of spirit of any individual is so vast that it cannot be contained or viewed in human terms. The operation and function of these vehicles of the invisible world are all that give animation on the physical plane. Indeed the physical would not exist without them. The physical plane would cease to be, without them.

Those of you who have studied much of esoteric wisdom will understand the body as a function much like that of a space suit. The physical brain is the on board computer that operates the space suit but intelligence comes from not the brain itself but from the choice of the quality of mind made by the soul before it enters into the body according to the lessons it has chosen to learn upon its present sojourn. The mind is the place where the soul and the spirit unite. The spirit then is what animates the body into life and the soul is the screen upon which the reality of the human experience takes place. Life is like sitting in the most technologically advanced theatre watching a movie. Each mind projects not only its own reality but can perceive the reality of others and even partake and interact within the reality of others. In fact, the projections are so strong and powerful that they seem universal to the mind. They seem to be the only reality that is possible. What are you as people going to do when you find out this is not so? That day is rapidly approaching and you must be prepared for it. You must open your minds to the infinite possibilities of creation and begin to think of yourselves and your creation of life as only one of many created realities. While you must live a physical existence you must open yourself to the reality of the invisible world in which much can exist that the human mind and ego cannot believe is true or real.

It is through the invisible world of the mind and its creative processes that God reveals to each person. Through religions, which are man’s attempts to interpret God in human terms, God comes to reveal itself.  Whatever you hold as a personal belief, whatever you are comfortable in believing, revelation will take place in that manner but it is through your doubts that the truth will come to you in revelation. All truth will come to you, not in opposition to what you hold as belief but in the limitation of those beliefs or in the expansiveness of what you might deem possible. That is why there is such vastly different views of spirituality and what role it should play in life. But the one thing that is Universal is that God loves us all as his children and wants us to be happy. To have a relationship with the Divine that is ongoing and vital. Since God cannot come for tea, our relationship with God will take much work and great faith and it will only exist upon the invisible plane of Spirit and Soul. What kind of connection do you have to these worlds?

In the world of the humanly created God, there is an angry, vengeful God. One who seeks to punish and hurt. One who’s ego is as tender as any human beings. But this is the God of man’s making and is created in man’s image. It is the ultimate arrogance of humanity. For the true God, the God before creation is all loving, all forgiving and the most benevolent of parents. He is the God who sent not one son, but many to redeem the world. And each one, whether they have passed in the footsteps of Jesus, Brahma, or the Buddha, or who’s words are found in the teachings of the Bahai or the Moslem or Saint Germaine or any other interpretation of the words of truth, comes parts of the truth, part of the way and redemption. That need for redemption exists only in the mind and ego of men, for what you do is forgiven before you do it but it requires you then look to seek love and light, not darkness and fear.

It is through faith that you will learn to use the esoteric wisdom to your purpose and to God’s purpose. Each of you must learn to do that on many levels and be aware of the contact. The two main ones will be physical and spiritual, which right now seem to be the only ones but there are others. That is what these writings are about.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


Definition of Service

Written by Florence Mary on Jan 29, 1992.

Service is anything that is done for the edification of the human spirit. As always it begins within and goes to God, for how can a man devote his life to God if he does not love what he does and share that with others? A man is of the greatest service when he loves what he does and helps his fellow man in some instance.

Unfortunately most people have a tendency to value what they pay for more than anything they get for free and it is not written anywhere that we must feed those who refuse to feed themselves but only those who cannot. What is needed here is education and reworking of mental attitudes so that souls lost may find the light within and realize that the life they live can be changed only by them. When God said ‘feed the hungry”, he also meant the hunger within that desires self change. That may have to begin by feeding the body first but at some point both physically and spiritually you must all come to be able to feed yourselves.

One day it will all change. One day everyone will come to their deepest self as a channel for the goodness and bounty of love. Every Man, woman and child will have  meaningful, purposeful lives, which will reflect their relationship to themselves and the Creator and peace shall reign over the land and sea. The idea of the true global village shall be realized with one language, one financial system and a uniform of righteous law that will govern all people equally. It will work because no matter your color, race, or creed you will all realize that the common good is a reality. Mind links and inner-most knowing shall be evident and your striving will have a purpose and be of value. A man may earn his way from all his efforts and a system of education will be funded by student labour. Even education will be earned by all but the youngest in the process of learning. Learning will become life long, moving from the most menial jobs serving the community to those of more urgency.

It will be required of all men and women to serve in the public domain for periods of time. The course of their lives, while varied, will always follow the same path : Service. So, you come full circle, seeing that service may be dedication to the less fortunate than yourselves or service may come from how you can earn your living. This synergy is never present when a man or woman takes from life and gives nothing back. Giving back, even for a fee, is always better than just taking.

Even present political aims are based on power rather than service to the common good. In the future, as political power shifts you will find opposition to those political leaders who do not see that power should serve the common good, not special interests. It will be interesting to see how the people react to such changes in the political structure and by what means that old political structure will use to bring a halt to this change.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

Sixth Sense

Written by Florence Mary on April 30, 2013.

What you have most deeply forgotten is that nothing would exist without you in your physical form. What need would you have for anything if you did not exist in physical form? Only in your physical form do you need plants or animals. Remember not even God exists without you to acknowledge that energy. What we are telling you is even the fullest reaches of the cosmos only exist because you acknowledge the possibility of its existence. So, because of your need, in your physical form, all you see was created by you to answer the needs of your physical form.

Source and the things closest to source have no need for things of physical matter. That then is what is meant by ” the grand illusion”. Creating space, therefore, is the acknowledgement of the cosmic forces that are always in harmony with the planet you are on. Weather is a natural force needed as causation of effect in the physical world. As devastating as it might be, source does not reward or punish with its unfolding. You cannot say to your children when they reach adulthood, ” go forth”, and continue to treat them as children. It makes no sense when viewed through a perspective of a knowledge, limited or otherwise, of physical life.

That is why true consciousness is so important and should be sought by all of those in physical form. There are few who do not acknowledge that complete understanding of physical life is difficult. That is where retaining our innocence or “Sixth Sense”, becomes important. Sixth Sense (true innocence) allows us to create silence within the world of noise. Even your breathing is not silent. You become so used to hearing the natural functions of your body that alone, you feel as if you are in a silent world.

We send you blessings and love. Thank you for returning to our sharing.

The Promise

Written by Florence Mary on Jan 12, 1996.

I have promised to accompany you along your path through life. I will always be with you even in the moments of your greatest abandonment. For it is only your fear blocking my love so that it does not reach your heart. Your heart is the doorway to eternal life.

Life is not as you see it now but shall become joy upon the moment when you realize that I love you. But you must love yourself so that you can always love others in ways that shall delight both your heart and your soul. And this new life shall transform you as you learn to use love in its proper way.

So one day I shall surround you, lifting you beyond life to life, and we shall again be One living eternally in Love.

The Heart

Written by Florence Mary on Dec 04,1996.

Hard is the way when the heart takes no place within our process of completion, when there is no light to see the way. Hold fast to the source of all love, not hiding in fear, but instead courageously seek your truth within yourself.

For it is within, that love increases ever upon recognition of its own Divine quality. If you become lost seek not in another your way but instead look upon the mountains and learn endurance. Then look upon the flower and learn tenderness.

Within the water, see your own reflection, which is perfect. When your heart carves your pathway through life, then you are living.

Message from Lady Nadd

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 11, 2010.

In the face of resistance be willing to keep your secrets so that you do not create more conflict. It is really not important to be right but to be right with yourself. Standing up does not mean standing in someone’s face creating conflict, it means doing and being what is correct for you.

Form is not as important as practice but if the form has the knowledge you need, embrace the form. Right now you only have part of the picture and some of the possibilities have been revealed. Do not make part of the picture your choice, wait until you have the full picture. Ceremony and Practice are important only as a Vehicle.

Karma is not so much paying another back for the wrongs committed against them but rather righting the wrongs that you have committed against yourself, for surely a wrong committed against another because of interconnectedness, is a wrong committed against the self.

The master is therefore ready, willing and able to accept 100% of the responsibility for everything, with no exceptions. In this is ultimate healing and joy. When you can manipulate your own molecules which begin with your thoughts, then you become a true master in training. Ascension is the gift of acknowledging this power. One day the dissipation of energy will seem like child’s play. One day leaving the elements of Earth behind and stepping into Love will be the only thing you can do.

For the Master in Training

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 15, 2011

The quantum level of physics crosses the boundaries of spirit and brings them together as metaphysics. The very theories put forth by science are becoming visible to human beings, either as a learned facility or as a natural state of their being. When this facility is learned, even on the rudimentary levels by millions of people critical mass will be achieved. Only one tenth of Earths population needs to understand and accept “String Theories” for the quantum shift to take place. In your science you have the “Hundred Monkey Theory” which states, when one monkey learns a skill and then 99 more, monkeys everywhere now have that skill. This is the “String Theory” at its best.

Human beings, because of ego have shut down their inter-connectedness as a feeling. At one time it was the basis of emotion. When there was a disturbance in the vibration everyone worked to set the vibration value back in place. Since you created the hologram or template, you worked together to keep the vibrational balance within the universal structure. The “Fall”, was merely your choice to de-evolve and then to re-evolve for soul growth. You did this to right creation that took place outside of Divine Order.

When every molecule of Divine substance vibrates in unison there is only one consciousness. Ego is the veiling of Oneness so that “free will” could be learned. Free will became the vehicle of duality or choice. With one there also had to be the other. Slowly over time choice left you more and more disconnected from the vibrational field as ego and self became a reality. Human kind is re-evolving with the ability to make choice and be totally aware of their interconnectedness of all matter. Each molecule of matter vibrates at the same as the First Principle. Yet each molecule also vibrates to a set rate different from another to accommodate the choices we make to create. Not accepting the ability only limits what you create. A human caught in the groove of his belief, is limitation personified. The Master Path is then the freeing of one’s self from the groove of human limitation.

Human limitation takes many forms but the most compelling of these is the appetites of the body, as they require almost constant attention. Here we would like to speak of balance, something difficult for humans. Balance is the state where one moves from one requirement of life to another but allowing one’s focus to be on what is important. When learned, or when one re- evolves, priorities change. For the Master in training, holding his focus on, “The Father/Mother and I are One”, is difficult, if not impossible each day the needs of the body require more and more focus as you become more self aware and less connected to God. Your connection then is limited. The idea is to do nothing except in the highest vibration. In the beginning, intention is the vehicle, at the end this focus re-evolves into the unfolding of your Divine Nature. The most difficult of your tasks is to demand with authority the unfolding of this nature, for it is not the military command but the command of love, soft and gentle as a breeze on a hot summer day.

Each moment that you hold another responsible for the condition of your life is the moment you condemn both of you to the wheel of being stuck in karmatic non-evolution. Your karmatic agreements evolve when you accept 100% of the responsibility 100% of the time. Refusing to accept what is clearly before you is denial. In acceptance lies the moment where change can and most often does take place.  Since all human conditions are energy and since energy cannot be created or destroyed the only other choice you have is to manipulate it or convert it from one form to another. That is the true power of the mind.

The mind concentrated on a single form allows the emergence of change or intention followed by focus equals results. (I +F=R) When one value is not present then there is no result. To follow up with change in the physical realm only makes sense. Change must have intention and focus but also seen as forgiveness. If you ask for change but are unwilling to change your habits, then you have the same static condition. When there is a constant static condition in your life there can be no growth. Only changing your choices will keep you moving forward. Remember, when movement forward begins one must acknowledge the source.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.



The Time Is Now

Within the power of the unseen mind lies the eternal moment. That moment is now. Now is always perfect for its unfolding is not leaving behind or going forward to, but rather the stillness of being present now. It is as close as your breath yet as distant as the furthest star if you do not acknowledge its power. The power of now is clarity, seeing only what is present in the moment. If you judge what unfolds then you fall from grace into qualification; good/bad, up/down, back/front, pushing yourself deeper into a separated self.

The separated self is the ultimate in suffering for it is always steeped in judgement, either requiring to forgive or be forgiven for some unclear but felt transgression against wholeness. If we look at the divisions within the physical world we would understand that wholeness is an acquired state of mind. Infants are whole, seeing no separation between themselves and others. As they grow they learn separation and are often afraid of strangers, crying when they encounter someone they do not know. Toddlers will be shy with people until they figure them out and then will laugh and play with that stranger with delighted abandon.

Even as adults we will meet someone  new with great solemnness and look deeply into the eyes of a stranger for a clue to who they are. If we are deep within separation we barely acknowledge the introduction and even go so far as to exclude the stranger by initiating conversation that leaves them outside the circle of inclusion. Indeed, here is a forgetting of the power of now, the sacred moment when acknowledging another makes us whole, no matter how awkward we may feel as we struggle with our desire to control the moment.

The deeper one looks into the moment of now, the more powerful they become. At first now is like a scary monster with dripping fangs and sharp talons ready to shred our self esteem. It does that because we realize that we cannot control the present moment. We can control the past because no matter what happened, we have our own version of it. We can also control the future, building castles in the air that never materialize in the now. And yet now is as much a part of the illusion of time as past and future. They are part of our separated self. The monkey mind running hither and yon looking, ever looking for the wholeness and inclusion all beings in physical reality crave.

This craving spurs us forward to create in the only moment we have; Now. You cannot create in the past, nor can you create in the future but now allows us to create afresh or bring forward the energy of our past as a catalyst in the sacred moment. If we bring the energy of our history forward without a complete and clear understanding of that history, we are more than likely to have history repeat itself. If we understand our history and through examination have forgiven that unfolding, then the energy we bring forward from our history is wisdom.

Wisdom then is knowing ultimately that within universal law, there are some things that work and there are some things that do not work. We should avoid those things that do not work and repeat those things that do work often, watching out for moments when even what works may suddenly abandon us for experience sake, so that we learn discernment. How often have we thought, “If I did that ten years ago I would have been tarred and feathered”? But as linear time moves forward our ever changing nature changes what works and what does not work to fit our evolutionary progress.


Written by Florence Mary on Nov 13, 2007

We wish to talk about experience today. Experience is both your history and your future. You cannot avoid it nor can you change it once you have enjoined it. What that means is that each experience you have is made up from what you remember about the experiences you have had before the one you find yourself in, in any given moment.
Each experience is colored by a set of circumstances that surround it. These circumstances are made up by the reality or history of even the smallest or less significant participant in any experience. A witness to any event can change the feel of that event by bringing into it their personal bias that is formed by the history of their experience.
Each of you who seek higher vibration cannot avoid experience where you are, so you create lives that are more positive but the true test of your vibratory power would be to enter in to each experience without your history. This is near impossible where you are because you have quantified time. Past, present and future cycle through so quickly. Each moment lasts only a moment before it becomes the past, the present and future. You as physical beings are the past, present and future because all time goes on at the same time.
Each existence you have ever had lingers within the many vibrational existences that you created for the experience of physical existence. Each unity of soul and spirit that takes a body in the physical does so knowing that it carries the memories of the many energies that make up a vibrational force called spirit. Each physical life is carefully constructed for maximum benefit to the whole of creation. (Spirit)
We remind you once more that ego and personality are only important where you are and in the fourth dimension, where souls are schooled to form a new agreement with the “whole” to return to physical reality for experience. Even in fourth dimension individual personality and ego are less important than they are where you are. This importance you place on individuality is called life or “forgetting”.
Life, therefore is not physical as you take that with you when you return to spirit. Nor is it a matter of soul, which is the construction of your agreement for each physical experience. So, you see, spirit is the living presence of god within each manifestation no matter what it is.
Soul on the other hand is built by you in collaboration with the Divine Spirit and acts as the container for the physical experience. And so experience radiates out from you attracting to you the people, places and things that vibrate in accordance with your agreement.
Each attraction demonstrates where you are in your place within the agreement. It will show you if you are struggling (resistant) or if you are flowing (non-resistant). You can change your agreement at any time you wish by making another choice. Does that seem too simple? Well of course it is! Each choice you make vibrates across the past and the future and illuminates the present. The cosmology of each of your choices is as vast as all the universe in which you find yourself, plus it affects all those you cannot yet conceive of.
You are the “whole”, not just a part of it. Only you with a physical mind struggle to perfect that which is “already perfect”. You would do much better if you relaxed into your life and laughed more. Celebration is so much more powerful than grief. Grief is not natural to your “whole being”. It forms part of your cleansing system clearing the negative vibrational response to sorrow. Remember we promise you, and therefore all men and women joy in the moments of their greatest sorrow if you and they enjoined the path to their own becoming.
Now you must ask the question, “What am I to become?” Then we ask you, “Can you be other than what you already are?” If you said “yes” then you are wrong. For all the changes that you may make, the underlying personality does not change nor does the fact that you are subject to ego. You can only apply the theory of relativity which is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but merely transformed from one form to another. All energy in the physical realm is also subject to entropy. Entropy is one of those states of mind where one’s vibration is so low that nothing seems to be moving. Everything is always in flux. What appears to be chaos is really just an orderly flux from which all things emerge. The mind of “God” is orderly. What you call chaos is so vast your limited physical mind cannot bring order to it. In other words, it is ineffable, beyond your minds capacity to express in words what it may be experiencing. It is in accepting the ineffable cosmic force that you come face to face with god.
So why do you ask for an explanation of that force within the Universe that is truly ineffable? It would only create more myth and mythology on a subject that is held prisoner by centuries of myth and the mythological creatures of men. Instead embrace the experience that comes to you as you celebrate the existence of Universal Mind, knowing it is the doorway or gateway to the ineffable vibration that you are seeking. So now within all these words we have come full circle right back to where we began with experience. Each moment you exist is an experience. Since you have always existed, you have always experienced yourself, your feelings both positive and negative, as they arose. You must have no yardstick by which you measure those experiences but must “suffer” the coming and going of experience without attachment.
Surely you must see that opinion is merely ego exerting itself over the cosmic connection to the whole, which is your deepest desire to experience. Personality enters and tempers ego by its nature which then turns maybe positive or negative, due to its agreement with the energy it carries in the moment it took a body. Personality is much more malleable than ego. Personality vibrates more closely with Divine vibration but can be overtaken by the negative experiences that populate life and are carefully cultivated by ego. So, in effect the ego is the storage house of negative energy, which is female in nature, and personality is the storage house of positive experience, which is male in nature but do not forget that if there were no female energy there would be no creation.
Positive energy is the nature of the void where all thing exist in entropy or seemingly so. In truth, it all vibrates so fast that it can only be experienced ineffably. Positive and negative are the polarities within you. Each sex contains both and develop them in accordance with their experiences that shape and mold the personality and the ego. Each person may have similar experiences but fear or the lack of fear affects each of these etheric energies within the nature of the individual. One who has not been intimidated by fear at an early age grows to have more confidence and belief in themselves and each one applies it differently. Where children have been raised with fear they see life as a place where they must constantly prove their worth. They enjoy life less than those who do not experience life through fear.
Fear lingers as part of personality and ego once they have been experienced at an early age. Fear usually accompanies physical violence applied as discipline in the early years. There is a great difference between a spanking and a beating. Those who were beaten, beat others but not so with those who may spank as a last resort to get the attention of a child. In the end beatings and spankings prove only that you are larger than the child you are beating.

End of writing.

Finding your “Within Self”

Written by Florence Mary August 31, 1995.

Each of you may wonder how to find yourselves within. In the physical life, where that life is expressed within by ego and personality, it is not an easy task. So going within and bypassing the ego is not simple. You may begin by living in a more quiet way. Turn off your tv, radio, music, for short periods of time during the day. These things keep the mind and ego occupied and rarely allow you time for communication with things around you or yourself.
Communing with yourself is the first step to learning the inward path. Finding that inner core of quiet on the surface level and not allowing the mind to play its song to you will be a difficult task. In most of you the mind plays a constant refrain of criticism that is undeserved. You are all very aware when you have done something that you need to be sorry for or to make restitution for. Look deeply into your lives and observe yourselves both on the outer and inner levels of your existence. What you observe will tell you what you should be working on to alleviate the discord within your life. What you will also observe is at the deepest level of being you have not accepted your humanity and are still struggling with its nature. Your nature is Divine. As a child of God you are Divine, so in human form you find yourself out of step with this nature. The Divine nature of your being, especially in the world that you live in, is totally out of sync. Daily you struggle with the simplest of things like kindness, understanding, fortitude, knowledge, piety and God himself. All the anointing in the world will not give you these things, but understanding the human nature will help you bring your dual nature into balance.
All things in your life must be in balance, but first you must be able to see where there is balance. If you give constantly then you deny someone else the privilege of giving to you, so their acts of kindness seem to be nullified by you. Sooner or later they will stop trying to give to you and you will seem to be taken advantage of.  So, here balance will help you to see itself being served and moving through your life, not as separation but as wholeness. The human nature has within it duality. This duality comes from the fact that the very state of humanity is foreign to the intelligence that it encloses. The spirit intelligence can fly without wings and move mountains but it is enclosed and encompassed by the physical intelligence, personality and ego. The more unrealized these things within the human nature are, the more tightly enclosed is the spirit intelligence in forgetting. Bless the day you are called to remember who you are. Bless the day you are told to go inside and seek yourself and God. That is the day you begin to set yourself and your spirit free.
The whole world may see the emerging spirit as selfish because it cannot see how imprisoned the spirit is by its earthly concerns, but as you free yourself from earthly concerns and learn to observe life and time, you will truly want less of what the world has to offer and more of what you can create within yourself to express outwardly into the world. Quite naturally life will take on a more simple nature and the daily could, should and would take on a less meaning. In the world of spirit caring for the needs of others and of self is of prime importance. Within the world of spirit you are only concerned with spirit and feel less separation from the spirits around you. Each spirit retains a part of the personality of its last incarnation and some spirits even take a part of the ego personality with them. It is this ego personality that does not allow progression into the higher realms of spirit knowledge. Each soul that returns to your world knows why it is returning and what it has to do to obtain the knowledge it needs to progress back to the world of spirit. The soul is the encasement of the spirit in physical form. The body is the encasement of the soul. The soul operates the physical vehicle and records on the cellular level all experiences of both the soul and spirit within the life of the entity. If all you are recording is the conflict between the soul and the spirit (physical/non physical experience) then your life is truly stressful. You then express this conflict into your world as your experience of the world. It is upon the inward path of knowing and remembering that you truly eliminate the conflict in your life. The lack of conflict is reflected in the changes you make in your life. They are not grand or overblown but rather quiet and personal. They happen within before they happen without, even with yourself.
The battle for the spiritual warrior is always with the self. What is he trying to gain? Union with the Self or Higher Self. It is self that contains ego and personality. It is Self that allows you to overcome the duality of ego and personality. The worst characteristics of ego and personality are balanced with the best of those qualities. It is the non judgemental observation of the operation of those qualities, good and bad, that allow you to choose your way within the world and thereby ridding yourselves of the stress and the self judgement that plagues physical life. It then makes the statement true that you cannot give to another what you cannot give to yourself. If you judge others even on the shallowest of levels, then you will judge yourself. Even saying someone is a good person is a judgement. Learning to observe without attachment the qualities of others allows us to observe ourselves with the same non judgemental nature that is wholly Divine and our truest nature. It is only when you become the observer that you allow yourself to observe God within all things, including yourself. It is the recognition that God lives within you as yourself that allows the acceptance of your own Divine nature and that is what you begin to express into the world. Life in the physical becomes a delight. Hard times come and go and you do not cling to them or feel trodden down by them but instead see them as natural cycles of the wheel, or circle of life. You then begin to understand that the circle of life is rather the upward spiral of awareness and you travel it gladly welcoming its upward struggles and downward slides with all the grace and fortitude of a truly saintly nature.
Do not run out and get fitted for a halo yet, for the saintly nature of man must be balanced with the earthly concerns of the physical life and lived out among the rocks and hard places of that life. All that any of you are to achieve within the physical life is understanding and kindness for yourself and for your fellow beings. Then you begin to see the possible within in even the most unrealized of beings and allow and permit their progression within. You begin to realize that judgemental thought restricts and you do not engage in it but instead begin to see that your purpose for life may not contain associations with one who has not realized who and what they are but you can allow for all possibility of association at a later time. You must realize that if you meet someone with a good heart but who is over concerned with physical life, it may be your good wishes for their progression that brings it about. Remember, thought creates. Judgement is thought. So in your judgements of others and life you hold in place the very things you wish to eliminate from your life and not only retard your own progress but the progress of others. It is in this realization that you begin to see the Divine gift of creation that you have been given. On the simplest of levels you then begin to accept the role of creator and create for others harmony and oneness. By doing this for others you are also doing this for yourself. This then becomes the realization of your true nature which is Divine and comes from the Heart of Love and the Mind of God which has created you and all things.
Remember, it does not matter how or who created you, only that you know all things and systems for creation existed first in the Mind and Heart of the One true God and have been allowed and permitted by God for the greatest and complete fulfillment of Divine Order and Oneness. Even the working of the forces of darkness are but the whole plan for progression into the One. None of the children are alone within the world of man but instead have a constant stream of Divine help within them. Observing it within your life will allow you to tap fully into the world of One and ultimately into the mind and heart of God.  Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

A Creation Story

Written by Florence Mary on May 20, 2013

In the beginning was the word and the word was sound and the sound and the word were light. In the light was the flower and all that could be and would be by choice. The choice was free for each possibility and out of the balance of energies came the four energies of the directions. In the North sat the Father. In the South sat the Mother. In the West sat the Son. In the East sat the Holy Spirit.

From these possibilities were formed the stars and the planets, as gasses were chosen and the elements were chosen by the new energies receiving light and thought. But the pattern of the word and the thought were the flower from which all life springs. Each drop has the Word and the Thought which is Light. Each particle and wave, the same. Each possibility chosen not assigned. Not by the will of the Father or Mother but by the energy of Life.

Each energy that chooses the possibility transforms the possibility for good or ill. Each good is multiplied as a gift of peace. Each ill the same so as to learn and remember the Word and the Thought which is Light. Each energy vibrates with the original light of the first word and the first thought, which is mind.  Each energy has the “all” within it and all energy is one, transforming itself through all possibilities and realms according to its ability to heal itself in the void of its chosen possibility.

All things were light until ego or self was chosen and the laws of the word and the thought were disregarded. This disregard was the transgression of fear and from that moment darkness was in the void and the reality of all who do not know the word and the control of the force of light. Peace moves the force and harmony results. When fear is present chaos results. Out of chaos man created its being to transform the original flaw in the creation of the ego or I. This fall from the grace of true life was chosen by a multitude of energies who would be gods and ignore the first thought and first word which came from the perfection of the void where all was one. In the One is contained the All and the darkness cannot prevail against the Light of the All.

Each choice for being-ness contains the all, but must relearn its being through its choice for peace and harmony without fear. Each fear is an illusion relegated to the third dimension where it can be transformed through the light of freedom and will. Will is chosen and given by the perfect void which is the First Thought and Word which is beyond mind. It is the great “I Am” presence in all things with intellect, mind, soul and spirit. Each other thing has the original mind of the void. It waits as the Divine waits for Chaos to right itself and choose to return to the light.

Not one drop of light will return until the very last drop makes a choice to return to its original form. As the individual energy chooses its form from the flower of all life, the perfect void, in which all is Light; the lights who choose to rise to a place of being and waiting, are one.

Each third dimensional planet separates from its form to become a star. Each star is a part of the original form of light, which waits for the “all of chaos” to learn its being-ness through light. All the energies of the star become one and in the all, in the process of ascension. Each one exists as the All and the One as is the original creation of the Creator. This form of being called “Creator and Creation” is not clear to the mind steeped in the illusion and duality of the third dimension. It does not become clear until the energy ascends to the 7th realm of the physical dimension of the Creative Force. In the 7th realm, being is one, thought is one, all is one. Each energy is beyond soul and is pure spirit in this 7th realm. This 7th realm is where the energy of life and peace is transformed into new creations and genius for the transformation of all the other realms below it.

The 7th realm is the blue realm, and the place where the new Adam Kadmon’s have arisen to hold the new light of the Christ and Buddha Consciousness, that needed to have ascension take place. The Buddha Consciousness is personal peace. The Christ Consciousness is internal peace made manifest in each thought, word, deed and feeling. One cannot create this peace until they embrace both Consciousness. These modes of being and thought are not opposed for the one sprung from the other. Or, the Buddha was so that the Christ could be. They are one in the 7th realm, as is all energy. Personality at this level does not exist but can be seen from the third dimensional mind as personality energy still individualized.