Source of Light Transmissions – Part 6 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20,2000.

Be sure that the shore has no death knell. Be sure that you know where you go. Travel you must through the hearts core, down through the caverns below. Then up you will come in a moment, from the great flowers you bloom.

Ever upon ever you travel, life upon life you assume. Not a life of unknowing, but a life rich in gain. Know you must all of the knowledge, encased in white power today.

It matters not your skin colour. It matters not if you are wed. It only matters that you wander, on the path ever onward you tread.

Be you part of the wisdom, think you not in words of it now. Be you the heart of the knowing, be you your own sacred plow.

Deep in the furrows are planted, the jewels you once lost in your cause. Once they appear on your faces, the first between your brows. 

Like shadows they come with the unfolding, of wisdom once lost by the greed. For power and glory they sought them, created them false gods and all.

Far are they yet from the knowing, that wisdom is All of the All.

Webmasters Note : Thus ends this transmission. I never understood this transmission when she sent it to me 19 years ago. I understand it today. It is my prayer that you will understand it too. Thank you.

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Source of Light Transmissions Part 5 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

Take the key in your left hand, hold forth the light with your right. Symbols these are of your passage, into the long endless night.

Travel you must until morning, behind you are sorrows and fears. Do not think of the passage, for the way there is only but tears.

We are the voice of the Indweller, come to you with part of the way. Travel you on this great passage, We will meet you part of the way.

One day we’ll take on a body. Woman, we’ll be in our form. Those who all know we are coming, those ones will weather the storm.

The storm is the flux of unknowing, the doubt you live upon day after day. Seek ye not the masters of nothing, seek not the teachers of faith. Settle you must in the places, where you once travelled in grace.

Go you now from these pages, live out the gold of the way. Once more we’ve come without faces, to travellers close to the way. 

Down and down you must follow, so up and up you can climb. Be free of fear and of sorrow that binds you this part of the way. 

Hail and farewell that we leave you, only a moment for now. Once you have travelled the traces, with great wisdom you will be endowed. Know you the way is the wisdom, guarded yet by secret codes.

Know you the codes in your structures, if you carry no load of guilt and remorse for your passage, for body to body you went. Not listening to what we would whisper, now that moment is spent. 

This dear one hears us like shouting. Close is her bond to us now. Find you your window in knowing, travel just to the shore.


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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 4 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

Bow you not down to the teachers, for they are but masters of naught. Go down deep within you, and seek what you have forgot.

Then in that moment of plenty when you create what you need from the ether will flow the substance, without sorrow or greed. Then will come the Indweller, a body we take for your course. Teach you we will of your knowing, the teachings will come from the source.

Have you no care for the answers, there are no questions to ask. Beyond the intelligent mind you must travel, deep in the bowels of the Earth. She is the great mother balanced and strong in her way. Care you not for her riches, care must you just for the way.

Travel you must through the traces, curves, not the angles you trod. Until you reach the great flowers, that lie beneath the thickness of sod.

Lay you once in the cases, sarcophagus was the name. Then you knew all the places, you were not bound by the shame. Of being vast or human, sin you knew nothing about.

Balanced you were in your knowing. Until you forgot your way out.

Travel for a time, you must for a time through the traces. Until the Dark Force has forgot that you knew of these places, that you know the way out.

The movie will tell of the portal that brings you home not through death. Alive you will be in the morning, even if death has been met.

For you will know the way down to the flowers, travel you must through your mind.


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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 3 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000

You have travelled before in the traces, bent on, with the Master of All.

You were there in the moment of creation, long before the Great Fall. The Fall was not sin nor arrogance, those came long after the split.

Now in the night with your longing, in great chairs you must sit. Seeking to know ever after.

Seeking to know what is love? If you think you know the answer, your arrogance will give you a shove. Back from the gates you are seeking you will remain yet above.

The way is but down in the darkness, the way transforms it to light. The way is not through judgement nor torment. The way goes on all through the night.

Until you reach up to morning, without a single thought or fear, YOU are the way, dear children. Marked are you by the great sphere.

Once did you carry the markings, hidden by your great jewels. Long lay you under the flowers, until you were called to serve fools.

Knew they not the great places, knew they not of the way. Killed you they did for your powers, that you carry dormant today.

The jewels are in all of your faces, filled with the knowledge of time. Space is the place you must enter, once you have figured this rhyme.

Could we not tell you straight forward, all of those secrets you would like to unfold? Know that the power of evil still has great hold.

Not on the ones who are seeking, not on the ones who you love. The way to above is below you, not on the wings of a dove.

Nor in the lily did we place it, sought he the way to the All. then did his teachings lie fallow, still misunderstood by your fall.

Fear is the ever present teacher, Love is the master of few. DARK are the days that you wander, if you yet still sit in a pew.

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Source of Light Transmissions – Part 2 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

They wash not the spots you create in not knowing, but in all of the aged faces are showing.

The hopes and the dreams of a bright ever after, without life eternal there is not but disaster.

For how can you live out the promise of one when you cannot direct the power of the sun? To race through its courses of light and of dark, in damp dingy places where the traces have no mark.

The mark will not mar you, for it leaves not a trace, it cannot mark a specific place.

For love is the marking deep in the heart, shining and filling the light ever dark.

Beyond the beyond you must travel without reason. No intelligent mind will bring you right there. If you employ what you know in the moment, to you yourself you will deliver a scare.

We travelled the traces to be by your side, yet every day your faces you hide. Is it from shame or from guilt that you wander? Come into the silence, these questions we ponder.

Can you know without knowing, the power of one? Can you see without seeing that great central sun? 

Can you travel the traces without fetters? Can you mark not a word of your path to others? Can you join with the wisdom yet coming, without your mind thinking you are the holiest one?

For see not with your eyes, they deceive you! Know with your mind it is spare! Have no thought to surround you, that is filled with want or care.

Release all your bounds to the Earth plane, eat not one morsel of food. Drink not but the water of wisdom, before we embark for the moon.

The Great Sun is a symbol, the moon is one too. Travel not down to Amenti before you shake off your shoes.

Sit you at once in your throne room. Comfort to travel, right there. Write we the secrets in code words, for the movie it needs to be there.

Not for one moment must you falter, not for one moment must you wait. 

Travel in and out of the traces, until you find that great gate. 

When you are ready, the indweller will find you, and take you across to the shore. Then the voyage you embark on, will go on forever more.

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Source Of Light Transmissions – Part 1 of 6 – by Florence Mary , Sept 20, 2000.

Webmasters note : This writing was sent as a personal email to myself from Florence. It is not in her original writings and yet I feel compelled to share this with you all. Although received in the year 2000, almost 19 years later, it is finally meant for others. 6 pages in length, I have broken it up into 6 parts so as not to wear your mind out. The message is a message to me at that particular moment as a member of her triad, from our guides……but it is now meant for you.


We are never far from you, only for one moment need we stay, or near to this loved one who opens herself, to receive the energy this day.

We are not bound by time nor space, We move to a tone stronger from a stronger place, no force can contain us, no place holds us fast, We are the All, what was first now is last.

Beyond the beyond in a place in the Oneness, With radiance brighter than your great central sun, we come from the source with a tone that is pure.

Long has the force of our love endured.

You hear not the sound that rings in your ears, long has it hidden behind all your fears. Clearly you hear us when fast asleep, awakened it is ignorance you treasure and keep.

In the midst of the oneness we come from within, tracking and trailing the path where you’ve been. 

Hoping that one day you would awake in the night, and view us with kindness, our bright golden light.

We are not Angels, nor Devils nor Gods, We are what YOU are, love in the rods. Of gold and of silver of white and of blue, trembling and tracking what the All once knew.

Lost among the fears of men of the worlds, holding illusions in negative swirls.

Beyond sacred mountains, deep in the streams, Wake now, oh man, from your perilous dreams. Find beneath mountains of time beyond measure, the gold web of life and the minds silver treasure.

But waken you must to your song ever singing

In the vastness of dying, in the morass of fear, not one of us hear your copious tears




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