Excerpt from Guidance to Florence Mary Oct 2011

Before i put this writing down for you all, i would like to take a moment to say thank you for being here. It is my hope that you find inspiration in these writings and that they can help you in any way possible. 

In case you haven’t noticed, our world is changing and it must change. The time is NOW. It was seven years ago that Florence left this physical existence and took a mammoth part of me with her, yet also left a big part of herself here with me. A fair trade one might say. Also, speaking of sevens, we are now well into another 7 year cycle that began in late September of 2017. What happens between this current moment and the possibilities up to September of 2024 are still a part of the unknowable. 

The plague upon the land came a few years ago and our old world began to change forever. Things were suddenly different. There are still many people who think everything will go back to the way things were but that is not so. Too much has happened and the people were beginning to see through the lies. Mind you, the more the people question, the stronger the propaganda becomes. When you realize they named it “television programming” for a reason and it is right in your face constantly and churning out more and more of what they want you to believe, it gets nauseating. What was meant to rally us together against the plague upon the land turned out to be the greatest deception ever hoisted upon society and a massive hit to the collective that was waking up. They used MRNA to attack the Source. To sever that connection and to take it over to redirect it into a new species, a new human. Many have not made this transition and many will not. The end result is a singularity. What was formed of dust becoming iron mixed with clay.

The hijacking of generations. This has implications for 4 generations past and 4 generations future. That precious seed that carries inside of you the ability to unlock those generations and free them all. Yet an alien one is the choice. To merge with the borg and become “human borg genesis”. The possibility of wiping out unique genetic code that carries information from generations, that is special to who you are now. There is no tweak.

What profiteth a human being to gain a three hundred year lifespan and yet to lose its soul? There is no religious attachment to that statement. Soul being merely the manifestation of the current ego or consciousness from a point of view in time. Are we that attached to material existence and to matter that we would trade our ability to think freely for ourselves? The hive mind is not the predominant mind, for it surrenders to control of the queen. Queen being a form of hierarchy. This queen may not have your best interest at heart. Hierarchies, principalilities, powers. Creating an illusion of left and right and setting them into opposition rather than integration. Oldest trick in the book. Divide and separate and then conquer. Create diversions full of fear to keep them from thinking for themselves and tell them what you want them to think is happening. Just like the scripts of your religions and the agents appointed to manifest the outcomes. Guiding societies into an outcome they planned thousands of years ago.

The individual has given its power away to the thief, who came in and found them sleeping and stole it and they have not noticed yet. 

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The powers are shifting. Your world is going into its dark night. Freedom is no longer your right, if you want it you must find it. Each step is a phase. Your next step is war and want. The old order is becoming replaced. It has been measured and found wanting. This means your money, your food, your health, your comfort, your way of existing as you knew it must be no more and it will be through radical discontinuity. How can anyone unite when they are dividing you? When you have no shelter, nor water, nor electricity? No comforts afforded you? What then? Will you feel scared or will you feel compassion? Will you help your neighbour? Do you even know your neighbour? 

I see a world now where politics divides and the political elite wage war. They tell you who is good and who is bad. Your tax money pays to kill people in far off places. You feel secure because you are far away from the fighting. You have been told that your defenses are impermeable. Yet we tell you, your ramparts will fall and there will be no response from you because your good times are gone. What conquers, must be conquered. What has taken captivity must become captive. Your shining city on a hill must become dust in the wind. Nothing lasts forever, have we not told you?

A society that spends trillions on weapons to kill innocent people and yet cannot feed its own hungry, nor cure its ailments. It can make bombs but it cannot give shelter to the homeless nor can it give them anything to hope for. Lip service and virtue signalling. Your time to figure it out is coming to an end. They will reset your society based on the Chinese model. Russia and the West will weaken each other and the dragon will take the leftovers. It has been planned that way for a long time. You are being steered.

You can peel this onion, layer by layer. More layers. Electromagnetic layers that they know very well but you do not. Unseen energies affecting everyone and everything. Frequencies directed through mind control and to reinforce the mind control. You will eventually become the animal walking around in circles, not looking up or moving to the side. 

Perhaps this is the great purge of the masses in order to bring out the realities of the technologies they kept hidden, yet to be revealed to the few “select” who remain to start over?  The debt slaves will be no more for they are no longer needed, only compliance and duty after the great wiping away. 

Climate change, global warming, global cooling, pollution. Whatever. Chemtrails do not exist and yet geoengineering does? Who is the conspiracy theorist and who the liar? If you unmix them up can you tell which one is which? It is stated that the weather on a planet is a reflection of the consciousness that lives on it. Carbon has always been here, why must you pay for it? Why must you get rid of c02 when all plant life depends on it? You say there are up to 70 genders and subcategories yet you have not solved the mystery of the original 2, nor have you overcome your addiction to duality. Why do the two become one yet are not the same? 

My whole point of this writing is to provoke thought. What if we are not the top of the food chain? What if interdimensional beings are higher on the chain? What then? Can you move through the Ether the way that they can? Might there be unseen beings looking for a host? Are you aware of your connection to Source? Is it a secure connection? Can you handle lower 4th dimensional beings that are coming into 3rd dimensional reality or is our reality and planet being reprogrammed to lower 4th dimensional accommodation? What will be the repercussions of this? Dreamtime is fluid like, the astral realm is held within this matter. When the astral manifests in physical 3rd density reality, what will be the effect? Integration or chaos? When you see what is hidden, will you be able to handle it?

This is what happens when i am forced to observe. The summer was long. I turned on the tv only to shut it back off again. I have run out of things to throw at it. Anyways, humanity is being taken down. It is my fervent prayer that good people find each other and help each other. Left or right, vaccinated or not vaccinated, it’s becoming irrelevant. Time will surely tell if we as a species have the balls to survive. Love and integration will overcome fear and separation or it will not. We may be forced to lean on each other due to circumstances out of our control and there will be no time for left or right, no time for hate and envy. Whatever the case, i will take my chances with the side of unconditional love in search of true integration without agendas that separate or harm. Citizens of heaven they say, are clothed with righteousness….we have to start earning ours so we can manifest heaven on earth, the way we are going will take us to ruin. May God/Source bless you all and may we survive this time together. May your children thrive and your generations never end…..

Sincerely, webmaster Steven.

……. and now on to the writing from Florence…

Message from guidance through Florence Mary

Since the soul of man is not your operating system but a system with many operating systems of consciousness and vibration, then you may well ask what leaves when you are through with the container. We tell you nothing leaves, but returns to the nature and essence of creation and once again creates a non physical reality in which it may rest from its sojourn in physical reality.

Yes, there are guides and angels and masters and yet not existing in a way that the physical can understand the Spirit Nature. We pause to say here that the nature of spirit is another topic, be patient.

You must come to allow that all human concepts of reality, seen or unseen, are just that…..concepts. They help you feel comfortable in the vastness of creation. Think of yourself as one small molecule of energy that exists within all the possibilities for any world, including vibration and consciousness.

What you do not or cannot accept is that all experience has value, including rape and murder. It is only through non judgement that the anomalies of existence shall fall and pass out of the physical vibration of this planet. To do that, you must eliminate fear from your vibration while you can. Eliminating fear eliminates fear four generations back and four generations forward. 

For the nature of Spirit is oneness with All or, the lack of perception of separation of Created things, one from another. This is a simplistic explanation but also the best one to be given as long as personality and ego drive the mind.

Spirit Nature is the True Nature of all things visible and invisible. From this belief that was self-evident, came the belief that the vibrating source of all creation was omni present, meaning the foundation of all things made manifest. If you were to increase your vibration to that significant amount or level, as required, you would simply disappear.

Each of you are a map for the salvation of all humans being.  Each one of you must walk that road alone. Each of you can only help or hinder each other on that road. You are required not to underdo or overdo that help. You will best do that by living your own life well. JOY, then becomes the catalyst for creation of all things. 

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.









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December 11, 2022 – A General Update

Greetings my friends and thank you for taking a moment of your existence to read my update. Unfortunately i have not been able to work on this website for the last six months and it has been a journey for myself just to get back to this point in time where i can now get back to work on Florence Mary’s writings. I ask that you have some patience with my wording and general or possible typo’s. I also say that with a smile. I will explain…..

My world changed forever on the late morning of June the 6th of this year, 2022. After a long winter and a cold Spring that ran into early June, we decided we could finally get up the mountain to scavenge firewood for the upcoming winter. We were a month behind because of the slow seasonal change and we set off early one morning to start gathering our firewood. My son in law was with me and we were eager to get started. 10 miles up Toad Mountain we found our first deadfall tree and we marked our pieces and set about cutting our wood. We got through the first lengths quite easily and we had the beginnings of our first load of firewood. Early June and leftover snow still on the ground around us and a cold wet rain hammered down non stop, aggressively soaking an already drenched forest. We hunkered down and carried on for a bit but the rain made it very slippery. My son in law was about to cut another piece and i went to steady the log. As he began to cut the next piece i noticed he was about to cut through to a rock, so i moved forward to stop him and i went forward and slipped on a wet piece of wood that i hadn’t noticed, that was laying on the ground in front of me and into the blade of the chainsaw i went and in a split second, my right middle finger took the brunt of the chain. I felt the searing burn through my glove and instantly pulled my hand back before he could cut through the whole finger. 

This whole scene unfolded in the twinkling of an eye. Ten miles up a mountain road and i could feel warm blood everywhere. So, i looked at him and said, “i’m cut, we have to go now.” I scrambled to the truck and came upon a mound of kleenex and wrapped the finger quickly. My son in law grabbed the duct tape and wrapped the finger into place. James, my son in law, grabbed our gear and threw it into the truck and we were off. The rain hammered down and the road became muddier. I began to go into a trance as i drove and began chanting non comprehensible chantings. He yelled at me to pull over because he thought i was going to faint and that we were going to crash and yet i kept driving. An unseen magnet was pulling me along and i drove us down the mountain and home. I managed to get changed out of my soaking clothes and we went up to the hospital. 

Now then, i must clearly admit that for the past 3 years i have avoided doctors and hospitals and all things medical. The “plague upon the land” caused me to steer clear of all of it. I will point out that i broke my right arm in 3 places 2 years ago or so and then the next year i broke my left wrist. I suffered through all of it without any treatment other than what i myself could think of. In other words, i lived with it, my choice. But, when you have been chainsawed and are losing blood and god knows what else, not to mention the curse of being in shock, you go and get it dealt with.

Thankfully, i was immediately seen at our local emergency and a young doctor took great pains to carefully sew up what was left of my finger. He froze my hand and sewed me up. I was to wear a finger cast for six weeks and then see what happens after that. Six hellish weeks went past. I was to see a surgeon in another city who would then recut the finger in order to re –  attach my tendon and then decide if plastic surgery was required. Another 6 weeks to 3 months in another cast. I will also point out that i was given nothing for pain. Zero. Also, not only did i have to adjust to my situation but the second doctor who sewed the tendon back together was young and rude and rather uncaring about the whole thing. Because of this, when he stitched my finger back together the second time, he left a bundle of nerve endings on the outside of my finger, causing me unreal pain still to this day if i bump or touch something with my finger. Of course, as if all of this wasn’t enough, the post traumatic stress disorder began to hit almost within hours of this happening and all i could feel was the chainsaw blade tearing up my finger. Daily, constantly, I relived it every time i closed my eyes as well as when my attention was not fixed on anything. Constant searing, burning, helacious cutting, over and over and over like tom  toms. Non stop auto replay. I thought for a moment that i might go insane but i decided not to. It is a trap and if you do not deal with it and acknowledge it, it will run your life and ruin your life.

The process of overcoming PTSD is not easy and is a continuum, yet rather than collapse into defeat i decided that i would have to get past this daily, moment by moment, breath by breath, one precious heartbeat at a time. So, i began to make a shift. I had to go from right handed to left handed. No other choices if i wanted to get past this episode. I had to sew a garden in great physical pain with the intention of not transferring the way i was feeling into the seeds, hence the eventual vegetables. To undertake the task at hand and to do it joyfully despite great adversity. This began a process of learning new ways to think and to problem solve. My body had been altered and so i had no choice but to shift how i did everything from the silly to the most complex as well as the mundane. I did not begin to even attempt to hand write anything for months until i received a letter from a wonderful soul whom i had lost contact with for a few years. It took me a while but i went out of my way to write her back. It was a several paged letter and i have not tried to write another letter to her since, but her outreach gave me something to respond to and it created a positive in a sea full of negatives. Never in my lifetime did i figure i would be having to go from right to left to left to right and most times a combination of the two. 

Little things like picking up a coffee cup and having the inside handle touch my right finger and the crazy insane pain it causes and then the cup drops or spills. Sometimes, my hand will stop me from doing something that could hurt the finger, but many times it does not and like a child, i learn rather quickly. My choices are limited. Living in Canada, i shovel a lot of snow at this time of year but now i have to adjust to being in temperatures below freezing because my whole finger gets an intense cold burn very quickly because of the exposed nerves, so now i adjust my time and prepare accodingly as best i can. Holding a steering wheel or turning a key now leaves me unable to unclench from the steering wheel until the pain and stiffness stops. Turning a key is now a two handed event.  

As of this writing my finger is like a hammer. I have to put a splint on the finger to keep the  finger straight. I do have a tiny little bit of tendon use but not enough to straighten the finger without a splint. At this point, having the splint clamp down on my finger is still untenable for short or long periods and so i’m darned if i do or don’t. So, this is where i am at. My ability to do my artwork or practice my craft is gone and any chance at a lucrative business or even holding employment any time soon is just not there anymore. The limitations are endless, pardon the pun. 

There have been many times that i have wanted to work on this website over the past 6 months but this situation has taken time. Getting to this point is a good thing. I will say that i have had great teachers in my life who have taught me how to live with what I am dealt with. Florence was an ambassador for how to carry on despite all odds, even to the end. The journey is the adventure, win, lose or draw, it is what it is. 

While i have plenty more to tell you, i will, for the moment, stop this writing so that i can post this update.

There are many things i wish to speak about and share while i still have the freedom of speech to speak it. So many changes have come and are coming. Our world is transforming…….and so are we.

Left, Right, Left vs Right, polar opposites, yet within both comes the possibility of true integration. 

But that time is not for this very moment. I will be moving forward and sharing and if you are interested then my invitation for you to check back again soon is open ended and given with a sincere heart, a warm smile and an etheric hug. Thank you for being patient.

Warmest regards,


My share for this week




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Untitled Poetry by Florence Mary Masotti from November 1991

In heart and mind, I know above all else

That life is but a reflection

Of my relationship with my Self.

And it follows, as night does day

All good or ill comes from that same place

Deep and abiding, I cannot hide

Nor can I blame another for what is

For I am the author of my destiny.

The above poem written in November 1991 by Florence Mary Masotti


It is only now that I remember

That it is not what i say, but how i say it.

More importantly

It is not what i hear, but how i hear it.

If I am guilty

I will hear the accusation, “You are guilty”.

If I am constantly guilty, then I must find out why

For i cannot pay for the sins of the whole world.

If i can forgive others, i must learn to forgive myself

For there lies true forgiveness.

If i am always sad, i must look to myself for the reason

For life is not cold, as I may have created what I have sewn.

Walls are not too high to climb, nor wells to deep dark pits

These were made and dug by me, so i could be free

To love myself as I must love others, in this journey of Self discovery

The road is long and hard but I will walk it joyfully.

The above poem was written by Florence Mary Masotti November 1991


In the morning when I awake, Just a moment do I take

To say to God within my soul, Thank you God for I am whole.

I sometimes wonder where I’d be, If I had not looked for me 

Among the ashes of my life, Between the darkness and the strife.

I often wonder how it all came, To be this hard unwinnable game

Of you hurt me and I’ll hurt you, Was it ever once that our love was new?

And still this echoes in my soul, As a far and distant goal.

To know once more that passionate state, Before life says that its too late.

Are you somewhere far off in a distant place? Are you running some unwinnable race?

To find rewards that are not there, In a race that is not fair.

Or are you waiting in a peaceful glade, Where passion and love are never staid

For those who stop to smell the rose, Deep in the gardens where it grows

Let not your eyes refuse to see, What gifts life holds for you and for me.

For mind and body are spirit too, and will forever bring me closer to you.

The above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti, November 1991


I am tired of running with my heart pounding in my chest.

I am tired of the coloured lights flashing in my head so i never can rest.

I am tired of never knowing the right thing to do.

I am tired of walking upon eggshells around you.

I am tired of not knowing what i saw or heard or thought is true.

I am tired of having to listen to what I’m supposed to do.

I am tired of being used by everyone else but me.

I am tired of never ever being able to just be me.

But i am getting stronger in the middle of the night, and i will not lose this very important fight.

I am tired of blaming everyone but Me, for this state of existence in life’s storm tossed sea.

The above untitled poem written by Florence Mary Masotti  in November of 1991


There is a spot where I go that no one knows,

It’s deep inside where no one goes.

Full of colour and light and sound from life flowing round all about me.

It is a quiet place beside the sea, the sea is dark, deep and wide

And into its arms I just may slide.

To rest and renew my growing soul, it will harbour me until i am whole.

This sea is deep inside of me, it has the knowledge that I am free.

Free to be who I was meant to be.

The above untitled poem was written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991.


Soar mighty Eagle, above the earth and sea.

You with eyes so bright, attuned to all life below.

Great hunter of the forest and sea, what has God planned for the likes of me?

Long do i wander and wonder at your graceful flight, Eagle of my totem, bless your sisters life.

On craggy hilltop lies your nest, and so i must climb up before i can rest.

To gather from it a feather bright, to wear on braises ever light.

For I am a warrior, strong and free, but most of my battles are between me and me.

Eagle with your mighty soaring, do your hear my true heart roaring?

Attuned high to your graceful flight, in the midst of God’s daylight.

Soar mighty eagle, above the earth and the sea and with your eyes so bright.

Attuned to all life below your flight.

The above untitled poem was written by Florence Mary Masotti, November of 1991.


Inside of myself, I am splintered and shattered.

But my pain is the glue I use to put myself back together.

For I am not new, yet I am not used either.

For I have but lived in the way intended, before my rebirth.

All people must learn that within them lies their God, the Father to all of their being. 

And through this power all things are possible, even death.

For I have allowed His tears to wash away my sorrow, and now i have come to the best part, a tomorrow.

A time of freedom to always be, who I always was, Me.

The above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991.


Rain falling ever downward, over rocks and trees, needles and leaves,

At the feet of giants who ever reach up towards the sky.

I am whole and i am strong, because i am a part of all that ever was, is or ever will be.

I am a child of God, strong and straight in this created world of wonder, though it be swept away by life and love and the forces of nature.

The above short poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November 1991.


My joy is within me, on me and through me as i awake to greet a new day.

It simmers like water in a pot, hissing against heated rocks. As it jumps clear of its maker, to spread warmth to all who wish it or need it.

It tastes sweet upon my tongue and it bubbles through my veins in a never ending echo of who I am.

I gave birth to myself through pain, shared with one that I had learned to trust, and now I am a child of joy.

I recognize my brother, sorrow, yet never shall I let him defeat me even though at times, he is bigger and stronger than I am.

I feel to the depths of my soul, my sisterhood. To those who have suffered giving birth to self. And so I joyously take part in their nativity as I do in my own, knowing that one day not far away we will melt in joyous abandon.

We shall surely be as children let out of school early, laughing at all we know about the joys and sorrows of life. For unlike children, we have lived it all and now we savour with discretion, what life offers.

I am a child of joy. Free of my past, recognizing that if I let it, it can sneak up and become my today.

Above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991.


As you rise gently from sleep, then joy bursts in you.

As your eyes open and you see me, my blood rushes through my veins.

Wanting always, wanting you.

In the union of both body and soul, never replete until I am with you.

Joined in flight and spirit, mind and soul.

Never quite whole without you, but strong in myself and stronger for having you in my life.

I am possessed but not a possession. I am free in the truest sense of freedom.

You are my confidence when my own wanes and you are my strength when life drains me.

The above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991










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A Few Light Lines – written by Florence Mary – February 1994.

Each of you comes here to do your part in the transformation of the Earth’s peoples. Each of you has within you the heart of love, the heart of One, as well as the knowing of the Way and the Truth and the Light. 

Each person that you meet has a part of this plan within them and must, if they are to move on past the world of “Me” and into the world of “One”, contribute their bit of memory to the plan. If they do not do this then another of you will remember it as their own, in order to fulfil the divine plan of the Almighty, who stands at the head of the God force within the world of One.

The Light formed in the world of One will transform the Earth in the times to come. It will pool in places to save those gathered in the name of the Christ Consciousness, as is your purpose and the purpose of those who will gather with you. Remember that no matter where you are, if you feel the call to be together with each other, then go. Let nothing stand in your way. For it is in this faith that you will protect and transform the lives of those around you in the times that are fast approaching. Those who will be still and listen will truly save themselves from darkness.

There is no punishment in God. There is no hurt and toil within God, only the redemption of Love. Look clearly and without doubt into yourselves and find the Universal Truth of God and each other. 

How much easier our lives could be if we all, both in spirit and in the physical could just come to believe that we are allowed to remember all that we have ever known and all that we have ever been and to combine that reality into the perfection of the physical life and the unlimited experience of the spiritual reality. For each is truth and until we can bring both the physical and the spiritual experience together as one, we will always be searching amongst our broken crockery for the answers to the questions that already lie within us, already answered by God.

A lily never becomes a rose in order to please one who likes roses. Instead, the lily believes in itself by knowing it can become the best lily it can be and it offers that to God as the consciousness of self and the reality of its own existence. Always remember that your faith must be stronger than your doubts and fears. Follow your innermost knowing even when common sense tells you not to do so. Nothing in your life is impossible if you believe in it with more conviction than you believe it to be impossible. Remember that all of the impossibilities of life are opportunities that are passing you by. 

Wholeness begins with those of you who believe that you are not separate from each other but are instead part of the great whole which is humanity. Distance means nothing in the great scheme of things. You are always just a breath away from anyone you know and love. 

Remember that any impossible situation can be turned around with the belief that it is possible and that we deserve to live the impossible in our lives. Love tells us this. True love makes this happen.

Know this and be of God all unfolds as it should


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January Storms by Florence Mary …Sept, 1993.

January storms chill the body but nothing should chill the heart. The storms of life are the best opportunities for us to test ourselves and what we can learn from day to day about the inner depths of who we are in relation to the world around us. Taken without the veil of fear and unknowing, the world is a wonderful arena to participate in life’s dance. Look carefully at what is being presented in your life.

A heart divided against itself serves no master, save fear, for a heart divided sees no purpose to life, save sorrow. God does not exist as a singular piece of consciousness but instead “resides beside all consciousness”, in whatever degree to that same degree, for our co-author to all consciousness is God. As each of us evolves through our lifetimes we become more and more of the consciousness of God, as well as our own. 

Love has no scales or any measure, for it values its own value without care towards  any judgement or condition for it can contain neither in its true – ness. Sound, color and vibration measure the progress of the soul, yet even these manifestations are unnecessary for the intrepid soul who would search the uncharted territory of the heart to hear the voice of God within, whispering truth to you throughout your present life’s adventure.

As it was said before, “Consider the single grain of sand, by itself insignificant, but it shifts and the whole world is changed forever”. 

Life exists on many levels for all consciousness is life and contains energy, sometimes “vibrating too slow”, to be measured by man. Every experience of your life is meaningful unto the purpose forming in the nebula around you. Courage and compassion are the tools to be used to pass through this next part of your journeys. Just allow yourself to see the truth of what is going on around you and do not get caught up in the traps of ego at this time. Do not limit yourselves. The illuminated mind can detach from the physical limitations of this experience before it gets caught up in them. Remember that love and truth are intertwined no matter how uncomfortable it is. If you do not know love, you know not truth.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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What Dreams May Come….written by Webmaster Steven Dec 15, 2021

Hello again and thank you for your time. To say that for the past two years i have felt in a state of inertia is an understatement. Sometimes i would feel like i was waiting for something to catch up to what i felt or knew and yet other times i felt hopeless and alone and lost and in some sort of really bad movie of some kind. Mind you, the knowledge i had twenty years ago was extremely limited and since around 2017 things started to shift. Perhaps it was the great alignment that happened in September of that year? You know, the one that will never happen again? Knowledge has been increased since then and understanding was increased at a break neck speed. The illusion of the carnal world carried on and the dark forces began to see that their time was short, or so it seemed.

So, in viewing things today, at the end of 2021, certain things come back up. I go back into my dream time as a young boy and i remember the first dream of the sky turning black and lightning flashing like a finger writing in the the sky the words “God is Love”. That dream is still on instant recall 50 years later. So now i move forward in time and i do not know if i told this dream to you and forgive me if i did, but it needs repeating at this time, so here it goes. 

A few years after that, i dreamed i was riding my bike to school. When i got to the road by the local ball park everything in the landscape shifted and before me was a scene split in two. Everything on the left of me was beautiful and lush and amazing. Flowers in full colors and terrain that was beautiful, almost paradise. Yet when i looked to my right everything was brown and dried up and burned and covered with blood. I did not want to ride my bike along the line that separated the two for fear of landing on the right side. I woke up and that was the end of that.

So now i will move forward in time to a dream i had as a young man of 24 years old. I had just been married and my wife was out visiting friends. I reclined onto our couch and i passed out into a deep and very fast sleep. Soon the landscape turned to a part of the city i live in. I was walking along the main highway on my way home and was just turning the corner. I was on foot and it was raining very hard. The night sky was black and a heavy dark haze hung over the area. I was in a rush to get home to my parents house for some reason and as i turned the corner my feet began to raise off of the ground. I was unable to move as i began to raise up. Suddenly i was high above the ground thousands of feet and i looked towards the north and i saw a great dragon coming over the bridge that crosses Kootenay Lake, into the city. Behind the dragon were military vehicles for miles and miles. The military vehicles were dark with a red star on them. As the fire breathed from the dragons mouth the military vehicles behind the dragon started to fire on the city. Then, i began to become aware that i was not the only person up in the sky. Many others were there too.

I awoke in a cold sweat with that dream seared into my consciousness. When i think of the lightning in my dreams it is always more like plasma. In my last dream i dreamed of four pops of light over a mountain and then the sky turning red and splitting open like a zipper. Red and blue and purple plasma filled a blackened sky. Fear was everywhere for everyone had been caught asleep. 

So now lets move forward. For the past 2 years i have dreamed that i am in a city and i am looking for Florence Mary but i cannot find her. I am always one step away. I feel her presence in my dream but she is not there. I usually end up in a building with doors and rooms and a hallway that is in a full square if you were to walk the whole floor. I open doors, go inside and open drawers full of insignificant things, or so it might seem. I end up in vacant buildings where i used to live but they are not the same. They are vacant and strange. So my point is that she has left breadcrumbs but they are not easily found. Times and events are changing this.

Since it seems we are following a script and it appears to be somewhat biblical in its theme as far as this possibility unfolds. I am going to point out that the Great Artificial Intelligence prototype for the perfect society is the social credit score in China. This is the material perfect society. The western nations are going to fall. As people in the west figure out what is going on it will be too late. Like the AI, they have infiltrated every aspect of our society, especially media and governments as well as NGO’s. 

My point being is that they have a plan for every move that is made. Babylon must fall. Edom must be removed. The kings of the east are readying. If this does not come to pass then i will breathe a sigh of relief but seeing as we have several timelines emerging and converging, we are being pushed into a direction we think we have no control over. The enemy is at the gates. We are asleep. Our way of life is being wiped out so they can bring in TOTAL CONTROL. They no longer care what you think and are opening up because they now have total control.

Major things are coming and they are not far off. Planetary alignments again this winter solstice will move the clock forward. If nothing comes to pass in the next 4 or 5 months i will breathe a sigh of relief and give thanks forever. Yet on the slight chance i am correct, one should at least prepare mentally and spiritually for what may be coming. By giving you this message there is no blood on my hands and i have shared a concern. 

Around the solstice a shift comes. Things will begin to tick up a notch.  Taking down the power grid during winter has also been proposed. They are rubbing their hands in anticipation. They will blame it on the hackers and you will not know what is happening until it happens. When the power goes out you will be sitting ducks. The invasion might be upon you like locusts filling the sky. Most will not survive long without power or food or heat. Farmers have been paid to dump their crops. Containers for shipping amasses like a lost armada unable to dock and deliver supplies. They are squeezing us. They have created the perfect storm. Those that think everything is going back to normal will be disappointed, sadly. These are the days of iron mixed with clay and in the end it gets smashed. In the end Artificial Intelligence will do what all parasites do….eat their host.

Buckle up folks. Meteors, wars, man made disease, famine, its just around the corner. Time to wake up to who we are and hold on to what we have in spirit, with love and compassion. This is not running fear, it is just a warning and i am paying it forward. Protect your hearts, minds and your children.

A year after Florence died i was with a friend sitting by the ocean. Sept 02, 2016. My friend and i saw 3 lights rise up out of the ocean off in the distance. The middle light would rise up and get very bright and the other two lights would spin and brighten and then lessen their brightness. This went on for some time and we watched the lights. Then we saw the light spin and emit some kind of weird action. Like an invisible pulse or something. It coincided with a meteor that just happened to drop out of the sky that came out of out of no where. We saw the lights bump or push the meteor far inland and we saw a green flash followed by a red flash and the a thunk. Although i was 800km from where that thing landed, i was maybe 10 or 20 miles from the lights that came out of the ocean. After a moment or two there rained down millions of colored sparkly glittering rainbow lights that crackled quietly and the went into the waters of the ocean maybe 100 meters in front of us. It was long and wide and the most remarkable thing i have ever seen with my eyes in this lifetime. I also remember the day after this experience. The meteor had broken up over the West Kootenay, which was back in the area where i lived. I had taken a trip to visit family on Vancouver Island after Florence’s passing. So here is the weird thing….. as i was sitting out on the deck the next morning in Campbell River enjoying the sunny day and remembering what we had seen the night before, i noticed a large military craft. It flew over the ocean where me and my friend had been sitting and started to spray a strange blackish substance like a chemtrail, but this was much lower. They sprayed this stuff everywhere the lights had been flashing the night before. They waited until they were passed Quadra Island and they sprayed back and forth and the went in a few circles and disappeared. So what were they spraying? Were they looking for something?  I suppose only time will tell but something is up. Do not let fear or the lusts of ego catch you off guard, but buckle up.




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A Quick Note From Florence Mary…. Dec 15, 2021.

Sometimes a person goes about their business with the feeling that something is guiding them. Consciousness, source, perhaps a loving mind from another place we cannot see…. my point being that sometimes when i am working on the pieces of the puzzle, things pop out. Things like a piece of paper in a journal, that falls out from the journal  with a seemingly benign yet pertinent message. My duty is to share this with you all. If you can figure this out then good on you. So, here we go. 

A short little note on a paper that had at the top “things to do”. Here is what is on this note.

“The generation of archimedean solids embraces all the possibilities for creation through the third dimensional mind. Do not seek new mind but work with the one you have. Change happens when you embrace what is, not the fairytale. 

Tetrahedron = fire with a rotation of 120 degrees

Hexahedron = earth with a rotation of 90 degrees

Octahedron = air with a rotation of 72 degrees

Dodecahedron = universe with a rotation of 72 degrees

Icosahedron = water with a rotation of 72 degrees

Icosahedron and Octahedron alike in flat, rep lear …(webmaster Steven feels the rep lear is kind of spiritual shorthand for “representing linear”)

To look at each solid in three dimensions.

Do not try to look at them or spin them in higher dimensions. These solids are the vehicles of this dimension where you are trapped. Think not only death gets you out of here now.

Remember to watch the sun.

Webmasters note : i wish you great understanding. I have wanted also to mention something for my friends who have taken the covid vaccine and that because you have been deceived you have the right to cancel your soul contract for this lifetime. It must be written on paper and in the physical because there is a record of everything we do. This puts us on an innocent footing with Universal Law. Whether you bury it or burn it or take it to church and put it in the collection plate, this will give record for all is seen. 

Do not let them win.


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Collection of Quotes from the Guides, by Florence Mary Masotti

Each day it is important for you to say that you intend to play your part in the symphony of life and to follow the directions of your being as they come to you.”

“Keep in the Now, with an ear and an eye open to what is coming and then follow your inner most knowing and do that which it prompts you to do.”

“To make anyone dependent is to enslave them.”

“Man is imprisoned within the physical body because he believes that it is the only reality available to him.”

“God knows each of you by your Light.”

The light formed in the world of One will transform the Earth in times to come.”

We remind you again, You are not your fear.”

“Each day that you can live without fear is a day closer to home.”

“You are always free to test your ability to overcome your beliefs or fears.”

“As the mind turns from the fallacies created by man, it is led to the sparkling waters of absolute truth through its own consciousness.”

“Only through the act of seeking can one hope to obtain that which they need in order to fulfill their comings and goings.”

“Love is God made manifest through all the sons and daughters of the earthly plane.”

“Don’t worry about little green guys, as you call them. They are not green, by the way, but a version of your species that was seeded on another planet before any of you crawled forth out of the sea.”

“We were all created, we all evolve.”

“Life, like all else, is energy. Energy that we, as living energy, transform and transmute into our realities.”

“Nothing is going to happen to you that you cannot survive in one way or in another. Remember, you are immortal.”

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A Writing from June 2, 1993 by Florence Mary

In love comes all things from God. It is only through God that all things are accomplished unto Gods purpose. With this knowledge planted firmly within your heart, comes peace of mind and the earthly purpose that you yourself, and those like you seek.

Everyday you will grow in realization of purpose and will come to accept that what you think and say becomes the things in your life. If you do not like the fact that you are impatient, do not say to the Universe, “I am so impatient”, but instead say, “I have patience in God”, and in time patience will be delivered into your hands in Gods perfect timing.  So with each fault that you perceive in yourself, you do this and begin to form the attributes that you wish to have. You will begin to notice that all those who enjoin your life have the same things deeply embedded within them also. In this way all that you are and all that you have both physically and spiritually, become reflections of the God within you and within those around you.

When things become a fact in your life and you have truly mastered yourself, then those around you will also display the same attributes of spirit and love that you have. Then, when you go into the world all that you do will be Gods purpose for indeed, God is in all things that are brought forth from love, even thought.

Every soul is beautiful, even those souls lost within their own darkness. Remember that you are not meant to help every soul who comes into your sphere of influence but you may instead be the instrument for finding a solution to the problems that beset another soul by finding them the care and attention of another who can fulfill that purpose.

All that you come to believe will become manifest within your life. You are reminded once again to be very careful of what you choose to hold as belief. Even what you see in another’s behaviour, do not judge it but allow it to flow through you. To take the behaviour personally allows that person to escape the lesson that they must learn from what they have done. So let it flow through. If you are hurt by someone’s behaviour then you must look within yourself, for your own conditions and expectations that you yourself have placed upon that persons behaviour and then you will truly find the reason for your own hurt.

It is only through your expectations and conditions that you are hurt. Not by another but by yourself. If you can be without expectation and condition, then even the one who is trying to hurt you will fail, for all that you are is love and even the loss of your good name or even your life, will be restored in truth. This is the hardest lesson of love to learn and you will fail it many times, but only in your acceptance of this truth will you finally overcome this behaviour. When you have the limitlessness of God’s love, you will be showered with the blessings of spirit and of the world.

In the acceptance of this truth lies the absence of the need to look at others in any way other than in love. Even the worst of faults will not bother you for you understand that humanity and the living of humanity is not about perfection but about being “imperfectly perfect” in the physical and knowing that true perfection lies in God. In this way you will find true freedom from want and care. In this, you will truly be able to put yourself aside and find your purpose in God and the things required to fulfill that purpose.

Being human is not a sin, so do not judge it that way in others, nor should you judge it as fault. Each of us must come to our own realizations in whatever way God will show us. Even if you do not believe in God there will be indisputable truths that you will be faced with that seem to have no explanation. Sometimes these things are very large and sometimes small and inconvenient truths that must come into your acceptance of what is, in order for you to use them to your purpose.

Acceptance is another word for surrender. Surrender is more palatable for those beings who believe surrender is weakness. If one was to examine their lives they would find that they surrender all the time, to temptations that dissipate the goodness that God would give you if you had not surrendered. Sometimes even  when God sends a teacher to you, and you do not like the message, you tell yourself that this is just another way of looking at things, but not one that I believe. Even your inner most knowing tells you otherwise, so you over ride it and refuse the truth that sits inside. This is very human and you do it from your fear and from the fact that you really do not wish God to set your course. This is neither right or wrong. It is just what is. In this behaviour there is no forward movement to your purpose, only a time lost from yourself and God.

Each person may take many lifetimes to realize the truth of this but sooner or later the burden of human existence forces us to accept and surrender to the truth, for it is only when we all have accepted this truth that we can once again become the light that will one day join with God in total ” IAMness, Beingness and Isness.

You are light, beautiful spiritual light and as you grow in surrender, your light will grow until all can see it. It will not be of your imagining or from your inner feeling, but from the perception of others around you.

All souls who are earthbound for a lifetime desire love from one who would share their life. Yet it is only in the acceptance that only Gods love can bring rightness to all the things in your life, will you begin to see love. Love is all around you so you are never without it. If you believe that it is not contained in physical expression then you will not find it there. If you believe love is only contained in physical expression then that is the only way you will feel love. Only when you surrender to the fact that it is always around you, will you always have it deeply embedded in your life.

Know that life and love are not separate. Only man has separated them in his own fear of life. When all that you have exists from love, you will then be as God intended and your walk through this physical world, while not always easy, will seem to be that way, for all that you are and all that you feel will be love.

Know this and be of God, all else unfolds as it should.

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The Art of Creation by Florence Mary

Nothing worth while in life can be created from ignorance and fear. Everything can be created from freedom, will and love. In the physical you create all of the time. You struggle and create lives full of meaningless things to survive the day to day. You take pride in those things that in the end are left behind and keep you from really knowing the truth about who you are.

We are not telling you that being poor is blessed or that not having material things with which to enjoy life, is wrong but merely ask you to ask yourself if you own your own lives? If you are married, do you really know who your partner is? Do you know why you have come together and what deeper meaning your being together has? What lies beyond your next vacation, next purchase or acquisition of a material sort? What feeds the soul of your relationship? Or even, does your relationship have one?

Yes, that was what was meant by becoming one. Realizing that you could create a bit of peace and harmony by looking into the wisdom of the individual soul and in tandem, transforming each so that they could join in a purposeful life of sharing and caring. That’s what each friendship and partnership is about. Look deeply into what is around you and see if you have been able to transform your self through your struggles with relationships or have you continued to live out the fear of your control issues. Without this peace and harmony fully in place you can only create from the knowledge that you have of the world and of yourself. Your world is the immediate relationship that fills your life at the moment. If you find it lacking then you must do something about the lacks. If you find another lacking it is because you lack. With true peace and harmony as your only goal then true creative power lies within you. The more you have, the more you create. The more you create for yourself, the more you can create to share with others. Then the day comes when you can show others how to create it within themselves. The day that you begin to do that is the day that you become the true creator of love and wisdom that allows the world to become illuminated with Gods love. The light that you shine is Faith.

The true creator does not ask, “what shall I create?” Rather, it creates from just being what they are. It does not matter where you create from for you create all of the time. If you are ignorant, you create ignorance. If you are fearful you will create fear. If you are living The Sevenfold Path, then that is what you will create. The person living the Sevenfold Path creates for all of Creation, Right Thought, Right Action, Peace, Joy, Light, Love, who’s hallmarks are Compassion and Harmlessness and Consciousness. These Seven Steps then become the pathways and the gateways to enlightenment.

In the physical life, no matter how well you have perfected these pathways, if you are still here you are still not fully enlightened. If you dabble around in the dark side of life, you have missed the purpose of being. If you live only for your next physical comfort or sensation, you have missed the purpose of creation. If you are addicted in any way, physically or spiritually then you have a long way to go to enlightenment. But if you see that even from within your addictions to the adrenal secretions of your body, to your control issues, to a person, place or thing or even in a way of being, that you are always consciously seeking the pathways of the Sevenfold Path, then true nature of creation is yours. What is the first thing that you create? Your self/Self, of course.

The self/Self is another word for soul and should be viewed as interchangeable commodities, unlike soul and spirit. Soul and Spirit are like trust and faith for they are the bonding of two separate energies within life that creates something new from something ancient, that in the physical, cannot stand without the other. If there is no soul, a spirit will not hang around the physical vehicle. If there is no spirit then the soul lies without animation of any kind and may be trapped within a body that is not conscious. We point to coma as proof of such a state of being. Guides then hover around the soul and whisper the words of truth that bring the strength for the soul to again call the spirit back into the body. Eventually, the comatose being either awakens to physical life or the soul will leave when the next death date appears within its cycle of life. Possible death dates are chosen by the entity as part of their contracts with life. This allows the soul who has accomplished their mission to leave or to stay as is their choice and those choices can be conscious or unconscious. It matters little. But consciousness allows one to create more. Unconsciousness limits one to some extent.

Each one who is totally devoted to service, if they are unconscious to the deeper meanings of physical existence, deny themselves the peace and harmony of conscious creation. What they create usually denies them time to fully enter into the spiritual world of God. They find that service lies in only creating pathways of limited awareness for others and that limits their exploration of the Seven Fold Path.

We cannot tell you that an hour a day or two hours a day or five hours a day, is the correct amount of time for devotion to your inner Spiritual Life. You cannot be fully tuned in when you are doing anything else. You may be able to center and ground yourself on a busy day, but true connection to the Divine takes time and commitment. Indeed, all relationships take time and commitment to make them bloom. Look into your life and see how much time you can allow your committed relationships, such as marriage, friendship or even those of business and see if they are living, growing things or are they dead and dissatisfying? If they are, then you have stopped being a true creator and have instead, become deluded by your mind.

With some relationships, such as those with adult children, time becomes less of a factor of progress, which can be measured by acceptance and understanding which become a good foundation for the relationship, are what you measure the relationship by. If struggles mark your time together with adult children then you have missed the opportunity to have an adult committed relationship with your children.

Tolerance and acceptance as well as love, are the hallmarks of any relationship but those energies should be flowing in both directions. With adult children, even when those children may be unhappy, it is only through Faith that you can contribute to the lives of adult children. You do not do that by judging or by asking for God to form their lives into what you think it should be, but instead, ask God to bring into their lives that which would serve them and their lives to the purpose of God. Then, when you have done that, allow them to live out their choices by remaining faithful to your belief that “God knows best, not you”. Faith is the ultimate strength of a true creator within the physical world. It is the only means of creation in physical life.

Each step along the Seven Fold Path allows one the power and energy of creation. Right Thought and Right Action become the basis for personal creation. All the other steps are places to become the creator of miracles.

To one who is troubled, your deep peaceful core will become a miracle, if you can share with them the pathways to creating that within them self. You may not see this as a miracle but to the one who is troubled, finding a moment of peace is indeed a miracle. To those who sorrow, finding a source of joy is a miracle. Even in allowing them to know joy in the midst of sorrow and seeing that it is a reward for devotion to Faith is a miracle.

To those whose lives are darkened by forgetting and fear, living the light of fearlessness and remembering in the face of opposition and condemnation is a miracle. It allows others the light by which to see their way to their own fearlessness and remembering. Light is the wisdom that one gleans through knowledge. It is where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are, which are wisdom, understanding, consul, knowledge, piety, forgiveness and love, take on both a soulful meaning and a spirit or spiritual meaning. You may be wise in the way of the world but be totally ignorant of the ways of spirit, much less understand the first thing about spirit. You may give wise consul in the ways of the world but be totally without the wisdom of spirit, which may totally change your view of wisdom. You may know a great deal about the world but lack the very basic knowledge of spirit or soul. You may have a good life but still lack piety. True piety lacks outward judgement and condemnation of any kind. You may be forgiving of everyone and everything, except yourself, so that true forgiveness always escapes you. You may think that you love but if it is not God loving through you and you do not know the difference, then you will truly never know love.

True forgiveness seeks to set right that which is wrong. It does its best to seek forgiveness and then accepts the forgiveness of others and when that cannot be given, it still forgives the self who may have committed the transgression. The wise person knows that true forgiveness only exists when the transgressions of life are gone from the list of ways to be and things to do in ones life. In other words, that which the world may judge as sin is gone from the living out of ones life. The truly wise person expects to have to prove that they are trustworthy to those that they have hurt. Forgiveness, like all else in the physical life, is something you earn, not something that is your right.

The darkened paths of life upon which one suffers are littered with those things not truly forgiven and dismissed from ones life. Forgiveness becomes hard when one who should be forgiven continually seeks to repeat transgressions and does not omit them from their lives. This then becomes the moments of choice that one must live out and therefore, suffer the consequences of choice. Easy? Hardly, but necessary to the growing life, the peaceful life.

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The Call To Love – Florence Mary Masotti, August 11,1993

automatic writing from Aug 11, 1993. 


A man or woman may hear the call to love at any moment. The call to love is always to remember who you are in relation first to your Self but also in relation to all that has been created by you in your world. Every day that you cannot see what you are living as your own creation, makes you a victim of fear. Every day that you remember that all of life is a combination of all our creations, brings you and the rest of your world closer to the ultimate freedom to be free and to choose life free from the burdened life of unlovingness.

When your way remains unclear and you cannot hold your thoughts turned to the reality of love, fear comes and takes hold of your life and turns it all upside down. All of love helps you to learn how to love yourself, God and your fellow human beings so that you can expand love and lovingness within your life.

When you wish love in the personal, look at what you have not allowed to come to you and find the reason. Cleanse your heart of fear and all you wish on any levels shall be yours. Do not delay loving because of your fears. Look at what fears you have and allow them to fall from you like scales and see that you are not exposed and vulnerable. Instead you have donned the armour of love and nothing, not even your worst fears can hurt you ever again.

Do not ever look at the unlovingness in anothers life and judge it. Instead, look upon it as their creation and that of those around them, made through fear. Each of you that are stuck or lost in the mire of unlovingess must choose love. That may mean leaving unlovingness behind and making your way to love again through your darkest nights until you find your light within. How you do this is up to you and how you sustain it is up to you. You are not your fear, nor your choices for the moment, but all you choose in love. Even just being here is a choice for love so never allow anything else in but love. Then and only then will the allowance become the ultimate dance of joy and love that you have all come here to participate in.

You now have to dance as best as you can or not at all. Each of you who joins the dance of love in conscious effort finally realizes that you have been dancing to love all along. It was just fear that would not allow you to see that you were.

So how should you proceed now? What are the first steps? There is only one step. All others are just variations of the one step. Be clear on what it is you wish and work on that first. For you at this moment, to be free of want is your only way to free yourself of fear so begin to create it in your mind. Begin where you are, as you have been shown. When you do, success will come to you rapidly. Love is never far from you. Know that always so that you can always live your love instead of your fear.

Also, look to what is sent to you and value it. Do not judge anything as lacking or imperfect, just allow all to be. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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Early morning messages from the guides – Florence Mary – April 30, 2008

Written by Florence Mary on April 30, 2008 as given by guidance.

The force of the ego rises as the experiences of the entity are undergone. Since the personality is governed by experience and the ego by non forgiveness of the consequences of the experiences, so it is easy to see that ego may also be driven by fear.

Even happiness that is not observed by mindfulness, becomes an experience that may “warp” the ego. So the balance is to undergo but always to observe our reactions to the engagement of experience.  This balance, achieved by mindfulness, is not a panacea but the cure for fear.

We tell you once more that you have nothing ever to fear, not even your own death, no matter how it may come about. We tell you also that feeling fear in fearful circumstances is normal but mindfulness helps to alleviate some so that the mind works and allows decision making to be less affected by fear. 

In this time of great change and flux we must remain constant and observant. Do not allow yourself to condemn the intermediate circumstances that will manifest through this time of flux. 

Your concentration may get scattered and this will be one of the challenges of change. This then is a time for ceremony and for celebration. Ceremony done without attachment to form, allows for concentration to remain during flux. Celebration allows us to give thanks for enduring through moments of great flux, which at times can seem never ending. As always, remaining within the circle of Self and others, becomes challenging if trust and faith are not present. 

Having trust in the Divine is not enough. You must also learn to have trust in yourself and the family of man. You must give as well as you receive and celebrate the opportunities to provide for both. This or that, are your choices, but know that a choice must be made in order to create experience.

The more sacred the person, the more challenges there will be with your bodies. Here is where ceremony is called for. Ceremony as simple as lighting a candle while eating your meals can express the deepest of grattitudes for your food or anything else. If your concentration is seriously challenged then longer, more involved ceremony may be called for. Do not worry about prayer. Each breath is a prayer for one who is sincerely engaged in the path of their own becoming. Do not ask us “becoming what?”. There is no answer to that. Only here, are you like the feather or dry leaf upon the wind. Each one steeped in fear or marshalled by trust and faith.

Let nothing be as a stone, hard and unyielding to the bare hands and feet of humankind. Let all things resemble clay, which when shaped or moulded, become things of beauty, like a sunrise or a sunset.

In all things remain both the participant and the observer. And what do you observe? Why, yourself, of course! By observing yourself you will come to see both similarity and contrast in all of humanity. Remember that rigidness in belief, form and practice are but traps to be avoided. Here, is also a test that asks that you do not voice opinions about those who are rigid in their judgements. 

The path to true wholeness and oneness was never simple nor easy. That was only desire on the part of humans to avoid the complexities of life. Therefor, a life well lived can neither be controlled nor avoided. By trying to, you create pain and suffering. Remember that suffering in its original form meant to experience or undrgo something. 

We send you blessings as well as love, light, peace and joy. Remember to watch the SUN.

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Blog #3 – Bittersweet – “What Goes Up Must Come Down” May 28, 2019.

Greetings and Salutations! Today I wanted to share a few short stories about my time with Florence Mary. With it being close to summer here in the West Kootenays I am reminded of precious times spent with Florence, especially those times we spent deep in the heart of nature. Some of our deepest growth together was when we were walking along a river or along a winding woods trail. We would get in the truck and head into the woods always knowing that spirit was beside us guiding us to our next understanding.

When I first met Florence she was in her late forties. Myself, I was around 27. Florence would share with me what she knew about spirit and meditation and all things higher consciousness. In return, I coaxed her into nature and to the messages and heartbeats of Mother Earth. We spent many  nights camping along the PendOrielle River South of Trail, British Columbia. This was once frontier land with an interesting history. They had dammed up the river, it did not flow the way it once did. The land had been long sold off to hydro companies and the homestead and nomadic peoples that once dotted the landscape were long gone, but the land still had the magic within…..

We had been driving up deep into the mountains on the PendOrielle when Florence motioned me to stop the truck. “Get out and walk a ways up the road, there is a gift waiting for you”, she said. It was a hot summer day in early July. The heat of the sun mixed with the scent of summer grasses and Pine trees gave off an almost incense like impression on the senses. I walked a ways and fell into a trance like state. When I got up a ways I saw a tree, a beautiful pine tree, so I made a b-line for it. As soon as I got close to the tree I heard a commotion. The sound of a million feathers fanning caused quite the commotion and I was somewhat startled by the noise. On branches and around the tree, were grouse, several of them and they began to scatter. As they scattered I began to feel my consciousness change and so did the scene in front of me. The vision I saw was of several warriors who had gathered to perform the spiral dance. Drums and the fanning of feathers and these beautiful souls dancing frontwards and backwards but always in a spiral,  singing and moving in a perfection that not even a Hollywood movie could successfully accomplish. I stood there and watched for a while until the dance was almost done and then I snapped out of it and the scene was gone. I went over to the tree and picked up a few grouse feathers and held them like I had received a treasure. These men met specifically to perform that dance and probably did that every year and then returned back to their nomadic ways. I felt a connection to that place and yet I would never return to that spot ever again. Once was enough, no need to push the river, so to speak. This is one little story, but I have another…

One day we were driving in the mountains and I was telling Florence how much I love to hike. I always feel closer to the creator when I am in the alpine. The winds speak to me and the mountains become my beloved the higher up I go. Myself, I considered conquering mountains akin to conquering the challenges of life. Alpine had a way of recharging my soul and body. A refuge from the daily storms of life in the city. Florence was a country girl and a city girl, not necessarily a mountain girl. At this time in her life she was focused on the art gallery and home projects as well as contributing energies to charity and self preservation. She worked on her writings and her artwork and gardening, cooking, etc. So, as we drove the winding mountain roads, we often spoke of what was in our hearts.

Florence had at one time even gone to the gym and lifted weights but was not in the best of shape at this point in time. She was telling me as we drove along about how she could never do what i do when it comes to hiking or go to the places i go. No sooner had the words come out of her mouth when i began to feel goosebumps. We turned the corner and i pulled off to the side of the steep dirt road. If you were to look straight up from where i parked, there was a large mountain with what looked like a golden meadow on the top once you got past the scree field in front of it. I told Florence to get out of the truck because she was going to climb this mountain with me. She looked at me like i was crazy. “I can’t go up there, she said”. “Its not an option, you are climbing this mountain with me or you are going to die trying, i said”. All of a sudden the shoes were on the other foot, so to speak. I demanded that she find her stamina and her balance and hike to the top. I never left that womans side the whole way up the mountain. No trails, sheer tenacity and an eye on the prize, which was the view from the top. It took us about 45 minutes to get to that mountain top and although her body was screaming from the work out, i watched her conquer at least 2000 meters of mountain with calm and determination. When we got to that mountain top she began to cry. Thank you thank you, she said to me. ” I have never conquered a mountain before.” The view was staggering. Looking south to the USA or north into Canada, the view was spectacular. Florence sat on a large boulder atop the mountain and began to meditate. I joined her. We got quiet and opened our hearts. Florence began to recieve colours and began to announce them. When she was finished speaking, she had seen each guide in its own colour and when she opened her eyes there were 5 eagles flying just off and down from where we were perched. They flew in a circular dance. It was beautiful and for us both and it was the reward for that hike to the top. We stayed there for a while and did not want to come down off of that mountain. Even the winds were tickling us as we sat. I will never forget that day ever, nor did Florence.

Another time, we were camped along the PendOrielle river and it was very hot out. Where we were camped was close to an old bridge that once crossed the river. Only the cement pillars stood where the bridge once was. Now, at this time i will point out that the river is very deep and can run very fast or meander depending on whether they have released any water from the dams along the river. This day, the river looked a little lower and the spot where we would cross the river looked kind of tempting. There was an old road across the river on the other side and it seemed that every time we came across a road less travelled, we wanted to know where it went. A bizzarre wild goose chase usually would entail such decisions. Yet, on this day we decided to swim across the river at this very narrow spot where the old bridge once stood. After a few minutes of checking the ebb and flow, we decided we would cross. “Maybe we should shapeshift into a fish to cross, she said”. I chuckled and then i said to her. “Pick your favorite water being and visualize yourself swimming like that, mind over matter”. It was a deal. We got quiet and did our visualization and then we dove into the water. One had to swim rather quickly in order to not get taken down by the current. However, drowning was not an option so i became otter and swam as though i was almost skimming along the water. Within what felt like seconds, i was across the current and i dragged myself onto the river bank. To my amazement when I looked back, Florence was gone. I began to panic as i watched the river carry her down stream. She had screamed at first and then just swam and floated along with the current until it spat her out around 3 kilometers down stream. 

I got right back into the river and skimmed across. I got into the truck and raced along the dusty mountain road to find her. After about 10 minutes i could see this figure walking along the road, almost staggering. I pulled over and was about to get out of the truck to help her in, when she raised her hand and told me to leave her, she was walking back to camp. There was an angry determination about her walk back to camp. She was mad and i was not going to argue with her. I waited for about an hour and then she emerged from the dusty road and back to camp. I ran and gave her a hug and asked if she was ok. Yes, she was fine, but she had made a huge mistake and it almost cost her her life. When she visualized herself crossing the river she used dolphin and as she went under like the dolphin, the current ripped her away like a leaf going downstream. After being dragged down that river Florence was determined to walk back to camp and to walk it alone. I was utterly amazed at her stamina and her heart and i gained a lot of respect for her that day.

There is always a down side to things and my last story today is about the down side. We decided to do some early autumn camping. The weather was warm and the autumn air hung heavy with the change of seasons. We had done a fews days of camping and some huckleberry picking and had just had a wonderful time. My daughter was 4 at the time and we had her camping with us too. Florence loved my daughter as if she was one of her own. She always said that my daughter had been her daughter in other lifetimes and Florence loved being around the innocence of children. So, after a wonderful day and an evening of fun and stories around the campfire, we said goodnight and went to sleep. I was in my tent with my daughter and Florence always slept in the back of her truck, looking up at the night skies was a favorite way to go to sleep when we camped. As long as she had her duvet and a pillow, she was good to go. Anyways, around 4:30 in the morning we woke up to screaming and crying from the box of the truck. I almost blew a hole through that tent i was up and outside of it so fast. Florence was screaming in pain. Her legs had began to cramp to such extremes that she wept and screamed and with each scream of pain i winced. I would try to sit her up but one leg would be numb while the other one felt like it was being crushed. This lasted for about an hour or so and then i got her back into the fornt of the truck and we packed up and went home. When we got back to her house Florence was ok, but something had changed in her, i could see it. Over time it became clear that the polio she suffered from as a child would come back as a syndrome that would devastate her physical body the rest of her life. We never camped on the PendOrielle after that day again. Our time there was over.

I have a thousand other stories between these ones. These are just some of the stories i can share about my time with Florence and our connection, our joys, our sorrows and our victories, which sometimes came disguised as losses. I will also point out that with every physical loss that Florence had, spirit recompensed her with wisdom and compassion. Adapting was not an option, it became neccessity. So today I wish for you all to have the ability to climb life’s mountains….the climb is hard at times but you get the best views from the top. 


written by Webmaster Steven




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Blog #2 “When The Elementals Come Home” written May 24, 7.07a.m.

Greetings and salutations. For a few days now there has been a message building from guidance. In the midst of every day life spirit is ever present, ever faithful. While tending to my garden or preparing a meal, little pieces of information come and go, like the in and out of the breath. When one is silent inside and of no agenda, the message begins to form from an empty space. The vessel begins to fill….

The human mind is a great thing. The power of the human mind can sometimes be likened to the vastness and depths of your oceans. While still mapping out your oceans and its known species, you have yet to know the totality of the vastness of your oceans and its unknown species. It is said that human beings use 10 percent or less of their brains. There are scanners and technologies to register parts and see deep within the brain. Yet for all of the knowledge you have of the brain and the mind, you do not have full understanding or 100 percent totality of the brains function in reality to matter. It is a process that is not complete and even with full scientific and medicinal understanding, you will not achieve that 100 percent. Ego will drive that car only so far. Without integration of spiritual and quantum understandings, the attempt is in vain. A denial of the source of the power supply will not keep the car in good running order. And with that said, we move on.

In the world of the super natural there is an activity that can be both conscious and unconscious. Adepts in the use of directing energy have known this for aeons. For instance, those you would term witches, wizards and shamans have known and used the concept and reality for a very long time. That reality is known as the elemental. Thought forms take on a life and a direction and are motivated to do the bidding of their master. Some have used this power for great destruction and to create mayhem towards an opponent or an adversary. The more emotion one puts into this process, the greater the effect. The problem with such an expose in energy direction is the fact that once the elemental has achieved the effect for its maker, it then always comes back to its source. Two things are then possible. The elemental must be absorbed back inside of the body and consciousness of the entity that created it, or it will consume the host. There is always a boomerang effect when power is manipulated in that mode. This understanding is nothing new. 

So with this in mind, we can begin to understand that one’s thoughts are propelled by emotion, driven like an unseen vehicle. Love, hate, anger, sorrow, vice, etc, are the fuels that move the energy and help bring it into form. This then begins to make one question the fact that if one person can do this sort of thing consciously, can it be said the same of the unconscious mind driven by mass hysteria or negative thoughts or even propaganda? The human race is bombarded by frequencies. Some of these frequencies  you cannot see but you can feel them even if you have no conscious understanding of it at the time it is happening, which is almost constantly now. There was a time where great information was coming in. It was and still is meant to awaken everyone. It began to work and people were beginning to seek truth and peace again. Harmony was coming. Yet, as you began to awaken from your slumber there were other energies that did not want this. They decided to change the frequency when you got close to shifting your consciousness to the higher vibrations. Firstly, they injected more fear, more uncertainty and division on a constant basis. Your televisions so called journalists stopped questioning everything about their world and began to be weaponized against the masses. Things were turned upside down and inside out. 

The frequency has been changed to one of division. Left and right, good and bad, etc. Deeper and deeper into polarity they sent you. They have reinforced this with 5G technology that is meant to interfere with your ability to transcend ego and walk in spirit. They do not want that. Wifi effects your moods, your electromagnetic spectrum, aura and brain, but most importantly, your DNA. Those silent waves are bringing you under control or numbing you. In quicksand you have found yourselves and yet you still think you can swim? There is no truth on your televisions. If there was real truth it would not be allowed. So, all of your religious propaganda and mind control and fear and unworthiness (or so you think) is projected every day, week, hour. You pray to a concept of what you have been told. You have created this mass belief and with those misguided energies you have created false gods, sent up into the heavens to gather form. With the invention of your bibles and radio and television, you have sped this up.  The misguided, unconscious belief and misunderstandings of the people are sent up like foul incense that reinforces the elemental thought forms that will one day come back to your Earth and your dimension and then what will you do? Will you be able to absorb that thought form and still be alive or will it come back and consume you? You cannot send these thoughts up without a day of pay back. They say that you are in the end times. They manipulate you and the rest of society to move you in to that direction. This accomplishes their goals. They have wars, rumours of wars, politics, sports, religion and a thousand other ways to keep you under their hypnotic trance. Fear of the unknown is their weapon against you and they bombard you with it daily.

When the elementals come back they will be your gods and your goddesses, your demons and your angels. So how will you know if this is real? Will they be the true heavenly host or will they be the elementals you created over aeons through your misguided prayers. Do you really want this lord to return? Will the messiah be an elemental or the real thing? How will you know? How would one ever be able to stand against this scientific thriller? Perhaps a real son or daughter of the most high had better take the time to contemplate? We leave that with you.

The move to de-feminize the female and to de-masculine the male is the attempt to neutralize your ability to procreate. They lump sex in with procreation and then they say you have too many people on your planet. This is a great lie. Do you know that they want the baby born outside of the womb? One day perhaps you will have to request permission to have a child and you will only provide the egg and the sperm. Artificial Intelligence will cradle your babies and birth them. Having children will be strictly controlled and not possible without sanction from the proper authorities. The cradle will be the pod. This is the world you are heading into. The mother will no longer carry the child in the womb. This disconnection will bring the singularity consciousness that has been chosen for you. If you can survive the wars will this be the new way? 

Emoting over “onward christian soldiers” will only create the space for people to kill in the name of their elemental god. It does not free you. We only use christianity because this is prevalent in Western thinking.

The balloon is full of air and is ready to pop. The fox has entered the hen house. Watch closely and KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE. That is your first line of defence. When you are plugged in to Source, you are always home. Do not be distracted from Source. We tell you now that when each individual person emits a thought of compassion and love into the world, you create a space for it. It might not be in your own place or area but it does happen. Someone else you have never met will be open and they will receive your energies and it will spread like a wildfire. Your intention of thought for healing your lives and your planet is what is needed. Prayers for peace. Prayers to help one another, not to give your powers over to a strange god.

Send love, send peace, joy, truth. Speak the truth under your breath and in your heart and share it quietly. Intend for someone somewhere to catch your beautiful thoughts. This is how you manifest it. You willingly share your heart and your truth quietly and in prayer and meditation. You will then find that you have more in common with people you have never known or seen or ever will. You will find a common humanity that at its base wants harmony. When your systems fail you will need allies. You must send out the thought forms that can heal and raise awareness and vibration. You have to develop a frequency within your own world that is pure and that your masters cannot infringe on. Speak your truth gently into the wind with the intention of helping someone “get it”. When you move in this way you create a natural way of communication where you will not need your technology to get your information out. What one person thinks in one place can help someone else “get it” somewhere else. There is no dogma in this idea. 

The powers that be have hidden this from you. They have thrown up one smokescreen after another to confuse you. Turn your tv’s off and your minds and hearts on. You will find you are changing your world regardless of the control mechanisms and maybe when the elementals come back they will not consume everyone because you will know who they are. You do not need UFOs for an invasion. You only need a change in dimensional energies and an ability to move amongst them. Do not be deceived. Can resonance change frequency or does frequency control resonance? Can the spirit of man control frequency or direct it? These are very good times to find the answer to that question because you are under attack every minute of the day by frequencies. Eventually, these frequencies will make you all sick and nature will be sick too. This has to be understood, not ignored, nor feared.

Speak truth to the wind and you speak truth to power. The public domain is like a wrestling ring. There are people who will receive truth without struggle. You only have to think it to them.

written by webmaster Steven, given gently by guidance





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Blog Post – #1 – It’s Been A While – May 21, 2019, 6:44a.m.

Greetings and salutations! It’s been a while……by webmaster Steven

Today is a new day. Today begins a new process and a new beginning. There was a time when i wanted to wake people up to what is going on around them in their world. Sharing news and concepts and doing my best to get some form of basic understanding out to anyone who would hear, of the train wreck coming down the tracks right in front of their path….i looked high and low for what i could share to help raise a warning call and awareness. While i was going about this i did not see truly what was going on. The full scope of the picture had not come into view. The pieces of the puzzle just hadn’t clicked in yet. This has since changed for me. 

I did not see the war coming between the left and the right. The ace of spades was cold, hard, division. Fully separated and isolated, the moderate voices of reason would be the first to be silenced. This is occurring daily and constantly. A world is coming where revolution will be neighbour killing neighbour because of a left or right view point. The vileness of the abortion debate thrown back up and vomitted back into the public arena gauranteed to divide and create more anger and hate. When you come into truth you can be sure that negative forces will raise the stakes to oppose you. In todays world of politics and greed and self gratification of ego, one almost loses all hope..

I decided to remove the information and news section of this site because i could hear the censorship ghost approaching. I have seen the websites being pulled for using a word that someone somewhere finds offensive. It might be something innocent and benign but these are no longer the days for that. An iron curtain has decended and is closing tightly upon the free thinkers of this world. There is a demand that you are either left wing or right wing. No middle ground. No zero point. The people have hardened their hearts and have closed their ears. They do not want dialogue, they have become like stone. Impenetrable…

About 8 weeks ago I went flying down my stairs and broke my ankle. A few weeks later my ankle gave out while walking and I fell and smashed my knee on a rock. Broken ankle, sprained knee. No doctors. No hospitals. Eventually, they healed enough that i can still use them but i cannot touch them. I had been working on my photography and artwork and was beginning to integrate things and then i had to just stop. The guides impressed upon me that everything had changed and that none of that was important. Life had to get my attention and it did so. After investing thousands of dollars into building my own portfolio and life, i was to let it go. It was no longer to be a major consumption of my time or energy. There was no more time for that.

What was very important was communication. Not from ego based fear or monetary need, although i am lacking financially, it balances out in spirit and i am ok with that. Every day i get things from spirit. The guides have told me that now is the time to share. It is my intention to bring you fresh content, but it will not be from other sources for now. I will share what i am led to share and i will begin today, at this moment…..

While i was sitting quietly in the morning sun, being present, i began to feel a pull. A memory was coming. In the early years of woodswalks with Florence, when i was a younger man i was like a sponge. Everything she spoke when it came to spirit, i absorbed into every pore. Yet life happens and years pass and we forget some of the things we once knew or were told. They get buried in the fine print or under the semantics of ego life. While going through immense changes lately i was taken back to our morning walk along the mighty Columbia River. It was a hot summer morning when we walked. The birds were singing and a gentle breeze blew. We stopped to share a rock and watch the eddy and flow and dance of the river. The waters danced as though there was an orchestra playfully above them, coaxing and prodding them into unison and harmony as they went along. After about 10 minutes of silence and watching and smiling, Florence began to tell me something. During her earlier years on the path to herself, she went in to a deep meditation and her heart began to pull with the emotion of spiritual unfoldment. In a split second Florence found herself at the foot of the cross. Before her eyes hanging on the cross was Jesus. He was battered and beaten and lifeless. His head hung low with the wieght of the crown of thorns. Limp, bleeding and tortured by man, Jesus was dying. Florence told me how horrified she was when she saw that scene in front of her. She bowed down on one knee in reverence and looked up at the cross. Then she told me that what happened next blew her mind, so to speak. Jesus opened his eyes and looked straight at her and then as if nothing had happened, he got down off of the cross and walked over to her. With one hand on her shoulder he pointed to the cross and motioned to her to get up……it’s your turn now, he said. Her words sent chills up my spine.

What Jesus was telling Florence was that we are crucified by life. This brought a great respect for Jesus as a teacher. Florence never argued the religious guilt propaganda of the masses. Jesus was crucified by life and so are we. Once one begins to get that, it changes the dynamics a bit. You begin to absorb the body blows and they hurt much less. 

Two years ago i watched a squirell jump from a telephone pole and when it hit the ground it was a crow. Two months ago i planted a hazel nut tree and it has turned itself into a maple tree. While the hazel nut has the magic, the maple has endurance and strength. We will always be in need of a little magic in our lives but now we must be strong and endure. These may not be the days for the faint hearted but with a little trust and faith and compassion they might be good days for the LIGHT-HEARTED.

I will end this first blog now. I thank each and every one of you for your love and your light. The messages I will bring forth will be from 3 sources, Florence, The Spirit Guides and the deepest parts of my heart. 


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Space Lines – written by Florence Mary – Jan 18, 1998.

While the void is a place of shadow and birth, space is the place of transition where energy is released into the void and will be used later to create. The Master-becoming realizes that all beings release energy but rarely, if ever, use it to its full potential for creation.

In the midst of becoming, large amounts of energy are released. So the Master-becoming rests within the energy as it moves within the space of possibility. Even while resting, he/she is weighing the possibilities of creation. Upon the alter of creation lies the essence of mastership, the sacred marriage of cause and effect and the unity of soul and spirit.

Only in this union is true sacred energy  released, bringing about a synergy with the present moment. As the creation is formulated mentally within space, the adept begins to move within space to the place where manifestation will occur. Then begins the times of silence and focus, where the Earthly walk must take place within the mundane and the ordinary. Yet they realize that they are moving towards the point of gestation where they, the new self, are born and reborn, using and releasing energy in the spacious consciousness of the Creative Intelligence. 

Here, within birth and rebirth the Divine Man/Woman emerges fully into the light body causing space to expand. Upon the reflection on space one realizes that they are not alone but instead, have merged with “The All”.

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Light – Lines – written by Florence Mary – Jan 6, 1998.

Light is the quality of wisdom that all beings contain. Whether that wisdom comes from instinct or from the mind or intellect. True wisdom comes not from mental and intellectual striving but instead from just knowing. Yet while this is available to all souls manifest, trial and error, loss and sorrow are the ways most beings manifest in physical life choose to become wise. There is another way and that is to enter the deepest part of your personal essence through silence in order to bring forth all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this present existence.

Since all of time goes on at the same time, it becomes the path of the emerging master to pull from the past, present and future of all of the possibilities that are just there waiting to be accessed by being here now. In order to accomplish this you must access the Supra-Mind and stay within the balance or zero point reality in order not only to be wise but to keep the flow of wisdom/light within your present existence. That is best done by not identifying with the world of matter or with the world of the spirit, overly. By striking the balance between the two you are still not fixed at the center of your own life and you move into the supporting roles of others yet causing no harm whatsoever. You do this because you have trust and faith in the process of life unfolding around you. Since nothing is ever written or encased in stone, being able to see what is unfolding and taking up the possibilities for consideration, either intellectually or through knowing, is of utmost importance. Each form of consideration validates the being that you are without placing you back into the world of duality. You then become the master of your circumstance rather than the victim of it.

Light is also the quality of wisdom. The clearer the light that surrounds you, the clearer you are. In order to clear the light around you, balance must be maintained. Owning one’s life in ways that are impossible for the human doing or even the human being, becomes easy when the lesson of “be in the world but not of it”, is mastered. Light, Sound and Colour are ultimately “One” in the farthest reaches of Divine Vibration. As you become more familiar with your own light body you will begin to feel the power of Wisdom flowing within you. You will live with and in silence, not casting your pearls before the swine or becoming the swine yourself. This requires the ultimate of respect not only for others but for yourself and the own process of your mastery unfolding. You do this by the process of non judgement and by observation of the farthest reaches of compassion that you are capable of in any given moment.

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The Void – by Florence Mary – Jan 17,1998.

The void is the place of shadow but not of complete darkness. Within the shadow one has the chance of seeing all possibilities from very different perspectives, even ones that have not been considered.

Here one learns that there is no right or wrong. Only a set of truths that work within the laws that operate the Universe. The Universe always has the first move until you learn to master not only the light of duality but also the shadow side. It is only then that you realize that all is light and all is shadow in equal measures, so you find yourself right in the center of your Universe where you were always meant to be. 

Here at the neutral or zero point, balance abides. Nothing matters but the experience of life or the journey, not the outcome. Belief will tell you that it is the outcome that one must worry about, but the truth is that the living of the journey is what is most important. The most important part of the living of the journey is that you, as a living being are full of experiences that move you along the path to a final conclusion of consciousness. In your world you see that as death, the ultimate void. Yet, when you are fully emerged into your power it is only one of several conclusions of consciousness.

The conclusions of consciousness are many and varied. Life through birth and death has only one. Birth means that you will die. Death means that you will live and be born again on the never ending wheel of Karma. So, the master in you begins to see that there may be other conclusions to the present consciousness contained within the present physical body. Just as the conclusions begin to unfold, it is then realized that like death, there is but one conclusion that really matters and that is the one that dissolves the life of matter into the life of light.

Within the shadow, or void, one sees the womb of accomplishment begin to unfold within the united soul and spirit and then the creator abilities begin to unfold. Then, you, as master, become adept at unfolding into the material, all the possibilities of fusion. Here, you remember that as things enter into this dimensional reality, they do not enter in straight lines but rather are bent like the reed in water. So, they do not wait where they are or try to stop the moment of realization of manifestation but they instead, keep flowing within the movement of all things.

In this there is no struggle, only the flow of oneness and abundance of love that created everything in its own image and likeness. Since this love and image have no form, in the form of physical life it becomes apparent that the form of life is the will and the creation of ourselves, not the imposition of some greater will. For what greater will is there than the will of one who feels abundant and complete in love within the Divine Source. Drawing upon this power in the times of greatest sorrow or darkness will bring light in to where we think there is none. Knowing intellectually that there is always light does not necessarily help when ones only perception is darkness.

Gestation within the womb must happen within the shadow and must then be brought into the light as a physical form. In this, be it the creation of children or our fondest dream for accomplishments in our work, spirituality or individual beings, lies the potential for the greatest growth. When you work with the shadow side of things you will find that there is more light then there would be when you try to avoid the shadow. Always remember that shade is often welcomed on a very hot day.

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Growing up and Forgetting by Florence Mary – May 10, 1994.

It is only in the deepest recesses of our imaginations, in childhood, that we ever really remember who we are and why we have come to the Earth, in this or any other lifetime. When we look at our children, we must also remember the joy of love, once again, without expectation and condition. Yet as parents we cannot allow ourselves to stay in this state for long and to be busy ourselves with the seeming concerns for our child and with each succeeding child, allow ourselves to be drawn ever deeper into the separation from all that is.  We allow our society to support our actions and in the harshest of cases, use subtle forms of child abuse, for the child’s own  good of course, to hasten even faster the separation of that child also from all that is.

It is when we finally awaken to the fact that we are doing this and we begin to raise our children without fear and all of its manifestations, that this Earth, and our existence here, will begin to make sense for us. 

We are here to learn love, to be love and to allow all that has evolved from the supreme act of love committed by God, to exist within us and flow through us, from all around us and to others. There is not another reason for being here. There never has been and there never will be. Each thing that you cling to in your forgetting is not a reason to be alive, nor is it an excuse to abuse yourself and those around you with your expectations, conditions and fears. 

All of the roles that you have assumed, are lies. All of the things you do from ego and ego-centered forgetting are abuse and all that you continue to do in the name of love that causes pain and frustration to those around you are not you, but neither are they sin, but rather a call from your deepest despair to remember love and why you have once again come here to this Earth.

You are also not your fears and any of its manifestations, nor are you here to serve another in their own pains of forgetting. You are here to serve yourself by remembering who you are and in that way you are serving God and all of those around you. This is the only way that you will ever be able to contribute truth to the Group Consciousness of the Earth. There is not another way to do this. How you express that love then becomes the free will choice that each of us has to make. When whatever you do is from love and not from fear, all that you do will fulfill you as it was meant to do.

All will finally make sense in ways that it never has before and all will show you the way to your purpose and its accomplishment within the constraints of the conditions and expectations of others. If you think now that this is only a dream, think again and allow yourself to know yourself through love rather than through the view that you have been taught by other unself-realized persons.  There can be no other way for you to change yourself and your world. Only through the teachings of the great masters, mystics and philosophers will we find the road to truth and an existence that is free. As long as you are not free to be truly who you are, you will be living only half a life, and half a life is better than no life at all, see? As Emmanuel put it so perfectly : Freedom is not an illusion. Freedom is the natural way of being. It is your birthright, it is your home. We would all do well to remember this truth and to allow this gift given to us at creation, for ourselves and all of the children who dwell upon the Earth.

If you would look into your world, you would see on a very grand scale all of the atrocities that each of you commit against each other on a small scale within each others lives. You would see imprisonment of the spirit and all of the deaths caused by this imprisonment, for each soul that forgets, each spirit that never learns the cosmic secrets to love, is dead and put to death as surely as they were gassed at a Nazi Concentration Camp. Each soul that does not learn to fly with the eagle and swim with the dolphin, is imprisoned. Each child that does not remember all of its lifetimes because we cause them to forget and encourage that forgetting, has become imprisoned by their fear and is dead to the truth of why all the prophets and teachers came to earth. To give her new birth and allow her to become an example for all other worlds to emulate.

Each of you can only find your way back to God through your own path of remembering. Each of you will only access this path through the light that you possess and allow to grow within you. If you allow any one, any group, any thinking or ism, to tell you what you must know, do or feel, you will always be lost from the truth that God wants you to know. Your prayers fall on deaf ears when they come from fear and ego thinking, for then you are only praying to yourself. But we tell you that when you learn to pray from your joy at being alive and for the advancement of yourself along with others through all levels of awareness and light that there are, then and only then will you begin to see the truths that Jesus and others like him revealed, become manifest within your consciousness and the consciousness of others, then you will find love as it should be and be able to give it without expectations and conditions.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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Advice and Wisdom from the Guides – by Florence Mary – February 2, 1994 @ 4:44 a.m.


Welcome. Each person who comes to receive these messages must try as hard as they can to receive what is coming through to them as accurately as possible. To do this one must let go of their ego and receive what we are giving without fear and question. You will best do this by prayer and meditation. If this is not your practice we suggest now is a good time to start. All spiritual pursuits help in the receiving of messages both from us and from your own spiritual guides who are always trying to reach you on whatever level you permit communication.

Communication with us and them is important because there are things that you must now know and things that are to be known by those around you. Deep within each of you, you know this on some level or you would not have chosen to be here. We have come to give you information and what you do with it is totally up to you. We are not giving it to you so that you will worry and not live your life fully in the now. We only wish for you to understand that things are coming to a head with your Earth. BE READY.

Now is the time to expand your consciousness into higher levels of spirituality so that those of us who also know and love God and who wish to serve God can reach you and let you know what you are to do for the survival of the species upon your planet. It will be different for you than it will be for others. What you will do is not what they will do. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REALIZE THIS AND LOOK AT WHAT OTHERS ARE GETTING ONLY AS A GUIDE TO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO AND NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU MUST DO. 

The practice of belief in God and in spiritual pursuits helps you to develop trust and faith in yourself and in others. Especially if you are coming together in the practice of meditation. This allows the mind to expand and receive our messages without anxiety or doubt. Even in your personal relationships some of you will feel more closely attuned to friends rather than family and even spouses and children. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. THIS IS IMPORTANT. DO NOT WORRY. THERE ARE GOING TO BE THINGS HAPPEN THAT WILL MAKE THEM REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE RECEIVING AND THAT SOMEONE WITHIN YOUR CIRCLE IS RECEIVING TRUTH AND SHOULD BE HEEDED. 

As for what you should do. In the meantime, before the time is of the essence so to speak, follow your inner feelings, adjust your attitudes and allow your mind to expand beyond the care and concerns of your daily life. That is why it is so important for all of you to have trust and faith that God will provide your Earthly needs and that you must free your mind to hear God in the quiet recesses of your being. Do not waste your time trying to convince others whose minds are shut and without any knowledge of God within them, to see things your way. It is too late for all of that. Just lead by example. If those whom you love do not wish to come than that is their choice and you can no longer waste your energies in that kind of useless pursuit. YOU CANNOT WASTE YOUR TIME ANYMORE. There are too many important things that you need to know and to be doing. 

If you have not done so, nor ever considered it, now is the time to learn about building, healing and survival. Now and for the next period of time you must use as little of your time and energy in the pursuit of money and the things of your Earth for personal gain and glorification. You must do them for survival and for the glory of God. This will help you become the open channels that you need to be. Each of you should cultivate the possibility that your lifestyle needs to change and that you best do that by getting involved in those changes no matter what your physical conditions are. Some of you are suffering a great deal because you refuse to accept and receive the messages that are literally bombarding you from beyond your world. Never miss an opportunity to expand or to help others expand their consciousness. This will be a prat of your mission in coming times. Always listen to what others have to say, even if their fears of appearing foolish or that they will be ridiculed and then ask them if they really care. Point out that not complying with what they know inside is making them sick, not the negative opinion of others.

Each of you are fully aware of who you are at this moment in time. You are fully aware of some personal lesson that you must learn and the personal trait you must overcome in order to live in harmony with the will and purpose of God. THIS AGAIN, IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. It is like if you learn this one lesson then the whole of the group of people will learn and benefit from your learning it. This is exactly what is happening. All of these lessons to be more generous in the spirit of giving, overcoming ego, forgiveness, tolerance, unconditional love, healing, studying, along with practical skills,  are all entering into the group consciousness around your own group and will be learned in this way by all of you. As each one of you learns this and puts it into practice, others within your group are learning and putting these virtues into practice also. SEE HOW EASY WE ARE MAKING THINGS?

Fear on many levels will still be the greatest hurdles in front of you. You will have to just ignore the taunting and baiting that you will receive from those closest to you. In the case of older relations and those who cannot and will not change, they will choose to leave and you must not waste time in the trap of mindless grief, at the passing of any member of your family or of your friends for you must always keep in mind that they have gone so that they can help you from the other side or because their presence here was getting in the way somehow and on a higher level they knew that and they chose to leave in order to further the cause of humanity. All things upon the Earth work in synchronicity and you do not need to worry about the why’s and the therefore’s of others. LOOK INTO YOUR OWN GROWTH AND DEVELOPEMENT AS BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE. BELIEVE THAT OTHERS WILL COME ALONG AND FOLLOW WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

We tell you that the Earth will give many warnings and people will begin to see that all the things that they thought were safe are not safe and then they will begin to move and grow in ways that they do not understand. Nothing that is going on right now is an accident. Nothing is going on as the plan dictates. Even feeling as odd as you do at times, is no accident, nor is the fact that you will see, hear and feel things in ways that you did not see, hear or feel them before. You may irritate some but for others you will be a breath of fresh air. All of your visits from family and the like are to show them what you are doing and they may not understand why but they will go away amazed by what you have accomplished and by what you are really able to do. They may even be proud of you in some strange and wonderful way.

For others, life will seem like a constant battle and yet for you, the only virtue you must practice is retreat from the fray. You can choose to fight or to retreat. In retreat you will find peace of mind and of your soul. You are not going to change the mind so clogged by fear that they have lost the knowledge of what freedom truly is any more. You are not going to change minds that do not allow themselves to think beyond their own personal concerns and see that the things that you are doing and learning are the real gold standard upon which life should be based on. Just do your own thing and get on with the job of feeling good, being healthy and getting together with those who are on the path of awareness and enlightenment. Never allow yourselves to get so caught up an any of this that you forget that God needs your time and attention too.

Learn to eat only what you need in order to sustain good health and remain well and not exhausted after a days labours. The reasons that you are all so tired now has nothing really to do with what you are doing but it is more in line with the fact that you are changing. Keep your energy levels high by plenty of rest and by pursuits that will increase your energy, not deplete it. You may already know what those pursuits are. Take the time to do the things that make you feel wonderful and at peace with yourself and with others. When you have picked up negative energy from others around you, take the time to clear that energy and do not carry it around with you all of the day. Ten minutes of clearing will give you energy at the end of the day for the things you need to do rather than things that do not interest you, to keep body and soul together.

Remind yourself each day that where your intentions are clear, your energy to create follows and you have nothing to worry about. It will only take your guides a little time to move things so that your intentions are put into motion in the best way that is possible for you and those around you. This is very important for you to understand for your intentions may be clear but they may interfere with the greater need to contribute to the Oneness of the Creative Force of God. This principle has not been fully understood even by some of the past great saints and philosophers for this knowledge itself, was not needed until now and is coming to you from all around you in different ways and in different means so that you will see your power to create clearly and to do it without your egos getting in the way of it. Open your hearts and be generous and do not judge those around you. Allow them to be who they are and guide them gently if they will allow you to do that.

Communication is ended. Go with god.

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Writing from July 02, 1993 – by Florence Mary

Webmasters Note : This writing begins with the guides giving Florence Mary a message in the first four paragraphs. After the message Florence asks some questions about other worldy places and beings. The responses that follow are rather interesting. I was not going to include this as a part of the writings but i have had a change of mind and heart. At this point in time it may be beneficial to look at the questions asked and answers given. They are a part of the text of the writings and so to keep things all together in context, I have written them exactly as they are written by Florence Mary. There are always questions to questions and layers upon layers of answers in these writings. Some give calm and peace, some stretch the imagination and the logical mind. Keeping the mind “pliant” is always a good thing. Namaste, webmaster Steven….


Always allow the pains of physical life to flow through you or you will find them manifest as physical realities such as colds, flu and physical pain. Always look at what is happening in your life in the broadest sense possible and know that at any time you could choose whatever you are living to be different by changing yourself.

Nobody is ever without options. Nobody is ever without choice. If you sit waiting for the phone to ring or for a knock on your door then you may indeed wait in vain. As always, life is not only lessons but also a demonstration of those lessons. You must stop the cycle of learned and remembered pain so that you can begin to transform your life and chose love as your existence. Remember, whatever you are prompted to do, you must do from your inner most knowing. Do not delay in accomplishing your physical goals for the opportunity will not be there forever.

As you can change nothing outside of yourself, realize that the period you are experiencing right now is one of personal growth, the way of your Earthly existence and allow yourself to expand within your own life. Do for yourself what you need to do and leave the expansion of love within others to themselves at this moment. 

All of you are at a crossroads at this moment. All of you have had things happen to you to demonstrate paths that are resistant to your purpose. Always choose the path of least resistance to your purpose. Always choose the path of least resistance for yourself. Look deeply at the life that you are living and find the places where you are not flowing and change them. You can only do that by changing yourself on the deepest stratum of your being. 

Florence Mary : The other day, the writing I received told of origins for most of those who are coming together are from Nova Teri?

Guides : Yes, a great master and great teacher, one who has raised himself to that level by devotion to others and God. He also came to Earth to protect and lead and has earned life beyond the Earth’s cycles of reincarnation.

Florence Mary : Do Terian’s reincarnate? 

Guides : There is no need for them to do so for they have risen above ego and travel to God’s work by their power of love and knowledge and by manifestation of true and abiding love. They have never tasted the fears of life as you have, but you must also understand it is because they have always chosen love as the highest experience of soul rather than that of body and mind. 

Florence Mary : Is it true that sexual activity is what keeps us here in the reincarnation cycle?

Guides : Yes and No. Sex was meant to attract male to female to procreate but true love was meant to help you rise above lust and to base expressions of that love for yourself and for God. It is only when you have experienced the true expression of love that you will realize that sexual expression is not always necessary for you to love truly.  You can love many truly and share yourself with many outside of sexual expression. Even souls who consider themselves very enlightened have not always chosen to be above such expressions of self or have even used it to seduce partners to the delusion of love through this expression. In a truly loving relationship it is not always a necessity but one of mutual fulfillment. It becomes the expression of human love and is eventually transcended by those who desire true union with God. It never prevents it, but merely detracts from it and creates the illusion of imbalance within each person.

Guides : You have described the union of souls without physical expression as “spiritual sex” and while it is not exactly what you are experiencing it is a good enough description for the human mind to grasp. Because the world has told you that great sex is a part of any good relationship you believe it. Know that a good relationship is about love and caring. It contains whatever you wish it to on the physical plane but sex is also an expression of egos but transcending egos express love not only physically, but spiritually and while you may not grasp the concept now, you have experienced it and know what we speak of and, of course true love expressed with the opposite gender draws you to it more than loves sexual expression of your same gender. In human form, it is natural to express such love that way. Spiritually, true love can be expressed with whom ever can recognize its qualities and allow it to just be, without expectations and conditions. Ego takes it beyond the expression of energies to the sexual level. This is neither right nor wrong but simply a manifestation of human ego transcended. It is also a manifestation of ones belief in their own power rather than their power to express through and from God as it flows through the manifest world. As we told you before, do not look at what you do not have in your life but instead, look at what you do have. Allow yourself to know that what you have created through God is as it should be. 

Guides : We are not telling you to be satisfied with a life alone but merely that to limit your expression of love for people only in the physical, merely limits love, keeps it from light and has only momentary peace and joy but sets up expectation and condition for its being. Spiritual love allows all to be without expectations and condition and allows you to feel love, always. So, what you might miss in expression in the physical you instead gain by not limiting its expression within all of those that you meet. Do not labour, trying to understand it, it has been demonstrated in your life. You know fully what is meant. Like all that is true and abiding, it is beyond thought and knowledge and just is. Do not worry. All will come that is meant for you when you can believe that it is so. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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Goals and Success by Florence Mary – July 22, 1993.

Love, belief and focus of one’s concentration upon one thing is the key to success. In the physical life one who is scattered in their focus and cannot concentrate upon their vision within is doomed to having their dreams remain so. But one who sees with determination and clarity and works diligently ever toward the vision within them is assured of success, for that person will not be swayed from their path no matter what the hardships or obstacles are in their way. All that one must remember about such deterrents is that they are not real, for all of the physical life is but illusion so that usually what these deterrents are, exists only in the mind as our fears and must be conquered within us and then all we have to do is watch them disappear outside of us.

It must be remembered that no other sentient being can be controlled even if they appear to be an obstacle to our success. It is not to say that one of superior consciousness could not control others but that it is not correct for one to do such a thing. Remember that no matter what it is that appears within your path to keep you from the realization of goals, that they are there to help you increase your knowledge in some way or to overcome something within themselves that must be dealt with before true success can be manifested.

So too, is this principle to be applied in one’s own life to overcome one’s self and to know God. That was the message of Jesus and many other beings of great and loving development who came to Earth as teachers of the way within. Church, to him, meant groups of like-minded individuals that knew no expectation or condition for each other, who would help and foster the growth of love and caring that is needed to help the world and her peoples survive and allow growth of all consciousness to enlightenment. Look, the Earth is going to evolve and the human species is not ready to evolve with her.

The success on the path to enlightenment is that man is capable of joining many paths into one. He can be successful in earning his living and still help those around him to earn theirs. This man knows that the Earth is a bountiful place with enough for all of her beings to live and survive without want and care. He does not worry about competition for he knows that if he keeps his eye upon God and has trust and faith that he can provide from within the guidance to success, then, all will be well and there will be more than enough for all to survive with. He is not afraid to take a risk that is presented to him as an opportunity because he knows that concentration upon his goal sooner or later will bring him the success he desires and wants within his life.

So too, must one do this with all things that are important within your life. Whatever you are doing or have to do, treat that time of being as if it is the most important thing that you must do in your life time. Then, if you have very limited time to spend with your family and friends they will feel that they are the most important thing in your life and it will be true, for you are giving them the attention and time that they need without your thoughts being scattered and resentment entering either you or those that you love. We see the bane of existence today as the cellular phone that some of you cannot be without for even the briefest periods of time. Those of you who cannot find time for friends and loved one’s without your phones and your mental ties to goals, are doomed to fail in one or both areas within life.

What we are speaking of here is balance. In every aspect of your life you must set priorities and know without doubt that people are the most important thing. If for the sake of a person, you miss anything in life, the opportunity will only be gone if you allow the belief that it is gone. So you must be stronger in your belief that you are able to manifest your dreams within your life, than your ability not to. The saying that “time and tide waits for no man”, is not true and becomes untrue when a person realizes that they are master of their life and that time and tide are his creations of reality and that as such, he is master over those things. Each day has the same hours within them and each tide comes and goes in beauty and a clear demonstration of the synchronicity of life and being for all of mankind, as an example to guide and encourage mankind in all that they wish to do and be.

Never be afraid to choose a person over an opportunity for advancement on the physical plane. If this is a choice, realize that life is telling you  something about what you wish to do. It is going to cause hard times ahead if the choice is between the needs and wants of another and something that could and should wait until tomorrow. If the opportunity is right and you have been living your life, giving to each person within it the time and attention free from the wants and the cares of the physical world, then, they will be encouraging you not to miss the opportunity and you will know that it is right and correct. If on the other hand, this person is unreasonable about things, then you know that you have either neglected to give them the time and attention that they require from you to maintain and establish a relationship built on faith and trust or that the opportunity is not for you  and that maybe you should allow it to go to someone else who may be better able to deal with it and its consequences in their lives.

Love, true love, is the key to balance within one’s life and times. Love always sees that there is enough time for everything that must be done. Only fear tells you that there is never enough time and that tomorrow will never come. For the person of love is always at the beginning of everything and all of time and purpose and therefor, everything within this life will be new and fresh. Each day becomes one where one can build whatever they need to be successful for that day, that month, that year. This person never sees anything that they do within their life as a waste, for waste is not something that they can contribute to what they believe in. They believe that their life is always unfolding as part of the Divine Plan of life authored by themselves and the God of love that exists within them. Everything that they do is embedded within that love between them and God. When they deal with others they realize that the same God exists within them as exists in them. Even in their journey upon the Earth, they leave not footprint nor path and they give thanks to the Earth for their living and for their being.

Know that these pathways to love do not exist within the world at large but instead exist within each of us who takes the time to know and to love God. God is our constant companion of love when we see God clearly within our world. The Christ returning is the consciousness of love that each man and woman allows to grow from within and sees within the light that is within each being.

It is time for all of you to come together in love, light, peace and joy and to hold that as your reality in a world of hate, darkness, war and sadness.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should. 

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Pain and Fear by Florence Mary – June 26, 1993.

Webmasters note : This is a short writing. I am assuming their was some drama that happened long ago and Florence Mary was perplexed and hurt. This was the response given to her by guidance. That being said, it would not take her long to find her balance and move into her “puddle of peace”, as she so loved to call it.


Say nothing, do nothing, just love those who suffer from the lessons of fear. Love demands trust and faith. All one can ever do in times of strife is to offer support and comfort to those who ask for it. Now may not be the time to offer opinions or to add fuel to the fire.

Right now you are hurt by what has been said but this will pass and all will be put to right in the end. Love and its ways are mysterious to those who forget or will not learn why they are here and what the main purpose of their lives are for. Your prime purpose for being in the world of the physical is for you to earn union with God. First, within yourself and someday when you come to recognize your own perfection as a creation of God, and as such become a creator of your own being-ness. 

One of the things you created was fear and all of its synonyms like doubt, anxiety, panic. Know that once you have conquered those things in your life you can then one day enjoy life in the physical without doubts and fears and panic as your constant companions. All of love is for you to know and that means even its pain, for love, like all else in the world of the physical, has duality and it is up to each of us to create it anew and without all the doubt and fear and panic that we see in our lives.

Here in the spirit world we do not know such things for we are allowed a clarity that has no equal in your physical world. Some of us take a long time to plan our next incarnation but others are anxious to return and return quickly but nothing is ever not agreed upon by the soul returning from physical birth to age seven. A soul may decide to leave. Some choose disease or simply, for babies, crib death, or as you call it there, some accident. Yet most of these things happening before age seven are the souls way of returning to the world of spirit when the life they have chosen becomes too burdensome for the to take.

Nothing is more frustrating for us than to see a soul cause themselves pain but pain is the great lesson teacher and you cannot ease pain for those who refuse to learn a lot or who think that their way is the only truth. Remember always, to temper your understandings with tolerance and you will never stop learning and growing.

Once truth has become a way of life for you then you always are sure that you have never added to another’s burdens. Be at peace. Pain has taught you much.


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Discernment by Guidance as given to Florence Mary – April 15, 1994.

A while ago you asked us how you will know if someone is not serving the purpose of God. We tell you that you will know by way of your inner most knowing. That is why we tell you that it is important for you all to take time to pray and meditate. In the still quietness that you create within you comes that voice of God. This voice comes to you to direct you on the path to safety in the world of men and beings who are not of God, but who are of personal gain and glory. We tell you that when things just do not sit right with you then you must look at it through your own quiet and stillness.

You also asked us if the beings that you received your messages from in the mornings are good or evil. We address this now. 

We understand them to be sincere in their desire to help the Earth and her peoples to progress in the world of spirit and love or we would have done all that we could have to keep you from any union of the mind with them. Yet you must also remember that you always have the choice and that choice is one of the reasons that they are not giving you a great deal of information at this time. You are still learning to make your choices without fear and we do not want you over burdened with choices that are not yours to make at this time and place.

Do not worry for your heart is full of love and nothing that you have been given has burdened or worried you unnecessarily and this is how it must be. We also advise you to spend more time in deeper meditation so that you will be able to handle the things that are coming your way, even in the short term with much more equanimity than you might have handled it in the past. Allow yourself to feel more and to see more, for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Opportunities are coming your way and if you do not allow yourself to use your knowing for yourself, then side trips to nowhere are inevitable.

There is nothing wrong with taking these side trips but they usually cost you in time and in progress, as well as worry and they really do not enhance your life in any meaningful way. Even those that you meet on these side trips would have crossed your path, if you had not taken it. If you believe that your life must be full of worry and toil then it will be so. Yet if you can know that your life must serve God, then the toil will make you feel good and will allow you to do the things that would have been impossible for you just a short time before. Remember always that as creations of God, our purpose here is as that of creator, as well as many others. So when you look at life you realize that this is what YOU ARE DOING ALL THE TIME ANYWAYS. 

So then, instead of feeling that you have no choices and that life is dealing you a bad hand, get involved in the process and create you life with flare and with daring. See yourself as a creator and then become one. Do not forget to use creative visualization to do this and allow part of your meditations to bring to you clear pictures of what you wish to happen. Once you have done this the things that you need for your life will begin to find you instead of the other way around. You will realize also that it is the way it should have been for all of your life times.

Do not limit by belief what you think that you should be seeking. To do so is to limit God. We all know that if God really wants to reach us we could find ourselves on the road to Damascus blind and hearing the voice of God as if coming from on high. But instead we tell you to go within and hear that small, still voice and allow that voice to help you to shape your life, your relationships and your world, into relationships that serve, rather than the need to be served. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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The Ten Gifts Of Being And Spirit – by Florence Mary – May 15,1993.

Go softly into the world and share your rare gift with it, for the world has forgotten that it was created for the enjoyment of all who inhabit its surface. Look not upon its lacks but instead look upon its bounty and praise that which made it every moment of your existence. Know with assuredness that you never die and will come again to perfect your perfection. Everlasting Life is the gift given to you. 

Everlasting Life is not a curse but your inheritance as a child of the Universe, given to you beyond your freedom to choose your life as you would. So when you choose sorrow and defeat as your truth, no one weeps, for it is realized that you are but testing your freedom to choose, and if not now, later you will realize that no one must suffer as you have to prove their love for the Creator.

Look upon yourself not as a mistake of creation but as its greatest accomplishment, for do you not, at times, look upon your children and see that no matter how flawed you may perceive them, that at moments they are your greatest joy, because they show you their Divinity completely. Know that each of you are joys beyond measure to Creation and you are loved above all else in the Universe that has been created. You are a child of this Universe and you are loved without expectation and condition. Your complete happiness here on this Earth and beyond the physical world of your choosing and the spiritual world where you were created and which is your true home, is the goal of all Creation.

You have been given many gifts with which to smooth your way. The first of these gifts is the knowledge that you are a Child of the Universe and should bow to no one. Do you ask your child to bow to you in humility and fear, or do you build him or her up with praise and support? If you do not then you had better begin to change because, like you, your child will have lost its way and there will be no one to guide them, except you to guide them.

Look down at yourself and see that no matter how you have abused your body, it still works and needs only your time and attention to change anything that is not perfect about it. Aging is not a loss of perfection but a promise of everlasting life. Your body may die, but you, what really makes you, you, for all the lives that you have lived, will live on past all of the antiquities of the Earth.

You are as old as all of Creation, being one of the many possibilities for experience. When you were created, love was created and that is the second gift to you. Unconditional Love. With it, you should have the confidence to do in the world whatever you wish. If you hurt others with this gift you not only hurt them and yourself, you send out a negative vibration across the whole of Creation. Like earthly parents, the Creative Intelligence deserves your love, but is not required that you love or acknowledge the Creative Intelligence, only that you believe that you are loved, and you will best do that if you learn to love yourself.

My third gift to you is the gift of thought. You may think whatever you wish but you are also warned that thought is a powerful tool. With it you shape your existence and that of those around you. So with the third gift you are reminded to be careful what you choose to hold as belief, for to do so you must spend time in contemplation and then what you come to believe is what the world will be for you. If you believe that the world is inhabited by bastards who are out to get you, then that is what your world shall be. Do not cringe at this profanity for it is what those of your world believe, in one small way or another, for they do not yet see the perfection even in those whose thoughts and beliefs are erroneous, or how powerful that one single belief can be. So you must believe that in each soul who inhabits the Earth is the Creative Intelligence present. Do not curse those in error. Bless them kindly and keep them tenderly in your thoughts and prayers, for you can change nothing to the good with curses, not even yourself.

Remember, no errors were made when each of you were created. Only perfection was created and you have been sent about your lives to discover that you are perfectly imperfect. This too is the way of All Creation. Sometimes in your world the odd more often than not, is seen as a rarity and those who fit the mould of sameness are dismissed as being nothing great. We tell you that you are all great. Your thoughts are of great importance to Creation. So when you think in error, Guidance is always there trying to correct the thoughts that do you the most harm. How could it not? For you are all, perfect love. You, as individuals, and as a group, are Creations greatest treasures and your thoughts reach out into the Universe daily.

The Fourth gift to you is the gift of action. It is the sword that you use to cut the fabric of your life into what you wish it to be. 

With the realization that you are a child of the Universe and loved unconditionally by the Creative Intelligence, you create your world not only with your thoughts but also with your action. You can be like Hitler and create hell or you can be like Jesus and create love everywhere you go. All that Hitler forgot was that he was loved and that he was not alone. He believed that he was doing something good for his people, but he chose prejudice and hate and they contain within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. For ALL THAT IS created has been created from love and love is what you shall use to create a new and better world that shall cause all others that have been created within this one, to fall and to pass away. So when you act, act from love, never anger or disillusion for these are a part of fear and in fear can live hate and prejudice and that can never be allowed in the world of love. Know that when your world does not embrace love when it should, your thoughts create what is needed to cleanse itself of the rot that can destroy it. So think and be love and all will know the presence of the fourth gift, the gift of action. For each of you who know and love yourselves will move in the world to change it.

As you go out and act in the world you must have the fifth and sixth gifts. They are Trust and Faith, and while they are separate gifts, one cannot exist without the other. You can have no faith if you do not trust that you are a child of the Universe and are loved by the Creative Intelligence. You can have no trust unless you have faith that your life is yours and that you are loved beyond all reason and purpose. Know this and be Divine, for the creative force is in all things, even the despair and hurt in the world. For from such things, you who are sure of love will act to ease the hurts of those who need to know. What you do will show that love exists as a force unto itself. Remember always that love is in all things, even hate because it is the opposite of love in your world of duality. You can erase hate with your love and with your knowledge that love is stronger than all of the evils in your world. They are all just love waiting to learn their other side and the other side of hate is love, and so you must have trust and faith that this is so.

The seventh gift to you is the gift of purpose. Purpose goes beyond all work and activity. All beings engage in some sort of work, for even thought is laborious when there is no love in it. Yet purpose is also the Divine Reason that you are living in the world of the physical. Did you think that you would be sent to Earth without a purpose? One that would not serve only yourself but your fellow human beings, and in doing so, would serve Love. But be sure that without self-love and love of all things Divine, you cannot fulfill your purpose and it may take you many tries to get it right. Then you may be so filled with love of yourself that you come again and again to share it with those who are your brothers and sisters.

Each of you were put on the earth to overcome your fears and to understand what true love is. When you have found the truth for yourself, you must share it with those around you. Know that until you accept that this is your only purpose you will wander aimlessly amongst your many accumulated riches and possessions and still feel fear. And in your fear you shall destroy the only real love you have ever known. No matter what you are given you will always believe that there is more. If you have not conquered your fear  you will destroy what you have in order to have more. Therefor, you will always be a beggar. You were never intended to be a beggar. It was intended for each of you to live the life of a rich man, but you must examine what you value. If you are lost from the knowledge that you are love and that you were created in love, then you will always be dissatisfied with what you have. Yet if you love yourself then you will have my eighth gift and that is the gift of Divine Discontent. Divine Discontent is what makes you seek beyond the highest mountain or to refuse to believe there is not a cure for cancer. But all of these are physical solutions to spiritual problems. They all stem from the fact that you cannot believe that you are loved beyond purpose and reason, because you just are.

When you believe that, you cease to be a beggar and you become rich. For like a man with millions in the bank, you begin to live your life with peace of mind, even if their is not a dime in your pocket, for you have faith that you will always be provided for and you trust that at any given moment you will know how you can overcome the circumstances of the moment and create what you need to survive the present. It may be hard for you to believe, as you stand in rags and with no food to feed your starving children, but you are asked to believe. Only with unshakeable faith will this world become one of love and caring that will herald in a time of peace and prosperity for all human beings. All it takes is love, trust, faith and a little Divine Discontent and the absolute knowledge of your worth, to yourself and to all of Creation. Know that the Creative Intelligence is always with you and will never abandon you. Even in death, it is that Intelligence who awaits your arrival in the world beyond this one. It does not wait to judge you or your deeds but waits to welcome you home and will send those whom you love, who are here to help you cross over into the world of Divine Spirit.

My ninth gift to you is the gift of fellow human beings, with whom you can share all that you are and all that you have. When you have laid your plans and something comes along the way to upset them, know that there is a choice to be made here. That choice may require you to put aside what you wish and believe in order to fulfill your Divine Destiny. So when all that you have planned has been upset, embrace the change with love and security for it is just an opportunity knocking on the door for you.

In each person that you meet, you will see yourself mirrored. If you do not like what you see in others then change yourself, for they are the best gauge of what must be corrected within you. When you make this personal adjustment within yourself you will find that others no longer have faults, but then, neither do you. So the reward for all of this effort is a world in which you find a brother or sister around any corner that you can share the bounty of your wisdom and love with. Remember, whatever you give to a soul within creation, it will send back to you a hundred fold. If you share hate and fear with the world, it will be multiplied. But if you share love, oh what a wonder your life and your world will be!

In your world you see the gift of Self-Realization as something beyond the norm. It is not. It is a gift of the tenth order, or the tenth gift. This gift numbered ten is the gift of Self-Realization. When you finally accept what a wonder you are, the gift of knowing and being able to see into mens hearts begins to make perfect sense. Jesus had it and so did many others who have come to believe in Creative Intelligence and Love with unshakeable faith. You may rename the gift or gifts as you choose but know it is the gift of Self-Realization. With this you can move mountains, part oceans, fly without wings and aeroplanes and communicate with those who have passed from this earth and exist in the dimension of Spirit.

You were not sent to the world alone. You were sent with guidance and a map that was imprinted on your soul the moment you were created. All you need is inside of  you just waiting to be discovered. When you do you will have the tenth gift, Self Realization. With this gift you will discover and realize your own Divinity and will treat yourself as the rare and precious gift that is given to the world.

In all of existence there has never been another like you. Each time you have gone to your world, you have laboured long and hard in the vineyard. Sometimes you were wise enough to recognize your gifts and at others you did not. But your life was never a waste. For in each life you learned something that makes you exactly who you are at this moment.

You may develop the gift of Self-Realization and find yourself isolated from the world you live in, but look again. It is guidance trying to get you to realize that what you are leaving behind is not making you happy anyways. So leave it and seek the newness that will come to you in Love. But before you leave all you know behind for something imagined, look again at what you are leaving, for it may contain just what you need for Self-Realization. How will you know that what you have left is correct, for a time all that is disowned wreaks havoc in your life, but inside you is a peace that remains in every circumstance of your life. Joy, even in times of sorrow is part of you but do not mistake the thrill of a “new toy” for any of the more lasting gifts.

When true Self-Realization has reached your life, your life becomes Universal. You pray every day for a purpose that reflects the Universal will for your world. Nothing you are asked to do is impossible. Nothing that you are given to do will seem menial for you. For everything will look as the greatest gift you have ever received and your enthusiasm for life, love and purpose will be multiplied a hundred, no, a thousand times.

Even when you are waiting for your purpose to be revealed, do not worry that the Greater Intelligence of Creation has forgotten your prayer for it is never forgotten. It may be that you are not yet ready to fulfill your purpose and must yet age like a fine wine, until you are ready to be poured. So you will have work to fill your time and you will meet those who may fulfill my purpose with your direction. Know that nothing in the life of one who truly believes that they are a child of the Universe is purposeless. Only those who believe they are nothing are, and even that is only their belief, for your worth is always known, even unto the far reaches of the Universal Light Fields and Spheres.

So we come to the place in every day where you must continue with physical life and the world of the Divine must fade for the moment until you must rest once more. Share these words with those who would be of service and they shall hear them. To others ears the meaning will be as lost as they are but the feather of discontent will coax them back to these words, so they too can know their value to the Universe and to themselves and their fellow human beings.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should. 



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Lessons of Love and God – by Florence Mary – Feb 21, 1993.

The heart of love is full of compassion for the frailties of the human being. It understands the wish of its fellows to overcome its failings and to find success in the world of men and women. It holds fast to the dreams of caring, sharing and love, as it could exist, if the fears of the world could be healed and if we all believed in love more than we believe and live our divisions and our fears. 

In the beginning of all life man knew his way to God and followed the heart very simply. In all of our lives we could do much more to simplify our lives and in turn simplify our relationship with God and with our fellow men. 

Ritual in and of itself is not a bad thing nor is it a good thing. But ritual can sometimes cloud the issue. The issue is belief in God. Remember here, God enters most effectively into relationships with those who can see themselves clearly as God’s equal within that relationship. By this you understand that what you give to God is just as important as what God gives to you. What God needs most from everyone is simply love. Love is an ever flowing river that comes from God and flows past even the most intrinsically constructed barriers designed to keep it out. Love is the softest of things and therefor it can and does dissolve the hardest of hearts and minds. 

In the relationship of God to man, there is no form save that which man creates from his own imaginings as necessary for that relationship to exist. With man there are any number of rituals that are performed not to worship or remember that God sent the Son to us, but rather to uphold the rigid institution of the church as man has created it. Christ said to his disciples at dinner to take bread and wine and share it and remember it as the body and blood that he will shed and share with them for their  salvation. He did this with his disciples at dinner and yet the church tells you that the church is the only place that the Eucharist can be. We tell you truly that it is not. Wherever anyone comes in the name of the Father and the Son, comes both the Holy Mother Breath and the Holy Spirit. Share what you have and share the spirit and ideal of what all of the prophets and messengers of God came to share with all of us, so long ago.

Love does not tell another that they are unworthy to receive God because their belief are different that ours but instead extends the hand of love and shares with an open heart. To do otherwise is to divide and it is known that a house divided against itself cannot withstand the battering of the enemy at the door. 

Each soul who believes in God sincerely and lives a good life will one day come to know and love God in all ways. How could we not? For we must live our lives out in all forms and rituals in order to one day come to the knowledge that love, in and of itself, is benediction of the highest form and true love is the only ritual that you need to perform in order to love and serve yourself and God. True love is expressed from the heart of one who knows and believes in true love, as service to your fellow men. This too, is a way to simplify your life and to come to understand that you have been sent here to live your own life and to run your own life and not that of any other being who lives upon the Earth.

So too it is with your children. As parents you are here to guide and protect the youngest of these but you all must learn and stand back and allow them to live the life that they have chosen for themselves. This is not a copout as you are so fond of saying but rather an act of faith in yourself and in God. Each of you must remember that a life of hardship or a life of excessive wealth lie as equals, for each requires the most effort to know yourself and to come to know and love God. The poor must find ways to overcome the need to provide through disorder and chaos and so must the rich. Each one can lack the deeper purposes of life and arrogantly think that God is not for them or that God has abandoned them. Each must strive very hard to keep their lives in balance and not be overcome by the circumstances of their lives.

That is what is meant by the camel and the eye of the needle statement made by Jesus, but as with all things, this too is true of the poor as well as the rich in our society today. Each must learn to become unattached to the idea that being wealthy is so important or that being poor is a blessed state of affairs. It is sad to say this but poverty and greed have been served by institutions of God telling its members that being poor was their lot in life and they should just accept it. Each of you can be beggars in the world if you have no faith in anything greater than yourself. You can be rich if you have faith in the bounty of the Earth and if you have belief in the goodness and mercy of all your fellow beings who inhabit the Earth with you.

As with most things, habit and patterns of thought and behaviour that is activated by thought and belief, are nearly impossible to change. Love and understanding are the most important things that each of you can exhibit to your fellow beings when you know that there is a condition that must be changed. Also one should include, at times, those who would benefit most from activities that would help them change any condition of thought or health that needs to be changed. Always, these things must be done with kindness and understanding. By this we mean, do not ask a fat friend on a twenty mile hike but instead include them on a short walk that you may have been going to take anyway, then make the pace enjoyable for them. If you make the puff and labour for breath then they are more likely to give up from shame. Never use shame to help anyone to know themselves and God. IT DOES NOT WORK. All shame ever does is make a person burrow more deeply into despair.

With all things in life, think always of love, which means to ask how would love serve itself, here and now. If you do this, then you will find that love, true love is beginning to enter your life as habit and it will be the one habit that you never want to break.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should. 

In the garden blooms the rose
Its name most will never know
It shares its color, form and light
With its fellows day and night

And when the light has passed away
It shares its fragrance with all who lay
On pallets sleeping through the night
Protected by Gods heavenly light

This lovely roses name is called love
And this heavenly rose comes not from above
But instead it resides in every heart and soul
Who know the truth not the half, but the whole

So now you know that the garden is you
Tend to your rose with care
For then when you need it most
It will always be there

Be sure to give your rose to all that you meet
So then you will never suffer defeat
Instead you will harvest, wherever you go
And the sweet rose of love inside you forever will glow

Florence Mary Masotti 1994.





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Journal Entries from August 1999 & 2009 – by Florence Mary

Webmasters Note : This is from a journal of Florence’s. It starts with a few comments back and forth between Florence and the guides and then moves forward. I decided to post this one because it gives you a window into the messages and practices that the guides were communicating to Florence. This was not unusual at all and Florence would practice these visualizations with diligence. At one time Florence may have shared this info with friends. Life is long and sometimes days blend together and we lose what was once shared in our day to day lives. So, I share it again, many years later for everyone to read. Below the writing are a few ponderings and notes….Namaste

Florence Mary : I thank you for my many blessings and ask that you give some indication of where I should place my attention and energy.

Guides : We would like to tell you just where it is. Please look at where you are and how you will solve the difficulties of your life if we move your change in intent.

Florence Mary : I have not changed my intent, only opened myself in willingness, if Divine Intent is different than my own. If not then my intent is always the same, “thy will be done” and “bless me into usefulness”. If I have not been clear then I am clearly saying that is my only need, plus the one to be financially secure and solvent.

Guides : Dearest child, we just want to be sure that your are clear yourself. We know that you find it hard to be in the world as it is right now. Great changes will be coming in the next few years and even some major ones. Keep putting out the intent to be in the right place, in the right circumstances and again be willing. It is only in unwillingness that you limit your life. It is only by willingness, not will, that you truly create the life you want and need. 

Place yourself at the center of a blue ball of light and surround that ball of blue light with a golden halo. Allow yourself to float in that ball. Ask for your jewels to be reset. In addition to the ones in your head, there needs to be one set in the heart, two in the hands and two in the feet. Clear the energy of uncertainty from the pelvic area as this is done. Then, after sleep, rise early and set the stones in a six pointed star and we will attune you.

Take care this evening to deal open handedly and whole heartedly with all who come upon your path. We love you. Just cling to your willingness. We ask now, that you use the blue ball with the golden halo around all of your earthly endeavours. Take more time for blessed communication and be more open and aware. Read more with your gifts and stop limiting them.

Messages will come from others as you keep limiting ours to avoid wishful thinking and unclear messages. You must build your trust once more. The mail will bring you some clear indications of where you shall be going. Get things up and operational. Get a web page going. We shall send confirmation to you. Keep the growth going.


Questions/Ponderings from Florence Mary 

What if consciousness was the meditative state in which all energy was experienced wholly with all of its potential structures clearly visible?

Is the nature of awareness really the awakened state? If so, what is sleep?

Is the awake/sleep states not consciousness at all but “the fall”, that everyone talks about?

What if the nature of pure consciousness does not or never has existed as we like to define it (God)? What if consciousness drives nothing? Could it be form driven?

Considering again the awake/sleep states, could we consider them to be the altered states of consciousness and concentration or focus, the real state of consciousness?

Was the spinning state of Sufism an attempt to produce the state of anti-gravity in order to unlock gravitational pull?


Father/Mother = Creative Energy/All Knowing Intelligence

Son/Sun = Potentiality/Possibility – Energy Qualified – Fully Realized – Quantum

Holy Ghost = manifestation of intellect/ limited possibilities because of forgetting  – limited realization/endless potential for being/ generator of Universal Change


Oh precious gift of being, that bright and shining moment where light and love are one within the perfection of creation. See being as the gift that it is. The gift from the first word, moving ever from the source, the fountain of all intelligence. Know that words are energy formed out of the thought of the first principle to this willing energy. It is amplified through the blessed, adored and beloved.


In the near future there will be a push for adults to re-immunize. There will be new strains of old diseases. The immunization process will not be adequate. Immunizations will lead to even more mutations, DNA damage and chronic conditions not seen before. 


I am thankful for glimpses of myself that need work in the reaction of others.

I am grateful for my talents.

I am grateful for my breath and for my life.

I am grateful for hospice work which constantly teaches me about life and how to live it.

I am grateful for friends who are always there for me.

I am grateful for my children.

I am grateful for all the good things in my life and for the good things to come. 

I am grateful for the knowledge given and for my ability to share with everyone along my path.

I am grateful that I am loved.

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Seeing The Universe As One – by Florence Mary – April 3, 2002.

The nature of the Universe from the physical point of view is small and without connections to everything. Stones and water appear, to the uninformed human being, to have nothing in common. The truth is that what they have in common is molecular and also, when the human mind can accept it, bioplasmic. 

Each system in the Universe has from the physical point of view, a motion that is subject to entropy. Entropy is what the rolling stone suffers as it reaches the bottom of the hill. Yet, bioplasmically, there is no such thing as entropy. Energy therefor, belongs to the bioplasmic world of physics. Physics, chemistry, biology and all other branches of science are not part of the scientific world but are the scientific world. When you begin to study them as a part of a great whole, then the greatest discoveries will be made. So, the science of life is what we will discuss with you. We will cut across the divisions of science and spirituality and do our best to bring them together so that the average individual may become more cognizant of the working of the Multiverse and their Universe. 

Firstly, no one in your physical world denies the vastness of the Universe that you find yourself a part of. But you do not as yet see yourselves as much a part of the distant stars that you observe as much as you do the rock that you pick up and hold in your hand. You feel separate from it all. The soul of your Universe is a vast pool of electromagnetic energy. Those who have chosen to be a part of the free will universe exist within the vastness of that Universal Soul.

Every Universe that makes up part of the Multiverse has this vast pool of energy that surrounds it. It is the screen upon which and within which physical realities play themselves out. But all are connected and “sister” each other.

Each time one of you within this Universe begins to understand the world of your choosing and chooses to share the harmony and peace that understanding brings, you share that with all of creation. You do that because there is no separation between anything that exists within the Divine Creative Force. The whole of creation is not controlled by God but that energy becomes the balance point in all Creation because that energy is within all of Creation. 

The message of the spiritual masters who observed the Physical world spoke, wrote and attempted to explain that world yet their descriptions were dismissed because science could not prove that these things were possible or even fell within the realm of possibilities. Now they are the very stuff of all scientific research. What was once seen as fantastic and beyond belief is now common place, therefor the way of existence for the average human being must be faith, not belief. You once could not conceive of the vastness of this planet and you saw it as being limited and flat. Now you see it as spherical when you once deemed it round. Science is pushing the boundaries of its study and daily peels away another layer that clouds the understanding of what the Universe is, of what God is, and what you are.

There are those who see the world through the science of medicine, psychology or religion and dabble a little in each. But there are also others, with vast educations in science that do not know what the uneducated peasant in the pampas of Brazil knows. That there is a Force in the Universe that goes beyond all knowledge and conception of the physical reasonable mind that exists. It exists for our use and for our benefit if we can come to know it and love it as part of us the same way that we are a part of it.

Ego will not allow the miraculous to exist when the science of the physical world could have played a part in things. Because there is no separation between the energy of faith and the energy of science, each is part of a necessary whole for the other to exist and operate in. In other words, one does not exist without the other. Remember that the fantastic and miraculous of yesterday is now commonplace today. Therefor, the fantastic and miraculous of today will also be commonplace tomorrow.

We stop here for a moment and ask the writer not to correct our interchangeable use of the words you, we, ours, etc. We have plagued her with our disregard for their usage but now that very disregard will show the non-separation of the Universal energies. It is strictly our doing. When we speak about you, it is because you do not know what we know or cannot see or conceive of without separation. We will designate where Universal and Multiversal law affects us all both physical and energy-wise through the use of we or you, as is appropriate. We may sometimes do this in the same paragraph or even sentence. The only thing the author will correct is her over riding our spelling. She cannot spell very well and spell check is the most used feature on her computer.

You have learned much about your world because with the limitations of the physical mind you have reduced the physical world to its parts. Science itself has taken itself out of part thinking and in physics at least has begun to dabble in the concept of non-separation. But medicine is just beginning to look holistically at the human function from the point of view of both biochemical and physical systems. Bioplasmic functions are practiced by faith or energy healers and are just beginning to make their way into your medical world through Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and other forms and formulas of Energy Work. You will make their use limited to those who can obtain and have educational degrees that regulate their practice. This is a grave mistake. 

Each of you is a potential healer. The knowledge of bioplasmic healing should be taught and honoured within each being as a greater knowledge of who they really are and what their true functions within the world is. Each of you is not separate from the Bioplasmic world, except through your belief in that separation. Each of you knows how to use that energy to heal and function in the world of one. Its keys are prayer and meditation. Much is about to come from the study of such functions and will change the view of your world and our world. It is about to truly become one.

Webmasters note : at this point I will make it known that Florence was dyslexic. It was the bane of her existence as a writer but she did very well regardless. She never let it stop her.

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Your Temple Within – by Florence Mary – Thursday February 2, 1994.

Kindness in all of its forms and especially given to the self, allows each of us to know and love ourselves and lets us share with those around us in perfect harmony. 

In the blending of the two halves of our wholeness, which are spirit and physical awareness, we begin to see the perfect blending of all things and our participation within that wholeness. No longer do we see the nature of things as out of harmony with the greater picture of being-ness but instead understand each of us would fight and participate in violence if we were threatened. In our moments of peace, therefor, we must try to create within us the peace that all men need so that the world, the wholeness that we are here to create can be at peace with itself. That self is love. The transcended and transmuted Self is True Love.

In the linear time experienced within your world lies chaos, disunion and disharmony. This is because linear time leaves no time for the soul to know itself. When the human being begins to make time for his soul, free from fear, want and deprivation, then and only then will love become abiding within the humans life. Going to church was one of those times when human beings were supposed to be able to become in tune with their souls. Instead of singing praises to God, great choirs were formed, taking even that simple offering from the soul to God, away. Man was left no quiet time with which to commune with God about the things that the soul needed to hear. One cannot rest quietly within himself when fire and brimstone or anything of the like has been brought to bear on the human conscious mind, for the sub-conscious mind also needs rest from its own voice.

It is now time for humanity to still themselves and hear the words of love that God would speak to them from within. All the processes of religion are but the first and most beginning steps to learning how to access this deep abiding love that God has for each of us. Know that the wisdom of the soul is but God speaking love from within us.

When beings of God come together in the communion of their souls, true love is created. It matters not how this creation takes place but only that it does and that it is understood and held by each person and shared with others outside of the circle that created it. In each person love lies waiting to be held within the moment of Now. Each of us is a part of the whole which is God. Our acceptance and understanding of this principle will help each of us to travel our path with more effectiveness and clarity. It will also help us to see our thread in the great tapestry of life.

Those of us who are here at this moment in time are important to the Great Tapestry of Life. Each of us has come to shine as brightly as any star in the heavens. We have something greater than our fear to live and that is love, and in the fullness of time, to live our True Love.

How can I do this? You can do it by just being and doing all the things that are from your deepest core of trust and faith. Yet you must also work at the why’s and the wherefores of your life and bring them into sharp focus within you. All of your life is but a benediction to God and as such must be the best that you are able to make it. Each day you are learning and sometimes that truth overwhelms you. Know that you are in the hand of your Creator and that you are loved beyond all purpose and reason just because you are.

It is in such a truth that you will find your hope and your love, formed fully in love and caring for the world around you. It is here that you look out from yourself and see love in all the hurt and crime in the world. It is here that you finally believe in your own divinity and practice loving as God loves and then you understand finally that the gratification of human flesh is a trap that each of us must struggle against for all of our lifetimes in human bodies. When we realize that all love must come and be turned over to God, then and only then can we begin to love our fellows truly. For it is here that all care and worry is turned over to God and love lives within us as itself pure and unfettered by the cares and the desires of this world. 

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A Look Ahead – From 1993 – written by Florence Mary July 7, 1993.

Each country and nation of the world must come to understand and to realize that the system of greed and avarice that they have created will bring down all of their governments of these nations worldwide. Only radical change worldwide will bring peace and stability to the world in which you live.

Companies who use those practices are going out of business every day. Even large institutions once considered built on solid foundations are crumbling before your very eyes. They will continue to crumble because greed and not love are what their businesses are based on. Each country should be encouraged to lower or even remove the taxes from the poor while providing jobs and social benefits to the poor. At the same time education to reduce ignorance and spread real truth must be instituted. The poor of every country must learn to realize that the plight of all poor is the same wherever you go upon the Earth. When you have a high standard of living within a country then the standard of living for the poor of that country will be higher but their anguish over providing for themselves and their families is just as great. In one place, shoes, any shoes will do, but in another country another certain pair of shoes will only do and a parents anguish and humility at not being able to give is just as great in either case.

Each person, each country, creates their own reality. Those who believe they have a right to great wealth create it, but they also create a system in which others get trapped in poverty and need.  Those who are poor believe that it is their lot and that all of the education and self-help cannot change their belief in the lacks of this world. 

Only true lovingness and a firm unshakeable belief  in the abundance of the world will bring about the creation of a system in which all people will share in  the abundance and prosperity. If not, then those over burdened by worry will create systems within the systems now in place that will bring down the governments that now exist. Meanwhile the creation of these systems may very well contravene the laws of love and justice. 

Another great war is about to engulf the world but this one will not be fought on the battle fields of the world but instead in the kitchens and back yards of all nations. It will begin there and will spread to towns and villages and countries throughout the world and it will keep growing until all of the systems of the world now in existence fall. 

For there to be justice in the world each man and woman over the age of sixteen should be able to contribute to the worlds bounty and lovingness. Each should be able to live without fear. We tell you, do not be fooled. There is more than enough food to feed the nations of the Earth a hundred times over. Instead, food is priced out of reach for some families and many go without. One day surely these companies will feel the power of the poor as they turn their ways to new ways of eating and those products that were sold in greed will be left. Each person must recognize their own power within the system. The simpler that you make your life, the less dependant you will be upon this corrupt system for your sustenance. Grow your own vegetables and plants and fruits. Educate yourselves to independence through knowledge and the system that is unjust will topple. 

The rich and the well off must come to understand that poverty is systemic. Poverty goes from level to level, encompassing all in its path. In the beginning of the next century those who have not prepared may find themselves engulfed in poverty the likes of which they have never known. One in which there will be no cure for. 

Those of you who are just and who learn the ways of sharing and caring will become the new rich of the world but your wealth will be measured not by gold or money but by love and freedom. Do not look to the systems now in place to provide you with what you need for they are built on avarice and greed. Look to God and Gods people for the answers. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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The 5 Natures by Florence Mary – Friday, March 4, 1994. (3:13am)

In the heart of love exists the place where we can begin to understand not only yourself, but also our fellow human beings. It is within this understanding that peace is born within the earthly plane of human existence but also within the heart of mankind itself. When one has to think about peace and then strive to maintain it within one’s life, then we have a true appreciation of it and we strive for it always as our experience.

The nature of the warrior is to fight but we tell you that even the nature of the warrior can be turned to love if the warrior nature appreciates peace and the love of God that it fosters. One cannot practice brutality on a daily basis and not have it filter into their lives in areas where it is not needed or wanted. Only love softens the nature of the warrior and turns those personalities to love.

The nature of the sensualist is the experience of the senses and of the carnal self that exists within the heart of the sensualist and controlled by the baser appetites. These personalities think that the satisfaction of the appetites are the purpose of life and are very adept at making others feel inferior because they do not share their appetites for the same feeding of self interest.

The nature of the teacher is to experience through trial and error their lives and to teach others what they have found to be true about their experience within life. They are ever the observer, the listener, the watcher within, for signs and sign posts to growth and learning. They often seek knowledge for its own sake and feel no apparent need to have that wisdom applied or lived within their own lives.

The nature of the nurturer is that of doing for others, even when at times there is no need or a wanting of doing by those around them. Often times the nurturer tries to prevent a lesson before it happens and therefor, sometimes, robs the soul of a lesson it has come here to learn. It is often hard to find fault with such souls for we do find within them kindness and understanding well defined and sharpened to a fine point. They are often willing to take on the lessons and karma of others, storing up karma for themselves and postponing the learning and development of the souls around them.

The nature of the healer is to share with others the hurts of both mind and body and sometimes take upon themselves pain and suffering of others because they understand it and how to dissipate it. In this also lies the danger of also preventing others from learning their lessons and growing past debts of old karma that would shift and evolve as the soul shifts and evolves into new and different pathways to love.

Sometimes within all of us we find all of the qualities of the natures within us. Often they are out of balance and without redemption because the wisdom to know when and how to help are absent. Each of us must come to understand and accept that we cannot and must not make decisions for others. Once we have taught the lessons of trust and faith, then we must be like God and stand back and allow others to choose the way of their passing. This is hardest between parents and children, when pride and concern are within a relationship with another in equal and sometimes unbalanced measures. Love always show us the way to balance within our lives. It is not ours to judge others personalities or to say that another fits within any definition of personality. We have given you these short profiles in order for each of you to find within yourselves the traits and combinations of traits that both enhance and detract from your growth within the world of God.

The perfect personality would be one who could be to his fellow men whatever that person needed at the moment. Even the sensualist has its place within the world, if its sense pleasure is returned to him or her by God for their own good and for fulfillment of the Divine Plan that we are all here to fulfill and then and only then is the sensualist an asset to themselves or to their fellow human beings. In any of the personalities, even within the teacher there are faults. If the teacher cannot apply the wisdom of the learning to their own life to make it better and to realize their place within the Divine Plan, how could they be better than the healer who thinks that only they can show the rest of the world how it should serve and treat its fellow human beings?

Each of you must look within yourselves and find all of the best traits of each personality and develop them. Leave the dark, unrealized parts of any personality out of the shaping of your own. Look to love and inner knowing to tell you how you should be developing your personality and what traits are best for you to foster within yourself and what to encourage in others. If you have not realized your own potential how then can you direct anyone as to the development of their own? All that you will do is foster insecurity and want within those around you. So we tell you once again ; change yourself, change your world. For from self change comes all the traits of love that one needs to live within the will of God and Man. It is here that the deepest lessons of creativity are realized and brought forth upon the Collective Consciousness of the world.

Each of you contributed both your worst and your best traits to this consciousness. If you share your fears with this thought then that is what will be manifest in the world around you. If you share hope and love with it through your beliefs and thoughts then that is what the world will be for you. Each of you chooses your reality every day. Each of you finds ways to excuse and colour behaviour and that is your responsibility. How then can you hope to progress along the pathways to love if you cannot be responsible for your choices and behaviour in regards to others and your relationships with them? Look deeply within your life and see where your fears have been served instead of your love and conquer your fears. If you are afraid to grow old, look to love to teach you that aging is all within the mind and acceptance of belief within our consciousness. You can be very aged within you world and still live a very active life, especially if you wish to serve God and your fellow human beings, in love. It is in service to others and service of the self, in beholding within the world its beauty and peace that makes the soul live and prosper within the world of both God and Man. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the things of the world but if you could also find time to enjoy the things of God then you will find love ever within your heart and mind that will find no time for aging.

Learn the secrets of living well. For each of you they will be different but know that if your life has no real peace and contentment then you are most likely within the world of the carnal appetites or that of fear. Fear leaves no room for anything but work, worry and struggle. In this occupation of time and emotion, you find attachments to the material over the consideration and needs of your fellow human beings. Profits and acquisition are the only times purpose enters into the productivity of the person living this kind of life. Each time you find only purpose in acquiring things and wealth, look deep within yourself and ask yourself why? You may be very well surprised by your answer.

In the world of love, all would contribute to the greater good. All would work and draw from the pool of wealth in equal measure and not judge the contributions of others for they would see all that each entity contributed to the world as being enough to make them worthy to draw their living from that pool. Each person would be encouraged to find their strength within the world of One. They would be encouraged to do those things that most benefitted the world and all of the people within that world. No child would enter life unwelcomed. No aged person would feel useless, lonely or unloved, for all would know their value within the world. No child would take its own life nor would any parent feel burdened by their call to parenthood.  All would contribute to the strength and welfare of the community, realizing that the community is only as strong as its least member within that community. Love would guide all decisions made for the welfare of each member of the community and all would know and love God and themselves and feel useful and fulfilled within the world of God.

The richness of these communities would be manifest in the happiness and contentment of each person within that community and not the acquisition of the newest and best corporate production of sneakers.  Each person would know and love God and themselves within the world of love. Each person would see themselves clearly in all of the other members of their community and would know that they are a part of the others as the others are a part of them. Peace and love would reign within the world and all would know the presence of God within.

If your desire is to live within a world of this kind then each of you must bring this kind of living within your own lives. Each of you must see the progression of others is as much your responsibility as your own progression but understand that you cannot be responsible for that progression, only the sharing of the truth that you help that person to progress within the world of One.

As always follow the commandments of Jesus the Christ, “LOVE ONE ANOTHER” and look within the tenants and precepts of other religions and sects to find that this commandment is there also and follow it too.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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The Burden of Gaia by Florence Mary – Feb 26, 1994

The Earth weeps at her own death and none of you hear her crying. You think of her as a “thing” and not a “being”, but we tell you that she will have to protect herself from those of you who continue to rape her without conscience. Look to the “support” of these “states of being” that exists within the moneys that you blindly invest for your future use and start seeing them as an act of rape. Look at the violence upon your Earth as a manifestation of your relationship to the Earth and then change it. 

Remember that each of you is an instrument of love and you have come here to perfect the music of love that plays within you. The continued denial of this music leads to chaos and disunion of the Earth and all of her peoples. It is in this lack of harmony that wars are born, pestilence rises and plague forms within mankind  to reduce its numbers. This is the only way that both you and the Earth can live in a semblance of harmony.

Each of you must serve in the biggest or smallest ways, both yourself and the Earth. The Earth is your manifestation and hers. You are her manifestation of love and her, yours. This relationship is the exercise of love that fulfills and demonstrates yourself to God and God to You. How do you think it is going? If you think that it could improve then ask yourself, “who is the instrument to that improvement?” Yes, it is you. Do not wait for your neighbour to join you within this commitment to love, for neither of you will enjoin it if you wait upon your willingness one to the other. Do all that you can to seed love into your relationship with the Earth and then you will see love grow in your relationships with other people.

The absorption of this truth and its manifestation allows you to begin to transcend the ego-self, that spoiled child within you, that must always have its needs gratified immediately in order to feel safe within its world. The world for a child looms large and frightening, yet its parents attention and willingness to gratify the needs of the child teach it to overcome its fears within the world as it appears to the child. Remember, even as an adult there is no safety from your fears if you have not put your ego in the hands of God. 

Through the recognition of your own power of love and its applications within your life, lies the freedom from want and greed. See all manifestations of violence and the support of that violence by whatever means, as mans refusal to believe in the power of love within the world. War is not love and there is no reason for it, save the fears that mankind manifests upon the Earth. Since time immemorial man has believed that to fight, even with the members of his own family, was correct and that physical brutality in the name of God, was acceptable in the world of men. It was mans way of manipulating the message of God through Gods prophets and teachers who came to teach us the greatest commandment of all : that we love one another.

No violence, not even a single slap, can lie within this acceptance of truth. In the worlds of love-one-another, lies perfect love, perfect freedom, perfect self-realization and perfect God-union. Within it lies all the teachings of love that penetrate every religious belief that has been interpreted and devised by man for the clarification of that relationship. We tell you that it is better to lose your life at the hands of another man than to kill him in defense of yourself, for when you kill your brother, you have not only murdered him but you have also murdered yourself. You may walk the Earth justified in the world of men but you will not be justified in the world of God. 

Each of you must strive for harmony within the self so that the Self can lead the way forward within the world. Each of you must see the embracing of pacifist ways as the way to God. Each of you must submit yourselves to the understanding that you are safe within your world and anything else puts you outside the world of God. Why would any of you kill for an acre of land when it belongs to the Earth and not to you? Why would you believe that the truth of God lies anywhere but within yourself – if you would even allow that truth to rise from within you and free you from this world?

See within yourself and others, perfection, then it shall be so, for as long as you see imperfection within others, you too will be imperfect. The non-acceptance of this truth keeps you forever in the denial of God and Gods precepts of true love and caring for all beings upon the Earth. It makes you a racist and a murderer. Even if you have never committed those acts themselves. DENIAL keeps all forms of unbalance and control moving within the world of men. When you can look at all people you meet as perfect within the moment of now, then you can know forgiveness for your own faults and failings so that you can rise above them and know true perfection within that moment. In this way you make that perfection available for the worst of your transgressions and yourself.

If you see only perfection in others, even in a limited way, then you are beginning to transcend the ego-self and allow God to return your ego to you in ways that will only free you from this carnal cycle of incarnation and allow yourself to graduate within physical manifestation to the world of spirit which is true self-realization. The next step here then becomes realization of Self and living that Self-Realization within the physical vehicle without denial and fear.

As you seek this relationship within yourself, you must always be willing to shed the lessons of your life as merely the teachers and pathways that have come to you to learn the finer lessons of love. Abuse then becomes a pathway to forgiveness, not only of your fellow beings but also for God who has allowed this to happen to you and then ultimately forgiveness for yourself for being able to prevent this abuse. Realize that forgiveness is infinate and reaches to itself for love. Look deeply within the eyes of your fellow beings and see the fear and denial of love and forgive its absence, as an act of true love. Then in that moment you will realize that God has nothing to do with the absence of love within your life and that you are the only reason that it does not exist and must be denied by you. Hold out your hand to love and embrace the tenderness and passion, realized within God. 

This passion is not born of emotion but instead is born of commitment to one’s higher self realization and becomes manifest in the heart of Oneness and service within the world. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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Why I Do This – by Webmaster Steven – Feb 14, 2019.

Greetings and salutations. While I could have made this writing a part of Steven’s Story, I have not chosen to do so. Instead I wanted this to be separate from those. This is more about how these writings came into my hands and the struggle to bring them forward. I feel that telling this to you all will be cathartic for me in a way and will give you deeper insight into things regarding myself and my life with and without Florence Mary and how this all came to be. It does not start in the beginning. It starts towards the end. 

My first experiences and times with Florence were in Trail BC in the early to mid 1990’s. After a few years in Trail, Florence moved to Campbell River BC on Vancouver Island and lived and walked her walk and shared with others. I stayed back in the Kootenays and we kept in touch a lot. 2 or 3 hour phone calls were not out of the norm when there was information to be shared and our own experiences and such. For a short time in 1995 I moved to Campbell River and stayed with Florence and a dear friend for several months before moving back to the Kootenays. 

Time moved forward for both of us. I was discovering who I was and dealing with family obligations and living life. I had taken a course at the local college and I was offered a scholarship in graphic design. I was about to take the scholarship when I got a phone call from Florence Mary. She had decided to move to Aldergrove BC back to the house she had shared with her ex-husband and her children. Florence had felt that she was somewhat held back because the assets after her divorce had not been maintained or dispersed and so she went back to live in the house in spite of the fact that she had walked away from it many years before. For her it was about tying up loose ends and getting her share of the assets so she could build a new life independent of ex husband or anyone else. The house and property were run down and it was her determination to fix it up and get it sold. Her husband was working and living elsewhere and had ignored the house and acreage. Florence asked me to come down and help her. I said yes and I moved to Aldergrove to help her bring everything full circle. There was a ton of work. It was endless and hard, but we made it work. Florence’s sons would be great help in that process. A meditation/healing room went in where the family room used to be and Florence began to manifest her life there. When she went to play the bowls I would go with her when I could. She would have me anchor energy in the room. The keeper of the bowls, I was. Packing up and transporting them and her when I could. 

We were on 5 acres of land. It was beautiful. We built new gardens and revived the old. I used connections to bring friends and family to help with a new roof and a new deck. The pool had snapping turtles and frogs in it and the water was brown. The windstorms had blown the giant slide into the pool and nobody had noticed or cared. It took connections and hard work and a lot of struggle and physical and emotional pain to fix and get everything back together and marketable. I raised rabbits. Started with 2 and ended up with 45 of them. They ate better than we did on most days. Times were hard. 

For a while, Florence rented rooms out to keep the house afloat. We had a tenant who came from Italy. Her name was Gina and she came to Vancouver every year to work in the movie and television industry in whatever role she could get. She was an older lady, very mousey looking but with a big thundering booming voice. One day I was outside rototilling a garden when Gina came up to me and said ” you are handsome, here is my agents phone number, call him and make arrangements to get your photo taken, I think you can get work in acting”. I chuckled and took her card and thanked her kindly and then I got back to work. That evening I mentioned it to Florence and she said, “hey, lets do it and I will see if I can get work too. It will be fun. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?” So we called the agent and went and got our photos taken in Langley BC and he did a short bio and we were off. I laughed and did not ever in a million years think the phone would ever ring with a job like that but it was fun just to play in the process.

3 days later the phone rang. It was my agent. He had a job for me on Dark Angel Season 2, a television show on FOX that was filmed at Lions Gate Studio in North Vancouver BC. You will be the bartender for the second season. You have a certain look. They want that look for this role. You will be background but regular background so it might lead to other roles, either way, they have chosen you. I have my own stories in relation to that work but I will not share it in this writing. My second week of filming was on September 11, 2001. I will never forget that day ever. It is seared into my consciousness beyond all measure. That was the day hell came to Earth and we were the only show that kept filming during that traumatic day. That day was mind blowing and surreal. There were people on the phone saying goodbye to people who were jumping out windows in New York. I will never forget that day. It is burned into my heart. The fact that they would use the possible date of Jesus birthday made it especially foul and tyrannical. There was rascaldom in that whole matter.

I stayed and I worked until the show was cancelled. It was only on for two seasons and we were pre-empted by the Olympic for 6 weeks and we lost our audience. Such is the way in Hollywood. Between jobs, we would work flea markets selling our handcrafted items. Florence sold jewellery and knitting and I made and sold walking sticks. Florence developed a client base for her healing work and played the bowls in session for clients who were very sick and needed a vibrational change. I worked roofing off and on and it started to take its toll on my body. After a while I was tired and voices from back home were telling me to come back. I had helped Florence as best I could and the time came for me to leave her for a while and come back to the Kootenays. I had been in Aldergrove almost 3 years.

My father had congestive heart failure and so I felt it was time to make my peace with him and help him and my family. When I got back to Nelson I began to get very sick. Fibromyalgia would take over and nearly destroy my life. I went to doctor after doctor. Every drug they gave me backfired or I was allergic to. It was hell. Every day was a struggle just to cope with the pain and uncomfortableness of my own body. The searing burning nerve pain. At times I could not walk without a cane or braces. It was hell. I had been home for a few weeks when the losses started to pile up. I was laying on the beach and a big white feather landed on me. I sat up with a chill and felt that someone close had become an angel. I got home to a phone call telling me my best friend was dying. The car he was working on fell on him. He was brain dead. They were waiting for me to come and say goodbye before they pulled the plug. There was no way I could make the trip to Calgary, Alberta to see him one last time. I was so sick and very, very tired. They pulled the plug and my heart was crushed. That was the second best friend of mine taken by death. I took it very hard. I was devastated. He was a true kindred spirit but I know I will be with him one day and that he is just fine now. But at the time, it was another body blow, a punch in the gut. About a year after my best friend passed away we lost Grams, who was my ex-wifes grandmother and my daughters great grandmother. She was the heart of the clan and her death devastated us all again.

Not long after that, my daughter met a young man who she would marry and that was going on, then a pregnancy and a marriage. As this was happening I was in physical hell but I kept going. My dad got very sick and eventually he would go into emergency and they would give him a drug that would take his mind away. That was horrible. We brought him home to die and he wasted away for two and a half months. Finally, after 15 days with no food or water, I watched him take his last breath. My dads death shook us to the core. It upended our world. Everything changed. 5 days after my fathers death we were blessed with a new member of the family. My daughter had given birth and our grief was replaced with joy for a short time. My little grandson saved us from the long torment of grief. We had to be there for each other, grief would have to wait, but it didn’t and it took its toll on me.

Only a few weeks after my grandson was born and my daughter was struck with horrible seizures that have affected her life ever since. Nothing scares a father more than knowing his child is in trouble. 

About a year after my grandson was born I had a massive heart attack. I went to emergency and after some bloodwork they said some of it was a bit unusual but nothing to worry about. Yes, they sent me home during my heart attack. I struggled to survive the night and the next day around noon they took me back in to the hospital. They did more tests and then the next thing I know I was in an ambulance on my way to Kelowna BC for coronary surgery. They gave me a stent and saved my life. You have beaten the widow maker, they told me, and apparently there are few who do. 

After my heart attack I had only 1 refuge and that was the Earth. I started forcing myself to walk and to hike. I took refuge in nature and she welcomed me home. Deep inside me is a mountain man and he started to take over. I sought out sunlight. I bathed in it every chance I got and went to the lake to immerse myself and to cleanse. The wind would tell me things. Parts of me were coming back to life.

Then one day I got a message out of the blue from Florence. She had sold the house in Aldergrove, had bought another one in White Rock and had sold that and wanted to move back to the Kootenays, Nelson to be specific. She asked if she could come and stay. I said yes, and she came. We had a house full. It was summer and warm I offered Florence a place in the house but she said no. Instead, she bought a recliner and put it under our carport and slept there for 3 months until she purchased her house here in Nelson. She loved the fresh air, the night time raccoons and skunks and just being outside. 

After 3 months with us, Florence bought her house and lived there until illness would take her life 3 years later. She moved here in 2012 and was gone in 2015. Our time was very short but it would bring us full circle. Just after Florence passed away, the house flooded. The downstairs of Florence’s house had feet of water in it. I just noticed it in time and moved the writings and artwork upstairs. Another hour and they would have been paper mache. While doing business in town the next day for Florence’s estate, I was rear ended by a lady in her car who was not paying attention. This gave me a whiplash. It was one of the worst the doctor had seen in his years of work. The doctors ignored my situation and so I gave up on them. I went to a man who practiced acupuncture and he worked on my body and made it liveable again. The fibromyalgia went into remission and I started to become strong again. But it was a hard fight. Chinese medicine saved my life.

We had just started to get past the loss of Florence when my mom got sick with cancer. We kept her going for a while but she died in my arms and once again, it was a punch in the gut. I had lost my mother and she was very special to me. She had been my rock throughout my whole life. Now she was gone. Florence first, then mom. My mom and Florence were close so it was a one-two punch. 

While prospecting I had a bad fall on an icy patch of earth and when I fell I impaled myself on a cut down christmas tree. It took a while to heal my spleen but I got through that. Then, after I started to get my life back I had been out hiking and I had a bad fall. A tree I had grabbed to make a jump from one ledge to another literally came uprooted and I tumbled head over heels down rock skarn. I was crumpled and bashed and battered. My acupuncturist had moved on and my finances were zero so I looked after myself the best way I could and I still do. About a month after my fall I was walking down a path and a round large rock that was sticking out of the ground suddenly decided to roll as I stepped over it. It was like trying to walk on a ball. I went hard into the air and landed on my upper back. I thought I would be crippled but I wasn’t. I still get devastating pain from this fall but I carry it until one day it will go, but it grinds on me.

So, now we are to where I started the writing and the blog. I started on that and then I received a nasty hernia in my groin out of no-where. I lived with it for a year and then had surgery. The surgery fixed the hernia but it also left me with no feeling from my navel to my knee on my right side. It took me months to heal. I still have no feeling in my navel to groin but through Chinese medicine and magnetics I have managed to get the feeling back in my right leg and am working on getting it all back now. This situation has kept me from putting the writings up earlier and caused delay but I have persevered in order to finish what we started unknowingly so many years ago. Energy blocks started to leave in November of 2018 and I have moved forward determined. I have woke up. The hell feels like it has left and I can be free to get this out. Now I hope I have given you some insight into where I have been at these last 15 years. The only thing that has held me together is trust and faith and a tenacity beyond measure when filled with the spirit. It is my refuge now. I walk my great alone and yet now I share it. Never give up when the truth burns inside you. It is a fire that is not quenched with reason yet is not myopic in the least. I am astounded at the force of God in my life and heart and mind. I have seen things no man can explain. Those are the gifts that come. Little carrots dangling….to keep one alive. Many times I hold back the tears when I write and I feel so deeply but that is the treasure. To know and experience something you are a part of that you cannot explain and yet it is the deepest heart. It moves me to the core and I am swept away.

There are a million words in between what I have told you but this is a glimpse into where I have been and how everything has effected me and my life and why I continue to post these writings. Thank you for your interest and your kindness of thought. I do my best to keep my pain from others and to most I’m just another regular guy. They do not see my pain. But sometimes sharing some of it can be cathartic to a man who has literally nothing left to lose.







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A Glimpse into the Origin of Florence Mary – January 01, 1993.

Webmasters Note : I came across this writing a few days ago. I have read and re-read this writing since I discovered it. This has become a wrestling match in my consciousness and spirit. This writing brings up some very personal things in relation to Florence Mary as well as our personal grouping and our purpose. It speaks of a home planet and a galaxy that is not yet discovered. It also gives the spirit name of Florence Mary. I will repeat neither for now. It is not the time. To do so would be irresponsible of me. It would open a door for attack from dark forces, adversaries and artificial intelligence. Yet I am sharing this writing. A long time ago I was told that it was very important that I always be near water. I live by a lake. I’ve crossed the ocean and walked its shores. I walk the mountains and follow the winding creeks to alpine lakes. I was told this long before I met Florence. You do not understand why I even mention this but you will after you read the writing. This writing is a mind bender. Park your ego at the door and your critical thinking and judgements with it. They will do you no good within this writing. Have an open mind and an open heart and hopefully there is a connection for you somewhere in this. There was for me. That being said, this is a peculiar writing. Unlike the others, so in advance I say thank you and buckle up, Namaste

The question upon your mind will be answered. FIND THE WORD. 

And so the origin planet was named with a question mark. These are the words that followed…..Research is always illuminating for the mind and soul. It is not required that you remember all that has been given to you only that you remember how to access the information when necessary. Do not draw conclusions to anything but merely experience your feelings about the information received and organized within your memory.

The origin planet is a spiritual galaxy from which many have come to awaken, within those who are of the Earth. Slowly you are all coming together and forming alliances of love and friendship to facilitate your work within the world. Your work has been long and arduous. In order to complete your work upon the Earth you all had to take on the physical manifestation of body and become human. 

Your essence is Water rather than Earth and that is why you seek it around you in some form or at least understand why others are so drawn to it and find it necessary for your existence. Your revelations come quicker near Water but soon you must turn to Earth for your strength and purpose. Water will always provide clarity and peace but the Earth will sustain you and ground you beyond the world in which you are now living. 

The cycles of initiation for each soul by Earth, Air, Water and Fire continues. Each of you are at different levels and can help each other through such trials. Obviously, they are not actual elements but rather are symbolic elements of your galaxy of origin. The Protector planet which provides illumination for all worlds within this and other galaxies. A most harmonious planet with beings transformed and transfigured by their deep devotion to God and God’s purpose.

In the cycle of incarnation you began your incarnations as human rather than as water. You all gave up much to become human and you lost your way many times and some of you may again do so but it is of little importance for their are many of you who know your true path and you seek it always, in spite of its inherent difficulties.

While you, “Florence Mary”, are one of the oldest of your genus, you were one of the last to become human in form. Your special light has always been that of peace, love and joy for those who would allow themselves to be bathed within it. Through you love will awaken the eight spot of remembrance within those who are here now. You must remember that for all who read and know this truth comes havoc in their lives for they must then disown and transcend all knowledge of the Earth and its ways to become wholly and completely who they are.

The planet within your galaxy of origin that you all came from is a wonderful name and its discovery will be made as the cycle of initiation for your fellow people is completed. These trials will be completed for each soul as they transcend themselves and find their peace and tranquility not within their lives but rather within their relationship to their Higher Self, Purpose and God. Even now your work in human form is to awaken the remembrance of old, of who and of what you are and of your purpose. Nothing you can desire is of your purpose. Nothing your mind can conceive of is of your true purpose. Only in transcendent awareness that comes through the eight spot (chakra) of Remembrance will awaken you all.

Each time you come to yourself.  In some way you are accessing the knowledge you have to share with the world you have adopted as your home. Warrior/Protectors, Protectors, Teachers and Philosophers are what you have always been. The forms you took as rulers, artists and teachers has always been in advance to remembering who you are. 

As sister Agnes you remembered much of love and kindness but did not find the same in the cloistered walls of that convent. Indeed, none of you did, for unlike the men of Earth, your knowledge of love has always been far deeper and more expansive than those around you. But in each incarnation the depth of your forgetting is manifest in your struggles in life, even to understand your life. Surrender to the pain of your existence and seek love from God for God is within you and also within your pain. Gods presence permeates all that is and we walk through it and take it within us wherever we go. Love is like that.

Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into needless pain by pairings that have conflict in them. Be sure that you come together with one who understands your need to lead rather than to follow. For those who understand will lead with you and their hearts will open and take up your burden with you by abandoning their knowledge of Earth and its ego traps. At the same time they will begin to realize the necessity of not allowing themselves to be seduced by their humanity back into the conflicts of the Earth for the sake of creating harmony. That way has passed and you must teach love and to do that you cannot condone violence of any form. It will be hard, for you are indeed human, for you have taken it on body and soul. Your liberation, not from humanity but of your spirit, will come from remembrances of your truly loving natures as people from your planet of origin.

We brought some of you together to provide the next generation of souls who would carry on your work after you are gone from the world you now live in. Some of you are indeed saints in the worlds sense, even though none of you feel very saintly at this time. True sainthood is a judgement and condition of those around you and limits love by its nature. Sainthood as we see it is the capability to create love wherever you go. It also allows you to create light, peace, love and joy within those who are your friends and disciples.

Know always that those of you who do not reach the fulfillment of your purpose in this life’s span, will come again to give to the Earth what it needs from you. For there are many who will indeed be awakened by the light and love and clarity emanating from those of you who can accept who you are.

You ask us if you were angels of some sort? In your planet of origin the answer is yes and yet on Earth the answer is no. Your dimension is not that of Earth but of the answer to a request made by God. There is only one true God. All else are lights to provide direction on Earth and other planets of existence. 

Your divinity and that of all created beings emanates from your creation by God’s Self-realization. That only came about by the loving act of creation and the true desire to share God’s gifts with the many worlds God created. God is perfect. God’s creations are perfection and yet God shares all God is with all of you and it may be beyond you to understand how this can be. But each time you allow yourself to transcend the desire to understand, you come closer to experiencing the truth. That is the only way understanding will ever come to you, for like love, understanding is not a process of mind but one of true and abiding love and just is.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.


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A Short Story by Florence Mary – June 6, 1993.

The student woke from a long sleep
And the teacher appeared.
“What can I create for you today?”
Asked the teacher.

“Nothing”, answered the student, ” for I must create my own life”

The student spent the day creating with his thoughts,
Then he slept a deep sleep.
When he woke the teacher appeared.
“What can I do for you today?” asked the teacher.

“Nothing”, said the student, “for I must now do for myself with my own strength”.

The student spent the day doing the things he had thought of the day before.
Then he slept a deep, untroubled sleep
When he awoke, the teacher appeared.
“What can I give to you today?”, asked the teacher.

“Nothing”, said the student,
“for I can give nothing back to the world if I cannot give it to myself”.

The teacher smiled and the student asked,
“What can I give to you, master?”

“Nothing”, said the teacher,” for you have already given what you can”.

“But I have given nothing”, said the student, “except my love”.

“Then you have given everything”, said the teacher.

They embraced and the master and the student parted.
Each continued on their paths toward the great sea of light.

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Trifecta of Poems by Florence Mary – June 5, 1993.

In the stillness you shall know me
For I will come to you in truth and actuality
Showing to you my face that will erase all
That man has imagined me to be

You are the flowers of my garden
And I tend you carefully to allow your growth
None of you are bent, but merely lost
From your own lovingness and from the knowledge of mine

Take my hand that is offered to you
Through a friend and see the love
Take his hand and feel the power of my presence in him
And more importantly, feel it within your self
For until you do you can love nothing, not even me.


When love becomes the rose of thought
In each man who has forgot
The ways of love and bliss and joy
And when belief is no longer a ploy
To venerate the ego I
From the sage who’s heart is sly
To manipulate the hearts of men
By offering a way home again

So think you carefully about the rose
Trust the promptings from the God who knows
The innermost hearts of men
And their motives you will bend
Not from words or from flowery phrases
But from a love that constantly blazes
From with his very soul
That completes your half and makes you whole

Join you your hearts and then join your minds
And blessings will come of many assorted kinds
To bring forth fruit upon the Earth
That becomes very priceless and beyond all worth
Toil of body becomes a joy
As your vehicle you fully employ
Not to satisfy the ego nor the I
But to serve the God of the I
I becomes the transcendent prayer
To the God you know is there
In your heart and inside your mind
For so many lifetimes you have pined
For the knowledge of your worth
That you are now beginning to birth
From the sea of knowledge deep within
That transcends care and want and sin
To free us all from fear and from doubt
And to know exactly what this life is about
Then at last to turn our hearts and our minds
To serving God and all of mankind.


Every flower you cause to grow
Grows so fast that you will know
How to love in the way of God
So that you do not have to plod
Without the beauty of the garden
Who’s absence will cause hearts to harden
Against the one who loves you most
And offers to you the heavenly host
Of love and care and plenty too
If my truth you only knew
So see me in the dark of night
And see me again in the morning light
So offer up your pain to God
So he can then remove your sod
Of blindness from your soul
That keeps you half when you are whole.


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Question and Answer Session by Florence Mary – Thursday – Feb 24, 1994.

Webmasters Note : there are a few pages with questions and answers from Florence to the Guides and from the Guides to Florence. 1994 was about three years into her writings. These were placed at the very end of a binder amongst other things. I decided to post it because there is real conversation here and it is interesting. I must admit that I do not know any of the people spoken of other than Florence and the Guides, so I cannot comment on the other “writer/psychic” that is in one of her questions. I debated on whether it was even necessary to put on here, but then I figured, why not? There might be something in it for someone. I have learned that possibility and probability are often usurped by the NOW, which exists within the ALL. So, with that being said, here we go…..

Florence Mary : Could you tell me why when I speak of something with a friend, you speak of it with me in these writings?

Guides : Have we not told you that all you need to know is written upon your soul? Have we not told you that each of you, in your own way must access the truth within you in order to live more perfectly in tune with the will of God? Each time you speak of something that is truth we use it as an opportunity to stretch you farther or to show you how infinite the truth is. Have you ever asked yourself : If this is true then how much more is there that I do not know?

Florence Mary : I haven’t , but I have wondered. I know that sooner or later when my mind and being can handle it, you will share all that needs to be clarified for me.

Guides : This is true, but you ask us so few questions and question so little.

Florence Mary : I do not see any point to question. When I feel that what you give me is causing me doubt or a basic feeling that this should not be believed then I will not take writings from you again. So, why in the world should I question?

Guides : Maybe we should have said that you have “so few questions”. But we hear them echoing within your being at times and try to answer them for you before you ask. 

Florence Mary : Then what difference does it make whether I ask you questions or not?

Guides : It is just that most human beings would have more questions and be more doubtful about what we say and how we say it.

Florence Mary : What you say to me feels right. For two years I have taken lectures on trust and having faith in my self and the process of God and how everything fits together, why should I have questions? I know that God has a plan for my life and this is just a part of that process. Why should I question that?

Guides : It is just a very human thing to do and you seem to lack the curiosity of most human beings but we see your point. From doubt to absolute faith in your own process is not usual.

Florence Mary : Since you want me to ask you something I want you to explain the material in Joy Rushforth’s book and why it is that I feel that none of the things she wrote about is going to happen the way she has received the information. I feel that we should all be returning to the land because it would be better for our world. I know that we cannot all do that and that something has to give but I cannot believe that it will quite happen that way.

Guides : Maybe for her it will and her perception of the Earth Changes will be full of anguish and peril but maybe for you and those who believe the way that you do they will be far less devastating. Remember, attitude and creation are always ours to unfold. Each of you has within you the power to change everything within yourselves and to manifest those changes outside of you. Joy is over sixty and still fighting the demons of her childhood. You still feel the sorrow of those things but realize that they have contributed in a great part to who you are today. It is why you know that things with people and belief has to change. It is why you now look upon your children and have released them to God with complete belief in Gods plan for their lives, whatever that may be. So here we see how trust and faith can change a life and the circumstances of life.

Florence Mary : So all of this noise about asking questions was just to make a point?

Guides : Yes and No. It is hard for us to believe that deep down you do not question and that you just accept what we give.

Florence Mary : Sometimes I do but when I go away and think and then meditate on them for hours. When it feels right then I come back, and not before. This is how I handle my fears. It has become the only way that I know how to handle things.

Guides : Good. It is the way all of mankind should handle doubt and fear. God wants each of you to question and to have your questions answered. That knowledge is all around you and more and more people are putting the truth that they have found into the printed word and it is there for each of you to read but more importantly to put into your lives through changes to that life and the times in which you live. Each of you has a path and that path is solitary but from time to time there will be others who can share the parallels of that pathway with you. The more faith you have and the more you trust you have in your own process, then the more you will be able to accept the singleness of that path, but understand that it is the same for each of you. With this belief will come the capability to be unconditional and un-expectational with those of your world. Love, true love, does and is what is best for those around us. Do not let yourself be pushed into anything that is not correct for you. Know in the heart what is right and do not see rightness as selfishness but instead see it in the actions of another clearly and forgive. That is all that you can do. Do not worry so, about things. In time, all that needs to come to be will come to be. 

Right now the thing that you need most is rest and exercise. Take today for yourself. You need to nurse the tender parts of you that are hurting.

Florence Mary : I didn’t know I was.

Guides : We all have cycles in life and you have parts of you that you need to look at and change. In this way we believe that you will be more open and trusting of your own process and the process that must be gone through in the future. Clear out your own hurts and then when they come up with others they will not be so devastating for you.

Florence Mary : How do I do that when I remember so little about my hurts? How do I just let it all go?

Guides : Allow yourself to feel the hurt, the why of it is not important, then allow it to dissolve in the white light that you bring around it. Allow that same light to protect you from the anger that you feel about your hurts and then when you feel that it is time, just allow them to go from your experience. But first you must free yourself from the ties that they have on you. You can only do that by allowing that you have been hurt and that all things you have worked on so hard in the past still hurt on some deep level and let it go. You do not let them rule your life but the hurts are still there. Allow yourself to be healed and use the memory of those things to be understanding for the hurts of others. You do that, but right now it just about kills you. We tell you to cleanse, release and shed the past. It is the only way that you can have an uncluttered future.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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Fleur de Lis Speak on Relationship by Florence Mary March 11, 1993.

True love is separate from all else that exists. True love just is. It may be that indefinable ingredient within relationships that make them work, where others do not.

When we define relationship that really works, we are not speaking about relationships that work because one party has decided that who and what they are must be sacrificed so that the relationship can be preserved because some “ism” has said that once a contract, such as marriage exists, that there is no going back or getting out of it. Indeed in many cases one of the other parties or both, must compromise who and what they are for a relationship to exist. This is not love. This is also not a true relationship as it should be. We do not presume to say that a relationship should be this or that, for only the two people within that relationship can define what works. It may appear to everyone outside of that relationship that it has no future and no hope for success. It may also appear that the people involved in the relationship are wrong for each other, but that is not up to you to judge. In each relationship or bond that one forms in their life, there is a higher purpose, something that must be served beyond that of the two people involved. That purpose is love. The kind of love that we speak of here is God’s love. The love that god feels for all of us who are God’s children. We tell you that the only way every one of you can feel love is to come to know God. 

You may sit every day in the church of your choice and mouth over and over meaningless prayers that fill your time but not your heart and the result of all of this effort will still be just that, effort. Yet to pray to God with conviction and with the knowledge that God hears every prayer that comes from within us, that is authored from our love for ourselves and God and from the true and abiding knowledge that God truly loves us and will provide an answer if we are but willing to be still within ourselves and listen for the wisdom that God will provide through our witness-self.

Everything you need to know, all righteous action and purpose is already within you. But you cannot hear the rightness if you do not take the time to understand  that doubt comes from fear. Fear is the human condition, a condition that can only be cured by love. So when you are very busy treating everyone else without condition or expectation, make sure that you are treating yourself without those things also. To treat yourself otherwise is to invite failure after failure into your life. When you get up in the morning and say “I must accomplish this today”, and yet you do not get it done, so the day is classified as a failure. But we tell you that if you accomplish nothing in a prescribed plan but have comforted a friend or ministered to the downtrodden or sickly, then it has been a very productive loving day for you.

We are not telling you not to plan or have goals but we point out to you that the way to temper goals with plans is to leave room for God’s plan. Many of you make plans that fit God’s plan for you and things go along very well for a very long time and then one day nothing may seem to fit and you may find yourself asking if what you are living is all that there is. If you do, know that what you have lost is yourself and the next part of your journey may need to be to find your truest self that exists in God.

Remember here that no one, and we mean no one, can give you the exact blueprint to finding this part of yourself. Indeed one to whom you can give your complete trust may be able to point out a path, a book or even take you on day to day journey within, but to truly find yourself is a solitary journey that you must take by yourself. On that journey you not only find yourself but you will find God.

The next question most of you ask is how do you know when you have found the God within? There will be many times that you have and you may have, but living the physical life prevents you from being joined with God for longer than you can maintain the stillness required to get closer to God. For some the quest is life long and not reached, but that does not mean that you have not gained knowledge that will be used in succeeding incarnations that will one day bring you into the union with the God-Creator that you seek. Being in the physical incarnation requires that you honour your physical side as you do your spiritual side. If you do not know or acknowledge your spiritual side, then you must learn this side too, for to leave either side of your nature languishing leaves you out of balance. The imbalance may not be that apparent to even yourself, but at times leaves you feeling that there is something you are missing or that anxiety seems to plague you every day with no apparent reason for the feeling. These are the tell tale signs that you have forgotten who you are. You must remind yourself daily who you are and what that means to you.

Who am I? You may well ask. The answer to that, the only answer that is important is this : I AM A CHILD OF GOD. Everything else that comes after that is an illusion. So, to be wife, mother, lover, etc, etc, contributes nothing to who you are except when they help you to understand and learn the truth of who and what you are. Each state of being contributes to the learning of what you have forgotten at some point in your existence. Even when you logically know that you are something more than your physical self, there needs to be something more than just the knowledge and that is to experience what you are, through the physical life that you live. Each time you comfort your children, wife, husband, lover, friend or anyone else that populates your life you are contributing to your own knowledge of who you are. Realize that what you do does not make you a child of God, for you are that without doing anything, but when you do things because you are a child of God and you need to experience the truth of that state, a great joy enters your life. It begins in prayer and continues in meditation and then one day it spills over into your life. Colours become brighter and music accelerates your vibration with the Universe and you begin to fall in love with being alive in both realms of your life. Each day becomes an adventure that you would not miss for anything.

Even when life is less than perfect there is a part of you that knows the great truth of who you are and allows you to contribute to the group consciousness in a positive way. Know that when you have reached that state you are just moments away from knowing God in a personal way. For when you reach the point that tears may fall from your eyes but that your heart sings with the joy of who you are, you have almost reached the place where spiritual union with God is at hand. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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This and That – More from Fleur de Lis – by Florence Mary – March 8, 1993.

Only in knowing one’s truest heart can one find the answers to the questions that plague us from day to day. Should I do this or that? Should I be this or that? We tell you do not ask but instead, ask how? For nothing you do is ever right or wrong, like love, it just is. The lessons you learn from what you do are the lessons you all have come here to learn. Living your life with this or that sets you up to believe that you have chosen incorrectly when things do not go the way that you have imagined that they would. Remember that nothing in this physical life is the way that you may have imagined it to be. You do that with the fears that live inside your heart of hearts.

So, again we see that overcoming our fears and trusting in the God-Creator and believing that we are loved and will be provided for in all our needs is of utmost importance.

If you are meant to be here or there, God will move you internally to be here or there, but God cannot and will not take your fears away. You create your fears and it is you who must deal with them.

Dealing with our fear is a life long project and as such requires us to learn to love ourselves enough to allow to know and love God as we know and trust ourselves. If you do not trust yourself then we tell you that any God that you know will let you down, just as you may let yourself down. Yet when you know and love yourself enough to always be, do, etc, the right thing for yourself, then your God becomes something that you believe in with unshakeable faith. God becomes One who wants and provides only what is best for you, through you.

God works through each of us and through our consciousness. So, when you see the world as being an unkind, evil place, then that is what it is. When you see the world as being unusually kind and abundant, then that is what it is. 

So sharing what you know inside with those around you becomes as important as anything else that you will do in your life. If you meet one who thinks that his purpose is this, and you do not see how this could be from what you know, do not dissuade him. God will do that when God is ready to do so. God always provides us with a dream when the one’s we have created do not turn out the way we have imagined them.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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The Very First Writing – By Florence Mary – July 7,1991.

Webmasters Note : This is the first communication with guidance that Florence Mary put down on paper. Fleurde Lis are the name of this group. I figured as I had posted one of her last writings yesterday that it was time to post her first one. This was the first writing and all writings flow forth throughout the years after this one. As I type the words, I myself will be reading this for the first time that I can remember. I can tell you that Florence walked her talk and it sprang forth from the first hint of light from spirit. Namaste

Today we want to reaffirm Gods love for mankind. We can see love around us if we look for it. We can have all that we desire from life if we can but allow God to live in our lives. God asks only that we believe in Gods plan for our lives. It was born in us when we were a spark in the universe. As we grew, we were tempted away from the light of God. It is a journey all souls  make away from God. We expand and we grow but as we do that we become able to have a more equal relationship with God. We become independent and like all children, rebel against their parents. 

We become like the child who runs away from his mother, but soon finds his freedom frightening. He stops to see if she is still near and then plunges ahead and onward, keeping her in sight. Some however, loose sight of their safety, and therefor, themselves. When they do this they enter into a constant state of reproach for having lost sight of their parent. The feeling of loss overtakes the growth and development of that soul in their physical, emotional and spiritual lives. There are many inconsistencies. A very good man may be a sex offender. This may be secret but never the less apparent if looked for. Physical problems such as heart, kidney, obesity, cancer or recurring physical problems can be traced to the fact that the entity feels abandoned in his world. He feels undeserving of the company of our God. So every day he sins in order to feel something or not. Whatever he does, he knows he has strayed from the path of God. Finally he gives up and becomes nothing, which is the greatest sin of all. It is akin to suicide which takes more forms than can be seen plainly.

The person who smokes, drinks, eats, loves sex or even works too much is committing suicide as surely as the person who has put a gun to his head, a needle in his arm or a man who cheats on his wife with a harlot. What manner of men do we become when we fear our aloneness or want only to be alone? 

What we have here is fear. It is the same sin and yet it comes in different guises. What is needed in both cases is trust in God. God is the source of all power. Like the sun, God radiates all knowing, being, birth, death, advancement, attunement and guidance. All we need is to live within the light of Gods love. 

We are all Gods creatures. Every rock and stone vibrates with its knowledge of why it was created. Every plant is content with its existence, its potential for being and for what it truly is. This is truly the reason nature comforts even the most troubled of souls. Only man is driven to discontent by his own refusal to join with God.

God is not found in elevated places nor is God often found in the places dedicated to his worship. But surely we tell you that God is in each man who comes in his name. God is often found in the person who moves quietly among the sick and the desperate of the world, where one man walks among them knowing that God lives within him as himself and he walks amongst them.



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Steven’s Story Part 3 – the writings – when things start to click

It was a cold, snowy winters evening and Florence decided to start a group meditation at her home and there were several gathered there that evening. We sat and visited shortly before going into the silence. The only sound in that old heritage house in Trail BC was the hissing of the steam heater off in the corner of the room. It would hiss and creak and then emit a round of heat that made you feel toasty inside. At this point I would say that the gathering was a mix of beings who were searching and seeking spirit in one form or another. Some of us were more calm and cerebral and some of us were not. Each had our ego’s and yet we could move beyond them in the silence and it connected us. 

I was one of the walking wounded. An angry young man who tended to provoke a response from spirit regardless of whether I smoked tobacco, pot or whether I drank alcohol. Sometimes when a man is angry and he has not figured it out, he will act out without even consciously knowing the reason why. It did not matter that I created my own hell for myself, it was better to carry on than to stop and breathe and look inside. I had figured out that the world’s system was evil and corrupt and I was furious at the delusion all around me in society. I was still running away from myself and yet there was a power that refused to let go of me. In time it would come crashing through and disrupt everything. In a sense, I could not hide anymore. This was my state back then. Distraught with life and the lies. “What did I do to deserve all this?” was my motto. 

We sat in silence. I could hear a pin dropping in the room, literally. After about ten minutes I could feel energy hitting me. I formed a ball of white light and started to move it to the person next to me. I could see the energy ball move to next person and the next, and so on. It was beautiful and yet perplexing. My rational mind was just waiting in the background to pick this apart and yet it could not. The energy balls kept moving around the room. Passed one to the other. Then after a while, deep silence, followed by a cold breeze that blew by me like angel feathers. This was not a usual coldness. It was divine. More silence. Then I began to hear these words, “hearken unto my words”…..I let them go and then I heard them louder. Before I had time to hear them again, a voice in the room spoke up. “Who is hearken unto my words? Who is hearken unto my voice? What’s going on here? I said absolutely nothing. I let the moment go but I knew I had tapped into something and the other person heard it and had unknowingly given me confirmation. Then, a smell began to permeate the room. I could smell roses. The Aquarius in me was intrigued and my antennae’s were up.

The heater hissed away in the background and creaked. The room stayed cold with a gentle smell of roses. The sitting went on for about half an hour or so and then it broke up and we talked and then everyone went there own way. I did not. I stayed and talked a while with Florence. I told her about the voice and words that I had heard. She smiled and hugged me so lovingly and said to me “I have something to show you”. She walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a huge binder full of drawings and writings. I got chills as I looked at her drawings and felt something click in the ether. I had been drawing those exact glyphs that she had drawn. Hers were given by spirit but mine I had been drawing since childhood. There was a connection. I had had something the whole time, even in my hell, my father was faithful, there might be a reason for my existence yet.

I had forgotten about the time that I was 21 and laying dying in my hospital bed. For some unusual reason I had contracted a regular everyday virus that most people get and it is no big deal, but it began to take my life and for two months I lay in a hospital bed with outrageous fevers. The nurses would run in and put ice on my genitals and under my armpits to try and bring the fevers down because none of their drugs worked. I was anorexic. I had lost 50 pounds in a little over two months. IV’s kept me alive as any food that came near me I would throw, literally. Then after sheer hell I sat up in my bed and asked for a writing pad. They brought one in and I started writing. The writing was so loving that it broke me. It was from someone or something far away and it was telling me that it loved me and that I counted for something. After I wrote that writing I got back in my bed and said “take me home or heal me but I need to be freed.” In seconds, I felt cold water starting to pour over me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I was sweating beyond belief and covered in water. From that moment on I was healed. The fevers had broke. I asked an orderly for a sandwich. His jaw dropped. “The cafeteria is long closed and there is nothing in the nurses fridge”. “Tell me what you want and I will get it for you”. My response was “I want a roast beef sandwich and a bag of ketchup potato chips”. So, this orderly left the hospital and walked miles all the way down to 7-11 to bring me my sandwich and chips. I inhaled them. The orderly cried as he watched me eat. I thought I was a gonner. So did he. This was a turning point.

Florence showed me her writings and the automatic ones that were rough and scribbled. I noticed the progression. I was intrigued because something inside was telling me that this was important and to keep questioning. It was after that particular night that I began to get writings myself. The energies that were coming through sounded downright biblical. Full of thee’s, thou’s thy’s and thine’s. For a while I was horrified because they sounded biblical in nature and I had wrestled with that my whole existence. Yet, in reality, they were not. They did not have the dogma attached that mankind had placed on the teachings of old. The writings condemned the dogma and ritual and spoke of the personal relationship with God instead. The condemnation was the harshest when it came to how we hurt the Earth. The writings condemned the destruction and unconsciousness and the lack of love and light. Our willingness to make wars in the name of righteousness and the condemning of such in Gods name, while we let our own homeless be damned and starved so we can free others and the sheer ignorance associated with that reasoning, if one could call it that. It spoke of our wrecklessness and greed. Of everything in my own early writings there is one thing they told me, that stands out. They said to me “when man begins to choke on the very air he is breathing, he still will not get it and by then it may be too late, but rest assured, man will choke.” 

The writings we both had, we shared with each other. They were not the same and yet they were. They were on different levels and filtered through our own human beings. While admitting we are fallible and fall short personally, truth of spirit does not. I learned that spirit will use whatever vessel they so choose. They reminded me that there are those who are condemned by man as evil and vile and yet they are found blameless before God. I never forgot that truth, and it is truth. God looks out through the eyes of the many, the animals, the birds and even insects are witnesses to our good or evils. Mans ways and Gods way are out of alignment, yet they are interchangeable when in alignment, even if for just a milli-second.

I am going to pause the story here. I am so grateful for everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. Life is so much easier to look at when you can stretch it out before you and look back clearly and see why things happened the way they did. Life must be lived to be understood. If life has trashed you and you have survived, there has to be a reason. Life has to be lived before it can be understood and timing is everything. Sometimes you have to walk in darkness so that you can be thankful for the light when it comes. Never give up. If any of you had met me as a younger man of 20 or so and if you asked me why I am here, this would be my response then, ” I have no idea why I am here, but I know that there is something that I have to do here and at a time in the future I will do what I was programmed/sent here to do and then I will go away”. That is still my response, but the “something” becomes clearer and heavily into view now. 

I will write some more and share more of my story and stories about my experiences with Florence Mary in the future. We have a bond that goes back myriad lifetimes. Most of our experiences were surreal and so I digress and bring it back to what this site is about, Florence Mary and what she left for us.

Thank you for your interest. Namaste



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The Holy Mother Breath by Florence Mary – August 16, 2012.

Webmasters Note : This is one of the last of Florence Mary’s journal entries. I am bringing it forward here as it speaks of the Holy Mother Breath. Throughout the years of writings there were many changes. Guidance and messages progressed as we did. This then is reflected in her latter writings. Towards the end of her existence in human form here, Florence focused on her artwork and knitting for family and friends. To those who do not know, I will mention the fact that Florence had polio as a child and got through it. However, this would come back to haunt her for the last twenty years of her life as it was revisited and surely contributed to her death/transition and that was a condition known as post -polio syndrome. Florence carried this burden physically and it wore on her mind yet never once did she walk away from spirit or from life. Her suffering was great and done in silence. Her smile lit up a room and yet you never saw her pain. She carried it with grace, even unto the end.

Hour to hour, day to day, progress has begun where you are. It is not easy or simple to unite with others when the minds and hearts are distracted from the truth unfolding before their very eyes. Remember, “none are so blind as those who will not see”, for in your very seeking of truth, you too may become blinded by the pervasive manipulation of that which you seek to avoid. The truth is always that which lies in plain sight or it is merely hidden by what is natural but found “wanting” in the world around you. You are never alone as you travel the expanse of your years. Even in the depths of your own imprisonment or enslavement to the un-awakened self, The breath is whispering “I AM”.

Confusion is not a weakness or even separation, which takes you into unknowing. It is, rather, to the wise, a place to stop and consider what you are doing. 

Once allowing and permitting again, fills your consciousness, making decisions will become easier. The results will move you into, rather than out of “The Holy Mother Breath”. 

Before you ask what is the Holy Mother Breath, we shall tell you. It is the voice of the creative power where you exist. To answer your next question before you ask it, we say to you that there are so many parts to God under the singular Godhead that it would take volumes to explain and still you would not understand. It is not because you are dumb or stupid but rather because your mind is set for the duality where you live. 

Inherent in The Holy Mother Breath is the balance of Father Creator. In all functions of creation, even of growth where you are, is the requirement for the nature of duality to be honoured and also protected by its honouring. Chase your tails if you wish but we warn you for your own mental construction that details will not be helpful.

Do not ask us what you should do. We are now required not to tell you or to advise you. Instead, you must trust your knowing and be able to catch the small hints that strike a chord of “yes”, that is part of all personal knowing. Take care, do not struggle with the “unseen”, for they are no longer a part of your path. 

The path ahead will be brightly lit when you accept that you are the light in your own life, and yes, there will come a time when we will be less frustrating for you when you can read us through “dimensional shifting”. We say to you, “don’t ask”. Blessings to you and to the endeavours in which you find yourself.

Remember, nothing you ever do in your life is ever wrong, but you must be careful of your motivation for doing anything. Wanting to be yourself without any anger is on point. Wanting to be aware, allowing that truth is somewhere between the extremes, is wise. Remember also that most opinions are self-serving, creating boxes just like the ones you may be climbing out of. Keep love and a place between as your sole reason and all will be well. Resist temptation.


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The Inner Voice and Past Lives by Florence Mary – January 21, 1992.

Where are the words of God? Many times they are not heard because most people do not listen to their inner voice. Many times that voice is silenced by fear. It takes great courage for most of you to listen to your inner voice because for most of the time, it says things that you would rather not hear. This is the voice of our past experience speaking of all we have known and all that we have ever known since our creation.

In each incarnation, you hear that voice with varying degrees of trust and faith. You are deeply affected by the present circumstance of your lives and often allow that voice only to speak of what is now present in your lives. You must live in the present always and yet the voice may speak to you of past lives but it is very important that you understand that this is only to help you to understand the circumstances in the present and deal with these circumstances of the present and to deal with these circumstances with love. None of you are to live in your pasts. Not even in this life.

When today has passed to tomorrow, when this hour is gone and another hour begins, when the second hand moves to the next second, it is the past and you cannot change the past, you can only change the moment in which you find yourself. Therefor, past lives mean nothing in this one and while they may shed light on your circumstances, what is important is how you live this life, how you overcome your fears and doubts that you have chosen to work on in this existence. To live in the past is to live no life at all. It denies your purpose in the NOW.

If one’s present husband was once one’s mother and you have old business to settle, you must look in the present for the solution to those past difficulties. Very few people actually benefit from this knowledge. There are those who would even have you think that the injustices done in the past justify the present or allow one to feel justified in treating you or you treating another badly because of past wrongs. This is not the purpose of remembering past lives. Remembering past lives only helps you to see how your choices drive your lives forward. They should help you see the habit of your choices, made either in love or from fear and doubt and what that has meant to your lives. Remember, love and all that it entails is the key. Love is the only thing that embodies all virtues.

Love is like a well cut diamond, a very precious gem. Yet, in the cutting, one false step and that precious gem is forever ruined. The scales of love, like justice are delicately balanced and you must be very careful not to teach only the good parts of love. Indeed, even some of the negative parts serve a purpose. That purpose is to allow you to let more light in when it is dark and what is reflected back out is radiance beyond measure. It is knowledge. Knowledge gained through hard work and study and practice. It is always a never ending process, one in which you are ever expanding and encompassing all that comes into your sphere of existence.

You must always be sure that the lessons you are learning are the ones that you were actually meant to learn. Many times, you miss the true lesson because you have no self love or self esteem. Because of that, sadly, you live lives of quiet desperation and you never hear the voice which tells you of the love that is there for you.

There is no punishment to life, only the living of choice. When one falls in love and has children, you do not worry about your gene pools or what might be produced by them, nor do you look at a child with congenital problems and say that this was there choice. Love keeps this knowledge from us. But let it be known that the child does choose the vehicle to reside in but you then must help him or her to be all that they can be in that same vehicle.

A soul always has the choice and sometimes decides to take the vehicle anyway, for there is no really right or wrong way to live. Here, in this existence there are merely lessons to be learned, fears to be overcome and conquered and the coming to know the God-Creator as your personal mentor. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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Messages from the Soul by Florence Mary – January 4, 1992.

Only with the absolute surrender of being can one come to know the deepest part of themselves. It is this very act of surrender that funds the power to accept and change what is in one’s life and to go beyond self to the you that you were born to be when you were first created. This is the goal of all incarnations. To work for this goal is the burden and joy of karma. In this realization lays the reward. 

Karma is most easily understood as fear. What we fear most or have always feared, returns again and again to be conquered. Walking away from what one fears is not working in their life, is not working out karmatic obligations. It is not even the skillful use of retreat. One also cannot outrun one’s own fate, for it will be presented again and again until one works out the lesson to be learned. Take heart, lessons come in many forms. Be careful to take the time to see them and to learn each lesson as it comes up.

Love is always the key ingredient to our renewal of being. To be love, as it is defined in the archetypal mind and as we know it, or have come to know it, may be very different from the definition we need to learn now. Before you can truly love another, you must love yourself and value that love above all others, for from that love grows all power and strength for growth, change, birth and rebirth, in the cycles of our lives. We shed our hair and skin in cycles unnoticeable to us. As our body dies and renews itself, so do our psychic and spiritual selves.

There are no set patterns for this growth and renewal. Awareness is what sets these patterns in motion. If you refuse to grow, meditate, read and study, then you lay as a fallow field, capable of yielding much, but as of yet, unplanted. As the wind blows, drying your soil, you allow yourselves to be dispersed if you are not watered by the knowledge and experience of truth. You become dust in the wind.

It must be remembered here, that even in congregations of like believers, all men walk the path to self-realization, self-actualization and rebirth alone. You can only exchange the most minimal of what you are with another but your essence is contained in that mysterious part known as your soul. Each of you can only guess at the truest most dear feelings and wishes contained in each soul. It is not so much what they do or say that is important but what is contained in the soul is an overriding desire to serve. Make no mistake, in some it is evil, but in most it is to be of goodness.

The power of the soul is lost if that soul believes in its own powerlessness. When one sees a soul repeat behaviour that is self-destructive one must realize that the soul is separated from its ability to recognize its own power and worth. In your case and with others, it is more important to cling to the one thing that you have power over than to rid yourself of your physical pain. 

When one has conquered their attachment to power and in most cases, false and non-existent power, then one sees that power is like all else in the world of physical, an illusion, and the soul will no longer seek it but instead will seek love as its only source of strength.

On the eve of your New Year we gave you a set of predictions that are forming to completion in your not too distant future. We tell you now that only man’s choosing of enlightened lovingness shall bring a change in the patterns of what has been set in motion.

All of the weather patterns will be slightly off kilter. This will grow to greatly off kilter as the shift begins to grow. Expect earthquakes where they have been not known to happen. Expect earthquakes where they have been known to happen yet rarely do. Storms will come to areas that have historically been storm free. Clouds and cold will come to places that are usually warm and sun and heat will reach to where it was once cold. Snow will come to your deserts and also rain. There will be bouts of inordinately dry weather in areas usually assured of enough moisture. If mankind continues on his present course, the final shifting of Earth’s axis will bring flood, famine, pestilence and utter death. It will cleanse the Earth of that which is an abomination unto mankind and its purpose. At this point we tell you that we are not speaking about those whose sexual orientation is not understood by most others. We are speaking to those who have allowed others to starve, be cold, be wet and die in disease and heat, all the evils and ills of unkindness and greed that one man commits against another.

Be assured, every one of you that until you become of one mind, one heart, and one purpose, when you see yourselves as one people, regardless of the separations of truth, color, race, creed and even dimension, then and only then shall you find global peace. Until that time, time and programming of your Earth for her own evolutional progression continues. This shift that is coming is not the work of the Creator but is rather of your own making and that of the Earth indeed, to cleanse yourself and itself of the rot that eats away at your societies. Only a shift in consciousness will cushion the blow of what is almost upon you. It can be gentle and loving or it can reflect the present hearts and minds of all of you here and now, as well as those who will come in the future.

When you become open to the power of love then you shall remember and understand all the things that shall come to you in vision and in remembrance. Trust this and allow it to flow through you and to those who would gather around you in celebration of life and love. You may have many confrontations along the way with doubt and fear but if you remember that you are loved and looked after here and now, you will always triumph over the forces of evil that exist within your world as it is now. Remember that evil is the absence or lack of light and hope. When you have this knowledge with you always, then you cannot be overrun  and overcome by that which is seen as evil.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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Divine Relationship in Everyday Life by Florence Mary – Aug 4, 1997.

The recognition of the flow of Universal energies through life must not contain superstition or fear. There is nothing within the revelation of the Divine within all things that need be feared or ritualized in order to partake of its wonders. The Divine within all things is not mysterious or miraculous for those whose trust and faith in God is firm. They already know this and live the sacred life with reverence for all things and beings of the Earth be they other people, plants, animals, sands or waters.

As we have told you before : “Every rock and tree vibrates with the knowledge of why it was created. Every plant is content with its potential for being. Only man is driven by discontent with his refusal to join with God.” Of course, here we are not speaking of Divine Discontent which is the need to help self and others to overcome the difficulties of the physical life and to know God, but instead, a state of being where mankind does not even know itself or a state in which Divinity is absent in even the smallest form through acknowledgement. Those who do not seek God through their own pathway, they will find God absent when they really need God. Those who know God only through what another group thought tells them about God, will find God absent too. Only where faith is the experience of God, does God appear present within that life and becomes a beacon to all those who would believe in that presence.

The experience of God is something that you must work on and experience for yourselves. You must not judge the magnitude of Gods presence in your life and then compare it to how present God is within another’s life. Instead you must see God as present within your own life. If you expect the experience of God to appear with great and wonderful feats, then you will be sadly disappointed. God most often appears first within the manageable bits and pieces of your life and as your faith grows, with greater and more wondrous undeniable presence.

This presence comes in the manifestation within the invisible first, the element of Air. It is first measured in temperature and movement. This will not be as apparent when you live fully within the manifestation and use it upon a daily basis to connect with the Divine in all things. Then, for some, it will become the scent or sound of things within the invisible, a slight yet constant ringing in the ears or the smell of flowers or incense when there is none present. And of course, it will appear as peace and harmony within your life that keeps all that is not created of those states from manifestation within that life.

Here we remind you not to seek anything that has demonstrated its ability to upset the harmony within your life. We here will work to keep you from that and from being in contact with persons, places and things that will bring about a state of chaos within your life. It may not be exciting in human terms but you are not being drained by your experiences, either.

In the past we have told you about trust and faith. Well, dearest ones, it has never been more important than it is at this moment in time or as it will be in the moments of life that come ever closer. Now is your time.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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In A Little While – A Poem by Florence Mary Masotti

In A Little While

In a little while I shall stop crying
But I shall never stop missing you.
You have been my best friend and my dearest companion,
All the moments of joy and sorrow
In all of your life and most of mine.

In a little while I shall stop being numb
And start feeling again.
But I will still miss you.
I shall miss you when the sun shines,
Or when it rains or if it snows.

In a little while I shall be able to laugh again
But I shall still miss you.
I will remember how you looked
When I laughed at your antics,
And how pleased your were that I was happy.

In a little while I shall have a child
But I shall still miss you.
This child will never fill
That special place in my heart that only you can fill,
But I will love them because you taught me how.

In a little while life will be good again
And days and years will come and go,
But I shall still miss you.
You were a gift from God
Perfect in every way and I loved you.

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Life, Death and the Inbetweens – written by Florence Mary – May 16, 1993.

Webmasters note : I may have posted this writing when I first put the blog up but I also believe I hit a button and it vanished into the ether. So, I am posting this one again for others who have not read it. 


Deeply buried within each of us is the knowledge of who you are. You are the children of God. As such, you have been given a great legacy. That is eternal life.

Eternal life means that you never die. All religions of the earth believe that your soul lives on after your bodies have passed from earthly existence. Some even believe that your soul may come again to take up another body and live again as another, only your address this time may be George instead of Martha.

To many of you, the belief that you return holds some kind of justice. If only that you get to come back and try to get it right. To others, it seems unfair that you would have to inherit this veil of tears more than once. Yet in spite of what you believe, the fact is that you do inhabit earth more than once.

Some on the other side do not ever wish to live the life of the physical once they have been there, but continue their journey on this side by helping those of you there to be more than you could be otherwise. The job of these souls is to be your guides through the rocks and hard places that you continually find yourselves into with great regularity.

Often the voice you hear in the insanity of your life is that of your guide or guides, trying to bring some order to your thoughts so that you can climb out of the pit you have dug for yourself. Know that this is the voice of God speaking to you through them. For while we have not yet completed our journey to perfection, we are motivated by the continual love we feel for all of you in the physical world of the Earth. This Earth that we all inhabit, in whatever dimension, is a school house and we are all here to learn about life, love and God.

Have you ever wondered why the Greeks devised such an elaborate system of  gods and goddesses? Indeed they were most un-god like. They had vices and anger and generally reflected the worst and the best of man kind, but even in all pagan beliefs it was an attempt to interpret God to some form of understanding that the human mind can grasp and explain. God is beyond definition and explanation. Even Christianity has not explained God but has instead venerated his son Jesus, as an understandable explanation for God.  Yet even in the worship of Jesus, lies feasts and festivals that stem from the Pagan rituals at the time. Christianity then absorbed the beliefs of the times, which helped to spread their beliefs. It is a common practice with religions and one that all should be aware of.


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Message About Living Love by Florence Mary – January 19, 1992.

All of human existence and the existence of all else is the product of love. We cannot state this often enough or strongly enough. Each soul must give back what the Creator has given to each of you and that is love.

You each are a small part of God and through effort you expand your capacity to be more God-like. It begins in the relationship with yourselves. The statement “No man can give to another what he cannot give to himself”, is one of the basic truths of life. 

What is required of each of you is to live fully in your present existence, accepting it as your own will, and that because it is our will it is also Gods will. It may be hard for you to accept this when things do not please you, but remember that you were created in the freedom of love and therefor, able to create with what you choose to believe as your reality. Remember, that what happens in your life good or ill, is but a reflection of what you unconsciously and consciously think of yourself and what you believe you deserve in this existence. You must change what goes into your mind if you wish your life to be different. If you do not operate from a place of self love then everything you do and are will never be enough to change your life. 

Once one comes to understand love as the most important fact of all human existence and endeavour, then purpose becomes easy to understand. All purpose is for spiritual growth. It may take the form of deep and personal belief in God or in some other round about way as a commitment to ideals of the God-Creator. Many worthy and prosperous souls of deep spiritual growth may not have a relationship with the God-Creator, as far as they can see, but we tell you that any man or woman who is committed to goodness and fair play seeks his or her purpose as surely as one who prays on his or her knees everyday to the God they believe in. You may follow the rituals of your religion but to take the life of your fellow man is murder, for the God-Creator grieves for each life that is taken in its name.

There has never been a holy war. All wars are predicated on greed of some form or another. Even the crusades were more about loot and bounty than about the word of God and God’s compassion for all of us. Jesus, the bringer of a message from God, never tried to force anyone to accept his teachings, except through love and wisdom. Jesus came to teach the power of love and what has come from that teaching is fear and doubt of every kind.

Now in your streets, you have a macrocosm of greed and the war that now exists is between the “have’s and the have nots”. You must all work to restore the goodness within all men and women, with sharing and caring for all of the peoples of the Earth. As you so eloquently put it, ” there is no free lunch”, but that must change so that all of the peoples of Earth can contribute to the wellness of your Collective Consciousness. In time you shall see that trust and faith can move mountains and part seas of unlovingness and even bring all that you need to you without effort and struggle and strife. Until you do you will be as all before you, ever struggling with life and its ways.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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Guides Comment on Televangelism by Florence Mary – January 28, 1992.

Could you clarify a statement made on August 14, 1991? “The man with God internal commits the same sin in public as in private and grieves both with equal intensity”. Are you saying that some of our TV evangelists are less sinners than I because I hide my failings?

You must understand that a man who has his God internal is not perfect. To be perfect here is contrary to the nature of incarnation. Incarnation in this present state or in the next, is always an opportunity to learn the best part of your truest self that you always are from lifetime to lifetime.

The statement that follows is about a person that committed suicide. Take the entity “K”, so recently a victim of his own hand. He had to learn to conquer his deepest fear. He had to find a way to his own light within. It is very sad when a soul fails to find his God within because, as you know, the self-discipline of true love is not present in that soul.

So it is with all other “sins”, as they have been defined whether it be smoking or eating too much or even working too much or not enough. Each of you at times of recognition of wrong choice, wishes for a stronger will to conquer that about yourself that you recognize as errors in judgement.

The evangelists you mentioned, and many others like them are the embodiment of all we do not wish the world to worship. They use Jesus as a tool for their own worship and to gather power. The lure of that power, demonstrates perfectly, the “eye of the needle” theory of the Bible. Always remember that money and power have a way of eating away at self-discipline that lies at the very core of true love. Self-Discipline embodies the relationship between you and the God internal. When you allow power to be your reason for worship and praise then you cast God out to be worshipped as a graven image. Images of God are just that because they externalize God and make it literally impossible for a man to have faith that he may ask, whether at work or play or wherever he needs the help, for the protection and blessings of God, through his assigned caretakers, his guides.

Even at your most needy, you fail to stop and ask for the blessings and grace you need. You are spiritually aware but do not see yourself as worthy of the blessings and endowment of God. Love, as always, is the key. Love will always be the answer. Do not ever loose sight of its power. Offer the suffering you cause yourself up for the advancement of not only yourself but also those of your world. Look around you and see where you cause your own suffering. Learn and grow. Become everything you are and can be. It is time to let your music out.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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An Early Morning Conversation With Spirit – by Florence Mary October 24, 1997 (2:53am)

This morning I would like to thank you for the wonder of my life. For all of the blessings that you have brought into my life. I would ask that you give me whatever you would for the group. I wish you to know that I feel integration with spirit and you, more and more each day. I thank you for that and I thank you for the love I feel flowing from you. It is returned.

There is much love to be found in knowing that it surrounds you and accepting that, even when you cannot feel it. Everything in human existence is passed through the barrier of forgetting and the five senses. Still, belief in God prevails over the belief that God does not exist. So abundant are the ways in which God is believed in and worshipped that we have lost the simplicity of connection to that source of beginning. There is only one attribute to God and that is Love. Still the doctrine of sin and unworthiness prevails in the beliefs of human beings. When you know how deeply you are loved by that source, why do you continue to give the Source attributes that do not exist? A relationship with the source of all love is simple. You were created and evolved from that source, therefor, you are loved by it. 

You do not have to run on the spot for five minutes chanting great chants nor do you have to beg and plead for hearing and understanding. It is yours. Since that relationship is simple so should all of your relationships with each other be simple. Until you can create simplicity in your relationships with each other and then with God, you will always doubt that you are loved and needed within the scheme of things.

Each of you is a place where love fills the void of Universal Flow and enhances the power of love within the Universe. Each of you is a moment in time that sings beauty into the existence of all beings. Every time that you know that with all of your being, even if it is just for a moment, you become perfect. It is time for you to hold your perfection around you with the same open hand that you hold to those things that are dear to you. In this is the perfection of human existence. Life then may be simply putting one foot in front of the other but it is also the place where love flows into your life through the blessings of the Universe. You must begin to see that love is as  simple as being. Being is the choice you make every day. No one thinks about it or tries to define it. They simply wake every morning and are. They put one foot in front of the other until they are tired and then they sleep. In the midst of all that they do, they do what needs to be done, with trust and faith that however they do things, that with “intention” and “surrendered will”, they cannot do anything but their best. Yes, life truly can be that simple.  Life truly can be just a matter of trust and faith in the Source of all creation and of the abundant nature of that relationship with that Source.

Each time you allow yourself to live in abundance and wisdom for what is present in the moment, you live with love. When the want and the neediness generated by mind become the driving force, then we forget who we are and we become something so strange that we forget simplicity and begin to create complex ways of doing all the things in life that we are here to do. We learn only the negative side of the lessons of life and forget how to flow with the abundant nature of the Universe. We are always trying to devise ways for the abundance to stop with us and cannot believe that there is enough to go around. We strive for riches well beyond the meeting of our needs and deny others a place within the abundant flow of love by holding on to the values that create need and deprivation within our world. We do it to ourselves but in that moment we also do it to others. We are the authors of our own worry and consequently become the place of worry for others. The abundant life allows us to see our place as temporary wherever we are, knowing that nothing within life will remain the same for very long. We forget to dream abundance and plenty and we create large dramas around simple things. We have learned only too well how to create drama, but have forgotten the simplicity of just being in the moment where everything that we need is present.

Too often in our lives we forget where we have come from and limit ourselves to seeing that we come from our parents. We forget that once we came from that perfect Source of all creation and create dramas of hurt and need as our reality, instead of the simple abundance of giving ourselves to ourselves and to others as our gift to the Universe. Our need becomes service of ego rather than the service of our true selves, in that moment when we try to take from others without the intention of giving back. We take from the flow of energy around those that we love and from strangers but do not allow ourselves to flow back into love. Our fear and our disbelief in love overrides everything and we take more than our share of love. When it stops flowing, we do not look to ourselves but brand others as ungiving and unloving and therefor, abdicate the responsibility that love places upon us for the condition to flow within our lives. We blame parents, teachers, siblings, government, doctors and all manner of things in our lives for its lack of flow but in the moment that you turn to yourself and see that you have stopped the flow, you become one again with the Universe, if you work diligently to keep the responsibility for flow in your life. You learn that you cannot be responsible for the flow in another’s life and you see clearly the limitations of your association with them. Life will be difficult if you have chosen them for a life partner, thinking you can fix them so that they can share your feelings of abundance with God. That state is an individual path and one that can be learned by example and faith. However, this requires work and time for a relationship with self  and the Divine of the Universe. If you do not have time for a relationship with your self, then you will always be lacking. But the paradox of taking time for your relationship with yourself is that become less involved and more outward looking as you look inside for your answers. 

Looking inside becomes the place where the wheat and the chaff is divided and one is stored and the other is composted to grow more time for that self relationship. From that relationship with self grows the relationship with God, for as we understand ourselves more, we recognize the longing for home that God is. So we create home within ourselves and we welcome others to share the place with us. So each sense of home that we create within ourselves is given to the Universal Flow to be multiplied. Therefor, our mat always says welcome, with no conditions. We realize that no one can take from us that we are unwilling to give with an open heart and we recognize fear as the place where what we hold in reserve as self, is preyed upon by other fearful beings. Love then, is the only place of disarmament within personal relationships and self-sacrifice is an outmoded way of living. Self-sacrifice is a painful process of living out our responsibilities but abundance is the place where we joyfully give to our responsibilities the care and attention that they need. We use acknowledgement as our way of telling others how we feel about them, not only on birthdays and special occasions but in everyday things by the use of words like “thank you” and “please”. We make special efforts to be on time and to make phone calls if we are going to be late. We practice simple acts of kindness to others and wait for the flow of intention to be multiplied by those who know who they are and we stop expecting lost souls to return to us what they did not have or cannot see that they have. We stop expecting people to be what we think they should be and accept them for what they are. We look at their behaviour as a reflection of who they think they are and then decide what our relationship with them can be based upon by what they are giving out.

In each moment of your life allow yourself to feel and know your own wisdom. Be at one with yourself and realize that in being so, you are one with God. Honour yourself and God through your relationship with others and let love be a part of your consciousness of your life.


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Gratitude and Abundance – by Florence Mary November 18, 1997. (5:14 am)

Thank you for your presence in my life and the gifts that you bring to it. I love you and wish only to serve God’s plan for my life.

The moment one gets in touch with what they have to be grateful for, is the moment when life begins to give to them in abundance. But gratitude must be real and it must be heart felt. Gratitude is the art of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved, not only by your own life, but also by God. The things that one may be grateful for are varied and many. Being grateful for one’s health, for family, for warmth, for food, for clean drinking water, for opportunities, even for one’s own possessions. As one is grateful one can allow that all of humanity must share their abundance.

One shows their gratitude for abundance by lighting with protection all that they own and each person they hold dear to them, each day. If one visualizes that gratitude and placing of protection like the falling of dominos, so that, that gratitude and protection reaches far beyond their personal knowledge to all corners of the world. As you light your own belongings and give thank for the abundance of the moment, take it one step further and include every person who has ever crossed your path and also ask for forgiveness that you know you will receive from that abundance. In that moment, with deep understanding and love, forgive and let go of all of the transgressions that have been committed against you. By doing this, you open your life to receiving more in the places of emptiness that forgiveness creates.

Think of forgiveness like the smoke from burning incense, permeating every corner of your world with its fragrance, unseen and unfelt, except for those who are aware of the presence of love that forgiveness brings with it.

Each of you has the power of good and evil within you. Being awake and aware requires you to go beyond your personal concerns, to reach into the very life of each living thing, blessing even the unforgivable and knowing that your power to forgive is blessed by God itself. You do this with your non-judgement. So when terrible things befall the world you are neutral in the struggles between your brothers and sisters and you do not ask for people in your life to take sides in your difficulties with others. Instead you allow each person the power of their own conscience to know the truth and therefor, you remain harmless in all of your thoughts, words and deeds each day, each moment that you are alive. How deep then are the errors of political powers, that do not allow each citizen the power of their personal beliefs in the current moment that their country attends in the difficulties of the world?

Politics requires alliances that leave no room for choice but only compliance to treaties that do not serve the moment of the conscience of individuals within the political structures of their countries. If your father joined the fighting of world wars, you cannot count yourself a pacifist, nor can your children claim to be so. Their very lives may be sacrificed on the alter of political greed because by tradition you have not expressed your desire to remain peaceful in all of your dealing with your fellow human beings. Indeed, if war broke out, your pacifist leanings would be places for ridicule and abuse requiring you to either defend yourself by violence, and therefor, breaking your pacifist beliefs, or receiving  from others actual physical beatings or verbal and physical abuse in the form of rotting fruit and eggs, etc. When you look deeply into this kind of behaviour, one begins to see that their personal freedom for belief and mastery over their lives, rally depends not upon their individual right to choose but the mob mentality that is so prevalent in todays present society. These kinds of beliefs then restrict the flow of abundance and gratitude within the world that you live in. Is it then so surprising that so man of you see the world as needing drastic change? Where is that change going to begin? Who then is responsible for it? If you did not think, “me”, then you are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

The world sits once again on the brink of disaster. Each of you go about your daily lives ignoring the disaster, thinking that it will not touch you. Until you can send each day protection and love to all living things, until you can look into the world and see the fear and suffering that causes the world to bring itself time and time again to the brink of self-destruction because of the ego-based need of political thought to defend itself and where you do so yourself in your own life, your world will be destined to live out the dramas that each of you create within your own lives. Each time you manipulate and try to control the freedom of others, you create more ago based dramas that limits the freedoms of individuals.

God blesses every thought, word and deed sent into the ether and multiplies it. Either we learn to send something different into the ether or we continue to live our past as our only possible futures. When the wise say that history repeats itself, do you not think that each of you should be doing something to change that? Each of you who works at, or even struggles to change your inner life to one that is peaceful and harmonious, who refuses to sacrifice themselves upon the alter of ego and need, brings to the world a place of true freedom, not only for yourself but also for others. If you do that with intent that all you struggles in that direction, earn for each person the right to the same harmony and peace, and you are grateful that they will be so, gives to the world the most precious gift of service that one can give the planet that you live on. When, in the small corner of the world, you see the violence of the world in total, reflected not only in the behaviour of others but also within the moments of your own anger and distrust in your own lives, and with intention, you ask those of us around you, to give you the strength and the wisdom to change that condition, you come to understand the admonishment we have been given, “Change yourself and you change your world”. Until each member of society can see the need for them to change from a fearful person into a loving, caring individual, who does not harm themselves or others, your world will live constantly repeating its past as its future. You should all tremble at that thought.

So we tell you that the individual moments of gratitude, expressed by individuals then bombards heaven with the feelings of abundance and love and that is what God will multiply for your world. Take the time to express the gratitude for what you have and to learn the lessons contained within your lacks, you will indeed change not only your immediate world but the world as a whole.

If you cannot see your power in this, then you are blind. If you cannot see how necessary you are and how important becoming empty within the mind is, you are doomed to suffer unlovingness for all of your life. But when you come to know what a powerful being of light you are and when you begin to use that power, not only to change your own life but the lives of others, you become more powerful than any politician can ever hope to be, for you have changed not only the visible world of man, but have brought to bear the invisible world of God into your endeavours.

So again we tell you, each of you is a beloved child of God. Each of you has the power, not only for self-change, but to change the world that you live in. Each of you who understands the worthiness of your state as a child of God, without doubts and fears, bring to the world a place of power and strength to begin change. Each of you is a place of bright light, love, peace and joy. That is what you truly are. Each of you is worthy of the abundance of God’s love. Believe it, have faith in it and it shall be so. Put aside your self- judgement, shame and criticism and watch the world as you know it, begin to change. Fall fully into the habit of gratitude and the speaking of it into the ether and you shall find within yourselves the power to change your world.

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Spherical Breathing – An Explanation by Florence Mary – Aug 05, 2005.

Spherical Breathing is the consciousness that one develops to change breathing from an unconscious function of the body to one full and complete consciousness. It is both a physical and metaphysical function of all our bodies beginning with the physical body and ending with our ninth body, the Authentic Ketheric Body.

On a metaphysical level it is the pathway through the physical body and outer bodies that prana takes as we breathe it in and distribute it on all levels of conscious awareness. It is the tide upon which cosmic energy from the God source is utilized by the outer bodies as well as by the physical body.

As prana, oxygen, God source and Earth energies are drawn into the body, the chakra centers and outer bodies are activated through the Hara Line. The Hara Line is a circuit that travels from the Hara center which is located between the root and the 2nd chakra. The energy travels from the Hara center to the root chakra through the perineum where the energy changes from Yang energy to Yin energy. As the energy passes the Earth Star (chakra) it picks up Earth’s energy and it is added and assimilated into the total amount of energy taken in by the body. When it reaches the balance point in the knees, the energy changes to Yang energy and completes the circuit, changing again in the brow chakra to Yin energy. As the energy travels the circuit it activates both the front and the back chakra openings and helps to clear and balance the output of those centers through all etheric bodies. In the crown chakra, the energy from the Soul Star is taken in and used to activate the pineal and the pituitary glands. As the pituitary gland is activated the brow chakra switches the energy from Yin energy to Yang energy.

Yin and Yang travels through the male and female of the human species in the same fashion, but front chakras on the female spin clockwise and the back chakra spins counter-clockwise. In the male the energy has travelled in the opposite fashion but as men begin to work with the goddess energy of the Earth Star, they will find that their energy moves in the same patterns as the female energy, helping to bring their female energy back into balance. The balanced energy within the male also helps females to balance their male energy and work with the Soul Star energy, which is male. The balanced energy within the female also helps males to balance their female energy and work with Earth Star energy, which is female. This truly then is the sacred marriage that all human beings have longed for. This marriage then, is the sharing of power, not one of dominance, one over the other.

On the physical level the tide of the breath sets all the biochemical processes in motion. As one breathes, oxygen exchange, glucose transfer, digestive processing and lymphatic processing happen in rhythm with breathing. How deeply you breathe and how consciously you breathe effects the efficiency of this process.

Each breath that you take also enters the invisible pranic tube that lies along the Light Pillar Axis. The control of ones breath also facilitates the rise of the Kundalini Energy that lies at the base of the spine. As the Kundalini Energy rises through the spinal column it is quickly absorbed into the chakra centers and outer bodies. When one reaches a certain point in their development, the Kundalini rises suddenly through all realms of consciousness and our inner vision witnesses the change of chakra colours from the individual shades to the Gold/Silver/White light. This experience allows the opening of the chakra centers to also become breathing centers through which more prana can be absorbed into the body.

As human beings we should not judge the experience of others when they say that they have experienced this phenomenon. The Kundalini makes several test runs before it completely opens the Light Pillar Axis access within the body. When the final trip of Kundalini makes its voyage the Light Pillar Axis is set within, the pranic tube is unblocked and a certain number of realizations happen to facilitate rapid soul growth through lessons, tests and incitation.

As more control is exerted over the breathing process, one learns to hold the breath at the crown and brow chakras. As the breath is held here for a moment, the pineal and pituitary glands are activated respectively. As the breath is let out the energy is forced from the crown, quickly down the front of the body through the front chakra openings causing the chakras to spin in a clockwise fashion.

Prana is taken in both from the nose and the pranic tube providing vitality to the physical body and the invisible bodies. Taken through the crown, prana activates the pineal and pituitary glands stilling the mind during meditation and hologram travel. As the pituitary becomes active the brow chakra begins to spin faster. As the pranic vitality spins out of the brow chakra, the energy in the pranic tube travels quickly to the root chakra, bathing each chakra center with cosmic energy. At the heart chakra, Earths energy, taken in through the Hara Line, and the prana, mingle to travel together to enliven all of the biochemical and etheric centers of the body. Done consciously, this spherical breathing becomes the life force and etheric force energy to activate and spin the Merkabah light body.

When the light pillar is set through the body, the four aspects of the Merkabah are drawn around the body and locked into the heart. The amount of prana and earth energy available to be used through spherical breathing increases Merkabah activation. 

When the 13:20:33 is invoked and brought up through the spine and light column and out the crown, it may be arced over the head and down and back in through the heart through the zero point to access the time/space continuum. Travel is then available on various etheric and physical realms to experience astral travel to all sources of the etheric and spiritual energies.

Controlling the breath in various ways determines the speed and the destination of the Merkabah vehicle. Visualization and thought intention are the best ways to experience such travel as well as the use of original mystery school knowledge and chants. Such activity brings one into a deep sense of bliss. Each Merkabah breath taken through the spherical breathing system enhances inner vision.

In order to enhance one’s own experience with the Merkabah, zero point stillness must be understood. The closer one is to the zero point in their daily lives, the easier it will be to experience travel in the Merkabah vehicle. Eventually, one realizes that since the Universe is holographic and based upon the Flower of Life Hologram, it is unnecessary to draw the hologram around them as the nine bodies around their physical body makes up the four stages of the Merkabah around them.

The first three bodies provide sustenance to the physical body during astral travel. The next three balance the Merkabah with an out flowing of energy distributed on the out breath. The last three bodies energize the Hologram through the breath when the zero point is activated.

“There is a planetary grid around the Earth that is a Merkabah within the greater Merkabah, which is the Universe itself. The Merkabah is the intelligence vehicle that carries the primal energy patterns that create the Universe. Nothing in this Universe come into manifestation without the energy coding’s of the Universal Mind that are carried throughout the Universe by the Merkabah. Each individual human also has a Merkabah, that is a reflection of the Universal energy patterns.” (Dannelley, 1995 p.111 Sedona : Beyond the Vortex)

Each cell in our body carries the holographic image of the Flower of Life. This image may well be the Divine Mind made manifest in all beings. This image is the basis of all life and science. Being at the zero point in your life and learning to use the Merkabah are the giant steps in developing and maintaining “Ascension Consciousness”.

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Getting in touch with your body – A Visualization Excercise – by Florence Mary , Jan 15, 1999.

Webmasters Note : This is a visualization exercise for a workshop / session with Florence from 1999. This was a basic fundamental principle of Florence Mary, to help others to help themselves and in doing so there is a space for many more to receive that same knowledge and experience. And the breath goes on………..

This visualization is geared to helping each of you get in touch with your body in a deeper way, to learn to read it so that you are very aware of any changes in it by learning to sweep energy through it in new ways with observation and concentration.

The posture is – Spine erect – feet flat on the floor so that you are aware of the feel of your feet on the floor. If you are sitting in a chair you are aware of your body as it sits in the chair, in a traditional sitting position or in a comfortable chair with your back supported erect by a pillow or other device.

Learning to read your own body will help you to read the body of others as you practice your healing art. Being observant takes more concentration than you may have been willing to give to your meditation in the past. Some of us zone out during meditation and therefor we do not experience ourselves as fully as we might during meditation. When you are fully observing self and all that is going on in your body, then you may choose to be in a different realm of consciousness through a conscious choice to experience those different realms using your body as the platform or beginning place for your experience.

This occurs when you know everything that is going on in your body but may be seeing, feeling or be within your consciousness in a totally different place. This itself is a form of astral travel but very different from the sleeping body and dream like states of some forms of this travel or even Merkabah travel.

We will begin by focusing only on the breath. Each breath must be followed and observed as it enters the nose. The breath must be natural, in through the nose and out through the nose. Observe what each breath feels like as it comes in. (Pause) Observe what each breath feels like as you release it out. (Pause 2 minutes)

Now observe the breath in a deeper fashion. What does it feel like as it enters your lungs? Keep your mind focused totally on breathing. (Pause 2 minutes)

Again, observe your breath in an even deeper fashion. Again, what does it feel like as it enters the lungs? (Pause 2 minutes)

Observe how you breathe. Do you breathe in deeply or do you breathe in only to the top of your lungs? (Pause 2 minutes)

If you are breathing in only to the top of your lungs, deepen the breath and keep breathing in this manner until the breath feels normal and natural. (Pause 2 minutes)

Notice how your chest rises and falls with each breath and how easy it is, how full it is. (Pause) If the breath is not full, focus on making each breath being full and natural. Breathe in and fill the lungs fully so that the chest fill to the diaphragm and the belly rises. Keep breathing and observing until it feels normal and natural. At the end of each breath, consciously contract your diaphragm by pulling in your stomach muscles. (Pause 2 minutes)

As you breathe, expand your observation from the nose to lungs and to different parts of your body. What does your head feel like as you observe the breath? (Pause) What changes happen with each breath? (Pause) How does observing each breath change the experience within your body? (Pause 2 minutes)

Whatever you experience in and with your body, be with that experience. (Pause) Allow yourself to be fully within any physical response your body is having in the moment. (Pause) Allow yourself to fully accept whatever you are feeling in the moment. (Pause) As you breathe, take the breath in through the area of the body that has your attention. (Pause) Breathe as slowly and as naturally as you can. Allow yourself to be fully inside the experience without judging it. (Pause 2 minutes)

Bring your concentration back to the nose. (Pause) As you breathe in fill the head with Golden Liquid Light. (Pause) As you breathe, allow the Golden Liquid Light to flow through your body on the tide of your breath. (Pause) Allow the energy of the light to move through your body as if the molecules have visible spaces between them. (Pause) Observe that your breath moves energy both around your body through normal pathways that move top to bottom but now it moves through the body back and forth. (Pause) As you breathe feel the action of the breath as it massages away pain from past, present and parents. (Pause 2 minutes)


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The Seven Fold Path Of Becoming – by Florence Mary – June 14, 1997.

The first path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Right Thought.

“Right Thought” promotes the state of balance. Right thought encompasses only thought that is positive and focused deeply into one’s own path of becoming. Thought is the very essence of creation. Each of us has lived under the misinformation that our thoughts are private and we are allowed to think anything we wish. Thoughts are private in as much as the rest of our fellows on earth cannot read our thoughts, or at least there are only a few who can. What we think creates our reality and the reality of others. It is contributed to the “Collective Unconscious”. When we think with purpose and intent, it is contributed to both the Collective Unconscious and Conscious, creating either the positive or the negative in those thoughts.

The Collective Unconscious represents all the random thoughts that each of us think each day that we are not aware of. We see someone and think, “she or he looks awful in that dress”. The thought itself creates unkindness that effects all of the Conscious World. Loving thoughts create loving for all of the world of consciousness collectively. As we gain control over our thoughts we use positive thinking in moments when our minds are not occupied by the business of living. Even in the business of living and formulating our relationships with others, we would do well to keep our thoughts positive. Positive thoughts do not contain statements that begin with ; I should have, I would have or I could have. Each of these directs negative thinking towards ourselves. A better way of thinking would then be ; I will do better, I have done the best that I can at this time, I learned much about myself in this situation or next time I will do better because I know better. 

Changing the tapes in our subconscious then becomes easy as we use positive affirmations to change our thinking, instead of worrying about money or not having what we need. We can then say, “I have all my needs met”. “The Universe constantly supplies all that I need.” “I live in an abundant universe.”

Thought is also about our intentions. “I intend ……….” So if what we intend is negative then we create that possibility for the whole of creation. If what we intend is positive then we create that possibility for the whole of creation. Each day we think good things. “I will give to the cancer society, or I will give to the food bank.” Lots of times we give to help but our intentions do not go far enough. If you give to the poor it must be your intention not only to relieve that state in the moment but to end poverty. In each case, when we become a part of some good work, the intention of what we hold in our thoughts must contain the positive change for all of the created world. The end of poverty, sickness, unrest, etc. When we do not take our intentions to a completion, we keep in place the condition of the present, repeating itself into our future. That is why our history will always be our future or put another way, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Intention without a definite conclusion or result, does nothing to change things but keeps the status quo in place. Negative thinking keeps the negative in place. Positive thinking keeps the positive in place but we tell you that intentions with a positive ending for change, changes things. Since “Spirit Will” does not recognize the negative, and only we can create it in the moment, Spirit only works to enhance the positive change. 

Most of you look out into the world and see negativity all around you. You do not support it or agree with it but you judge it negatively. Therefor, you have helped to keep that state in place. The rule is not to judge. You can be discerning and not choose a thing for yourself. This creates nothing but choice for yourself. When looking at something we must look at it like this; “I observe that this situation creates pain for those who choose to be or to take part in this. I intend that this will change and create love and joy in the world.”

Since human beings can also speak, and thought creates, it also creates how we speak about things in any given situation. So, while we observe what we think, we must also observe how it affects how we speak observations and intentions into our world. Changing our futures may be as simple as recreating the way we think and speak our thoughts into the ether.

The second path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Right Action.

Right Action reflects the conditions of our thoughts into the world and governs our paths as co-creators with the Divine. 

In the physical world our creative efforts must have action to make those dreams and promptings from within become real. How we think governs our speech and how we feel about what we must do to create our dreams in the Universe. How we think will also govern the kind of effort we will have to put out to accomplish a thing.

We may have the best idea in the world but if we are not positive that we are worthy to have all of our ideas supported not only by ourselves but also by the Universe, then our way will be filled with hardships and road blocks. When we are positive, we may have to work the same number of hours, put out the same amount of effort, but what we accomplish will surprise even us. In all of our efforts there will be moments when we know that we are being supported for the things we never thought would happen appear, as if by magic and seem to take form in ways we could never have imagined. The right people, places and things are found both by our effort but also as if some “guiding hand” directs us through the maze of our own becoming, into the mastership of being first and foremost what we think, what we speak, what we feel and then what we do.

The third path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Peace.

The amount of peace we can hold in our own life is in direct proportion to the foundation of Right Thought and Right Action within our lives. Most of us, because of circumstance fluctuate between being at one end of the spectrum of positive and negative polarity, therefor our lives are very seldom peaceful. We also believe in “get high and feel good”, even if that high is natural. It is natural for those who have not perfected “Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action and Right Feeling.” Where we sit along the line of polarity at any given moment governs the amount of peace we will be experiencing in our lives.

True peace and rightness in our lives leaves our emotions still and steady within our mental and emotional bodies. Within our physical bodies no pounding hearts or butterflies reign when all is in rightness in our lives. There are also few, if any, conflicts and when there are conflicts our egos do not feel under attack but instead send out calming waves of pink light that surround and support our enemy whom we love so dearly for their troubles.

True peace lacks judgement of any kind and employs discernment and observation that we then apply to our own lives or to put it another way “we mind our own lives”. That does not mean that we do not lend a helping hand to friends or that we do not see the needs of the world around us but instead means that we understand that we represent the Divine Creative Force here on Earth and therefor, must reflect the path of our choosing into the world with Consciousness. When we are minding our own lives, we have very little time or inclination to judge the paths and lives of others. It means that we understand that our path is not the path of others and we always encourage others to find their own mission in life and to put their creative efforts forward into bringing that path into their own consciousness. When we mind our own lives, peace is the consequence of that life.

The fourth path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Joy.

The joy felt in our lives is a direct result of the solid foundation of the first three paths. When true joy shows up in our lives we are no longer suffering over our suffering but instead experience that inner peace and joy even in the times of our greatest sorrows. This is the promise made by all of the cosmic realms when we master the first three paths.  Joy is not only a path to becoming but also the reward for all of our human efforts to be. Be what, you may ask? Our truest most authentic self.

It is in our first true moment of joy that we know who we are and that wherever we are in our development, is fine. When we choose not to judge ourselves or others but instead choose to observe all in life and choose clearly, with the intent to love our path to true being. It is then that we not only experience Joy but we become Joy and our true authentic self.

For the very first time in our lives we understand that becoming is a process and that we are working towards something. We also know that what we are working towards will come in time. For the cosmic rule is ; when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When we do not judge, the teacher may be the young girl on her first job fumbling through changing the tape in the cash register. She has appeared to teach you patience during a busy day or to bring kindness to your thoughts in a day full of chaos and fear.  She is a great soul that has appeared at the very worst moment in an already terrible day that is giving you the moment to take a breath and save your life from becoming lost from what it was always meant to be. That beingness is the process of becoming. The teacher may be the boss who drives you crazy or the drunk who stumbles into you and says something stupid or even the bank clerk who closes her window just as you arrive. Take a breath. Save your life. Understand that all these moments that happen to you at the worst moment possible are little boards hitting you so that you remember who you are in your process of becoming more.

The fifth path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Light.

Light is wisdom dressed up in all sorts of tests and challenges that bring to you the deepest sense of yourself and who you really are. If you do not know that then you may still be floundering around in the dark because your light is hidden by the darkness of your untamed ego.

Ego is the first liar in all of creation. Ego is the place where you stand still on your own path and refuse to move when the elephants of other egos come charging towards you. Ego is the place where you are so sure that you are right that you refuse to see anything else but your own way. This path does not permit or allow anything else to exist that is not self-concerned. Ego is the place of failure or at least the first step towards your down-fall. Ego is the place where we do not mind our own life and therefor expect to be served instead of being of service. Ego is the place where “wisdom or light”, cannot dwell. 

Being in the condition of “Light in the process of becoming”, turns over the control of our lives to the Divine where the ego is transformed and returned as the sense of “Oneness” with all that is. As we begin to be able to see the thread of the Divine Force within our lives we are able to access more and more wisdom, not only from teachers in our lives but also from the deepest sense of ourselves that begins to take form as the light grows. Eventually, that tiny light will become a blaze that will bring us fully into the next path of becoming.

The sixth path of accessing the zero point of becoming is Love.

Since to define love would be to limit it, we will instead look at love from two of its most important attributes ; Harmlessness and Compassion.

When the first inkling enters our life that love as we have known it and experience it may not really be love at all, we then enter a true path of understanding what love is. Love is always the force of the Divine Mind that loves through us and with us. It is in the animal instinct to protect our young and those more helpless than ourselves. It is what makes a friend speak up for us when we find no need to speak up and defend ourselves. It is what finally makes us understand that we do not incite and we do not engage ridicule, anger, etc, on our path to becoming. It is in the desire to give up our very life to save the life of another. Love is also in the hand of a mother who would caresses a distraught child instead of hitting them, in the middle of a busy day with deadlines and must-be’s, or in the actions of a father who holds his son with concern when the son has destroyed his new car.

Love is also in the choice to say nothing when you know you could say much to one who is saying more than you or anyone else needs to hear about anything. Love is walking away from what is not comfortable to you or for you in any given situation. Love is not needing to be right before the world but being right with the Divine Force within. Love is seeing the distress of others and being willing to help if they want it or need it. Love is knowing the difference. Love is also knowing when need is served or neediness is taking that which it does not deserve ,and removing neediness from yourself so that it will not appear in others. Love is allowing and permitting all things to be without adding or taking anything away. Love is understanding that the Universe always has the first move. Love is finally and foremost understanding that the “Father and You are One”. When you do, your path will be one of complete harmlessness and compassion. And finally, Love just is.

The seventh path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Consciousness.

Consciousness is knowing in every single moment of every single day what you are giving off to the ether from your thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. Consciousness knows all in a single moment of true becoming. Consciousness is the ultimate beingness of all humans being. 

Consciousness is not the mind drifting off to nothingness but one that consciously chooses to drift or move into a state where the senses of knowing, hearing and seeing are heightened. Consciousness is the state in which human beings know and have faith in the fact that they are Co-Creators with the Divine Mind that has created all. Consciousness is ultimately the knowledge that what we experience here on Earth is the sum total of what most of humanity believes about life. What we have to understand is that for every 100 unconscious beings who are contributing that unconsciousness into the ether, one conscious being can over ride all of their contributions with one single conscious, aware, loving thought. That statement should bolster those of you who are making the effort to contribute positive thoughts consciously on a moment to moment basis. It should also scare those of us who do not and make us do our best to live more consciously every day.

When one lives with positive consciousness, we are then not deterred by the negative. Indeed the negative truly becomes a force that we can work with in concert to create pathways to becoming. Viewed correctly, the negative force is the female side of creation that is needed for true creation to take place. Indeed one does not exist without the other. The true negative force is a benign force that clears the path so that the positive action of creation can take place. It becomes the partner in the dance of life that allows the continuous flow of energy into the world.

In the cosmic realms, humanly created negativity is not recognized but is our hell on earth. In those same realms, humanly created positive consciousness is not only recognized but is blessed into abundance for all those who create it from their truest sense of self and love. Consciousness is therefor not an act of becoming but an act of arriving finally at the zero point within the equation of life. Consciousness is the ultimate realization that Spirit and Science are one. That all scientific laws are expressed into consciousness every day by every living thing in the Universe. Do not judge what you see as living consciousness for you will be wrong in that judgement.

If you say that a rock is not living or a plant is not living then you will be mistaken. Each of these things vibrates with a living consciousness that is one with the Source of its creation and therefor holds life to the degree of its consciousness. It lives in service to all that holds higher conscious ability than it does. It holds consciousness and light to that degree and is governed by the same rays and forces that govern you.

As you walk over the dirt below your feet you could be thanking it for allowing you a path on which to walk, instead of thinking of how you will manipulate and control all things in your life. You could be conscious that you have been given dominion over the earth, not to plunder and destroy, but to take care of it, like you would care for your own children. You would understand that each thing you use negatively that has no life in your estimation, holds the consciousness of all things it has been used for. So if you use a rock in a flower border that creates beauty, the rock carries that consciousness. But if you have used that rock to kill a bug or snake or even another human being, that rock holds the consciousness for every rock in the world. Since they are connected by the oneness of their being all is known instantly in that world. 

While all is not known instantly in our world, all consciousness is the sum total of the consciousness of the world we live in. If you see the need for change in the world, then change yourself and the whole world will change with you. It will take more time but understand that your whole world is that which you effect on any given day. Your home, your job, town, province, state and your country depend upon you for its over-riding consciousness. Change your consciousness and the whole world will change with you. The whole world may one day live its truly Divine Consciousness.






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Changes – A Pep Talk from the Guides – Written by Florence Mary Feb 12, 1998.

It is very easy to decide to change ones life but quite another to accomplish the feat as a fact. Each of you in one way or another has decided to change your lives. Each of you hopes that it is for the better. The pathways to change are the same as they have always been for human beings ; diligence, understanding, allowing, permitting. Most of all, you must have faith that whatever it is in your life that needs to be changed will be changed by your intent and by your faith in that intent. The hard part comes when you must make choices that foster those changes to garner that success.

Each of you holds within you a view of life. Whether that is a valid world view or not is up to you and what you really want from life and what you are willing to do to have it. In the greatest sense of things, you must first be willing to do things for yourself with the idea of sharing power with others. Sharing power is being able to see what you want or need, to see what others want or need and being able to combine perspectives within your mind to create models that can be lived out by any number of people without creating conflict. These models always reflect a consensus with those involved. It also means that you commit yourself to the model and review how it serves you and others from time to time. Pliancy is the place where you go to change the model when it needs it. Commitment will keep you serving others within the model and keep you from being self-serving.

Each of you who work with energy must commit to service, not only to yourself, but to others. Those of you who have a healthy model of what service looks like will not fall into the self-serving traps of pleasure and the moment. You will also realize that service does not mean servitude. Your eye will always be on where you are and how the moment serves the model that you have chosen. Service also considers consequence of each act before one commits to that act. One who is able to see history and how it affects the present moment and your life model, may derive great benefit when there is sincere desire to change life for the better. We would like you to look into your life and see if it is moving forward or if it is moving in circles around issues that you must move beyond for learning and growth.

Each of you must be committed to seeing yourself as you are, not as you would like to be or how you have rationalized yourselves as being. Each way of viewing self is very different. Each one forms a component of the circle of self-knowledge that you must access in order to bring about change. Self-assessment is the most necessary ingredient for growth on an individual basis and on a group basis and for models. Diligence is where you will go to make the changes possible within each part of your interaction with life.

Each of you has the ability to see yourselves clearly, if you do not judge what you are seeing but observe it and gain important knowledge from it. Each time you look squarely at yourself and see who you are, in terms of your life and you ability to share power, rather than to wield it to grow. When you see yourself in these terms, clearly, you come closer to freedom. To be powerful one must see clearly that true power is mastery over self. Some of you believe power comes only if you have power over others through judgement and control. We ask you to look carefully at the model of the slave and the slave owner. We tell you truly that neither is free and neither is the way that freedom makes you powerful. Freedom is a personal view of self within life and within the concept of what you may hold to be self. Commitments do not make you a slave. Commitment makes you responsible for your choices and for the living out of those choices to the fullness of time. Understanding and drawing a new model of freedom will take time and effort to redraw eons of fight or flight mentality that most of the Collective Conscience lives in.

We tell you so you will know from this day forth that you have nothing to fear. Change is the law of the Universe and Becoming. Comfort Zones are illusions that people draw around themselves that enslave them. Change is nothing to fear but a place where true gains will happen. Being at peace with change is the truest freedom that you will ever know.



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Clearing The Auric Field – Monday, Jan 11, 1999. by Florence Mary


In all things, we are a sum total of all of our experiences and how we allow these experiences to influence our make up. Often, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to outrun our history and truly take up our authentic desire to be just ourselves, as we know that we truly are in our core. That core-self often becomes a distraction to those who have come here to learn what that is but have not accessed their higher wisdom. More importantly, what that means. 

We all accept that we are victims in our body’s vulnerability to disease, emotions and even chronic conditions or even repeating events in our life. Often we cannot escape making the same mistakes over and over again. We fault ourselves and seek more and more bodywork and healing without knowing that we not only have to clear the physical body but also the auric body. It must be cleared of the lingering subconscious body of experience or imprints in the auric field. Even when we have had the work done, we often feel disassociated from the body and the feeling of the body being our home. We then call back to ourselves the experience of that body, rather than make conscious changes to that experience.

The good news is that all of this change takes time. The best thing you can do is to hunker down and ride the wave of change that is brought into your life with clearing your field of intention. It is also good to remember that your intention for change or no change, will bring the test of your own experience into your life. Either way, on a conscious level you must choose change or not. It is that simple and that difficult depending on what ego-based needs are being served by whatever it is that is overwhelming your life.

Often, our conscious mind will choose a thing without allowing the mind to dig around in the sub-conscious or super-conscious mind to find out what choices should be made. This is called impulse. Our present reality mind may be clinging to these choices, not living out the souls life voyage. The good news is, when you know better, you do better. Impulse reality can be changed. It is changed through clearing the auric field of life experience imprints. That is the purpose of the clearing meditation.

There are eight layers to this body and each one must be held within the consciousness as the clearing meditation is done so that the auric bodies can be cleared. Since this field often appears unified, rather than in layers, this is not a hard step. Each of the layers is generated by one of the chakra systems of the body. With this clearing meditation we are clearing only the ones attached to this physical plane of experience. The higher realms of experience only effect the lower realms once they are clear. The effects are always for our higher good and come directly from the First Principle of Creation.

Once the auric level is cleared we often find ourselves more deeply attached to Spirit than we have been before. Since the most important thing about us is that we are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience and therefor, do not exist outside of the First Principle, nothing bad is going to happen if we clear our field. But guaranteed, you will live with same old, same old, if you do not. For some of you, same old isn’t that bad. But aren’t you curious as to what the new reality might be?

Before we begin the meditation, please take some time to consciously choose the depth to which you want clearing to take place. Your sincerity mean a lot. I have tried to design the visualization so that you have enough time to look at, know or feel the changes to take place, to awaken your ability to let go of the past experience of your life. If you know that you cannot, for whatever reason, let go of present reality, you do not have to share that with anyone. But be honest with yourself. You will find that nothing is more important than this honesty. The dusty motes in your auric field are the leavings of self-deception that often appear as dark spots or muddy colours in the aura. Re-encoding the chakras and then doing the clearing visualization will help the process to speed up. 

You may ask why would I want to clear the field of intention? When the field of intention has been cleared it opens the doorway to higher realms of wisdom and truth and allows each person with clear intention to become truly peaceful and harmonious within the world that they live in. If you are in a constant state of turmoil then your field of intention and the connection with Higher Realms of Wisdom and Truth are blocked. Unblocking the Auric  field of intention also allows us to plug into the realm of the Ascended Masters. The great ones of the central sun who have from the beginning of time moved the evolution of both dear Mother Earth and of Humanity. Clearing the field of intent is also a commitment to take a more active part in and a responsibility for that evolution or to become an Enlightened One. It will not happen overnight but it will happen. The initiation to that realm of Wisdom is to take love, light, peace and joy as your most fervent belief. Nothing else matters at this time. 

The Auric Field-

8. Authentic Ketheric Body – Divine Knowing

7. Celestial Body – Divine Loving

6. Authentic Etheric Body – Divine Will

5. Astral Body – Loving

4. Mental Body – Clear Thinking

3. Emotional Body – Real Feelings

2. Etheric Body – I Exist

1. Physical Body – Being-ness

Clearing Visualization

We will begin by breathing to the rhythm of the Universe. “So” on the in breath. “Hum” on the out breath. “So – Hum”. And again, “So Hum”. Pause.

Be with yourself the way you see yourself at this moment in time. Take a breath. (Pause)

Allow yourself to see or feel all the unclear thoughts and feelings that surround you. Take a very good look at this cloud that surrounds you. (Pause)

What colour is the cloud? (Pause)

What does it make you feel like? Again, take a deep breath. (Pause)

Now visualize or “thought intend” yourself surrounded by tiny winged beings. Take a deep breath. (Pause) As many breaths as you need. (Pause) Now I want you to feel their wings moving to clear the mists of unclarity and confusion away from you. (Pause)

Now look at your winged beings. Are they butterflies that represent transformation?(Pause) Are they hummingbirds that represent joy? (Pause) Or are they tint angels? (Pause) Watch their wings moving; feel the joy that they feel at being of service to you. (Pause)

Now allow yourself to see every painful experience you have ever endured. Take a deep breath. (Pause) Allow that to become part of the mist around you. (Pause) Know that you are safe and protected. Take a deep breath. (Pause)

Take a moment to identify why the fog around you is so dense. (Pause) Now allow that you do not need these feelings of confusion anymore. (Pause) Begin to collect them all up, no matter what they are. Illness, (Pause)chronic conditions, (Pause) hurts others have helped you to experience that you cannot quite forgive and may be holding on to. (Pause) Take your time to identify them all and to collect them. (Pause) Take a deep breath. (Pause) Feel how heavy they all are. (Pause)

Look into the distance. There is a large gold box encrusted with jewels. Walk towards it and as you walk towards it, the box opens up so that you can place all of these feelings, illnesses and conditions inside. (Pause) Now notice a note on top of the box, but do not open it. Allow yourself to experience the feeling of being unburdened. (Pause)

Return to your cloud. Notice that the colour of the cloud has changed to pure white light. (Pause)

Your winged friends are beginning to clear these clouds from around you. As they do, your feeling of well being begins to grow. (Pause) Joy fills the space created by what you have unburdened yourself of. Take a deep breath. (Pause)

When the cloud is cleared, open up your note and read : In my central core is the perfect me that is ever beautiful, ever young. I have a beautiful spirit, mind, eyes, nose, mouth and skin – The Divine Infant is within – pure and innocent. The Divine Alchemist is within my temple – this is the human form Divine. All is well! Peace! Peace! Oh Perfect Peace! (Pause)

Now allow yourself to look at the radiant body of light that you are. Step into it affirming: I Am this Radiance. I Am this Light. I will keep it with me always. Dearest Love! I Am the perfect reflection of the Divine within the world. Think a beautiful thought and give it away to the world. 

Namaste – Florence Mary





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A Clear Field of Intention For Light Carriers – Author Unknown

To my guides and all of those who are assisting me in my own evolutionary journey on Earth :

It is my intention that I be successful.

It is my intention to be always safe and to know that I have nothing to fear in everything that I do.

It is my intention that I receive love and give love in every thing that I do.

It is my intention that I have a good time and that I be provided for with prosperity in accordance with my needs.

It is my intention that I have faith in the power of the Divine in all things.

It is my intention to become more than I am now.

It is my intention to become an instrument for the Divine to love through me.

It is my intention to share with others the blessings from the Divine.

It is my intention that I not become too enamoured of the material world.

Author Unknown

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Comments on Practice of Meditation by Florence Mary, November 4, 1999.


1. Bring energy into the heart and solar plexus area (focus point for concentration) in order to leave the world behind and practice emptiness. This emptiness allows one to observe the stream of consciousness that passes through the mind. (no judgement)

2. Through stages of concentration one sets aside one’s attachments so the ego can be forgotten and the “All” may be experienced. 

3. Rhythmic breathing, your own natural pace, at first, in through the mouth and out through the nose. As one calms the mind and sets aside “carnal” attachments even to their own body, peace and harmony descend. This state is like “conscious sleeping”, where everything simply “IS”.

4. Gradually, this “IS” reality is translated into everyday life where the pace of the breath is the same as in the meditative process. Peace and harmony, without attachment are achieved through observing the process of life not as perfect or imperfect, but as “ISNESS”, which eliminates duality.

5. The goal of meditation may be “enlightenment” or an “aha” moment where one sees clearly “ISNESS”. This “isness”, is no longer theory but an experience of being clearly in the moment with no past or future. One moves not at all, but flows in that moment. Days, weeks, months and years pass but the moment remains “still”, but not fixed.

6. As you begin to experience the separation of consciousness from the routines of daily life and its cares, move your consciousness to the area between the eyebrows. At this time, the rhythm of the breath should slow.


There are numerous beliefs and traditions that may be adapted for meditation. Traditional postures are seen as “ideal conditions” but are unnecessary to the person who’s intent is to sincerely practice and experience meditative states. 

Sit comfortably in any way that keeps the back upright. You may support the back as long as it does not encourage sleep.  Therefor, support should only encourage keeping the spine erect and energy flowing through the chakra centers. 

Chair Sitting – Feet flat on the floor or soles of the feet together. Keep the back erect and place your support behind you. You may find as you practice the support is used less – as the back straightens, consciousness deepens.

Stool Sitting –  This allows for one to cross legs into a more traditional way. The back is unsupported or near a wall with a wedge for lower back support if needed. The stool may vary in height from 8-18 inches but is lower than a chair. The stool may be placed on a mat or large cushion for comfort.

Traditional Positions – these may be everything from full lotus positions to just cross-legged sitting on the floor, wedges or pillows but with the back unsupported. 

Each person must choose the position that best keeps them alert and aware to allow true concentration.

Webmasters note/tip : myself, I learned from a wise man who practiced being present and he gave me a little trick to use. I keep my tongue towards the roof of my mouth as I breath the breath. It keeps me present, alert and tends to aid in opening up the brow area.


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The Child Within – By Florence Mary – undated

A child is a gift placed within our care for a short time. It is a blank slate where we write the story of our lives for the child to act out.

So consider well your acts of love and hate for the child must eat and be nourished by your example. 

Be positive that you love him or her and nurture their right to be themselves and to know self-love, for in it lies Gods love.

See not your pain but the joy within the child and allow it to fill you with self-examination. 

Make the child not a substitute for your safety or my love, you will always be only his or her mother or father.

So allow him or her the freedom to soar and climb and accept the child as they become who they are, a child of God. Not yours to mold or bend and shape, but to nurture in the way of the child’s own choosing.

Then one day in the adult child’s eyes you shall see wisdom beyond your own for the child has always been free to be itself.

And maybe one day that adult child will give you the assurance you did a good job when they phone to announce the birth of their own child and the cycle will begin again. So the love and the trust never ends.

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Messages from December 22, 1997 – written by Florence Mary

Webmasters note: this writing starts with Florence giving thanks and making a statement to the guides. The guides respond below her statement.

Thank you for the deep sense of Joy and Thanksgiving that I experience each day. Please help me to live the Sevenfold Path of Life and Learning with the deepest sense of honour and integrity.

The process of life, driven forward by choice, can be nothing but honourable and filled with integrity or it is an ignorant and fearful path. 

One creates not only with thought but also by choice. Thought therefor is the psychic manifestation of the invisible brought into the physical awareness, and choice is the action taken because of thought. 

As one develops the attunement to mindfulness and emptiness, the process of thought changes to one of not only harmlessness and compassion but also to one of personal honour and integrity that does not judge, except in the moment where the path is transgressed by others they meet upon that path.

Many times you have been told that you bring the test of your own experience to yourself, for what good is honour if it has no test? What good is integrity if it is not tempered by the fires of life. Instead of dreading those moments or meeting them with the suffering of anger, embrace them with the knowledge of who you really are. By each choice and moment of knowing that, your life becomes less filled by fear and more filled by joy.

Life is truly a joy when a man or a woman knows what honour and integrity demands of you. When beyond the precepts of religious truth, honourable truth authors the nobility of your life. That life may not be one that is held up to the world for praise or honour, but one lived quietly in the shadows of life, as the multitudes may know it. 

To the person quietly living their truth, the wheel of karma has stopped turning, the joy of earthly enlightenment has entered, and peace and harmony rule them and their closest loved ones. Fear is nothing more than an empty chair at the table that they realize, can be filled, the moment they gather to them the evil of ignorance. 

The ultimate ignorance is not knowing who you are or why you are here. All else is the machinations of a mind addicted to thinking and adrenaline. Happiness is not being high but being peaceful and harmoniously enraptured within the Universal Flow of the chosen life.

The chosen life is one that you see clearly authored by the limitations of your beliefs. The chosen life evolves more rapidly when it is authored by faith. Faith that is not held by belief but by possibility. Faith makes the impossible possible, the improbable probable and the very difficult doable. Faith is not logical but a matter of the heart that does not judge except in things that are personal. Yet faith holds not slights or anger but understands, with compassion, the suffering of others no matter how they are generated . Faith shares itself not only in words but also with actions and willingly pays the price that action demands, if its ultimate goal is freedom. Freedom for not only for one’s self but also freedom of others knowing that it is the Universal Right of Souls.

The rhythm’s of life sing to us in the songs of birds, the wind in the trees and waters upon rocks and shorelines. Man has long fashioned sinew and bone, skin and wood, metal and even his own voice to sing in harmony with nature. How long will it be until he sees that music is the path of true love and giving in a world that believes it is divided by colour, eye colour, skin colour, creeds and lines drawn upon a paper to represent the mother Gaia? 

There are no lines anywhere except the ones we draw around ourselves to keep us safe in a world already unsafe by the very presence of those lines. Turn your lives to music and sing the notes of the bowls both in your hearts and with your voices. When you do listen, you will hear in the many voices only one intent, that is to know love, light, peace and joy as reality.


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A message from webmaster to our friends – changes coming to this site

Greetings and salutations to you, beautiful people! As of this writing The Florence Mary Project continues to expand and grow and blossom. It has been an honour to share these writings with you and I look forward to carrying on with more. For the past 8 weeks I have been juggling. My first art exhibit of my own art work is going on locally and I have had a flurry of activity on many levels. The purchase of a Kirlian photography unit is leading to work on the electromagnetic spectrum and I am awed by the amount of energy around and through things that one would think inanimate and benign. Perhaps in some way this work will blend with the information in the writings of Florence Mary? Time will certainly tell. Florence and I began making orgonite back in 2012 and I look forward to testing it under the Kirlian unit to see what the energy looks like. Florence saw a table, oblong , made of orgonite for healing. Myself, I saw a rectangular type box or chamber. 

 At the end of this month my art installation will come down and Obelious Arts and Photography will be born. This means that I will be a busy man. However, this will also free up more of my time to take this website to the next level. I will give you all notice but I have to change the format of this website. I have many more writings and things to share here. Florence Mary’s poetry could fill a site. So, I will take a day at the end of this month to change the format. I will do my best to categorize the writings and archive them in an accessible way to you all. I will put up notice and make the transformation quickly. There will be little down time. This is your “heads up” just in case you arrive on the date I do this.

This is a journey for myself. I do not pick or choose much to write. I am led by an invisible force that I do not control. One thing I can tell you about how I see the writings is that years ago I had very little understanding of much of it and yet now, I am wearing it. Learning every day, more and more but also stepping into an energy that has been waiting for me for many, many years.

There are no human words for the waves of consciousness that hit me daily. Things started to move and circle a form after Florence passed away and now I myself understand things more clearly. The lights in the sky appear when we are in darkness, fumbling around. I am speaking literally here. Red, orange, yellow and clear white pulsing lights, many orbs. I have some amazing things to share with you all in time that will give you goosebumps. My point to telling you this is that there is a TON of energies here right now but most of you cannot or choose not to see them. These are the days of great leaps if we can shift our minds to another level. Hearts, too. The energies are available and are reaching out, getting through. These are multi-dimensional energies sent here long ago. 

This struggle we see going on in our world, left/right, good/bad,/rich/poor, it is playing out daily. How then do we remove this polarity? Is it in more polarity? Competition? Violence/war/death? It is so easy to swing like a pendulum in this polarity and divide, so the trick is to find our calm, our zero point and see things from there. The Impersonal Mind, as Florence Mary would say. 

When I update this website I will make a contact form available so I can communicate with you. Last year alone there were 18,000 or more comments on Florence’s writings. Over 8,000 beautiful messages from kindred spirits but also 10,000 or so spam messages, many referring people to places and things that do not mesh with the energies of this site. I have no problem with free speech but I do have a problem with beings and artificial intelligence that wastes my time and thinks me a fool. So, lesson learned. Heavy duty anti-spam is coming so that I can communicate with you without being hindered by lower level discarnates and the like.

It is my deepest wish that the writings I share give you something else to grab a hold of or to blend or mesh with. No new religion forming here, just an openness to giving what spirit and guidance have given us. If it makes you think or opens your heart, I have done my job. The mantle is yours. Guidance gave these messages. Messages meant to be shared. Messages to remind us that there is another way out of this polarity, a middle path, so to speak. Florence was about opening people up so they could access their own information. No strings attached, just a shelter or a place to come to get away from the storms of life. You are Loved. You are the most important thing you will ever do here.

As for the guides and where they come from I can tell you that we here on this Earth see only with the physical eyes. The inner eye is the beacon to come and know. Vibrations, colours, rays, energies, realms. When one thinks in those terms you are close to knowing where the guides come from. They pass by in the morning mists, in the sweet breath of Mother Earth they ride. The ebb and flow of things. They move to and fro seeking open hearts, void of ego and need of self. In the silence of meditation or contemplation they come. A gentle wisp of cool refreshing air graces you and moves past you like a falling angel feather, brushing you gently, almost tickling and playful, yet holy, sacred. The gate is a soft heart and a still mind, void of ego and cares of this life and world. Available to all of us. A soul grouping, a grouping of vibrations, spirit. Think resonance, colour, vibration, angles and energy. Think spheres. No worshipping of anything, no fancy rules or conditions. No hell to condemn you other than your concepts and beliefs within polarity. Can one transcend evil once one steps out of polarity? You bet they can! Doesn’t cost anything yet is priceless beyond your wildest measure. You ARE the alter, no church needed. What offering will you bring?

Myself, personally, I have always been a “behind the scenes” kind of being. Ever working diligently in the shadows, in the unseen. I have stepped out for a short while to accomplish a mission of sorts. Timing is everything and when one recognizes it, one seizes it. This time is now. Trust me when I say that. I would not speak it otherwise. One day I sat by the lake side on some rocks and watched the water reflect the sky. Within that moment I could see every messed up situation that I had no control over in my life before me. Things I never meant to say or do. People I never wanted to be. Every victory , every loss (and there were many), every smile, every tear had led me to NOW. If I had not learned from it all, the good/bad, beautiful/ugliness I could never have understood what I do know. There is something HOLY and it guides us even when we do not see it, especially then. I used to think I didn’t deserve it or that I was unworthy. That was conditioning. I had always chosen it but had forgotten. So, in the end of it I will say “Yes, there is a friend who is closer than a brother”, “one who is loyal and true”. It does not need a name or a face. It is nameless. It is faceless and if you choose it, it will never leave you. It will bring you joy in the midst of your darkest sorrow. You just have to remember that connection. If it was ever severed, it was not done by that friend, it was done by you. Put your cares down. Don’t carry your burden alone, because of who you really aren’t or you would not be here. Love is the highest standard through which all things are measured and you are loved. Fear is our only enemy.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and for letting me share the Florence Mary Project with you all. Bear with me as I move it forward.

In love, and in brilliant light, I say Namaste,

Webmaster Steven


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The Florence Mary Project – Writings/Notes/Diagrams – Mixed Dates – by Florence Mary

            The Florence Mary Project


Webmasters Note : These are images, notes and diagrams from the writings of Florence Mary Masotti. Rather than try and explain things I am just presenting them for your perusal. Some of the info did not come up well on a single photo so if it looks as if I have put more than one of the same shot on, look again. You might be right. There are mysteries here. Some relevant, some…? But none the less, as I uncover I share. If clarification is needed I would say to re-read, get quiet, and ask. I put these on here as a gallery so they will enlarge. Click the photo for a larger view and good luck! Namaste!



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Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing – Part 3 – Personal Issues – Florence Mary, 2001.

There is not a person alive who does not have issues with, or take issue with circumstances generated in physical reality. Most people learn healing methods in order to or in response to the need to heal themselves in some way. 

When one understands what issues within the “personal mind” drives their response to stimulus or “pushes their buttons“. Even the beginning healer can deliver healing energy by remaining empathetic rather than sympathetic. Empathy is practiced by the impersonal mind through respect. Sympathy allows one to have a clients issues trigger their own so that they “take on”, physical, mental and emotional pain that triggers inappropriate responses in the healer.

It would not be proper for a practitioner to respond to the need of a client for physical closeness to initiate sex between them. It can not only be construed as “rape” but also may be as harmful psychologically, to the practitioner, as to the client. This type of response is also the same as one crying over a client when you recognize your own issues being triggered by the enormity of the clients situation in the case of a disease that may be viewed as “incurable”. All degrees of personal response between these two extremes should be eliminated through the development of the impersonal mind which employs trust and faith in the “Beginning Mind”, or “God”. It also has eliminated judgement for it respects the process or conditions within each being as where it should be in that beings “Isness”. 

Within the Beginners Mind there is no better/worse or “comparison” concept, only the concept of present moment reality. The mind always observes – it is raining – not, “it also rained yesterday and it may rain tomorrow”. One may check the weather forecast if they are considering a picnic on Thursday but would not cling to or be disappointed if rain spoiled their plans. “IS, would be their reality in the moment“.

In healing, IS or I AM, is a concept of present time/moment reality, or NOW. Dis-ease is past/present/future reality. In the past, “I have been” hurt, I am still hurt and I will hurt tomorrow. By consciously or subconsciously clinging to a dis-ease/disease because of tribal/cultural history, personal history or probability one keeps negatively trapped within their auric field. All of the energetic bonds/ties/cords that have been severed from rips in the bioplasmic energy that form these fields. These cords emanate from the heart but are driven by the energetic needs of energetic (chakra) centers of the body which teach beings continuing lessons to spiritual/mental/emotion maturity. 

When the lessons are interrupted by “dis-ease/disease”, it may take years for the “dis-ease/disease” to form within the body.

Spiritual Connect Pathways





Chakra 9 – 5TH DIMENSION

Chakra 10 – 6TH DIMENSION



Chakra 13 – GOD ICON

Without clarity and understanding of one’s own misalignments or how they got to be there, how you took up the job of keeping them, healing cannot take place. 

As one delivers or channels energy to another through symbol or intent it can only be delivered through your energetic reality which “believes” in wellness/un-wellness as the human condition or through study and practice, comes to see the mind as the energy receptor that can eliminate such conditions.

Therefor within the practitioners, personal mind must be eliminated and impersonal mind developed by meditation, prayer and the breaking down of “box thinking” and concepts of life and time.



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Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing – Part 2 – Methodology – Florence Mary, 2001.

Webmasters Note : this writing is a brief on the methodology behind the practice of BEVH. Part 3 delves deeper. This is just the primer.

There are many forms and philosophies around healing systems or methods. As far as the way to do it goes, all methods are similar in that they involve practitioner/client relationships and involve channeling energy to specific physical, mental and emotional stressors. The BEVH practitioner understands that all other methods work, even this one, but may not “create” the miracle cure sought by clients.

Indeed, without the mind shift from personal to impersonal mind, most “dis-ease” often forms part of their clients control system that conscious or unconscious fears generate. Therefor it is safe to say that all healing works if it is on the deepest conscious and subconscious levels and if the client is willing to accept the changes to their reality/life that a complete healing would make.  

This lack of physical response is not the healers responsibility but can be over-ridden by their faith and trust in the connection they have with God, Beginning Mind or Cosmic and/or Universal Energy, of which we are all a part. Even this connection cannot over-ride and must respect the clients choice not to have healing take place.

Here is where the healer applies the compassionate mind of love that is both harmless and compassionate in its observation of the suffering of others.  Respect means that you do not judge the response of another nor do you doubt your own abilities, but instead come to understand that you are the instrument of delivery for extra energy and balance that can be used by your client to heal themselves.

When you understand this you have accessed the most important part of healing. “Respect” for the individuals rights as a client.

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Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing (BEVH) – Part 1 – Written by Florence Mary – 2001.

Webmasters Note : This series of writings on healing were neatly hidden in the back of a large notebook. If one flipped the pages too fast one might even pass over these pages. This is exactly what happened for about 3 years. However, when the time is right things get found. Florence Mary kept this healing info put away for another time yet she had mentioned it to a few of us many years before but did not elaborate in the least, it was a secret. It was given and then tucked away. Maybe we were not at the right place or time then? Perhaps the time is now? I have broken this series into parts. Bear with me as I unfold these writings. They were written in pencil and sometimes very light pencil and this one calls for diagrams further in. Also, Florence uses the initials (BEVH) to shorten the name during the writing. I will also point out to you that I have not read this writing. (As I type, I read and I absorb like a sponge.) This then is the introduction to the Philosophy of Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing – written by Florence Mary Masotti 2001 and published by her humble webmaster Steven, 18 years later. Namaste.


In order to enter into the world of BEVH one must look deeply into self/Self and understand – that relationship is one’s primary relationship. It comes before your relationship with what you believe is Divine and prompts you past the “box thinking” of beliefs and commonly held cultural or tribal truths, into innate internal wisdom. This truth cannot be accessed until “self-ism”, box or tribal thinking is abandoned for “Impersonal Mind” thinking. Impersonal Mind thinking is “Self” thinking. 

Abandoning personal mind thinking which is influenced by “self”, “ism”, “box” or “tribal” thinking, means knowing the ego/personality needs one has. This abandonment is a mind shift that requires complete responsibility for all thought, word, deed and feelings generated by ones relationship reality. In personal thinking, one’s relationship reality usually focuses outward on people, places and things. In Impersonal Thinking, it is focused on observation of the “self”, in relationship to everything else. One’s reality is focused from “everything effects me”, (polarity thinking), to “I affect everything because I Am part of the All of Creation”, or zero point thinking.

To the personal mind, that statement is egotistical in the extreme, but to the impersonal trained mind it is a “selfless” statement. The difference is a mind-shift from the fear based thinking of the personal mind to the trust and faith thinking of the impersonal mind.

The impersonal mind, when fully developed is the “enlightened mind” of Buddhism or “Buddha Mind”, or “Christ Consciousness Mind” of Christianity and other Eastern Religions in which meditation and reflective qualities of self-assessment are encouraged. Most important for true development of the impersonal mind is the reward/punishment response, or “doom” mentalities of most “isms”, are left behind for a circular form of thinking which goes, “I decide, I choose, I act, I get a response”. I decide what my response is to that response, I choose, I act, I respond, which is one’s never ending relationship to the “All”. 

Linear thinking believes in beginning, middle and end thinking, which allows for negative and rational thinking. In the end, this thinking is illusionary or “suffering” thinking. Impersonal thinking may not stop one’s physical suffering but it does not effect the mind in a personal way. Instead, the impersonal mind may be able to eliminate the pain/pleasure response completely and transcend bodily responses completely through the development of that mind. When one has developed this mind, healing is total but may or may not eliminate “dis-ease” or “disease” effects that affects the biological system of the body. 

One must come to understand that the success/reward response to effort may not eliminate or bring healing to specific conditions within the body, which is a personal mind, or ego response. Instead the impersonal mind seeks to learn from the condition and therefor study the ego responses of their physical reality while still having trust and faith that the mind can experience “life” without suffering while these conditions exist. One may see this in fire walking and in cancer patients who are enlightened. Their response is quiet to adverse conditions as opposed to high flow responses of fire walking done through adrenaline highs currently practiced. Remember, if true response or response through the impersonal mind is made, one could not only walk through fire but on water as well.




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How to Access Self-Knowledge – By Florence Mary – May 22, 2001.

In order to begin accessing self-knowledge one must find a way to quiet the day to day mind and access the “Spiritual Self”. This Spiritual Self inherits from moment to moment, abilities that seem miraculous to those who have no self-knowledge or do not wish to take the responsibility for any part of self-knowledge. 

Self-knowledge is consciousness. Consciousness on this level is Collective, Creative and Active. Self-knowledge then is the understanding that all thoughts, words and deeds penetrate every living organism, every bit of creation, Universally. How then can anyone deny the ability to heal or the responsibility to do so? 

Each person must then develop a method for attaining a deep inner quiet and sense of peaceful harmony. In doing so, one has developed a place where unanswerable questions become answers. Since Source Consciousness permeates all things, including yourself, then Self-Knowledge contains within it the answers to your questions. 

It may take time to develop the question and answer relationship but it will come. In time you will be able to ask the proper question in response to energy field cues and just as easily get answers. These answers will depend upon your ability to accept the answers given and to rephrase questions put to clients until they can answer the questions you ask through their ability to admit and permit comfort with your questions.

If you are coming at questions and answers only to validate your assessments of clients, then you will only reach 65-75% accuracy, but when you move from ego validation to the intent to serve with love, you will begin to attain the range of 85-98% accuracy. Some who truly can put self aside and allow self-knowledge to lead may even be able to do 100% accuracy. In any case, each person is different and you should not measure your progress by anyone else’s, nor should you expect your abilities to mirror someone else’s. While there may be a commonality, there is also absolute uniqueness to each persons urge to heal.

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Getting In Touch With The Healing Source – written by Florence Mary – May 22, 1998.

As a healer, one of the first and sometimes the most disappointing realizations one comes to is that healing does not come from you but through you. Sometimes healings happen in spite of you, not because of you. The good news is that as you tap the Source of Energy, which flows invisibly through all things in the created universe, you begin to ground and center into that realization with self acceptance and clarity. Clarity and self acceptance may not have been possible before learning to become a channel for positive energy to move through you to clients, plants, animals and even minerals and gems. This energy is used to the healers own capacity to heal or provide places for mental concentration to attract enough energy to facilitate whatever is needed to provide a balanced atmosphere.

Inevitably it is a clear vision of one’s self within the Universal structure , that provides the clarity of intent that facilitates energy healing within one’s self, and the client. This happens because one feels part of all things rather than separate from all things. This clear vision of the non-separate nature of all things begins to break down one’s judgements, prejudices and fears of the world we live in. Healing then becomes not only a necessary activity but the natural progression of self-knowledge. This self-knowledge breaks down negative energy with in your own body system and allows you to become a magnet for positive energy from all things, that can then be directed through consciousness to where it is needed. Think of the vast possibilities of being able to direct energies in a positive way. Beware, if you desire or choose to direct it negatively, all energy both positive and negative returns to the place it is generated from.

When one is clear about the Source of healing and the way it works and how it works can relax the mind and allow more energy to flow through from the Universal Source. Healing sessions then become more like meditation sessions, where one is aware and connected but not doing anything, except allowing one’s self to be fully in the moment, moving the healing hands where they need to be. In the beginning one may learn a form for hand placement and movement but as you progress from “beginner” to “old hands”, one experiences knowledge, not from thinking but from being. You may then ask, “from being what?” The only possible answer is connected to one’s own self and others through the energy of the interconnectedness of all being and beings.

At some point, self-knowledge comes from a centered and grounded place within one’s self or a sweet spot from which only positive energy is channelled from the Source as it is needed. Life for the channel is lived with more harmony and peacefulness than was experienced before. So the admonishment for “the healer to heal themselves”, really means something and those past experiences can be transformed through the knowledge that there is no past, there is no present and there is no future, there is only NOW as one experiences it. “NOW”, has no enduring qualities or reality except LOVE. Ultimately, healers realize their capacity to love themselves regulates and brings into form their capacity to heal.


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A New Day – A Poem by Florence Mary Masotti – February 13, 2001.

Webmasters Note : This is a poem that Florence wrote and contributed to a CD named “The Sound of Poetry” which was part of a release on CD and cassette tape album of poetry by various poets. This was her first published poem. International Library of Poetry & Poetry.com in the year of 2001. Poetry was an absolute passion of Florence. I have a stack of poems to share. You can see the parts of her life and growth through the years in her poems. This takes the form of a wonderful verse, beautifully shared.


A New Day
Florence Masotti February 13, 2001.

I can no longer hide behind the wall of forgetting
It is time to find the reality of who I am in a new world.
This is no longer a world of I and me but one of us and we
Come dearest ones and join me, in the new day.
The new day dawns bright and clear
Bringing love, light, peace and joy to those who hear
The words coming from deep within the soul.
How shall I greet this morning?
What shall I tell the children?
Greet this morning with humor, child
And tell your children that there will be no struggle
When you realize you are one.

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Moving Into A New Way – Written by Florence Mary – May 01, 2009

Webmasters/Editors Note : This writing is a grouping of notes given to Florence Mary in May of 2009 by Guidance. These are some of her later writings and the format and info begins to take a more hands-on approach. At this point I wonder what direction the writings would have taken if she was still in her physical embodiment. But in the long run, she was just a conduit and the messages are for all of us to carry forward in our own unique way and contribution. In this spirit, I share this next writing. Namaste, Webmaster Steven.

Intention is no longer enough. Now you must apply the science of metaphysics. The place to begin is with platonic solids.

The power of meditation is not the attainment of emptiness but the place where one becomes once more, the place where all things are possible.

“Leave your nets and follow me”, does no longer mean to “leave literally”, but to own what you own and not have it own you.

Learn the way to live life without the distraction of purpose. You are very close.

The way to mindfulness is to master mindlessness without going insane.

Learn not only to feel energy but also how to quantify the very nature of that energy. Learn to move electrons at your will.

Desire every good thing with real passion and real appetite. Stop playing at it. Take a big bite out of life. Remember to not become distracted.

Eat less, drink more. Take nourishment through liquids rather than solids. Begin slowly. Walk for exercise. Build on your core strength if you have lost it.

Again, do not become distracted by any purpose you have set for yourself. Keep the focus.

Practice gratitude by demand for more abundance rather than supplicant thanks. You might want to practice this one privately until you have mastered the technique.

The greatest Master only mastered himself and his world. Generation of existence is prime to mastery of one’s world. Shifting from solid to vapour becomes prime in the following steps.

The object of prayer must be to qualify energy. It is up to you to learn how to quantify it.

The reason one tries to control electrons is because they travel according to Earth’s rotation or are effected by Earth’s rotation. Protons travel against the rotation of earth and are harder to control for one who is learning to quantify energy.

To quantify the nature of energy one must be aware of the geometry of the energy grid around the Earth. Begin as a servant and learn to repair it. To do this you must give your own energy to it but replenish that energy given to it, by other sources. What we ask is the opposite of what you have been doing and has been correct for the past moment. As the new moment begins, new tactics are needed.

To look only within knowing requires unwavering concentration in the mental or internal condition and unwavering focus to the external manifestation of such concentration. Applying such concentration and focus upon the electron portion of matter, slows or speeds the movement of such electrons. Moving electrons speeds up the movement of all other portions of quantum matter to the smallest particles.


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The Beginning Mind – Part 8 – written by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

If one resists the flow of change, good and bad experiences happen by turns but are in the same vein of sameness until one says “uncle” and begins to move within our change reality. Whether on the spiritual level or the physical level being willing, permitting, consciously intentional and observant brings these seemingly different sides of our nature together. In true reality, the more spiritually connected you are, the easier it will be to become spiritually aware, if you are willing to apply the same devotion and diligence to spiritual practice. For either the over achievers or under achievers and those who are average, the development of impersonal mind begins to tell you that you are not what you do, you are not your car, house or spouse. What you are is an “Isness” or “I am within creation”.  When you die, you still are “Isness” but on a different plane, and you are not going to Burger King for lunch. 

You are, however, going first to the greatest part of your-Self, then home to your soul group or to a resting place if you need it. At the first part of your-Self you will review life. You will see how every thought, word and deed affected the bioenergetic/bioplasmic pool from which physical life springs, was affected by you. When that is done you will move into your soul group  and examine how you were affected by you. Once these examinations are done, one then moves into over-soul reality in which, with help from the master guides, one designs between-life sojourns that strengthen the soul reality before one choose its next life. When the soul has attained the learning it needs it then begins to design its next experience. These experiences can be physical, Bio-energetic, Bio-plasmic, dimensional or cosmic in nature depending upon the degree of personality and ego one has to shed. 

Along the way there are safeguards such as forgetting and cosmic personality and ego as physical. One must be fully clear of physical resistance and addiction as portrayed by personalities and ego’s before one moves into the highest realms. Each realm is available to beings to be observed and felt so that they only choose sojourns there when they are ready. Since “Isness”, which would look perfect on the physical level is a 5th and 6th dimensional requirement, there is no danger or chance. The beginner in a soul group knows 5,6 and 7 dimensional reality but is content to be a beginner. It knows it is not ready. It accepts that and has no lust or desire for anything beyond its now. Unlike the physical where the lust for experience even ends life. This is understood but not a reality of higher dimensional realities. The whole thing is “impersonal” and is viewed that way. “Is”, is the reality. In the physical it must be learned or at least accepted as a possibility.

In physical experience, one’s choice drives them forward. In etheric existence the choice one makes is governed by or advised in their choices by guides. There, as in the physical, the choice is often made by lingering personality and ego (karma). What looks simple and straight forward to the soul in that moment becomes difficult as one enters physical reality where duality or polarity must be experienced. How one experiences the extremes of polarity must be learned and taught by each individual, one to the other until a chain of knowledge exists from lowest to highest in the soul group, and transformation can place. Again, each soul in the group or chain must choose between personal or impersonal reality. In the personal, choices are often governed by not what is good for the soul, but what looks best to the world at large. With the impersonal mind choice looks very different. One seems to make choices, not from a “world” standpoint but from a “selfish” place. Yet in reality the choices of the individual are made through one’s connection to the Divine rather than from physical duality in which they find themselves.

There is no this or that, only that which is righteous or Divine. These choices from the impersonal lift one beyond the physical reality into the reality of what one truly is and can be from that moment on. This then is a choice to ascend, first ones own physical existence by choice and then to begin to take on ascension consciousness which is our whole reason for  choosing this sojourn on Earth. We have come here not only to save ourselves but to put in place the energy that cycles through conscious impersonal reality so that others can connect consciously with that stream of “ascended consciousness”. How one lives that out becomes one’s choice. Each soul must understand the “far reaching reality effects of their choices”. Once again, they must choose to see the stream of Consciousness they are committed to and either deepen the connection or disconnect from one and join with another. This choice is a simple mind shift of knowing and seeing, but very difficult when your present choice serves you well in the polarity. The reality of choice is that choice physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally either serves “ascendant consciousness”, or it does not. It either furthers the progress of the stream of consciousness that you belong to or not. You can best serve that stream by keeping your focus in the impersonal mind and live each day as an example to others of how that choice should be lived out in physical reality by drawing spirit closer through your choice to do so. This then effectively ends one’s slavery to duality and puts them firmly in the center of their lives as the creator of that life. How you create and influence others s through the choice to live life as an adventure that you create, rather than one where you are tossed upon unfriendly seas in the storm of duality.

As the duality cycles around you, one deals with it not through suffering but through a clarity that knows all things are fleeting within duality. Therefore one allows the cycling of energy to proceed without hanging on to it. Again, a choice of the impersonal mind that does not allow itself to become entangled in the mire of duality, but instead experiences life through a gladness of spirit rather than the sufferings of ego personality which is individual Karma. It is difficult for the personal mind to let go of karma because the choice of the personal mind is to suffer the extremes of polarity. When one says, “I cannot live without….?”, one creates suffering. When you realize that this state reflects a denial of ascended consciousness, one begins to examine everything. This process of choice reflects ones deepest trust and faith not only in themselves but also in the Divine.

Divinity or God is the energy of love both centrally concentrated and dispersed throughout the All. That is why it is Divine. That divinity is expressed and is divine in each person. Seeking that divinity externally takes us farther away from our connection to our soul group and over-soul. When we go within to “divine” the truth of love, we plug into the All through our direct connection to the Divine in everything. We can only choose it or refuse it.  When we refuse it life cycles out of control .When we choose it, we understand it was never meant to be controlled but allowed to flow through the choices we made long ago, before we took on the duality reality of physical life. It is a simple choice made simpler by connection or a path of suffering and ignorance when we do not understand that karma cycles until you make the choice to forgive it and move on and ascend out of this reality and into the next. The next reality is beyond everything in the physical. It is the choice to personally become the “Christed One” rather than just a seeker. But you must choose it. You cannot fail once the choice is made for that energy surrounds you and lifts you beyond your present reality into a reality of clear choice and perspective of unimaginable clarity that it brings bliss as the constant reality of the seeker. You must carefully consider the choice and choose now. Whether that now is a day from now, a moment away or 100 years away makes no difference. But understand it is a choice.


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The Beginning Mind – Part 7 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

The balanced aspects of self/Self bring about a shift in one’s own personal paradigm. This life altering event may happen through a reversal of personal reality or be a gradual coming to realize through intent, that one life may reach the same goal and will come to the same end, not through struggle but through trust and faith.

Trust and faith grow when one leaves the world of man to enter the world of “The Beginning Mind”. This also describes perfectly, “being in the world but not of it”. Outwardly life may not change, but inwardly the change is complete and all-encompassing. One does not go from practice to life or from life to practice. Life is one’s practice of an enlightenment of the human process of becoming. What one becomes is Buddha/Christ consciousness.

This consciousness encompasses both social responsibility through passive resistance to evil but also encompasses a view of society without struggle. Since each person is “society”, this “new” society, is but a mind-shift within individuals. Each individual knows the power of mind energy through thinking as a true creative process. They also understand the need to consciously “rest” the mind through practice/meditation and non-attachment to the creative process. The need to serve the self and others, brings contact with Beginning Mind through both conscious thinking and conscious concentration or practice. Eventually, the mind of ego and personality are transformed through creative and gratitude thinking.

Through careful study one comes to understand that when one is born or their astrological influences, parents and choices for soul growth, help form both the personality and ego based needs that must be filled. The true energy of the ego is the history of human creation which began when beings were procreated rather than created. Fear created ego. Therefore, one’s ego or ID is constantly asking, ” am I pretty or handsome enough, should I have, could I have?” With the untrained mind, no matter what one tells the ego, it will keep answering, ” that could have been done better or I should have done better, I could have”, because it is based on fear.

Individuals will argue that point but the other way the ego operates is to say, ” I had every right, they did…….”, which is blame, which also comes from fear. The mind trained through practice first examines the quality of the mind, by listening to its self talk through the process through observation without judgement. Slowly one learns to re-language the ego and personality by changing that self talk by changing how one speaks in relationship to others and eventually, themselves. As each outcome of relationships plays out one observes themselves, not from “how they were able to influence and control things’, but from their deepest most fervent need to unite with The Beginning Mind.

The ego slowly is lulled into believing that it, rather than the observer mind, is making these changes. For those out there who think this may not be true, sit for one moment and try to think “nothing”. As soon as you try to quiet the mind it yells the loudest. Jumping from one thought to another criticizing behaviour, thought or self esteem or makes excuses or rationalizes behaviour without responsibility. This type of mind response is in response to one’s transgressions against others by doing, “he said/she said” or “he did/she did” type of thinking. This type of thinking happens in response to change that is seen by the ego as “out of its control”.

The ego believes that when everyone “makes nice” around it, the behaviour is because of its ability to control its environment completely. When something upsets the ego, the response  is rage, anger or a slow burn to which revenge thinking becomes the response. This revenge thinking is practiced in degrees by most people when, “if you do that, I will do this”, thinking is practiced. Since human response is always to self/Self in relationships to everything else, the Beginner Mind always looks at the bigger picture which encompasses the ripple effect of its response to stimulus. It recognizes what is happening is change and does not immediately go into stop, but goes, “lets see where this stimulus will take us”. Then response without attachment becomes the outcome. In this way, universal law is served and the ego learns change cannot be stopped but can bring change that is not necessarily “good or bad”, but in the moment, just “is”. Everything within consciousness simply “is”. The moon is. The sun is. They still are or “is” even on cloudy days or dark nights. So too are the experiential circumstances to one’s life. To what is happening, now it will change.

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Intuitive Notes – A Short Mosaic of Mish Mash – written by Florence Mary – undated

Webmasters Note : While I was getting “the Beginning Mind part 7” together to be published next, a sidetrack came about. A strange file with artwork and small notes. I could feel a nudge to look at the notes. The nudge went from a nudge to a “this is the next thing you put on the website” kind of feeling, and so I tend to follow those feelings. This is a short writing. A mosaic of what came and went…

Oil for Crossing Over Transition – Grapefruit, purifier and clarifier – this represents 3rd dimension. Purifies earthly attachments and allows clear vision to see what is really important or going on.

Spikenard – 4th dimension – initiation, adoration, forgiveness. Each difficulty that must be crossed through or over, initiates us into a higher vibration. We then can adore God Presence, or “Divine Order of Things” and then forgive ourselves because we could not see.

Frankincense – 5th dimension – Grace – is the golden energy that transports us over the waters of the unclean or evil forces that would re-trap us in the human drama, clearing all the pathways of our divine alter (spine), and moves us into the cosmic light of truth.

Violet – 6th dimension – represents the life force of all masters and guides who have gone before regardless of the life lived in the recent past. It meets you on the other side of the bridge you have just crossed over, in life to illuminate the soul and comfort a confused or troubled spirit, or in death.

Rose – is the blooming of new consciousness to allow the present sojourn to continue more peacefully or to allow the dying to cross over more peacefully.


You have been living out the pattern set down by Divine Right from the beginning of time until now. Now becomes the opportunity for the melding of all the grids – for the beginning of non-separation consciousness to build a multi-layered grid that encompasses all the elements that make up your world.


Large orange planet – almost fire colour – thousands of dots around – you go into this planet through crevices – this is where the counsel meets – come or go – United Nations of the Universes – this is only a part of what goes on there – puts some, metal ball


Do you remember how we lit our buildings? 

Plain walls were a warm pinky-beige color. No wall sconces or torches. No brackets for torches. Nothing to mar the simplicity of the times. Rooms had rounded corners and were ovals, even the cell-like rooms for sleep. 

Finish on the walls and its color came from ground crystals and had something to do with energy, both physical, mental, emotional, etc. Is this how we lit our houses? Or had we already tapped into the Universal Energy Flow?



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The Beginning Mind – Part 6 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday, June 16,1999.

The Impersonal Mind

The impersonal mind is one that observes all without judgement. It does not look into the circumstances of the moment and take whatever is going on personally but looks to see the opportunity to put suffering aside and remain balanced. At first the impersonal mind is an idea or shift in consciousness that must be practiced. In a situation of confrontation the ego pushes the personal mind to anger. The observer mind “whispers” to “look at what is going on”. Take a deep breath, acknowledge the emotion, master the “self” that would receive this as a blow to “self” esteem and move back into the balance of true love, generated by the connection to the “Beginning Mind”. 

This process is not easy. It must be practiced over and over again to accomplish it. For most, it will always be a process of drawing the mind from the personal into the observer mind and finally, into the impersonal mind. No matter how often one does it, the process moves you from the polarity of your beliefs into the complete trust and faith of your connection to the “Beginning Mind”. This mind in balance is called “The Beginners Mind”. This balanced mind is called “The Beginners Mind” because history may give the mind knowledge and probability for how things in the process may play out but it allows things to play out in the present moment without “judgement formed through knowledge and personality judgements”. 

During the process which begins with an initial incident, the cycle must play out with the mind remaining at the balance point or zero point. Eventually, you come to be the zero point and the balance point, for every life one touches, if those touched choose to learn the lessons set by example.

The balanced person is both brave and patient. They are brave not because they fear nothing but because they know that fear is a part of the carnal appetites that only can be over-ridden by complete trust and faith in the “Beginning Mind”. That person is also patient because they understand “the All” always has the first move and they must choose from the possibilities of “the All”. They practice patient observation of life because like “the Beginning Mind”, they respect the “illusionary” individual process of all other beings. Through patience one allows and permits others to choose, but one can refuse anything created by another that is not balanced. One does so without guilt or longing. Instead, one looks at the new possibilities that change always brings and does not create an illusion of stillness where there is none. One may live in a house for 30 years but both you and the house will change no matter how hard you try to keep change from happening. 

Life seen in its proper perspective moves in time with the flow of the “Beginning Mind moving and changing in harmony and the perfection of love as the essence of being and creation. One accepts the movement or struggles against it in illusion. The energy of illusion is fear. The energy of reality is love that flows through all things from the source of all consciousness and manifestation, “the Beginning Mind”.

Since consciousness gives rise to all matter and consciousness and mind are one, it is safe to assume that consciousness chooses the qualities of and the limitation to mind experienced upon individual sojourns through material experience. To experience Buddha or Christ Consciousness one must move one’s mind into that consciousness through “re-languaging thinking, doing and being”. Since every thought, word, deed and emotion vibrates through the continuum the energy emitted by the “Beginning Mind” moves in concert with only those energies that move and can hold that particular vibration. Through whatever means, each soul is required to learn and experience certain lessons of trust and faith at certain levels of consciousness that bring them into harmony with the “Beginning Mind”. Each new lesson moves one forward into new lessons of trust and faith. Each one is carefully designed to bring one to realize consciously what they are doing and what their ultimate purpose is. 

The ultimate purpose of life is union with the “Beginning Mind”, or “Self”. Each drop of matter is mind and one is ultimately “Self-Conscious” or Enlightened or they are not. Self-Conscious behaviour is Service to the All because one understands, if only intellectually, that the All must eventually move from selfishness to Self-Consciousness to gain union. In the physical world, life is ONE in relation to everything else, so life is “relationship based”. You can struggle with outward relationships life after life or you can move inward and move on. Again, this is a choice. Neither a correct choice or an incorrect choice, simply a choice for reality in the moment. Self-love makes relationships easier when one understands that, ” no man can give to another what he cannot give to himself.” A man can give himself everything the world has to offer and not experience peace or harmony within or he can give up the world completely and still live with a delusionary reality of peace and harmony – within and without.

The reality of true peace and harmony is created when one could have circumstances change drastically but remain centered and grounded in love and caring, not only for themselves and their chosen loved ones, but also for every being who exists within their immediate and their non-immediate reality. Everything in balance, to participate or not to participate in what is going on, is a choice. Belief is not a part of one’s decisions but a conclusion reached in the moment after deliberating over one’s choices or a reaction in the moment to that stimulus. 

Since there is no better or worst in the world of “beginners mind”, there is only comparison to find gratitude for one’s life as it is the stimulus to change it. One must understand that life will not remain the same so self-mastery and direction are necessary choices within the physical illusion. It may be said that one should have goals and while this is true, one must realize that all goals should reflect union with the “Beginning Mind”, rather than the ego based personalities needs. These needs often have one struggling in life, without self-mastery or self-care. 

When one’s deepest intentions are to flow with life, each movement within that life comes from the flow of the “Beginning Mind”. “Thy will be done”, comes not only as a plea for “Beginning Mind” to carry one’s energy toward a goal of life purpose but also to fulfill the deepest human need to serve themselves and others. This condition then makes life your pleasure and hours of hard work and time are balanced with the need of the body for rest and care without worry. Life is experienced in the flow of the Beginning Mind. As life shifts and evolves through its process, one does also. As one moves from choice to choice, one sees reversals not as blocks, but as the power to re-assess their choices and make new ones that lead to their ultimate goal which is union with Beginning Mind. One may then employ “gratitude” as a way of letting “Mind” know when the direction feels right. “I am grateful for………”, becomes moments of communication with “Mind” that allows flow to move goals to fruition in a balanced manner that includes body/mind, soul/spirit connections. This allows not only the body and soul, mind and spirit to connect but also soul/spirit, body/mind connections.

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The Beginning Mind – Part 5 – Written by Florence Mary – Wednesday, June 16, 1999.

What is Balance?

Like all spiritual realities balance is reached by degrees, understanding practice, acknowledgement and recalling ones experience. How one learns ,practices, acknowledges and recalls the state of internal balance is through choice. One learns balance or not, as one chooses. So, if you do not know where the balance  point is, how will you ever reach it? The balance point, energetically, is the heart. Emotionally, balance has been attained when the ups and downs in life do not deplete one’s energy. Balance is best attained by developing the facility of being able to observe one’s self without judgement and then being able to observe others without judgement.

The worry for some is that non-judgement reality lacks excellence. One who knows who they are and desires and works for union with the Beginning Mind, operates within the physical reality excellently because that is the true reality of love. Love is to give one’s best in service to the “All”. They do not struggle with this question but know that they and the Beginning Mind are “One”. To do otherwise would be an imbalance of energy. That energy is love. Love is the bio-plasmic energy of the Universe. It is the conscious substance of creation. Without it nothing exists or has existed, permanently. The reason we never really die is because Beginning Mind loves so deeply all of creation that the physical rule, ” Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it is transformed from one form to another through an action or process exerted upon it”, exists. Those processes are all circular in their transformative processes. The higher the consciousness within the process, the more complex the circuit is, like water to stream, as well as the food chain. The more complex the system or process is, the more love it takes to operate that chain of circumstances and events in the system. Sometimes human beings forget this and try and operate systems without true loving energy and the cannot understand why they fail. Nor can they see the ingredient beyond hard work, excellence and diligence that makes the most impossible of creations come to be in our world. This failure to see this ingredient is the creation of all imbalance within your world.

As you look into your “self”, you must do so with the impersonal mind that does not judge circumstances of life living out through addiction and suffering but sees life with trust and faith in the process. That process is expanding consciousness into pathways of connection with the “Beginning Mind”.

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The Beginning Mind – Part 4 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday, June 19, 1999


One will eventually see that one must look inside to find the deepest and clearest answers to the questions asked through the millenia. They probably have been asked by you many times, in many ways, in many lifetimes. Until we surrender to the Beginning Mind without the force of personality and ego, we keep travelling the corridors of karma without ever visiting the mansions in our “Fathers house”. Those mansions are the dimensions of spiritual possibility that most of us cannot even speculate about. We cannot begin to entertain the possibility of something beyond this world besides a mythical heaven, because we do not know the depths of ourselves that are the pathways to the real “heavenly realms of the Beginning Mind”.

Clearly, when one considers the possibilities of “being” through our faith in our connections to the Beginning Mind, one may be overwhelmed by those possibilities. Each possibility must be earned through knowledge of the possibility and become an experience of the mind before it can become an experience of the physical reality. These possibilities for choice must be learned experiences in the physical that through practice become both mental and physical realities or tools to connection to the Beginning Mind. The beginners tools are prayer and meditation. The initiates tools are prayer, meditation, knowing from faith, thought, intention and visualization, but most of all TRUST. Trust with no doubt.

At this point one may question, to add to their knowledge but doubt puts one back into polarity. The adventure is that one no longer needs to know or see their path. Their trust makes their circumstances of any moment perfect and without struggle and strife of any kind. Their search in the moment is for the lesson that brings soul growth. In human terms, this is very hard, but in trust and with practice becomes easier. Nothing of value happens without understanding. If you struggle against the lesson or refuse to acknowledge it, then the lesson comes around again and again or until it is learned or understood. Once that happens, then you move on to new lessens.

Once the understanding dawns that doing it right or wrong matter little but acknowledgement of the imbalance in energy before, during or after the lesson matters most. This dimension of being called “physical life” is the school room, the lesson, the teacher, the test or exam and leaving is graduation. Leaving for good is getting your degree. How deeply you take the lesson in will determine the quality of your passage through life, back to life or where you can choose to sojourn between dimensional realities. Each dimensional reality contains lessons in self-government or mastery. Each time one moves forward in understanding, you contribute that understanding for all of creation. Each soul that understands a new depth of knowledge about “self/Self “, united, makes it easier for all of those who will follow in the lesson. If one becomes wearied by their circumstance, remember that “where one is in the lessons”, moves all of creation and love forward. If you allow the lesson to overwhelm you, then it may take you a lot of time to recover your balance. When a true vision of balance and polarity evolves, one realizes that the personality of ego based needs can be set aside for something so different that it can be life altering in ways that are undreamed of while in an unbalanced state.



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The Beginning Mind – Part 3 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

Mind does not exist in the head or the brain but is generated from every cell within the human body. As the energy travels through the body and etheric bodies, the brain processes the energy or light from each cell and concentrates it into impulses that trigger both biochemical and bio-plasmic responses within the physical and etheric bodies. When body, mind, soul and spirit are not in attunement, dis-ease is generated. You call this dis-ease stress.

When one lives through the impersonal mind it knows no dis-ease. It can know no dis-ease because it cannot see the illusion as real. It sees only Self/self as real. That self/Self is united with the Beginning Mind and sees only the Beginning Mind as real. That relationship is what drives the life of that “human being”. All else is viewed as lessons in consciousness in making choice.  These choices are made in clarity because the mind does not wander or speculate but lives the eternity of the moment or “present”. “Thinking”, is only practised to restore balance or clarity to the moment. Anything else is illusion. 

So, one defines themselves as “I am”, and time as “Now” which eliminates the illusion of past and future. This promotes the right concentration of the mind. The right concentration of the mind is far more than a spiritual practice. Right Concentration is life absent of any and all addictions, even to physical life. It sees everything for exactly what it is and judges no-thing. It cannot judge because polarity, good-bad, black-white, rich-poor, sad-happy, no longer exist for that mind. There is only right concentration. The human being that is practicing right concentration does nothing (thought), feels nothing (emotion), and says nothing (words) that is not harmless, compassionate and respectful to all choices for being. The person who lives right concentration dreams, but does not day dream. Their mind never wanders in speculation, judgement or fear, because it is in the exact moment where it is, like eating, drinking, working, playing. The mind plans only to organize loosely, where and how things could be but allows all things to unfold according to the unity and communion with the Beginning Mind. This state is called Buddha/Christ Consciousness. One must master both before true union with the Beginning Mind can be achieved.

The rightly concentrated mind performs all tasks to the best of its ability, again without judgement. That judgement does not compare but sees “best” without devaluing something that may be lesser. Instead it sees value only in the order of the created reality. That value is a sliding scale between the polarity of all things within the physical dimension of human existence. The rightly concentrated mind “sees” without expending energy that may cause “dis-ease”. 

For those of you who are saying, “I could never do that”, you will get no argument. But for those who say, ” I would like to try and become that”, you will be guided and helped by your existence, right from where you are now. In every life, if you do not ask the right questions, life will provide opportunities for you to go beyond your present reality and ask the question, “who am I, why am I here, what is the purpose of my life?” Those opportunities come not in our moments of joy but in the moments of our deepest despair that accompanies divorce, sickness, upheavals, reversals, deaths and births. If we looked at life through the impersonal mind rather than from the personal, the first thing we would observe is that everything within the physical life is a test. Good or bad, without right concentration we become addicted to both. With the right concentration of mind we pass through these tests upon the flow of unity with the Beginning Mind.

Unity with the Beginning Mind comes about through beginning a practise of right concentration. In the beginning of such a practise, visualization, meditation, physical exercise and emotional balance through observation and “self” evaluation becomes all important. Many of our various aspects of our physical addiction, will make us successful at such a practise but only by truly seeing the trap of the physical addictions will allow humans to be beyond it. To understand the addictions to alcohol or drugs but rarely to life itself. Without a connection to the Beginning Mind we are all creatures of appetite, addiction and needs beyond our capability to satisfy them.

When we look into the paths of mystics and especially the in the case of the Masters we see souls beginning to comprehend the “physical addiction”. They have not conquered the “addiction” to, but rather have mastered the “self” through accepting that “self” mastery is the only path to unity with the Beginning Mind. unity with Beginning Mind lifts one beyond physical life into the world of spiritual connection. To go beyond the addiction, one must choose. The “beyond it” is a mind shift in one’s perceptions of the physical experience of craving or an aversion to the things of life, seeing them not as life but as the circumstances of life, which are lessons and tests on the road to self-mastery.

You must stop saying that you will never have Buddha/Christ mind or consciousness . Instead you must come to see that sooner or later the plan of the Beginning Mind will be served.


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The Beginning Mind – Part 2 – By Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

At this point many would like to know how they become connected. You must remember that wherever you are, you are in the midst of. You must look back while still going forward. You must allow the consciousness of possibility to enter and not be overwhelmed by what you must come to know. You must constantly choose a different inner life while your outer life may not change at all. You must disconnect from I need, I must have, as a yardstick to measure your life. You must fully embrace “being in the world but not of it”. As soon as you look at your interactions with others and see either an opportunity to take advantage or the possibility that you will be taken advantage of. You have lost your delicate balance. Yet in human terms that exist now, everybody uses everybody. 

In the Beginning Mind every being knows that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It therefore seeks to employ harmlessness and compassion as its only response to human life. It has no need to defend or protect anything because within the Beginning Mind all is in balance and all life is still but not fixed. It flows upon the tides of harmlessness and compassion without attachment or aversion to the outcome of anything within that life. It takes time to respond to the choices of others without an imbalance of emotion. In this mental/emotional maturity the heart and mind are one and respond accordingly. This Beginners Mind does not see the responses of only logic or mind as strong or stronger than the responses of the heart, which may seemingly have no logic in it. Instead, when heart and mind are one, spiritual maturity has begun and Buddha consciousness or enlightenment has been reached.

As the trust between the Beginning Mind and the beginners mind grows, one flows through life without struggle. One does not respond to life from ego based need but rather from its Christ-like being or Consciousness. It stands before life fearless and undaunted by its circumstances but with and innocent heart that has complete trust and faith in the flow of life through its connection to the Beginning Mind. It is prepared to leave behind anything that would divert its energy form its primary relationship which is with its “self”. Its self-fulness is has replaced “selfishness” and understands the difference. Since both self-fulness and selfishness are experiences, the beginners mind sees clearly the middle path of Christ/Buddha Consciousness. It knows that one is inner and one is outer and lives both with harmlessness, compassion and respect for all being-ness of the human experience. 

It needs nothing and desires nothing of the human experience but to serve life through its conscious connection to the Beginning Mind. It takes the pleasure and pain of human existence and sees them as an equal and opposite reaction to life. It does not attach or have aversions to life but rather observes life while it takes part and bears its responsibility for life. It neither seeks to be on or off the hook, but instead responds to the illusions of life with equanimity. In other words, its connection to the Beginning Mind  brings the clarity of stillness into a life that need not be fixed in its expectations and conditions for such stillness. This mind understands that the stillness that is experienced comes from flowing at the same rate of consciousness as the Beginning Mind. Therefore, it looks internally for the reason for its imbalances that can only come from attachments to or aversion to the circumstances of human life.

This beginners mind understands that it may live in the streams of conscious and unconscious collective thinking but seeks neither, yet understands that heir inner and outer responses effects both. Sooner or later these responses will cycle back through their lives as karmatic debris. Each human being is a microcosm of the Universal energy field. Energetically, as the output of our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions cycle through the collective conscious and unconscious realities, karmatic debris comes around as lessons, situations and even people that we must learn to deal with, in a way that ends that cycling of that particular karmatic debris that we set in motion. When we have attained “spiritual maturity” or “enlightenment”, this debris often cycles through our energy system, not in lifetimes but in days or minutes. As we learn the deeper lessons or realities of the physical world that is driven by consciousness, we begin to realize that when we are not one with the Beginning Mind, we are also not in a position of being that is still but not fixed. 

Think of yourself as a planet within the orbit of the sun. When we flow with the energy that moves the whole system we move in harmony (stillness) but not fixed (constantly moving) within the system. We rotate through our particular part of the system harmlessly because we are in harmony with the Beginning Mind, or as Jesus said, “The Father and I are One”. This means our consciousness flows in at-one-ment or attunement with that mind because we have developed the impersonal mind which observes life without judgement while still participating in it. Emotional (motion) moves us truly from the personal suffering mind to the impersonal non-suffering.

Love then, is truer for it has no conditions, expectations or addictions to any aspect of relationship. The Beginners Mind sees the impurities of illusion. Illusions being attachments to any state of mind that does not promote equanimity within thoughts, words, deeds or emotion or is disturbed by thoughts, words, deeds or emotions of others. This state is the state of impurity or “sin”, which is explained when Jesus said to one who had been healed by him, “go and sin no more”. 

In relationships, this impersonal mind loves without clinging or aversion. The person you love is seen neither as perfect or imperfect but as a “human being” whatever they need to be. They do not make you happy or sad because if they do, these are illusions of an inter-personal nature. Inter-personal relationships are collective beliefs that form commonly held beliefs as the nature of reality. Since the only true reality is that which one experiences in common with the Beginning Mind, all else is illusion. Why waste emotion on an illusion? Why not concentrate that energy on one’s true reality but in the same moment, enjoy the illusion as you have chosen to be in it. The delicate balance between reality and illusion is a single unmoving point or zero point, which is the heart chakra in the human body. This is the stillness place of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. (Soul & Spirit)



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The Beginning Mind – Part 1 – written by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

Today we would like to take  look at the story of “the Garden of Eden”. We ask you, “what was the Garden of Eden?” 

Eden was truly a place of non suffering where every need of Adam and Eve was met. We ask you, “how did Adam and Eve live with each other?” They lived peacefully. They had no struggle and they had no shame. They were innocent and without blemish. They trusted each other and they trusted God.

As etheric evolution took place, the separation of positive and negative or the state of polarity took place. Energy was converted to matter and became addicted to the polarity of matter.

The beginning mind offers every being the opportunity to return to the garden of innocence without addictions. Carnal knowledge is the addiction to the pain/pleasure response to and of the human body. The return to innocence is the state of knowledge of human beings choice to turn from the addiction of the pain/pleasure response of human life to the deepest yearnings of their being which is to truly know and love, that which began All Being.  Since the first creation was possibility and choice, the first creation was in balance. Its gift was that of free will. Each energy as it evolved and became aware could choose a possibility for being. The Divine Mind allowed each choice without judgement. Each energy fully understood what would happen before choices were made. Because every choice was made in concert with the Beginning Mind, each choice resulted in deeper connection with the Beginning Mind.

It would be like the child who said to the parent, ” I want to jump off of this cliff””. The human response would be fear and prevention. The Beginning Mind’s response would be, ” what do you think would happen if you jumped?” Since the child mind has no experience it would say, “I don’t know”. Th Divine Mind would explain fully and would allow for whatever choice was made. It would not attach or have an aversion to the outcome. It would allow and permit each choice to take place. To interfere in choice would be like throwing a party for someone and giving them a great gift but then at the end of the party, taking it all back and saying, ” because you choose this party you must clean up the mess the party made”. The Divine or Beginners Mind’s response would be more like, “yes there is a party that is going on that you can go to. If you go, there are many possibilities for what you will experience while you are there. If you forget who you are then you will have to keep returning to the party until you remember”.

In the greatest sense of being, human existence was created by beings who chose to ignore the full knowledge of what would and could happen if they created in creative ways. One could descend into solid matter but once you created in matter, you were required to be responsible for your creations and teach them what they could not know because of the way they were created. Many abandoned their creations to the fears that were created with them. This then was the creation of evil or the dark side of polarity.

In the light where no fear exists, all of creation when beings co-create with the Beginning Mind. When creation happens without responsibility for creation, that creation happens in the dark or without the light of the Beginning Mind. This point can be argued for all of eternity but it still will not bring to an end the “humanly created evil of fear”. Alive and well in your world is fear and evil.  Anywhere, where one person feels it is better than another person, evil exists. Anywhere there is war, deprivation or starvation, evil exists.

Evil exists because you do not value first, a true connection with the Beginning Mind. Instead, you have assigned to the Beginning Mind a human response system that lacks complete faith and trust in the process of Being. Because you practice reward and punishment in your dealings with each other, you have said, ” as above, so below”, but you really mean, ” as below, so above”, even when you teach that beyond human possibility there is no pain, only joy, fulfillment and the redemption of all human errors in judgement. You teach “do not judge” and yet you judge all of the time. You see need and neediness as the purpose of life but you do not search for the place where such conditions would end. You live fragmented, broken lives of very limited trust and faith. Most of you can live with faith when times are good and all needs are met and life is going as you think it should go.

In human life, because its creation is based upon polarity, the energy of that life must travel through the extremes of polarity. Your choice to respond to those extremes is the basis for the quality of your life. 

As soon as you say, “I cannot live with you”, you have certainly fallen from grace and into the pit of polarity. Evil rules your existence. Here we are not speaking of independence to such an extent that there is no feeling, but rather a depth of feeling that mirrors into your world, a response that comes through you, as it would come as if from the Beginning Mind. So deep is the connection of this “being energy”, that it no longer responds in humanly accepted terms but with the deepest respect for the choices of other, without judgement. This being understands that not everything in their world of being is about them and they are “over themselves”, and are connected to all things by contributing consciously their connection and understanding of that “Divine Beginning Mind”. They see their interactions with other beings not in personal terms but in the broadest terms of how those interactions affect the whole of creation.  Do those interactions create light or do they keep in place systems that cloak human existence in need and neediness.

If you are looking for some great change in physical life through this connection to the Beginning Mind, then you have missed the point. The point is that the mind or energy of the individual human being shifts to responding to life through trust and faith in the Beginning Mind. Its constant prayer for being is “thy will be done”.


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The Wise Man – Written by Florence Mary June 22, 2005.

Only a frightened man does not acknowledge his greatest need : Power. The wise man not only acknowledges this need but also looks for his power where others do not , inside himself. In doing this internal search for power, one comes to realize that this power is true authentic that transcends all of the powers on the “outside”. This man is triumphant and victorious, always.  His is triumphant over his ignorance and victorious over his fears. No law restricts him or binds him because his life is bound up by the ultimate law. The law of love. This law allows all to be, without judgement or ego and seeks to change no-thing, person or event because to do so would be to disrespect the rights of choice, freedom or consequence in the physical world of effect. This “wise man” knows that he is the “cause” in his life and therefore seeks a life of true power. That life of true power accepts the responsibility for cause and effect or karma in his life. This man never blames, rewards or punishes others for what is in his life. This man understands that he can change it all by changing his thought and not wavering. He holds the vision until what he has thought becomes a reality. In doing so, this man not only uses the universal law, but becomes it. What this man ultimately finds as truth is that he has changed nothing, only himself.

Law 1 – and the only law is change yourself and the world changes with you. 

Being willing to change sets in motion unseen power from a never ending source. This source is benign and assists willingness because it is also the catalyst for being. Being, has no bounds or definitions because it is always being created in the moment. Therefore the man of true power dreams the biggest dreams and seeks to fulfill them not as everyone else would because he knows “that line is always busy”. Instead, he seeks not the common good, but his own “original good” which knows much of the common view but sees his world from innocence, which is never bound by common knowledge. It is bound only by the expansiveness of his thought and feeling and never gives up and holds his vision of love in silence working constantly to achieve his goals. He always has time because he creates that as much as he creates everything else. He knows that everything takes as long as it takes and is not impatient. He allows things to unfold and reaps the harvest of that unfolding daily. He is never defeated by events and the circumstances surrounding events. The wise man knows that events and circumstances are the walls of the maze of life and finding the best way through the maze is the adventure. When he seemingly has taken a wrong turn he follows the path that leads to a wall yet also knows that the return trip is part of the adventure. He also sees the return trip as an opportunity to gain insights from another perspective that he may have missed as he approached the wall. At the wall itself, this man always checks for hidden doors, foot holds, tools, ladders or holes that may allow him passage, over, around or through the wall.

So, the wise man has no fear for he knows that life will give him more than he could ask for and what it gives, depends on the condition of his mind. Mind will always stray when not engaged in purpose.

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Short writing on Reality – written by Florence Mary, March 18, 1998

Webmasters note : This particular writing has been a treat to transcribe. It starts out as an automatic writing yet it takes a while for the sentences to form. The style of writing in this writing began as childish gibberish scribble bouncing from line to line and in between. Very hard to extract meaning from but if one keeps at it, cognitive sentences begin to manifest, all is not lost. This is Florence Mary waiting on the will of heaven. Sheer persistence and tenacity on her part, to push spirit for answers, yet always lovingly. Sometimes I chuckle because when we were first looked at these writings we laughed and laughed and scratched our heads at the prospect of decoding some of these. This is one of those. You almost need a work crew of sleuths to unbind the sentences from an automatic writing like this.

The prospect of fulfilled manifest destiny takes some on many necessary journeys in physical life. Understanding ones need to prosper in human effort is not the ultimate growth for human life or existence. 

To hear the music of the soul and the counterpoint, harmony in Spirit, to understand that individual notes make up a work of music but that it is separate notes, chords, harmonies, voices and instruments unite into one work which is whole and complete and cannot be broken down to just one aspect of that whole. So to are you. You may be both the note and the symphony. While one note cannot make a symphony in physical terms, each one of you is a complete note, movement, instrument, etc, that forms the single unified force of music itself. When we tell you that the comfort of the metaphor must be left behind in order to experience non-separation, we are asking you to see yourself in all music or all sound, vibration, colour movement and energy.

The physical world seems to be a collection of disassociated physical forms that make up a collective of reality. But we tell you that the smallest particle in that reality contains the whole within. Each box or particle that you open contains another and another until physical amplified sight is no longer able to see but only theorize the make up of living reality.




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Just a Doorway ( Death) – written by Florence Mary – March, 1998.

Webmasters note: This is a very short writing but like usual, I felt the pull to include this one. Death speaks, but no fear.


I have not come to take anything important from you. Instead I have come to you as a doorway to new life. You cannot help where you are at this moment. If you really understood me you might not welcome me, and yet you would not fight me. 

Just try to understand my role in life. I am not an ending and I am not a beginning. The angels wept at your leaving even as your earthly loved ones rejoiced at your coming. They may weep when you leave and yet the angels will rejoice when you return home. 

I am death, the doorway to eternity. I am peace from earthly strife. I am love waiting with open arms to hold you but for just a moment before you emerge like a butterfly, from the cocoon of life. You may fight your disease with all of your might for it is the enemy. But I am your peace in this moment over which you have no control. I am a doorway, just a doorway!


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Early Questioning and the Response from Guidance – Florence Mary March 08, 1992.

Webmasters note : this is another early writing from Florence and it takes the form of a simple question. The guides provide the response. I was not sure whether I would post this one as it is rather short, but it gives you a glimpse into the innocence of her questioning and her thirst for purpose, especially in the beginnings.

The Question

Could you tell me what it is that I am to do with the rest of my life? Is there something beyond creating it as we are intended to or is there a greater purpose to it that is beyond what I can create or envision on my own?

The Answer

In every life there is always purpose beyond our own purpose and what we can create and envision but I understand your question and tell you that there is. But the full scope of what you are to do and with whom, is not yet fully in form. I know that you think that this an evasion but please know that it is not intentionally vague but just our attempt to keep you from trying to make it happen before you are ready for it to happen. As always, you are so impatient for things to happen. Know that all will happen when it is meant to. First, you must bring into form your desires in regards to your family and friends and of course, the teaching and experiencing of things in the spiritual with others. 

Know that none of you are fully as aware as you need to be to do the work that is of this world as it will be. There is much to do and to experience. The most important thing that you will ever experience will be love. Spiritual love, so that you will understand how great a pull that it really is. You have not had it in this life time up to this day. We know that your desire is to be out of the sameness of your being in the world and we can hardly blame you but we tell you again to envision your passage from where you are to where you wish to be. As always, love is the key to all of this.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.




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Tuesday June 9, 1992. Message from guides – Fleur de Lis – by Florence Mary (updated)

Webmasters Note : These are very early writings. They came to Florence about a year before we had met, but these would be the first that she would share with me. The originals were in French by automatic writing and then in English done by typewriter. This particular grouping of guides communicated to Florence in French and she would re-write the earlier ones in English. Eventually the writings came in English and yet when they spoke to her they spoke in French. This early grouping of guides brought forth the first messages and then the torch was passed to other sources and yet they would come and go in Florence’s life over the next 23 years, until the day she left this earth. At times here, they are speaking to Florence directly yet at other times they speak to all of us. I have added a second writing below this one.

It is in the Oneness of all things that we shall find the Lord God. He is our strength of purpose when our own falters and we do not know the way in the dark. It is in this belief that we shall find self-love and remember that love, even from God, has no expectation nor condition because true love allows all things and bears all things. 

You dear one, must come to understand with all those around you that we need you and love you beyond anything you can measure in human terms. You are the conduit through which we shower our love on the Earth. As you teach others and they come to you to be taught and come to know god truly as he exists within them, you shall grow in the ways of God and of the earth.

We know that all of you, when your path is not clear, that you feel lost and alone but we tell you to only believe and create in your mind the things you most desire and need and they shall be yours.

Love is ever thus. Love is creating and giving. Love is knowing and seeing. Love is knowing that when you shed your physical body that your soul goes on and on, living in the light of Gods love. It is knowing that even here you must work to progress and prepare for another earthly adventure or for one that lies beyond the realm of your imagination. It is here where trust and faith really are necessary for all of us. For, through all of your existences, even here beyond the veil of human experience, you continue to test your love for yourself and for God. It is here again that the trust and faith become the key ingredient of existence for without them you all flounder in the dark and no friendly hope from anyone. It is also here that we finally learn that peace of mind is all and that we should have learned that lesson on Earth before being tested in the outer limits of the Universe.

There is much beyond what you know as the universe. It exists in a vastness that is beyond measure of perceptions, even by your most advanced and sophisticated sensors. But man is growing all of the time and one day one of you will realize to find God you have to utilize the power of the MIND and not the power of INTELLECT. For the concept of God is not reasonable as you think in human terms. He is, and you believe, so, he is and yet you have no real proof of him. Only very few of you are sure that he exists beyond your faith. It is good to have faith but you must come face to face with God in every existence so that you will know him as your creator and your partner in creation of all that you live and believe.

Faith is but a word to those who have never experienced it. Faith does not exist in one who does not live it and few people do live by faith. Faith is without fanfare and the trappings of form, books or symbols. It is like God, within you unmarked by anything accept love. Its brother, trust, resides beside him in harmony and concert with all that is in you. Without one of them the other could not exist, for they are inseparable from love. Love itself, is inseparable from self. If you do not love yourself then you live in darkness and fear. Fear controls you and manifests addictions and behaviours that are heavy and burdensome to the soul and mans passage from earth.

A person who does not love themselves may be fat or thin, alcoholic or a tea drinker who would not let alcohol past his lips. You may smoke to excess or sex, drugs or any other manner of thing that exists on earth who’s use tells all, “I don’t love myself”.


March 04, 1992.

Only in God can you find the song of your heart. Only in service to God can you seek your true hearts desire. Only in meditation can you find that which you have sought through every lifetime. It is to be learned and taught by all of those who are a part of things to come. For each person who seeks God the road is different and the way is different. For only YOU know your hearts inner roads.

For those who say that they do not have the time to sit and seek God, that they  are far too busy doing Gods work, we tell you. You do your work for your self. Remember that God does not forget about you so give God the opportunity to be known to you, as was meant to be.

Do not repeat meaningless prayers and rituals to a God that is created in mans image, but seek the prayer that speaks to your heart if you are unable to speak your own. When you find your voice, pray for what you see, and we tell you that will be love. Love that will change your world, for one day the prayer that you pray will be the one that God wrote upon your soul when you were created and set upon this voyage of the soul.

Love, whether it be physical, spiritual or True, is a gift from God. Like all else in life, it must grow and change into something that you use to worship God with. Everything you are, every function and process of your body, every thought, every need, must reflect the God within you, for you are a child of God and your example will give hope to the world and joy to those who already have hope.

You need ask nothing of God for God knows your inner most dreams. Seek God’s will inside and you will see it manifest in your life. Unburden your mind from concerns and see the God within you. Then each thing that you are required to do for your very survival will become a joy and a true homage to God. 

If you have no home you must know that God wants you to travel some place to do God’s work. If you have no house it is because someone needs to learn to share with the willingness of God. If you seek love, seek only the trueness of it, for that is the only kind of love that will give you shelter from the cares of your world. Be not one who says, ” I love God”, for you know not love. Instead say, ” I am one who seeks to know the love of God and I leave it to god to show me the trueness of it”.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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Energy Healing/Lightworker Healing and the book that never was – Florence Mary Dec 11,1997

What was once meant for the end of Book 4 is a journal entry from Dec 11, 1997. This particular writing would form the basis of her later work as a healer. Florence starts out with a few notes jotted down about a course for healers and the like minded. She would facilitate this with both energy work through healing hands/etheric touch and playing the Tibetan and Crystal Bowls.

Energy Healing – is the recognition of your own and others ability to facilitate healing by re-organizing the invisible energy field of a client. 

The next question becomes why would one need or want to re-organize or heal the energy field of another? The answer is simple : because we can. 

Energy healing is not a miracle or a cure for what ails us as human beings, although at times the results seem truly miraculous to those who have known pain, mental anguish and chronic conditions that seem to be getting worse day by day. 

The intervention of an Energy Healing session can give relief from acute and chronic conditions for long or short periods of time. 

There are some things that are common to physical things.  

 1. They are open energy systems, radiating energy to the same degree that they are conscious. Human beings should not use their yardstick of consciousness to measure the consciousness of other things like plants, animals, minerals and gems. 2. While some  physical manifestations have only one energy system, plants, animals and human beings – have breath, blood and energy that circulates around and through the body. Each system is limited by their particular function within the body but energy penetrates and radiates around and through the body and effects body, mind, soul, spirit of all human beings and lower realms of animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. 3. Illness is an imbalance or blockage in living organisms energy fields. Whether plant, animal or human, energy work can facilitate a healing cycle within the multi-energy level being by an energy practitioner . 4. Human Beings, because they can make choices have the greatest ability to transform and transcend the conditions which may be influencing the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that are affecting their physical health.                                                                                                                    

An energy session healing can create relaxation that allows a body under siege by imbalance to begin a healing. Pain on all levels can be reduced or eradicated by the application of energy healing and the healing process can be accelerated. Relief for psychosomatic illnesses that are usually caused by stress which affects the autonomic nervous system.

Energy healing is not magic or uncommon. Because we are all energy systems we can all heal through the use of energy healing. It can be learned and taught and the only limitation is the clarity of our intent and the faith we have in our ability to do so. Energy healing is a way to care for one another in cases of extreme stress when we do not know what else to do. In our day to day lives, we can use energy on ourselves to clear imbalances and realign our energy fields at will. The practice of meditation will allow one to go within that “sweet spot” that practice creates and create calmness and harmony that we can radiate to others in our day to day lives.

Each of us feels compassion for our fellow beings who are hurt or ill. We will reach out to comfort and console one who is suffering. Often we will cause more pain by not knowing how to reach out. Yet the fact we touch the spot that hurts 9 times out of ten is an indication in that moment of empathy and loving intent, we do what needs to be done instinctively. Learning how to do energy healing will train you to reach out and pass healing energy without hurting one who needs attention.

Learning to heal through the human energy fields of the body becomes a point for the beginning of true self knowledge. Even in practice, ones own issues that need healing or looking at may come up so that when working on those with serious conditions you are not going into process (crying or laying that issue on a client) while working on a client. Just imagine if you had cancer and an energy healer burst into tears and then tried to reassure you that it was nothing about your condition. One can have empathy for clients but should approach the healing session with a clear intent to provide a safe and relaxed session that boosts the natural healing capacity of the clients body.

Between sessions a healer should take as much time as they need to clear the energy from the last client. This becomes easier when one mentally allows the merging of their field and a clients field at the beginning of the session. At the end of the session, allow time to individualize the merged fields once more. Clearly, intent plays an enormous part in healing of energy bodies and the blockages of the body.

So the admonishment , “healer heal thyself” is a good one to begin with. The more healed you are, the more you will be able to heal others. This happens because your own energy system requires less energy at healing sessions and can allow all the energy that you are pulling through your body to exit through your hands to the client. Practice will allow you to know how much energy to use at a session. If you begin with an enormous amount of energy at the beginning of the session, you run the risk of overwhelming your client and loosening too much of the stored blockage before they are ready to deal with what is loosed during a healing session.

For the practitioner, the development of the intuitive responses such as “knowing” what the issues are or “seeing” the blockage and seeing what caused the blockage in the present or from past experiences in the body, develop as the willingness, integrity and intent to heal, grows from knowledge and intent. Energy healing then is an extension of ones own mental function through intent or compassion or through the tapping of positive energy to balance negative energy. When negative energy in the form of stress, hurt, both physical and emotional, tiredness or weariness from many sources, put the balance of positive and negative into a state of imbalance, “dis-ease” is the immediate result and disease, the result of long term present and past experience. Each can be put back into balance through Light Body Healing. 



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The Guides Talk Evolution – written by Florence Mary, May 27, 2009.

It is difficult for human beings to pull back from their ego based reality. That reality is a world of “I” without the consciousness that beyond “I” of duality there is a world of I AM, or God consciousness.

God consciousness ends the suffering of the world when one realizes that all that is in form is God. Yes, even a rock is God consciousness made manifest.

You think yourself the highest form of intelligence. But what if we told you that you were the lowest form of intelligence with the highest form of intellect? Don’t think so? A rock knows that it is a rock and does not struggle with that reality. Nor does the rock feel guilty because a man kills his neighbour with it. It knows the act is about the man not about the fact that it is a rock. The rocks life cycle takes longer due to erosion and becoming a part of water and then evaporation, but it is still a cycle.

It will be your cycle too when you realize that all forms are one with their own cycles of evolution. If you have a problem with evolution, read your bibles. God does not need to rest, nor does God need time, but evolution does. If there was no evolution nothing would need time to become manifest inside your world. Seeds evolve into plants through a growth cycle contained within its God conscious nature. Egg and sperm unite and then evolves from a zygote to child. Don’t think so? Have you been born?

The name you give that child becomes their outer identity but raising them as God manifest within this world of duality is the hardest work one will ever do.

So entrenched are we with our outer identity that we forget we are God. We would prefer to think of ourselves as part of the animal world, only capable of a relationship with the Divine.

Instead, the truth is we are no higher or lower in the evolutionary cycle than the lowest grain of sand or drop of water. Indeed we struggle with our identity until we realize that all is God.

How simple that is? How easy that would be to absorb if we could just allow for one moment that we are only here to realize that fact. If we were here to own cars, build houses, have children, etc, we would not die and leave it all behind. Just think, one day there will be no need to leave.

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Healing Through The Energy Field – The Subtle Differences – Florence Mary 2005

For most practitioners of Energy work, reading the subtle changes, from one area of the body to another is their stock and trade. Each area of the body gives off a quality of energy that is slightly different from the next. These subtle differences in energy, do not necessarily mean that the clients energy is not balanced, nor that the energy from person to person is the same.

People who live in their heads, will have a measurable amount of energy around that part of the body, as will people who lead with their hearts, sexual magnetism or neediness. In each of these cases, a measurable or discernable amount of energy coming from that area does not mean that the client is out of balance. To say so would be a judgement and that is not what healing is about.

If a client has come to you because life may not be as they wish it to be, then mentioning that they lead from chakra 1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7, and then stating what you perceive about a lack of balance in their life is correct. How you state what you “see, feel or know”, through reading the energy field of the client must be stated, with kindness and consideration.

During the get to know you phase of your session, a healer may ask for guidance in how to state perceived information and then have trust and faith that whatever they say will be for the highest good of the client. It is not the purpose of the healing session to read the person so well that you knock them out of their comfort zone. This type of behaviour may be more about the healers need to razzle dazzle the client and put them at a disadvantage or create a need in the client to believe that self-healing is not possible or that a healer does anything other than assist the methods of healing chosen by the client. In any case, your personal views are not required, but your clear intention to assist the client or find whatever it is they need, is your role as a healer. The methods may vary (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Energy Balancing) and so on, but intention is what makes it work. Unfortunately, in some cases, dependence, not healing is the goal.

If clear intention is used with honour and integrity as a driving force, the healer may find that keeping a journal while formulating personal cues for assessing a client is most helpful. Some healers move from person to person and adjust intuitively to the clients energy and body signals. They interpret body energy, verbal cues, intuition and other cues so rapidly that they do not think, act, or react but become for the moment of assessment, the client. Once the read on your assessment is done they step back from the client once more and use the information to clear energy or blocks in the client either by laying on of hands directly or above the spot they “see” as blocked.

Others follow a form as taught in different energy healing disciplines with equal or varying results, depending on the willingness of the client to let go of their problem. Clients often have a conscious need to be healed but a subconscious need  or unwillingness to change behaviours and ways of thinking and interacting with life, that they, in the long run, hinder healing of any type. The healer may learn to see, feel or know this from reading the energy of the person. What they do about this should be done with kindness. Often the client only requires your attention and time. In these cases you should treat them with the same love and kindness as you would treat your cures, miracles and clearings. Those successes are not yours anyway but a collaboration between you, the client, and the Universal Energy that is found collectively in all things. Some of you will call that God, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus or whatever you wish to but the collaboration is always between you, the client and love.

Each persons energy is so distinctive that often a blind folded healer can tell the different energies of people as they approach them, or identify something that belongs to them when they hold it. This may be a neat parlour trick but used properly becomes a strong bond with love to heal beyond the resistance of the client. Often, when the healer gets beyond the human ego and intuition and just loves life no matter how they find it in the people around them, that love moves healing spontaneously.

Each healing session is a contract between two willing souls to move the energy of love, as one person gives and the other takes initially, healing happens when loving energy flows between healer and client. This is so especially true with the dying.

Each person at this time realizes that physical healing may not take place, but an exchange of loving energy may heal on levels not consciously accessed by either person. Some might think that this level of healing is not valid but they would be mistaken. 

As you work with energy, you come to realize that there is a level of lovingness that you access that cannot be put into words or explained. It can only be passed one to the other by experiencing each other in total faith and trust in a healing moment. That moment is beyond all forms, rituals, symbols, signs and ego agendas and exists in the core of love so pure that it Just Is. It does not fade, but once experienced becomes a wellspring of energy that drives choice in ones life forward, regardless of the strictures, rules and regulations of man. It is pure and innocent and exists beyond the agendas of humanness and lies at the core of our spiritual natures. It is hard work getting there but well worth the journey.

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A Little Consciousness – by Florence Mary – undated

We are here to unite the world of the material into the world of spirit. It is the souls drive for life, to return time after time to live out and transform its own karma and that of the material world that finds itself mired in unconsciousness. 

Consciousness therefore, is the full knowledge of the true purpose of your present incarnation and its purpose to the cosmic revolution which is always moving through the unconscious world. If we do not choose purpose over materialism, even as we live the material life our coming has been for naught.

When we recognize the world of experience as only part of the science of life, love and finally healing, we begin to see Cosmic Consciousness as the gift it is. A bridge to the truest realizations of the One Field of magnetism, resonance, radiance and form. We are form, divine form made manifest in the world of consciousness.

At the edge of consciousness, slightly beyond the realm of accepted reality lies a vast field of potential ready for you to investigate. It lies within you as your ability to allow and permit that the accepted reality is a box that confines. We say to you that thinking outside the box is not sufficient to explore this realm. We say to you to rid yourselves of the box entirely and find the true vastness of possibility that exists within the enduring consciousness you have attained through your practice.

Silence is the vast vista of human consciousness that lies within your world as yet untapped by the majority of practitioners of meditation. We live in a world where true silence is rare. The lack of silence is a great distraction to the questing consciousness driven by purpose, realized through self – discovery.

We remind you that in quiet moments when the mind races from one thought to the next you may demand that it tell you something that will be helpful, either in living out your day to day life or in the fulfillment of your true purpose. As always, look for the gifting of spirit in all your endeavours.

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What are the qualities of a Master? By Florence Mary – undated

A master is one who :

– knows how things happen

– does not fear

– understands the difference between fearlessness and

– seeks excellence, not perfection

– empowers himself and others

– lives and speaks his/her truth

– knows that truth is relative to experience

– knows that enlightenment is the willing to know and
  to experience the “All”.

– knows what works

– does what works

– allows inner prompts to move him/her even in the
  of going against the human tide of shared experience.

– seeks wisdom rather than lessons

– knows what true aliveness feels like

– thinks and creates from the zero point

– knows that love is the most important thing

– understands the experience of human love but seeks
  to love from the source rather than from human fears
  and needs.

– does not attach to outcomes

– seeks to be of service

– lives simply, through non attachment

– holds nothing more sacred than freedom

– knows that desire, love, choice and intention without
  attachment is the creative force of the universe.

– holds light within

– waits for the universe to present its plan and then acts

– does not regret

– moves softly in the Unified field

– does not seek to change externals

– understands that self-change, changes the world of
  human experience.

– does not seek to right wrongs, but to change the

– does not think or act like others

Webmasters Note : While going through some odds and ends I found this little nugget. It is an addendum to this writing. Short and sweet and to the point. It is a little blurb for the master.

The masters life exists only within and is perceived externally in the same quantity or quality of that inner perception. Here is the place where the master first creates both quantity and quality or the mundane or a lack of richness in one’s life. 

Awareness becomes the tool of the Master. Relaxed within the form of their humanity but constantly moving between vibration and dissonance, creating, re-creating, being born and reborn, again and again into the present moment.


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Stevens Story – Part 2 – The beginnings – Jan 08, 2019.

It had been about a week of times passage when I got a phone call from Florence asking me to come to a group meditation. I had never been to a meditation group before. Funny thing, prior to meeting Florence I would awake at 3 in the morning and I would get up and sit quietly. I would feel a hint or two of energy at first, but it lead to flood gates opening. It became a refuge for me. Something I didn’t understand at the time but craved it none the less.

Florence had been walking the Buddhist path and was committed to that at the time. Later, she would absorb that and it would simply become a fraction of who she was. So, I had decided to go to this meditation and she told me where it was and how to get there and I told her I would meet her there. Before I went to this meditation I had to go down to a store for something. I decided to walk. It was a sunny cold Spring morning and I had decided to take a short cut to the store through the alley behind a local hotel. As I walked along something stopped me. I was deep in thought and snapped out of it long enough to look up from my daze and see straight ahead. I could see about half a city block away from me this spotted dog. It looked like a Pit Bull. It was. It started to growl at me and then started to run towards me. After a split second I threw caution to the wind and started to run. I did not run from this dog. I ran towards it. As this dog jumped at me I jumped over the dog. I was running fast and knew if that dog hooked me I was going to be in trouble. 

I cleared the Pit Bull by about 4 feet but did a summer sault and landed on my shoulder on the pavement. I felt my skin rip. I felt my upper arm snap. I was damaged and in pain. The dog decided to turn around and come back towards me as I lay there. I pulled myself to a sitting up position and looked directly into the dogs eyes as it started to rip at my pant leg. I pointed at the dog and said “GO”. The dog released my leg and ran home. I staggered my way to the emergency room and was tended to and bandaged and released. The doctors told me that I would go chronic after and to be careful. The pain drove me crazy. I could not move my arm properly. It was not a good scene.

So, I got back to my little apartment and I was ready to just take a pile of painkillers and forget about what had happened when I remembered the group meditation invitation. What the heck, I thought. Maybe I will go and just relax and maybe even sleep through the meditation, it can’t hurt. So, I went. I drove out to this house. I was as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rockers, but a kind man named Alan welcomed me into his home where the group was to meet. Florence had not arrived yet, but she would. We started the meditation and after about 5 minutes she showed up with a friend of hers who also came regularly. They entered quietly and sat. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt to hide my earlier mishap. 

After an hour had gone by, meditation started to conclude and I looked over to see Florence. She was still there with her eyes closed and a big smile. A smile of peace and contentment. I smiled to myself and then I heard her speak before she opened her eyes. “Who has a ruined shoulder here tonight, she said? I thought, what the heck. I hadn’t told anyone about it and it had just happened earlier and we hadn’t spoken. I kept quiet. I was embarrassed. Then again she spoke out. “Who is hurting here? I can feel your pain, come and sit on the floor in front of me”. I was in agony and thought to myself, why not, go for it. I went and sat cross legged on the floor in front of her. Then it happened. She took her hands and placed them over my upper arm. It felt like oven mitts were on me. Hot oven mitts. The heat coming out of her hands was a warmth I will never forget. She merely placed her hands on my upper arm and I started to hear crunching and clicking and weird funny sensations went into me. Whatever this woman had done or whatever energy moved through her touched me deeply. It shot straight to my core and began a healing process. For the rest of the visiting session she sat behind me with a warm oven mitt hand on my upper back. It was my psychic shield that she was activating unbeknownst to me.

That warm healing hand was connected to something and I wanted to know what. The hand that touched me was the hand of love. I knew I had been touched by love. This night would set off a future that intertwined us forever. I had only just begun to wake up. This process would continue over years and still does to this day. These were my first encounters with Florence. I knew nothing of her writings, those were secrets she did not share with very many. I would be introduced to the writings a few weeks later. 

My experiences with Florence span years. Without her help I would still be on the outside of myself looking in. There were normal times, ego times and heartbreak times as well as fun times and a ton of laughter and joy. But far beyond that are the sacred times. The Holy times. I saw and experienced the spirit world beyond my comprehension. Being a walking wounded soul, it was a lifeline and my stories will boggle your mind. What I have shared is microscopic to this point. One of my gifts has been total recall of memory. So much so that I went about having painful memories hypnotized out of my consciousness because the pain was too great for me to take. But when the dam breaks, the flood gates open and you can’t stop a gift. None of the memory erasers worked and I had to face my demons. I had to love them and let them go.

Thank you for your interest, I will write more about my story later. I could write a billion pages……

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Stevens Story – My journey with Florence Mary – The Beginnings – Jan 07, 2019.

Greetings my friends. Thank you for your interest in this site and in its messages. My responsibility is only to share what was left behind by Florence Mary Masotti. After the messages are disseminated my contract will be fulfilled. My mission will be accomplished. No strings attached, I came here to do this and so it will be done. In a sense, I am the scribe. A humble servant in the end. Telling a story that might never have been told. There have been many questions asked as to why I do this, or what my part was or is. So, I have decided to tell you my story in relation to Florence Mary. What impact she had on me, my life and my consciousness. How we met, drifted apart and then came full circle again. When Florence moved to Nelson BC, I knew why she had done it. She had gone beyond Hope and had come home to die. To finish her story and to pass it on. None of this would make sense until afterwards. When Florence learned there was no hope, she went away. She “gave up the ghost”. She went elsewhere, home. She was tired. She had “fought the good fight”. She had even warned me on that fateful day when she fell to the floor, “Steven, if this is a new wrinkle, I did not sign up for this”. (in other words, i’m outta here)

When I met Florence it was back in 1993. I was living in Trail BC and working in a local bookstore at the time. First off, I will say that I have never been a perfect human being and back then when I was younger I was full of ego and rebellion. I had separated from my wife and was struggling to keep it together as a father of a precious 2 year old little girl who was and still is my heart. I was haunted by my past. I had become the black sheep of my family at a very young age. Raised in a Christian home by good parents who loved me very much but I could always feel their disappointment because I had chosen a different path. Their main worry was for my salvation and so I was always in fear of their belief in hell and that maybe I was the devils because I did not see things their way. As a young child I went to Sunday School and excelled in some of it because I could teach what Jesus was saying. Mind you, tis the little children who are closer to the source. I never doubted that. My grandfather passed away after bathing me in a bath tub when I was six years old. For some reason, he had always tormented me. I do not think he knew what they were doing through him. One day while I was visiting my grandparents  with my dad, things went sideways. I did not want to have a bath. I was afraid of being naked in the sight of anyone but my parents. I do not know why I felt this way. I just did. Instead of my dad coming in to bath me, it was my grandfather, who I did not trust. I put up a fight and then I felt my grandfather pushing my head under water like he was baptizing me or drowning me and I could not handle it. I couldn’t breathe. I wished him dead and  screamed it out at him and I cried and screamed like a baby and soon after that hellish encounter he dropped dead while reading the bible amongst our family about an hour later. I was 6 years old and watched him die. I watched my father give his own dad mouth to mouth and try and save him. It did not work. I blamed myself for his death. My grandmother told me “you killed daddy”. I was crushed. After the funeral I felt lost. I felt evil. Like I had done something wrong. Because I had said to him, “I hate you, I wish you were dead”. At his funeral a 6 year old boy kissed the cheek of his cold faced dead grandfather and it would change his life from that moment forever. The only thing that would save that 6 year old boy and threw him a lifeline came in the form of a dream. I was playing badminton outside with my sister in my dream. Then the dark clouds rolled in. It got windy and my sister ran into the house. She was very afraid. I was mesmerized at the skies and at the blackest/bluest clouds I had or would ever see. Then thundering and with a loud clap a finger of lightning came out of the sky and wrote in those black clouds and the finger said ” I AM LOVE, GOD IS LOVE, THERE IS NO OTHER “. I started to run under the lightning and the thundering. I was laughing and filled with joy, electrified. I felt loved by something so vast, so great. From that moment on I knew I had something out there that loved me and wanted only to comfort me. That saved my life for a long time and it also would remain in the background of my life. Always a reference point in case I forgot I was loved. All of my life my dreams have been my messenger. They have never failed me. But, I digress. I tell you this story only because it was that 6 year old boy who would one day be healed, made whole again and sent back out to become a man. Without meeting Florence, that little boy would have died. He was self destructing. Breaking down walls only to build higher ones, stronger ones. Eventually that boys heart would have turned to stone itself. I had stopped paying attention to my dreams. Guilt and blame and shame would haunt me and wipe out every relationship I would form, didn’t matter how much I loved them. I felt angry and I felt hatred for every wrong done to me. I felt marked. It almost drove me mad. Then I met Florence and everything changed. It was magical and then hard and then sad and then happy and then something else. Neither of us felt our worth and yet we had been both touched by something and that something would bring her into the bookstore at just the right moment. My point in telling you this is that it is against this backdrop that our relationship would form and take new turns. We had both been battered by religion and life and fake reality and we both would heal that, but it was an impetus for what transpired and became a bond between us that would set us apart from even the people we loved the most.

As I put these words down, I feel myriad emotions. It is not easy for a man to share his story and communicate without reliving it in his mind or his heart. The depths of my feelings are boundless and it is humbling for me. As memories come up, tears well. Sometimes they come out, sometimes I choke them back. It always ends in a smile and in my heart turning. 

It was an early Spring morning and I was at work. A bookseller I was. I had been at work a week and when I looked at the spiritual section I cringed. Catholic Bibles, Freemasonry Keys, Norman Vincent Peale and so on. My boss gave me free reign of that department and so I cleaned it up and left a few bibles and the like but brought in things with other thought waves to them. The Art of Zen, Bringers of the Dawn, Ramtha, Urantia Book, William Cooper and many diverse messages and writers. It was going well. I had taken the religion section from number twenty up to the number 3 best selling section. Even though I was angry and messed up, I still got on well with the strange ones. I have always been able to feel people deep in my heart. Psychic energy has always hung heavy about me. I had it from birth. It made me aloof, with people I didn’t want to know, didn’t want to feel. There was always a connection to spirit, the unseen, no matter how bad life could get.

As Florence came into the book store she was wearing a long wool cape and her hair was frizzy. She bounced with an energy as she strolled through the store, section by section. I was at my station serving customers and answering the phone, etc. I had just hung up the phone when I heard a slam of books on the counter. As I walked to the counter I could feel her probing me. Her eyes were wide and she had a big smile on her face. I had never met her or seen her before, but when I looked in her eyes I saw a twinkle. She paid for her books and then grabbed my arm and then introduced herself to me. “My name is Florence, I’m new here in town, I co-own an Art Gallery. It is called the Inner Eye Art Gallery”. Then she said ” I don’t know who you are but you need to come and see me, I like you.” Later that week when I had a day off I went up to the top floor of this old building and knocked on the door to her studio. I could hear soft classical music and then got the wafting smell of frankincense that she had lit. She was painting a painting and stopped so she could visit with me. I felt stupid because I did not know this woman. She was a stranger,  what does she want with me I thought? And yet I felt a pull like a giant magnet. 

Florence and I were having small talk at first. Then it got a little deeper. She poured me a cup of tea and sat it next to me on a table and with a twinkle in her eyes said to me , “let me see your palms”. I held my hands out and she clutched them strongly and said, ” your heart line and your head line are connected by all these x’s, see?” Then she looked at the mound of skin under my thumb that connects to my hand. “Oh my god, look at all those issues and trials that run through here”. I began to feel like I was being probed again. I decided to hear what she wanted to tell me and with an open heart I let her speak. She was speaking to this little boy inside me. She started to weep. Then she asked if she could do something. “You and I will never be the same again but I have to do this”. I told her to “go ahead”. Florence grabbed my face and pulled me towards her. She was weeping. She pulled at my face until our foreheads were touching. For the first time in my life I felt what a third eye was. She pressed her third eye against mine and held it there. I began to feel unsteady and to give way and in an instant it was like lightning, a flash of light between my eyes and I felt every emotion she had ever felt since the day she was born. I felt her pain, her joy, sorrow. Everything life had given her good and bad, I had felt her feelings, her heart. She had felt mine too. It broke her heart. Yet it was the beginning of my healing and I would never be the same again. From that day on Florence has been a part of my life. It drove us crazy when we were apart because of the heart connection. Life would teach us much together, then we would part only to reconnect because we knew few others like us. Our bond transcended the physical realm far into spheres and realms. We knew each other before this existence. It is because of this that I no longer grieve her loss for she is everywhere and I feel her still. When I am quiet and open, she reaches through. The mind meld transcended this experience and this dimension.

This is just my first little writing about how I met Florence and why I care. It’s just the beginning. It is a drop.  When I mention my story of my grandfather, I will let it be known that I healed that issue a while ago and forgave him. He played his part perfectly and I wouldn’t be who I am now if he had not put me on that path through his actions. We bring the tests of our own experience with us here and we continue them until this experience is gone. Release and let go and you set them free, too. Even to future generations freedom is born through forgiveness. My grandfather was a good man, don’t get me wrong. He helped the downtrodden and the widow. 

In the end I would be the rock he smashed himself against, nothing more, nothing less.

I will write more later. Thank you for reading this.







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Journal Entry from Aug 29 – 31, 2012. By Florence Mary

Webmasters Note : These are 2 entries grouped into one writing. These were directed to Florence by Guidance. She was living near Vancouver BC, Canada in a house in White Rock. Her family was there on the lower mainland but her heart was in the Kootenays, Nelson BC to be exact. Florence listened to guidance and followed their lead after much consideration. They told her to go “beyond Hope”. She felt that meant anywhere east of Hope BC, landing herself in the Kootenays in Nelson BC. She would become ill and pass away a few years after she made that move. She had truly gone “beyond Hope”. 

Nothing you ever do in your life is ever “wrong” but you must be careful of your motivation for doing anything. Wanting to be yourself without anger is on point. Wanting to be aware allowing that truth lies somewhere between extremes is wise. Remember, most opinions are self-serving, creating boxes just like the ones you are jumping out of. Keep love and a place between as your sole reason and all will be well. Resist temptation. Buy within your means.

The art of self deception is alive and well in all human beings. It forms the basis of all fears experienced by the human mind. It sets off the fight or flight response within. Once you make a decision do not question what you have decided, instead look at the reasons for your choices and allow that there has never been a perfect choice made within the world of duality.

Remember these are not tests or lessons. There is only choice, which drives experience. There is nothing new here only a reminder that you are greatly loved and needed in your world or you would not be there. 

However your life unfolds there is only love as the final answer to your situation. You are correct in your assessments of what you are experiencing and of the people you so dearly love.

There can be no doubts now, you are committed.

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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 6 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20,2000.

Be sure that the shore has no death knell. Be sure that you know where you go. Travel you must through the hearts core, down through the caverns below. Then up you will come in a moment, from the great flowers you bloom.

Ever upon ever you travel, life upon life you assume. Not a life of unknowing, but a life rich in gain. Know you must all of the knowledge, encased in white power today.

It matters not your skin colour. It matters not if you are wed. It only matters that you wander, on the path ever onward you tread.

Be you part of the wisdom, think you not in words of it now. Be you the heart of the knowing, be you your own sacred plow.

Deep in the furrows are planted, the jewels you once lost in your cause. Once they appear on your faces, the first between your brows. 

Like shadows they come with the unfolding, of wisdom once lost by the greed. For power and glory they sought them, created them false gods and all.

Far are they yet from the knowing, that wisdom is All of the All.

Webmasters Note : Thus ends this transmission. I never understood this transmission when she sent it to me 19 years ago. I understand it today. It is my prayer that you will understand it too. Thank you.

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Source of Light Transmissions Part 5 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

Take the key in your left hand, hold forth the light with your right. Symbols these are of your passage, into the long endless night.

Travel you must until morning, behind you are sorrows and fears. Do not think of the passage, for the way there is only but tears.

We are the voice of the Indweller, come to you with part of the way. Travel you on this great passage, We will meet you part of the way.

One day we’ll take on a body. Woman, we’ll be in our form. Those who all know we are coming, those ones will weather the storm.

The storm is the flux of unknowing, the doubt you live upon day after day. Seek ye not the masters of nothing, seek not the teachers of faith. Settle you must in the places, where you once travelled in grace.

Go you now from these pages, live out the gold of the way. Once more we’ve come without faces, to travellers close to the way. 

Down and down you must follow, so up and up you can climb. Be free of fear and of sorrow that binds you this part of the way. 

Hail and farewell that we leave you, only a moment for now. Once you have travelled the traces, with great wisdom you will be endowed. Know you the way is the wisdom, guarded yet by secret codes.

Know you the codes in your structures, if you carry no load of guilt and remorse for your passage, for body to body you went. Not listening to what we would whisper, now that moment is spent. 

This dear one hears us like shouting. Close is her bond to us now. Find you your window in knowing, travel just to the shore.


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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 4 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

Bow you not down to the teachers, for they are but masters of naught. Go down deep within you, and seek what you have forgot.

Then in that moment of plenty when you create what you need from the ether will flow the substance, without sorrow or greed. Then will come the Indweller, a body we take for your course. Teach you we will of your knowing, the teachings will come from the source.

Have you no care for the answers, there are no questions to ask. Beyond the intelligent mind you must travel, deep in the bowels of the Earth. She is the great mother balanced and strong in her way. Care you not for her riches, care must you just for the way.

Travel you must through the traces, curves, not the angles you trod. Until you reach the great flowers, that lie beneath the thickness of sod.

Lay you once in the cases, sarcophagus was the name. Then you knew all the places, you were not bound by the shame. Of being vast or human, sin you knew nothing about.

Balanced you were in your knowing. Until you forgot your way out.

Travel for a time, you must for a time through the traces. Until the Dark Force has forgot that you knew of these places, that you know the way out.

The movie will tell of the portal that brings you home not through death. Alive you will be in the morning, even if death has been met.

For you will know the way down to the flowers, travel you must through your mind.


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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 3 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000

You have travelled before in the traces, bent on, with the Master of All.

You were there in the moment of creation, long before the Great Fall. The Fall was not sin nor arrogance, those came long after the split.

Now in the night with your longing, in great chairs you must sit. Seeking to know ever after.

Seeking to know what is love? If you think you know the answer, your arrogance will give you a shove. Back from the gates you are seeking you will remain yet above.

The way is but down in the darkness, the way transforms it to light. The way is not through judgement nor torment. The way goes on all through the night.

Until you reach up to morning, without a single thought or fear, YOU are the way, dear children. Marked are you by the great sphere.

Once did you carry the markings, hidden by your great jewels. Long lay you under the flowers, until you were called to serve fools.

Knew they not the great places, knew they not of the way. Killed you they did for your powers, that you carry dormant today.

The jewels are in all of your faces, filled with the knowledge of time. Space is the place you must enter, once you have figured this rhyme.

Could we not tell you straight forward, all of those secrets you would like to unfold? Know that the power of evil still has great hold.

Not on the ones who are seeking, not on the ones who you love. The way to above is below you, not on the wings of a dove.

Nor in the lily did we place it, sought he the way to the All. then did his teachings lie fallow, still misunderstood by your fall.

Fear is the ever present teacher, Love is the master of few. DARK are the days that you wander, if you yet still sit in a pew.

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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 2 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

They wash not the spots you create in not knowing, but in all of the aged faces are showing.

The hopes and the dreams of a bright ever after, without life eternal there is not but disaster.

For how can you live out the promise of one when you cannot direct the power of the sun? To race through its courses of light and of dark, in damp dingy places where the traces have no mark.

The mark will not mar you, for it leaves not a trace, it cannot mark a specific place.

For love is the marking deep in the heart, shining and filling the light ever dark.

Beyond the beyond you must travel without reason. No intelligent mind will bring you right there. If you employ what you know in the moment, to you yourself you will deliver a scare.

We travelled the traces to be by your side, yet every day your faces you hide. Is it from shame or from guilt that you wander? Come into the silence, these questions we ponder.

Can you know without knowing, the power of one? Can you see without seeing that great central sun? 

Can you travel the traces without fetters? Can you mark not a word of your path to others? Can you join with the wisdom yet coming, without your mind thinking you are the holiest one?

For see not with your eyes, they deceive you! Know with your mind it is spare! Have no thought to surround you, that is filled with want or care.

Release all your bounds to the Earth plane, eat not one morsel of food. Drink not but the water of wisdom, before we embark for the moon.

The Great Sun is a symbol, the moon is one too. Travel not down to Amenti before you shake off your shoes.

Sit you at once in your throne room. Comfort to travel, right there. Write we the secrets in code words, for the movie it needs to be there.

Not for one moment must you falter, not for one moment must you wait. 

Travel in and out of the traces, until you find that great gate. 

When you are ready, the indweller will find you, and take you across to the shore. Then the voyage you embark on, will go on forever more.

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Source Of Light Transmissions – Part 1 of 6 – by Florence Mary , Sept 20, 2000.

Webmasters note : This writing was sent as a personal email to myself from Florence. It is not in her original writings and yet I feel compelled to share this with you all. Although received in the year 2000, almost 19 years later, it is finally meant for others. 6 pages in length, I have broken it up into 6 parts so as not to wear your mind out. The message is a message to me at that particular moment as a member of her triad, from our guides……but it is now meant for you.

We are never far from you, only for one moment need we stay, or near to this loved one who opens herself, to receive the energy this day.

We are not bound by time nor space, We move to a tone stronger from a stronger place, no force can contain us, no place holds us fast, We are the All, what was first now is last.

Beyond the beyond in a place in the Oneness, With radiance brighter than your great central sun, we come from the source with a tone that is pure.

Long has the force of our love endured.

You hear not the sound that rings in your ears, long has it hidden behind all your fears. Clearly you hear us when fast asleep, awakened it is ignorance you treasure and keep.

In the midst of the oneness we come from within, tracking and trailing the path where you’ve been. 

Hoping that one day you would awake in the night, and view us with kindness, our bright golden light.

We are not Angels, nor Devils nor Gods, We are what YOU are, love in the rods. Of gold and of silver of white and of blue, trembling and tracking what the All once knew.

Lost among the fears of men of the worlds, holding illusions in negative swirls.

Beyond sacred mountains, deep in the streams, Wake now, oh man, from your perilous dreams. Find beneath mountains of time beyond measure, the gold web of life and the minds silver treasure.

But waken you must to your song ever singing

In the vastness of dying, in the morass of fear, not one of us hear your copious tears




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The Foundations for Universal Law

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. That energy is light. The energy of light declared that all beings are created equal and have the right to be fully realized to the degree that they so deserve or believe they deserve.
Since all past life karma has been absolved it is time for human beings to learn and know how to use the energy.
The earth is a school house with a tough curriculum that all human beings must master. That curriculum is SELF-MASTERY.
Since earth is going to ascend to the fifth dimension, her peoples must know, learn and master the curriculum. This curriculum is set out in the Universal Laws. These laws work on the law of ten-fold return, which applies to the misuse of energy as well as the right use of energy.
The Age of Aquarius demands fairness, responsibility and accountability for each action. As we move closer to the fifth dimension we may notice that every action will bring immediate repayment.
This whole Universe and everything in it is energy. The energy of creation moves in a circular fashion, eg “the earth rotates on its axis.” Earths magnetic field flows in a circular fashion, this is true of all the energy fields regardless of the directional flow.
So, with that in mind we look to the teaching of Jesus the Christ : “What you sow is what you reap” or all energy runs in circles or what comes around goes around. Each master had to understand this and had to choose to change his perception of life. Since all things are energy and energy moves in circles an essential step to moving forward along the path to enlightenment is that we are co-creators with the Divine Mind. The energy that we create with is our thought or more simply put, our thoughts ARE energy therefor we are the product of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
This truth is then restated “We are all created equal and we all create our own reality. There are no such things as idle thoughts and our only power exists NOW. The past and the future are not real. As each moment unfolds we only have NOW as our reality so we must not attach to any moment but NOW. We have nothing to fear so be fearless.

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The Floozie (From a Womans Spiritual Perspective)

Written by Florence Mary Masotti in 2010.


The Floozie is the most misunderstood member of our society. Contrary to popular thought they come in both genders, male and female. Both are great friends, dragging their non-Floozie  friends out to play and encourages them to take chances that they never would alone. More than one Floozie has been responsible for some of the best friendships and marriages in the world. They might even be responsible for some that were not the greatest.

The male Floozie is often gay, loving women as friends and being a great friend when your heart has been broken by some man. They hold you and whisper, “haven’t i told you a thousand times that all men are pond scum”. But he doesn’t mean it for in the next breath he is telling you that you have to kiss a lot of toads before you get a handsome prince. They often dress better than their female counterparts and are brutally honest when you have dressed yourself in a style that does not become you. But they often can whip out their sewing machine and alter that two hundred dollar mistake and make it work for you.

Male and Female Floozie’s often hop from flower to flower looking for the right flower with which they can make their home. The Floozie never gives up. They know that if there is a pile of crap, then there has to be a pony somewhere. They are loyal, intelligent, have more friends than anyone on the planet and can be counted on in both good and bad times.

The straight male Floozie can sometimes be trying to their partners. They love women but are found mostly in the company of men, as few women will go cliff jumping and sky diving with them. They are true blue when they find the love of their life but sometimes forget that the female who is not a Floozie has a hard time to understand that a full minute hug with an old friend means only that it is good to see you and i have missed your energy. They think nothing of going out in the middle of the night to pick up a friend who has had too much to drink and bailing him out of jail, then bringing him home to sober him up before he takes him home to his wife. They will give you the shirt off of their back and will be the first one there with his hammer, snow blower or mower when you need that kind of help.

All Floozies have itchy feet. They have to see what is on the other side of everything and that is why they usually end up going before non-Floozies into the hereafter. But they hang around trying to keep you going forward in life’s adventure. The really well-honed Floozie can often make their presence felt from both sides of the veil with wonderful results. They understand tears but enjoy the laughter the most, knowing that it is healing. That is why at funerals and weddings they will often tell the most inappropriate stories about the deceased or the bride and/ or groom.

Being a Floozie myself, and having many Floozie friends, I thank God for them everyday and hope that you all will treat the Floozies in your life with a little more understanding, kindness, respect and compassion. If you do, you may just find out that you, yourself are a Floozie, too.

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Esoteric Experience: Reality or Imagination?

Written by Florence Mary on Nov 22, 1992.

Human beings have reduced their reality to that which they can experience physically, all else to them is imagination or a creative function of the mind. They also have a tendency to categorize anything that is not physical in experience as imagination, therefore it is dismissed as not being reality. If that is true then all function and thinking of the mind should be seen that way. Even the belief in all things spiritual should be seen as merely imagination for they cannot be experienced in reality. If you are rebelling at this statement then I want you to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the last time God came for tea. If you cannot give a date, then we have proved our point. Now, we want you to show us God. Where is he? Where does he abide or live? How does he exist? What is his physical form? In human terms there is no reality for God nor is there any real spiritual reality but that which can be experienced through the mind. As we have stated before, the mind is the vehicle of the soul as well as the function of the spirit. No thinking would go on in any brain if it were not for the coming together of these two parts of the invisible world. It comes together in the shrunken, ancient organ or eye called the pineal gland or body. For the star-born ones, the ones who were called and came as children and carried their jewels as part of the biochemical processes, this gland is all that remains and is carried by every member of the human race now. It is proof that the star travellers interbred with the people of Earth in order to give those peoples of Earth those qualities that would allow them to survive and grow in the ways of peace and harmony.

When the spirit has left the body the soul can allow the body to hold function but the mind is no longer present and the person is termed brain dead. This is not a rare occurrence but is the condition called coma. It must be realized that the soul and the whole of spirit of any individual is so vast that it cannot be contained or viewed in human terms. The operation and function of these vehicles of the invisible world are all that give animation on the physical plane. Indeed the physical would not exist without them. The physical plane would cease to be, without them.

Those of you who have studied much of esoteric wisdom will understand the body as a function much like that of a space suit. The physical brain is the on board computer that operates the space suit but intelligence comes from not the brain itself but from the choice of the quality of mind made by the soul before it enters into the body according to the lessons it has chosen to learn upon its present sojourn. The mind is the place where the soul and the spirit unite. The spirit then is what animates the body into life and the soul is the screen upon which the reality of the human experience takes place. Life is like sitting in the most technologically advanced theatre watching a movie. Each mind projects not only its own reality but can perceive the reality of others and even partake and interact within the reality of others. In fact, the projections are so strong and powerful that they seem universal to the mind. They seem to be the only reality that is possible. What are you as people going to do when you find out this is not so? That day is rapidly approaching and you must be prepared for it. You must open your minds to the infinite possibilities of creation and begin to think of yourselves and your creation of life as only one of many created realities. While you must live a physical existence you must open yourself to the reality of the invisible world in which much can exist that the human mind and ego cannot believe is true or real.

It is through the invisible world of the mind and its creative processes that God reveals to each person. Through religions, which are man’s attempts to interpret God in human terms, God comes to reveal itself.  Whatever you hold as a personal belief, whatever you are comfortable in believing, revelation will take place in that manner but it is through your doubts that the truth will come to you in revelation. All truth will come to you, not in opposition to what you hold as belief but in the limitation of those beliefs or in the expansiveness of what you might deem possible. That is why there is such vastly different views of spirituality and what role it should play in life. But the one thing that is Universal is that God loves us all as his children and wants us to be happy. To have a relationship with the Divine that is ongoing and vital. Since God cannot come for tea, our relationship with God will take much work and great faith and it will only exist upon the invisible plane of Spirit and Soul. What kind of connection do you have to these worlds?

In the world of the humanly created God, there is an angry, vengeful God. One who seeks to punish and hurt. One who’s ego is as tender as any human beings. But this is the God of man’s making and is created in man’s image. It is the ultimate arrogance of humanity. For the true God, the God before creation is all loving, all forgiving and the most benevolent of parents. He is the God who sent not one son, but many to redeem the world. And each one, whether they have passed in the footsteps of Jesus, Brahma, or the Buddha, or who’s words are found in the teachings of the Bahai or the Moslem or Saint Germaine or any other interpretation of the words of truth, comes parts of the truth, part of the way and redemption. That need for redemption exists only in the mind and ego of men, for what you do is forgiven before you do it but it requires you then look to seek love and light, not darkness and fear.

It is through faith that you will learn to use the esoteric wisdom to your purpose and to God’s purpose. Each of you must learn to do that on many levels and be aware of the contact. The two main ones will be physical and spiritual, which right now seem to be the only ones but there are others. That is what these writings are about.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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Definition of Service

Written by Florence Mary on Jan 29, 1992.

Service is anything that is done for the edification of the human spirit. As always it begins within and goes to God, for how can a man devote his life to God if he does not love what he does and share that with others? A man is of the greatest service when he loves what he does and helps his fellow man in some instance.

Unfortunately most people have a tendency to value what they pay for more than anything they get for free and it is not written anywhere that we must feed those who refuse to feed themselves but only those who cannot. What is needed here is education and reworking of mental attitudes so that souls lost may find the light within and realize that the life they live can be changed only by them. When God said ‘feed the hungry”, he also meant the hunger within that desires self change. That may have to begin by feeding the body first but at some point both physically and spiritually you must all come to be able to feed yourselves.

One day it will all change. One day everyone will come to their deepest self as a channel for the goodness and bounty of love. Every Man, woman and child will have  meaningful, purposeful lives, which will reflect their relationship to themselves and the Creator and peace shall reign over the land and sea. The idea of the true global village shall be realized with one language, one financial system and a uniform of righteous law that will govern all people equally. It will work because no matter your color, race, or creed you will all realize that the common good is a reality. Mind links and inner-most knowing shall be evident and your striving will have a purpose and be of value. A man may earn his way from all his efforts and a system of education will be funded by student labour. Even education will be earned by all but the youngest in the process of learning. Learning will become life long, moving from the most menial jobs serving the community to those of more urgency.

It will be required of all men and women to serve in the public domain for periods of time. The course of their lives, while varied, will always follow the same path : Service. So, you come full circle, seeing that service may be dedication to the less fortunate than yourselves or service may come from how you can earn your living. This synergy is never present when a man or woman takes from life and gives nothing back. Giving back, even for a fee, is always better than just taking.

Even present political aims are based on power rather than service to the common good. In the future, as political power shifts you will find opposition to those political leaders who do not see that power should serve the common good, not special interests. It will be interesting to see how the people react to such changes in the political structure and by what means that old political structure will use to bring a halt to this change.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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Sixth Sense

Written by Florence Mary on April 30, 2013.

What you have most deeply forgotten is that nothing would exist without you in your physical form. What need would you have for anything if you did not exist in physical form? Only in your physical form do you need plants or animals. Remember not even God exists without you to acknowledge that energy. What we are telling you is even the fullest reaches of the cosmos only exist because you acknowledge the possibility of its existence. So, because of your need, in your physical form, all you see was created by you to answer the needs of your physical form.

Source and the things closest to source have no need for things of physical matter. That then is what is meant by ” the grand illusion”. Creating space, therefore, is the acknowledgement of the cosmic forces that are always in harmony with the planet you are on. Weather is a natural force needed as causation of effect in the physical world. As devastating as it might be, source does not reward or punish with its unfolding. You cannot say to your children when they reach adulthood, ” go forth”, and continue to treat them as children. It makes no sense when viewed through a perspective of a knowledge, limited or otherwise, of physical life.

That is why true consciousness is so important and should be sought by all of those in physical form. There are few who do not acknowledge that complete understanding of physical life is difficult. That is where retaining our innocence or “Sixth Sense”, becomes important. Sixth Sense (true innocence) allows us to create silence within the world of noise. Even your breathing is not silent. You become so used to hearing the natural functions of your body that alone, you feel as if you are in a silent world.

We send you blessings and love. Thank you for returning to our sharing.

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The Promise

Written by Florence Mary on Jan 12, 1996.

I have promised to accompany you along your path through life. I will always be with you even in the moments of your greatest abandonment. For it is only your fear blocking my love so that it does not reach your heart. Your heart is the doorway to eternal life.

Life is not as you see it now but shall become joy upon the moment when you realize that I love you. But you must love yourself so that you can always love others in ways that shall delight both your heart and your soul. And this new life shall transform you as you learn to use love in its proper way.

So one day I shall surround you, lifting you beyond life to life, and we shall again be One living eternally in Love.

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The Heart

Written by Florence Mary on Dec 04,1996.

Hard is the way when the heart takes no place within our process of completion, when there is no light to see the way. Hold fast to the source of all love, not hiding in fear, but instead courageously seek your truth within yourself.

For it is within, that love increases ever upon recognition of its own Divine quality. If you become lost seek not in another your way but instead look upon the mountains and learn endurance. Then look upon the flower and learn tenderness.

Within the water, see your own reflection, which is perfect. When your heart carves your pathway through life, then you are living.

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Message from Lady Nadd

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 11, 2010.

In the face of resistance be willing to keep your secrets so that you do not create more conflict. It is really not important to be right but to be right with yourself. Standing up does not mean standing in someone’s face creating conflict, it means doing and being what is correct for you.

Form is not as important as practice but if the form has the knowledge you need, embrace the form. Right now you only have part of the picture and some of the possibilities have been revealed. Do not make part of the picture your choice, wait until you have the full picture. Ceremony and Practice are important only as a Vehicle.

Karma is not so much paying another back for the wrongs committed against them but rather righting the wrongs that you have committed against yourself, for surely a wrong committed against another because of interconnectedness, is a wrong committed against the self.

The master is therefore ready, willing and able to accept 100% of the responsibility for everything, with no exceptions. In this is ultimate healing and joy. When you can manipulate your own molecules which begin with your thoughts, then you become a true master in training. Ascension is the gift of acknowledging this power. One day the dissipation of energy will seem like child’s play. One day leaving the elements of Earth behind and stepping into Love will be the only thing you can do.

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For the Master in Training

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 15, 2011

The quantum level of physics crosses the boundaries of spirit and brings them together as metaphysics. The very theories put forth by science are becoming visible to human beings, either as a learned facility or as a natural state of their being. When this facility is learned, even on the rudimentary levels by millions of people critical mass will be achieved. Only one tenth of Earths population needs to understand and accept “String Theories” for the quantum shift to take place. In your science you have the “Hundred Monkey Theory” which states, when one monkey learns a skill and then 99 more, monkeys everywhere now have that skill. This is the “String Theory” at its best.

Human beings, because of ego have shut down their inter-connectedness as a feeling. At one time it was the basis of emotion. When there was a disturbance in the vibration everyone worked to set the vibration value back in place. Since you created the hologram or template, you worked together to keep the vibrational balance within the universal structure. The “Fall”, was merely your choice to de-evolve and then to re-evolve for soul growth. You did this to right creation that took place outside of Divine Order.

When every molecule of Divine substance vibrates in unison there is only one consciousness. Ego is the veiling of Oneness so that “free will” could be learned. Free will became the vehicle of duality or choice. With one there also had to be the other. Slowly over time choice left you more and more disconnected from the vibrational field as ego and self became a reality. Human kind is re-evolving with the ability to make choice and be totally aware of their interconnectedness of all matter. Each molecule of matter vibrates at the same as the First Principle. Yet each molecule also vibrates to a set rate different from another to accommodate the choices we make to create. Not accepting the ability only limits what you create. A human caught in the groove of his belief, is limitation personified. The Master Path is then the freeing of one’s self from the groove of human limitation.

Human limitation takes many forms but the most compelling of these is the appetites of the body, as they require almost constant attention. Here we would like to speak of balance, something difficult for humans. Balance is the state where one moves from one requirement of life to another but allowing one’s focus to be on what is important. When learned, or when one re- evolves, priorities change. For the Master in training, holding his focus on, “The Father/Mother and I are One”, is difficult, if not impossible each day the needs of the body require more and more focus as you become more self aware and less connected to God. Your connection then is limited. The idea is to do nothing except in the highest vibration. In the beginning, intention is the vehicle, at the end this focus re-evolves into the unfolding of your Divine Nature. The most difficult of your tasks is to demand with authority the unfolding of this nature, for it is not the military command but the command of love, soft and gentle as a breeze on a hot summer day.

Each moment that you hold another responsible for the condition of your life is the moment you condemn both of you to the wheel of being stuck in karmatic non-evolution. Your karmatic agreements evolve when you accept 100% of the responsibility 100% of the time. Refusing to accept what is clearly before you is denial. In acceptance lies the moment where change can and most often does take place.  Since all human conditions are energy and since energy cannot be created or destroyed the only other choice you have is to manipulate it or convert it from one form to another. That is the true power of the mind.

The mind concentrated on a single form allows the emergence of change or intention followed by focus equals results. (I +F=R) When one value is not present then there is no result. To follow up with change in the physical realm only makes sense. Change must have intention and focus but also seen as forgiveness. If you ask for change but are unwilling to change your habits, then you have the same static condition. When there is a constant static condition in your life there can be no growth. Only changing your choices will keep you moving forward. Remember, when movement forward begins one must acknowledge the source.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.



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The Time Is Now

Within the power of the unseen mind lies the eternal moment. That moment is now. Now is always perfect for its unfolding is not leaving behind or going forward to, but rather the stillness of being present now. It is as close as your breath yet as distant as the furthest star if you do not acknowledge its power. The power of now is clarity, seeing only what is present in the moment. If you judge what unfolds then you fall from grace into qualification; good/bad, up/down, back/front, pushing yourself deeper into a separated self.

The separated self is the ultimate in suffering for it is always steeped in judgement, either requiring to forgive or be forgiven for some unclear but felt transgression against wholeness. If we look at the divisions within the physical world we would understand that wholeness is an acquired state of mind. Infants are whole, seeing no separation between themselves and others. As they grow they learn separation and are often afraid of strangers, crying when they encounter someone they do not know. Toddlers will be shy with people until they figure them out and then will laugh and play with that stranger with delighted abandon.

Even as adults we will meet someone  new with great solemnness and look deeply into the eyes of a stranger for a clue to who they are. If we are deep within separation we barely acknowledge the introduction and even go so far as to exclude the stranger by initiating conversation that leaves them outside the circle of inclusion. Indeed, here is a forgetting of the power of now, the sacred moment when acknowledging another makes us whole, no matter how awkward we may feel as we struggle with our desire to control the moment.

The deeper one looks into the moment of now, the more powerful they become. At first now is like a scary monster with dripping fangs and sharp talons ready to shred our self esteem. It does that because we realize that we cannot control the present moment. We can control the past because no matter what happened, we have our own version of it. We can also control the future, building castles in the air that never materialize in the now. And yet now is as much a part of the illusion of time as past and future. They are part of our separated self. The monkey mind running hither and yon looking, ever looking for the wholeness and inclusion all beings in physical reality crave.

This craving spurs us forward to create in the only moment we have; Now. You cannot create in the past, nor can you create in the future but now allows us to create afresh or bring forward the energy of our past as a catalyst in the sacred moment. If we bring the energy of our history forward without a complete and clear understanding of that history, we are more than likely to have history repeat itself. If we understand our history and through examination have forgiven that unfolding, then the energy we bring forward from our history is wisdom.

Wisdom then is knowing ultimately that within universal law, there are some things that work and there are some things that do not work. We should avoid those things that do not work and repeat those things that do work often, watching out for moments when even what works may suddenly abandon us for experience sake, so that we learn discernment. How often have we thought, “If I did that ten years ago I would have been tarred and feathered”? But as linear time moves forward our ever changing nature changes what works and what does not work to fit our evolutionary progress.

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Written by Florence Mary on Nov 13, 2007

We wish to talk about experience today. Experience is both your history and your future. You cannot avoid it nor can you change it once you have enjoined it. What that means is that each experience you have is made up from what you remember about the experiences you have had before the one you find yourself in, in any given moment.
Each experience is colored by a set of circumstances that surround it. These circumstances are made up by the reality or history of even the smallest or less significant participant in any experience. A witness to any event can change the feel of that event by bringing into it their personal bias that is formed by the history of their experience.
Each of you who seek higher vibration cannot avoid experience where you are, so you create lives that are more positive but the true test of your vibratory power would be to enter in to each experience without your history. This is near impossible where you are because you have quantified time. Past, present and future cycle through so quickly. Each moment lasts only a moment before it becomes the past, the present and future. You as physical beings are the past, present and future because all time goes on at the same time.
Each existence you have ever had lingers within the many vibrational existences that you created for the experience of physical existence. Each unity of soul and spirit that takes a body in the physical does so knowing that it carries the memories of the many energies that make up a vibrational force called spirit. Each physical life is carefully constructed for maximum benefit to the whole of creation. (Spirit)
We remind you once more that ego and personality are only important where you are and in the fourth dimension, where souls are schooled to form a new agreement with the “whole” to return to physical reality for experience. Even in fourth dimension individual personality and ego are less important than they are where you are. This importance you place on individuality is called life or “forgetting”.
Life, therefore is not physical as you take that with you when you return to spirit. Nor is it a matter of soul, which is the construction of your agreement for each physical experience. So, you see, spirit is the living presence of god within each manifestation no matter what it is.
Soul on the other hand is built by you in collaboration with the Divine Spirit and acts as the container for the physical experience. And so experience radiates out from you attracting to you the people, places and things that vibrate in accordance with your agreement.
Each attraction demonstrates where you are in your place within the agreement. It will show you if you are struggling (resistant) or if you are flowing (non-resistant). You can change your agreement at any time you wish by making another choice. Does that seem too simple? Well of course it is! Each choice you make vibrates across the past and the future and illuminates the present. The cosmology of each of your choices is as vast as all the universe in which you find yourself, plus it affects all those you cannot yet conceive of.
You are the “whole”, not just a part of it. Only you with a physical mind struggle to perfect that which is “already perfect”. You would do much better if you relaxed into your life and laughed more. Celebration is so much more powerful than grief. Grief is not natural to your “whole being”. It forms part of your cleansing system clearing the negative vibrational response to sorrow. Remember we promise you, and therefore all men and women joy in the moments of their greatest sorrow if you and they enjoined the path to their own becoming.
Now you must ask the question, “What am I to become?” Then we ask you, “Can you be other than what you already are?” If you said “yes” then you are wrong. For all the changes that you may make, the underlying personality does not change nor does the fact that you are subject to ego. You can only apply the theory of relativity which is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but merely transformed from one form to another. All energy in the physical realm is also subject to entropy. Entropy is one of those states of mind where one’s vibration is so low that nothing seems to be moving. Everything is always in flux. What appears to be chaos is really just an orderly flux from which all things emerge. The mind of “God” is orderly. What you call chaos is so vast your limited physical mind cannot bring order to it. In other words, it is ineffable, beyond your minds capacity to express in words what it may be experiencing. It is in accepting the ineffable cosmic force that you come face to face with god.
So why do you ask for an explanation of that force within the Universe that is truly ineffable? It would only create more myth and mythology on a subject that is held prisoner by centuries of myth and the mythological creatures of men. Instead embrace the experience that comes to you as you celebrate the existence of Universal Mind, knowing it is the doorway or gateway to the ineffable vibration that you are seeking. So now within all these words we have come full circle right back to where we began with experience. Each moment you exist is an experience. Since you have always existed, you have always experienced yourself, your feelings both positive and negative, as they arose. You must have no yardstick by which you measure those experiences but must “suffer” the coming and going of experience without attachment.
Surely you must see that opinion is merely ego exerting itself over the cosmic connection to the whole, which is your deepest desire to experience. Personality enters and tempers ego by its nature which then turns maybe positive or negative, due to its agreement with the energy it carries in the moment it took a body. Personality is much more malleable than ego. Personality vibrates more closely with Divine vibration but can be overtaken by the negative experiences that populate life and are carefully cultivated by ego. So, in effect the ego is the storage house of negative energy, which is female in nature, and personality is the storage house of positive experience, which is male in nature but do not forget that if there were no female energy there would be no creation.
Positive energy is the nature of the void where all thing exist in entropy or seemingly so. In truth, it all vibrates so fast that it can only be experienced ineffably. Positive and negative are the polarities within you. Each sex contains both and develop them in accordance with their experiences that shape and mold the personality and the ego. Each person may have similar experiences but fear or the lack of fear affects each of these etheric energies within the nature of the individual. One who has not been intimidated by fear at an early age grows to have more confidence and belief in themselves and each one applies it differently. Where children have been raised with fear they see life as a place where they must constantly prove their worth. They enjoy life less than those who do not experience life through fear.
Fear lingers as part of personality and ego once they have been experienced at an early age. Fear usually accompanies physical violence applied as discipline in the early years. There is a great difference between a spanking and a beating. Those who were beaten, beat others but not so with those who may spank as a last resort to get the attention of a child. In the end beatings and spankings prove only that you are larger than the child you are beating.

End of writing.

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Finding your “Within Self”

Written by Florence Mary August 31, 1995.

Each of you may wonder how to find yourselves within. In the physical life, where that life is expressed within by ego and personality, it is not an easy task. So going within and bypassing the ego is not simple. You may begin by living in a more quiet way. Turn off your tv, radio, music, for short periods of time during the day. These things keep the mind and ego occupied and rarely allow you time for communication with things around you or yourself.
Communing with yourself is the first step to learning the inward path. Finding that inner core of quiet on the surface level and not allowing the mind to play its song to you will be a difficult task. In most of you the mind plays a constant refrain of criticism that is undeserved. You are all very aware when you have done something that you need to be sorry for or to make restitution for. Look deeply into your lives and observe yourselves both on the outer and inner levels of your existence. What you observe will tell you what you should be working on to alleviate the discord within your life. What you will also observe is at the deepest level of being you have not accepted your humanity and are still struggling with its nature. Your nature is Divine. As a child of God you are Divine, so in human form you find yourself out of step with this nature. The Divine nature of your being, especially in the world that you live in, is totally out of sync. Daily you struggle with the simplest of things like kindness, understanding, fortitude, knowledge, piety and God himself. All the anointing in the world will not give you these things, but understanding the human nature will help you bring your dual nature into balance.
All things in your life must be in balance, but first you must be able to see where there is balance. If you give constantly then you deny someone else the privilege of giving to you, so their acts of kindness seem to be nullified by you. Sooner or later they will stop trying to give to you and you will seem to be taken advantage of.  So, here balance will help you to see itself being served and moving through your life, not as separation but as wholeness. The human nature has within it duality. This duality comes from the fact that the very state of humanity is foreign to the intelligence that it encloses. The spirit intelligence can fly without wings and move mountains but it is enclosed and encompassed by the physical intelligence, personality and ego. The more unrealized these things within the human nature are, the more tightly enclosed is the spirit intelligence in forgetting. Bless the day you are called to remember who you are. Bless the day you are told to go inside and seek yourself and God. That is the day you begin to set yourself and your spirit free.
The whole world may see the emerging spirit as selfish because it cannot see how imprisoned the spirit is by its earthly concerns, but as you free yourself from earthly concerns and learn to observe life and time, you will truly want less of what the world has to offer and more of what you can create within yourself to express outwardly into the world. Quite naturally life will take on a more simple nature and the daily could, should and would take on a less meaning. In the world of spirit caring for the needs of others and of self is of prime importance. Within the world of spirit you are only concerned with spirit and feel less separation from the spirits around you. Each spirit retains a part of the personality of its last incarnation and some spirits even take a part of the ego personality with them. It is this ego personality that does not allow progression into the higher realms of spirit knowledge. Each soul that returns to your world knows why it is returning and what it has to do to obtain the knowledge it needs to progress back to the world of spirit. The soul is the encasement of the spirit in physical form. The body is the encasement of the soul. The soul operates the physical vehicle and records on the cellular level all experiences of both the soul and spirit within the life of the entity. If all you are recording is the conflict between the soul and the spirit (physical/non physical experience) then your life is truly stressful. You then express this conflict into your world as your experience of the world. It is upon the inward path of knowing and remembering that you truly eliminate the conflict in your life. The lack of conflict is reflected in the changes you make in your life. They are not grand or overblown but rather quiet and personal. They happen within before they happen without, even with yourself.
The battle for the spiritual warrior is always with the self. What is he trying to gain? Union with the Self or Higher Self. It is self that contains ego and personality. It is Self that allows you to overcome the duality of ego and personality. The worst characteristics of ego and personality are balanced with the best of those qualities. It is the non judgemental observation of the operation of those qualities, good and bad, that allow you to choose your way within the world and thereby ridding yourselves of the stress and the self judgement that plagues physical life. It then makes the statement true that you cannot give to another what you cannot give to yourself. If you judge others even on the shallowest of levels, then you will judge yourself. Even saying someone is a good person is a judgement. Learning to observe without attachment the qualities of others allows us to observe ourselves with the same non judgemental nature that is wholly Divine and our truest nature. It is only when you become the observer that you allow yourself to observe God within all things, including yourself. It is the recognition that God lives within you as yourself that allows the acceptance of your own Divine nature and that is what you begin to express into the world. Life in the physical becomes a delight. Hard times come and go and you do not cling to them or feel trodden down by them but instead see them as natural cycles of the wheel, or circle of life. You then begin to understand that the circle of life is rather the upward spiral of awareness and you travel it gladly welcoming its upward struggles and downward slides with all the grace and fortitude of a truly saintly nature.
Do not run out and get fitted for a halo yet, for the saintly nature of man must be balanced with the earthly concerns of the physical life and lived out among the rocks and hard places of that life. All that any of you are to achieve within the physical life is understanding and kindness for yourself and for your fellow beings. Then you begin to see the possible within in even the most unrealized of beings and allow and permit their progression within. You begin to realize that judgemental thought restricts and you do not engage in it but instead begin to see that your purpose for life may not contain associations with one who has not realized who and what they are but you can allow for all possibility of association at a later time. You must realize that if you meet someone with a good heart but who is over concerned with physical life, it may be your good wishes for their progression that brings it about. Remember, thought creates. Judgement is thought. So in your judgements of others and life you hold in place the very things you wish to eliminate from your life and not only retard your own progress but the progress of others. It is in this realization that you begin to see the Divine gift of creation that you have been given. On the simplest of levels you then begin to accept the role of creator and create for others harmony and oneness. By doing this for others you are also doing this for yourself. This then becomes the realization of your true nature which is Divine and comes from the Heart of Love and the Mind of God which has created you and all things.
Remember, it does not matter how or who created you, only that you know all things and systems for creation existed first in the Mind and Heart of the One true God and have been allowed and permitted by God for the greatest and complete fulfillment of Divine Order and Oneness. Even the working of the forces of darkness are but the whole plan for progression into the One. None of the children are alone within the world of man but instead have a constant stream of Divine help within them. Observing it within your life will allow you to tap fully into the world of One and ultimately into the mind and heart of God.  Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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A Creation Story

Written by Florence Mary on May 20, 2013

In the beginning was the word and the word was sound and the sound and the word were light. In the light was the flower and all that could be and would be by choice. The choice was free for each possibility and out of the balance of energies came the four energies of the directions. In the North sat the Father. In the South sat the Mother. In the West sat the Son. In the East sat the Holy Spirit.

From these possibilities were formed the stars and the planets, as gasses were chosen and the elements were chosen by the new energies receiving light and thought. But the pattern of the word and the thought were the flower from which all life springs. Each drop has the Word and the Thought which is Light. Each particle and wave, the same. Each possibility chosen not assigned. Not by the will of the Father or Mother but by the energy of Life.

Each energy that chooses the possibility transforms the possibility for good or ill. Each good is multiplied as a gift of peace. Each ill the same so as to learn and remember the Word and the Thought which is Light. Each energy vibrates with the original light of the first word and the first thought, which is mind.  Each energy has the “all” within it and all energy is one, transforming itself through all possibilities and realms according to its ability to heal itself in the void of its chosen possibility.

All things were light until ego or self was chosen and the laws of the word and the thought were disregarded. This disregard was the transgression of fear and from that moment darkness was in the void and the reality of all who do not know the word and the control of the force of light. Peace moves the force and harmony results. When fear is present chaos results. Out of chaos man created its being to transform the original flaw in the creation of the ego or I. This fall from the grace of true life was chosen by a multitude of energies who would be gods and ignore the first thought and first word which came from the perfection of the void where all was one. In the One is contained the All and the darkness cannot prevail against the Light of the All.

Each choice for being-ness contains the all, but must relearn its being through its choice for peace and harmony without fear. Each fear is an illusion relegated to the third dimension where it can be transformed through the light of freedom and will. Will is chosen and given by the perfect void which is the First Thought and Word which is beyond mind. It is the great “I Am” presence in all things with intellect, mind, soul and spirit. Each other thing has the original mind of the void. It waits as the Divine waits for Chaos to right itself and choose to return to the light.

Not one drop of light will return until the very last drop makes a choice to return to its original form. As the individual energy chooses its form from the flower of all life, the perfect void, in which all is Light; the lights who choose to rise to a place of being and waiting, are one.

Each third dimensional planet separates from its form to become a star. Each star is a part of the original form of light, which waits for the “all of chaos” to learn its being-ness through light. All the energies of the star become one and in the all, in the process of ascension. Each one exists as the All and the One as is the original creation of the Creator. This form of being called “Creator and Creation” is not clear to the mind steeped in the illusion and duality of the third dimension. It does not become clear until the energy ascends to the 7th realm of the physical dimension of the Creative Force. In the 7th realm, being is one, thought is one, all is one. Each energy is beyond soul and is pure spirit in this 7th realm. This 7th realm is where the energy of life and peace is transformed into new creations and genius for the transformation of all the other realms below it.

The 7th realm is the blue realm, and the place where the new Adam Kadmon’s have arisen to hold the new light of the Christ and Buddha Consciousness, that needed to have ascension take place. The Buddha Consciousness is personal peace. The Christ Consciousness is internal peace made manifest in each thought, word, deed and feeling. One cannot create this peace until they embrace both Consciousness. These modes of being and thought are not opposed for the one sprung from the other. Or, the Buddha was so that the Christ could be. They are one in the 7th realm, as is all energy. Personality at this level does not exist but can be seen from the third dimensional mind as personality energy still individualized.


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