Message About Living Love by Florence Mary – January 19, 1992.

All of human existence and the existence of all else is the product of love. We cannot state this often enough or strongly enough. Each soul must give back what the Creator has given to each of you and that is love.

You each are a small part of God and through effort you expand your capacity to be more God-like. It begins in the relationship with yourselves. The statement “No man can give to another what he cannot give to himself”, is one of the basic truths of life. 

What is required of each of you is to live fully in your present existence, accepting it as your own will, and that because it is our will it is also Gods will. It may be hard for you to accept this when things do not please you, but remember that you were created in the freedom of love and therefor, able to create with what you choose to believe as your reality. Remember, that what happens in your life good or ill, is but a reflection of what you unconsciously and consciously think of yourself and what you believe you deserve in this existence. You must change what goes into your mind if you wish your life to be different. If you do not operate from a place of self love then everything you do and are will never be enough to change your life. 

Once one comes to understand love as the most important fact of all human existence and endeavour, then purpose becomes easy to understand. All purpose is for spiritual growth. It may take the form of deep and personal belief in God or in some other round about way as a commitment to ideals of the God-Creator. Many worthy and prosperous souls of deep spiritual growth may not have a relationship with the God-Creator, as far as they can see, but we tell you that any man or woman who is committed to goodness and fair play seeks his or her purpose as surely as one who prays on his or her knees everyday to the God they believe in. You may follow the rituals of your religion but to take the life of your fellow man is murder, for the God-Creator grieves for each life that is taken in its name.

There has never been a holy war. All wars are predicated on greed of some form or another. Even the crusades were more about loot and bounty than about the word of God and God’s compassion for all of us. Jesus, the bringer of a message from God, never tried to force anyone to accept his teachings, except through love and wisdom. Jesus came to teach the power of love and what has come from that teaching is fear and doubt of every kind.

Now in your streets, you have a macrocosm of greed and the war that now exists is between the “have’s and the have nots”. You must all work to restore the goodness within all men and women, with sharing and caring for all of the peoples of the Earth. As you so eloquently put it, ” there is no free lunch”, but that must change so that all of the peoples of Earth can contribute to the wellness of your Collective Consciousness. In time you shall see that trust and faith can move mountains and part seas of unlovingness and even bring all that you need to you without effort and struggle and strife. Until you do you will be as all before you, ever struggling with life and its ways.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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Guides Comment on Televangelism by Florence Mary – January 28, 1992.

Could you clarify a statement made on August 14, 1991? “The man with God internal commits the same sin in public as in private and grieves both with equal intensity”. Are you saying that some of our TV evangelists are less sinners than I because I hide my failings?

You must understand that a man who has his God internal is not perfect. To be perfect here is contrary to the nature of incarnation. Incarnation in this present state or in the next, is always an opportunity to learn the best part of your truest self that you always are from lifetime to lifetime.

The statement that follows is about a person that committed suicide. Take the entity “K”, so recently a victim of his own hand. He had to learn to conquer his deepest fear. He had to find a way to his own light within. It is very sad when a soul fails to find his God within because, as you know, the self-discipline of true love is not present in that soul.

So it is with all other “sins”, as they have been defined whether it be smoking or eating too much or even working too much or not enough. Each of you at times of recognition of wrong choice, wishes for a stronger will to conquer that about yourself that you recognize as errors in judgement.

The evangelists you mentioned, and many others like them are the embodiment of all we do not wish the world to worship. They use Jesus as a tool for their own worship and to gather power. The lure of that power, demonstrates perfectly, the “eye of the needle” theory of the Bible. Always remember that money and power have a way of eating away at self-discipline that lies at the very core of true love. Self-Discipline embodies the relationship between you and the God internal. When you allow power to be your reason for worship and praise then you cast God out to be worshipped as a graven image. Images of God are just that because they externalize God and make it literally impossible for a man to have faith that he may ask, whether at work or play or wherever he needs the help, for the protection and blessings of God, through his assigned caretakers, his guides.

Even at your most needy, you fail to stop and ask for the blessings and grace you need. You are spiritually aware but do not see yourself as worthy of the blessings and endowment of God. Love, as always, is the key. Love will always be the answer. Do not ever loose sight of its power. Offer the suffering you cause yourself up for the advancement of not only yourself but also those of your world. Look around you and see where you cause your own suffering. Learn and grow. Become everything you are and can be. It is time to let your music out.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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An Early Morning Conversation With Spirit – by Florence Mary October 24, 1997 (2:53am)

This morning I would like to thank you for the wonder of my life. For all of the blessings that you have brought into my life. I would ask that you give me whatever you would for the group. I wish you to know that I feel integration with spirit and you, more and more each day. I thank you for that and I thank you for the love I feel flowing from you. It is returned.

There is much love to be found in knowing that it surrounds you and accepting that, even when you cannot feel it. Everything in human existence is passed through the barrier of forgetting and the five senses. Still, belief in God prevails over the belief that God does not exist. So abundant are the ways in which God is believed in and worshipped that we have lost the simplicity of connection to that source of beginning. There is only one attribute to God and that is Love. Still the doctrine of sin and unworthiness prevails in the beliefs of human beings. When you know how deeply you are loved by that source, why do you continue to give the Source attributes that do not exist? A relationship with the source of all love is simple. You were created and evolved from that source, therefor, you are loved by it. 

You do not have to run on the spot for five minutes chanting great chants nor do you have to beg and plead for hearing and understanding. It is yours. Since that relationship is simple so should all of your relationships with each other be simple. Until you can create simplicity in your relationships with each other and then with God, you will always doubt that you are loved and needed within the scheme of things.

Each of you is a place where love fills the void of Universal Flow and enhances the power of love within the Universe. Each of you is a moment in time that sings beauty into the existence of all beings. Every time that you know that with all of your being, even if it is just for a moment, you become perfect. It is time for you to hold your perfection around you with the same open hand that you hold to those things that are dear to you. In this is the perfection of human existence. Life then may be simply putting one foot in front of the other but it is also the place where love flows into your life through the blessings of the Universe. You must begin to see that love is as  simple as being. Being is the choice you make every day. No one thinks about it or tries to define it. They simply wake every morning and are. They put one foot in front of the other until they are tired and then they sleep. In the midst of all that they do, they do what needs to be done, with trust and faith that however they do things, that with “intention” and “surrendered will”, they cannot do anything but their best. Yes, life truly can be that simple.  Life truly can be just a matter of trust and faith in the Source of all creation and of the abundant nature of that relationship with that Source.

Each time you allow yourself to live in abundance and wisdom for what is present in the moment, you live with love. When the want and the neediness generated by mind become the driving force, then we forget who we are and we become something so strange that we forget simplicity and begin to create complex ways of doing all the things in life that we are here to do. We learn only the negative side of the lessons of life and forget how to flow with the abundant nature of the Universe. We are always trying to devise ways for the abundance to stop with us and cannot believe that there is enough to go around. We strive for riches well beyond the meeting of our needs and deny others a place within the abundant flow of love by holding on to the values that create need and deprivation within our world. We do it to ourselves but in that moment we also do it to others. We are the authors of our own worry and consequently become the place of worry for others. The abundant life allows us to see our place as temporary wherever we are, knowing that nothing within life will remain the same for very long. We forget to dream abundance and plenty and we create large dramas around simple things. We have learned only too well how to create drama, but have forgotten the simplicity of just being in the moment where everything that we need is present.

Too often in our lives we forget where we have come from and limit ourselves to seeing that we come from our parents. We forget that once we came from that perfect Source of all creation and create dramas of hurt and need as our reality, instead of the simple abundance of giving ourselves to ourselves and to others as our gift to the Universe. Our need becomes service of ego rather than the service of our true selves, in that moment when we try to take from others without the intention of giving back. We take from the flow of energy around those that we love and from strangers but do not allow ourselves to flow back into love. Our fear and our disbelief in love overrides everything and we take more than our share of love. When it stops flowing, we do not look to ourselves but brand others as ungiving and unloving and therefor, abdicate the responsibility that love places upon us for the condition to flow within our lives. We blame parents, teachers, siblings, government, doctors and all manner of things in our lives for its lack of flow but in the moment that you turn to yourself and see that you have stopped the flow, you become one again with the Universe, if you work diligently to keep the responsibility for flow in your life. You learn that you cannot be responsible for the flow in another’s life and you see clearly the limitations of your association with them. Life will be difficult if you have chosen them for a life partner, thinking you can fix them so that they can share your feelings of abundance with God. That state is an individual path and one that can be learned by example and faith. However, this requires work and time for a relationship with self  and the Divine of the Universe. If you do not have time for a relationship with your self, then you will always be lacking. But the paradox of taking time for your relationship with yourself is that become less involved and more outward looking as you look inside for your answers. 

Looking inside becomes the place where the wheat and the chaff is divided and one is stored and the other is composted to grow more time for that self relationship. From that relationship with self grows the relationship with God, for as we understand ourselves more, we recognize the longing for home that God is. So we create home within ourselves and we welcome others to share the place with us. So each sense of home that we create within ourselves is given to the Universal Flow to be multiplied. Therefor, our mat always says welcome, with no conditions. We realize that no one can take from us that we are unwilling to give with an open heart and we recognize fear as the place where what we hold in reserve as self, is preyed upon by other fearful beings. Love then, is the only place of disarmament within personal relationships and self-sacrifice is an outmoded way of living. Self-sacrifice is a painful process of living out our responsibilities but abundance is the place where we joyfully give to our responsibilities the care and attention that they need. We use acknowledgement as our way of telling others how we feel about them, not only on birthdays and special occasions but in everyday things by the use of words like “thank you” and “please”. We make special efforts to be on time and to make phone calls if we are going to be late. We practice simple acts of kindness to others and wait for the flow of intention to be multiplied by those who know who they are and we stop expecting lost souls to return to us what they did not have or cannot see that they have. We stop expecting people to be what we think they should be and accept them for what they are. We look at their behaviour as a reflection of who they think they are and then decide what our relationship with them can be based upon by what they are giving out.

In each moment of your life allow yourself to feel and know your own wisdom. Be at one with yourself and realize that in being so, you are one with God. Honour yourself and God through your relationship with others and let love be a part of your consciousness of your life.


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