Who is Florence Mary?


Welcome! This website is dedicated to the memory of Florence Mary Masotti and to the writings given to her by divine guidance over an almost 30 year span of time. Born in 1946, Florence Mary passed away in October 2015 but left behind binders and volumes of writings. Tens of thousands of hours spent in communication with her guides and the results manifest nearly a year after her passing with the production of this website. So who was Florence Mary? Florence Mary Masotti was a daughter, a mother, grandmother, sister and loyal friend. She was a consummate housekeeper, a cook, a gardener, a seamstress, an artist, a writer, a healer, a player of the Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, a psychic, a dreamer, a mentor, a student and a teacher and most of all an open and pure channel. Florence lived a life filled with good and bad times and practiced a life of compassion and contemplation. While the Story of Florence Mary herself is a fascinating one, it is for other times and pages. This website is dedicated to the writings and the blessed words of spirit handed down through her internal guidance. The writings stand on their own. Sometimes the writings would come at 3 in the morning and sometimes they would come after meditation or after a long woods walk or sitting quietly near a pond or stream. During her darkest hours or her brightest days spirit was a refuge for Florence and she was ever loyal to her guidance and was greatly rewarded for it. Nearly 30 years ago the first writings were automatic. Pen in hand and a blank piece of paper and nothing but trust, faith and a curious determination of spirit. Over the years these writings became normal and easily intelligible and readable. The writings are esoteric in nature but also practical and timely for todays challenging struggle between consciousness and unconsciousness. Along with her writings, Florence Mary was an artist who produced some amazing water colour paintings based on the abstract world of spirit. The ability to comprehend the abstract will lead one far beyond where the logical human mind can take them. This project is an ongoing process and writings will be added as they become available. There are binders and journals and blessed pieces of paper to bring to fruition on this site. It is our hope that this website will expand and become esoterically dynamic enough to help in the shift of human consciousness that is long overdue at this time. There is a mixture of writings on this site. Some are very short and some are rather lengthy and some writings will not only ask you to think outside the box, but to throw the box out altogether. The reader will also note the various forms the messages take depends upon the guidance coming through at the time. Florence Mary took dictation for many different energies and so some of the writings will seem different and will stretch the imagination and yet others will appeal more logically to enquiring minds and hearts. When your heart is open you are free to receive and so we ask that your heart and minds be open and pliable to receive the messages given to Florence Mary from guidance and that the messages edify the spirit of the reader. Florence Mary was a humble scribe of spirit and undertook her task of doing the will of spirit seriously but with the innocence of a child and was given the keys to unlock many doors through these channelings. May the words of spirit quench your parched soul and give you hope and abundant life and harmony.

We have added a small clip of Florence Playing the Crystal Bowls below.

It is a short clip, our gift to you. There is a longer gift in our media page.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest. We wish you love and light.



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