Space Lines – written by Florence Mary – Jan 18, 1998.

While the void is a place of shadow and birth, space is the place of transition where energy is released into the void and will be used later to create. The Master-becoming realizes that all beings release energy but rarely, if ever, use it to its full potential for creation.

In the midst of becoming, large amounts of energy are released. So the Master-becoming rests within the energy as it moves within the space of possibility. Even while resting, he/she is weighing the possibilities of creation. Upon the alter of creation lies the essence of mastership, the sacred marriage of cause and effect and the unity of soul and spirit.

Only in this union is true sacred energy  released, bringing about a synergy with the present moment. As the creation is formulated mentally within space, the adept begins to move within space to the place where manifestation will occur. Then begins the times of silence and focus, where the Earthly walk must take place within the mundane and the ordinary. Yet they realize that they are moving towards the point of gestation where they, the new self, are born and reborn, using and releasing energy in the spacious consciousness of the Creative Intelligence. 

Here, within birth and rebirth the Divine Man/Woman emerges fully into the light body causing space to expand. Upon the reflection on space one realizes that they are not alone but instead, have merged with “The All”.

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Light – Lines – written by Florence Mary – Jan 6, 1998.

Light is the quality of wisdom that all beings contain. Whether that wisdom comes from instinct or from the mind or intellect. True wisdom comes not from mental and intellectual striving but instead from just knowing. Yet while this is available to all souls manifest, trial and error, loss and sorrow are the ways most beings manifest in physical life choose to become wise. There is another way and that is to enter the deepest part of your personal essence through silence in order to bring forth all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this present existence.

Since all of time goes on at the same time, it becomes the path of the emerging master to pull from the past, present and future of all of the possibilities that are just there waiting to be accessed by being here now. In order to accomplish this you must access the Supra-Mind and stay within the balance or zero point reality in order not only to be wise but to keep the flow of wisdom/light within your present existence. That is best done by not identifying with the world of matter or with the world of the spirit, overly. By striking the balance between the two you are still not fixed at the center of your own life and you move into the supporting roles of others yet causing no harm whatsoever. You do this because you have trust and faith in the process of life unfolding around you. Since nothing is ever written or encased in stone, being able to see what is unfolding and taking up the possibilities for consideration, either intellectually or through knowing, is of utmost importance. Each form of consideration validates the being that you are without placing you back into the world of duality. You then become the master of your circumstance rather than the victim of it.

Light is also the quality of wisdom. The clearer the light that surrounds you, the clearer you are. In order to clear the light around you, balance must be maintained. Owning one’s life in ways that are impossible for the human doing or even the human being, becomes easy when the lesson of “be in the world but not of it”, is mastered. Light, Sound and Colour are ultimately “One” in the farthest reaches of Divine Vibration. As you become more familiar with your own light body you will begin to feel the power of Wisdom flowing within you. You will live with and in silence, not casting your pearls before the swine or becoming the swine yourself. This requires the ultimate of respect not only for others but for yourself and the own process of your mastery unfolding. You do this by the process of non judgement and by observation of the farthest reaches of compassion that you are capable of in any given moment.

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The Void – by Florence Mary – Jan 17,1998.

The void is the place of shadow but not of complete darkness. Within the shadow one has the chance of seeing all possibilities from very different perspectives, even ones that have not been considered.

Here one learns that there is no right or wrong. Only a set of truths that work within the laws that operate the Universe. The Universe always has the first move until you learn to master not only the light of duality but also the shadow side. It is only then that you realize that all is light and all is shadow in equal measures, so you find yourself right in the center of your Universe where you were always meant to be. 

Here at the neutral or zero point, balance abides. Nothing matters but the experience of life or the journey, not the outcome. Belief will tell you that it is the outcome that one must worry about, but the truth is that the living of the journey is what is most important. The most important part of the living of the journey is that you, as a living being are full of experiences that move you along the path to a final conclusion of consciousness. In your world you see that as death, the ultimate void. Yet, when you are fully emerged into your power it is only one of several conclusions of consciousness.

The conclusions of consciousness are many and varied. Life through birth and death has only one. Birth means that you will die. Death means that you will live and be born again on the never ending wheel of Karma. So, the master in you begins to see that there may be other conclusions to the present consciousness contained within the present physical body. Just as the conclusions begin to unfold, it is then realized that like death, there is but one conclusion that really matters and that is the one that dissolves the life of matter into the life of light.

Within the shadow, or void, one sees the womb of accomplishment begin to unfold within the united soul and spirit and then the creator abilities begin to unfold. Then, you, as master, become adept at unfolding into the material, all the possibilities of fusion. Here, you remember that as things enter into this dimensional reality, they do not enter in straight lines but rather are bent like the reed in water. So, they do not wait where they are or try to stop the moment of realization of manifestation but they instead, keep flowing within the movement of all things.

In this there is no struggle, only the flow of oneness and abundance of love that created everything in its own image and likeness. Since this love and image have no form, in the form of physical life it becomes apparent that the form of life is the will and the creation of ourselves, not the imposition of some greater will. For what greater will is there than the will of one who feels abundant and complete in love within the Divine Source. Drawing upon this power in the times of greatest sorrow or darkness will bring light in to where we think there is none. Knowing intellectually that there is always light does not necessarily help when ones only perception is darkness.

Gestation within the womb must happen within the shadow and must then be brought into the light as a physical form. In this, be it the creation of children or our fondest dream for accomplishments in our work, spirituality or individual beings, lies the potential for the greatest growth. When you work with the shadow side of things you will find that there is more light then there would be when you try to avoid the shadow. Always remember that shade is often welcomed on a very hot day.

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Growing up and Forgetting by Florence Mary – May 10, 1994.

It is only in the deepest recesses of our imaginations, in childhood, that we ever really remember who we are and why we have come to the Earth, in this or any other lifetime. When we look at our children, we must also remember the joy of love, once again, without expectation and condition. Yet as parents we cannot allow ourselves to stay in this state for long and to be busy ourselves with the seeming concerns for our child and with each succeeding child, allow ourselves to be drawn ever deeper into the separation from all that is.  We allow our society to support our actions and in the harshest of cases, use subtle forms of child abuse, for the child’s own  good of course, to hasten even faster the separation of that child also from all that is.

It is when we finally awaken to the fact that we are doing this and we begin to raise our children without fear and all of its manifestations, that this Earth, and our existence here, will begin to make sense for us. 

We are here to learn love, to be love and to allow all that has evolved from the supreme act of love committed by God, to exist within us and flow through us, from all around us and to others. There is not another reason for being here. There never has been and there never will be. Each thing that you cling to in your forgetting is not a reason to be alive, nor is it an excuse to abuse yourself and those around you with your expectations, conditions and fears. 

All of the roles that you have assumed, are lies. All of the things you do from ego and ego-centered forgetting are abuse and all that you continue to do in the name of love that causes pain and frustration to those around you are not you, but neither are they sin, but rather a call from your deepest despair to remember love and why you have once again come here to this Earth.

You are also not your fears and any of its manifestations, nor are you here to serve another in their own pains of forgetting. You are here to serve yourself by remembering who you are and in that way you are serving God and all of those around you. This is the only way that you will ever be able to contribute truth to the Group Consciousness of the Earth. There is not another way to do this. How you express that love then becomes the free will choice that each of us has to make. When whatever you do is from love and not from fear, all that you do will fulfill you as it was meant to do.

All will finally make sense in ways that it never has before and all will show you the way to your purpose and its accomplishment within the constraints of the conditions and expectations of others. If you think now that this is only a dream, think again and allow yourself to know yourself through love rather than through the view that you have been taught by other unself-realized persons.  There can be no other way for you to change yourself and your world. Only through the teachings of the great masters, mystics and philosophers will we find the road to truth and an existence that is free. As long as you are not free to be truly who you are, you will be living only half a life, and half a life is better than no life at all, see? As Emmanuel put it so perfectly : Freedom is not an illusion. Freedom is the natural way of being. It is your birthright, it is your home. We would all do well to remember this truth and to allow this gift given to us at creation, for ourselves and all of the children who dwell upon the Earth.

If you would look into your world, you would see on a very grand scale all of the atrocities that each of you commit against each other on a small scale within each others lives. You would see imprisonment of the spirit and all of the deaths caused by this imprisonment, for each soul that forgets, each spirit that never learns the cosmic secrets to love, is dead and put to death as surely as they were gassed at a Nazi Concentration Camp. Each soul that does not learn to fly with the eagle and swim with the dolphin, is imprisoned. Each child that does not remember all of its lifetimes because we cause them to forget and encourage that forgetting, has become imprisoned by their fear and is dead to the truth of why all the prophets and teachers came to earth. To give her new birth and allow her to become an example for all other worlds to emulate.

Each of you can only find your way back to God through your own path of remembering. Each of you will only access this path through the light that you possess and allow to grow within you. If you allow any one, any group, any thinking or ism, to tell you what you must know, do or feel, you will always be lost from the truth that God wants you to know. Your prayers fall on deaf ears when they come from fear and ego thinking, for then you are only praying to yourself. But we tell you that when you learn to pray from your joy at being alive and for the advancement of yourself along with others through all levels of awareness and light that there are, then and only then will you begin to see the truths that Jesus and others like him revealed, become manifest within your consciousness and the consciousness of others, then you will find love as it should be and be able to give it without expectations and conditions.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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Advice and Wisdom from the Guides – by Florence Mary – February 2, 1994 @ 4:44 a.m.


Welcome. Each person who comes to receive these messages must try as hard as they can to receive what is coming through to them as accurately as possible. To do this one must let go of their ego and receive what we are giving without fear and question. You will best do this by prayer and meditation. If this is not your practice we suggest now is a good time to start. All spiritual pursuits help in the receiving of messages both from us and from your own spiritual guides who are always trying to reach you on whatever level you permit communication.

Communication with us and them is important because there are things that you must now know and things that are to be known by those around you. Deep within each of you, you know this on some level or you would not have chosen to be here. We have come to give you information and what you do with it is totally up to you. We are not giving it to you so that you will worry and not live your life fully in the now. We only wish for you to understand that things are coming to a head with your Earth. BE READY.

Now is the time to expand your consciousness into higher levels of spirituality so that those of us who also know and love God and who wish to serve God can reach you and let you know what you are to do for the survival of the species upon your planet. It will be different for you than it will be for others. What you will do is not what they will do. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REALIZE THIS AND LOOK AT WHAT OTHERS ARE GETTING ONLY AS A GUIDE TO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO AND NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU MUST DO. 

The practice of belief in God and in spiritual pursuits helps you to develop trust and faith in yourself and in others. Especially if you are coming together in the practice of meditation. This allows the mind to expand and receive our messages without anxiety or doubt. Even in your personal relationships some of you will feel more closely attuned to friends rather than family and even spouses and children. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. THIS IS IMPORTANT. DO NOT WORRY. THERE ARE GOING TO BE THINGS HAPPEN THAT WILL MAKE THEM REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE RECEIVING AND THAT SOMEONE WITHIN YOUR CIRCLE IS RECEIVING TRUTH AND SHOULD BE HEEDED. 

As for what you should do. In the meantime, before the time is of the essence so to speak, follow your inner feelings, adjust your attitudes and allow your mind to expand beyond the care and concerns of your daily life. That is why it is so important for all of you to have trust and faith that God will provide your Earthly needs and that you must free your mind to hear God in the quiet recesses of your being. Do not waste your time trying to convince others whose minds are shut and without any knowledge of God within them, to see things your way. It is too late for all of that. Just lead by example. If those whom you love do not wish to come than that is their choice and you can no longer waste your energies in that kind of useless pursuit. YOU CANNOT WASTE YOUR TIME ANYMORE. There are too many important things that you need to know and to be doing. 

If you have not done so, nor ever considered it, now is the time to learn about building, healing and survival. Now and for the next period of time you must use as little of your time and energy in the pursuit of money and the things of your Earth for personal gain and glorification. You must do them for survival and for the glory of God. This will help you become the open channels that you need to be. Each of you should cultivate the possibility that your lifestyle needs to change and that you best do that by getting involved in those changes no matter what your physical conditions are. Some of you are suffering a great deal because you refuse to accept and receive the messages that are literally bombarding you from beyond your world. Never miss an opportunity to expand or to help others expand their consciousness. This will be a prat of your mission in coming times. Always listen to what others have to say, even if their fears of appearing foolish or that they will be ridiculed and then ask them if they really care. Point out that not complying with what they know inside is making them sick, not the negative opinion of others.

Each of you are fully aware of who you are at this moment in time. You are fully aware of some personal lesson that you must learn and the personal trait you must overcome in order to live in harmony with the will and purpose of God. THIS AGAIN, IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. It is like if you learn this one lesson then the whole of the group of people will learn and benefit from your learning it. This is exactly what is happening. All of these lessons to be more generous in the spirit of giving, overcoming ego, forgiveness, tolerance, unconditional love, healing, studying, along with practical skills,  are all entering into the group consciousness around your own group and will be learned in this way by all of you. As each one of you learns this and puts it into practice, others within your group are learning and putting these virtues into practice also. SEE HOW EASY WE ARE MAKING THINGS?

Fear on many levels will still be the greatest hurdles in front of you. You will have to just ignore the taunting and baiting that you will receive from those closest to you. In the case of older relations and those who cannot and will not change, they will choose to leave and you must not waste time in the trap of mindless grief, at the passing of any member of your family or of your friends for you must always keep in mind that they have gone so that they can help you from the other side or because their presence here was getting in the way somehow and on a higher level they knew that and they chose to leave in order to further the cause of humanity. All things upon the Earth work in synchronicity and you do not need to worry about the why’s and the therefore’s of others. LOOK INTO YOUR OWN GROWTH AND DEVELOPEMENT AS BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE. BELIEVE THAT OTHERS WILL COME ALONG AND FOLLOW WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

We tell you that the Earth will give many warnings and people will begin to see that all the things that they thought were safe are not safe and then they will begin to move and grow in ways that they do not understand. Nothing that is going on right now is an accident. Nothing is going on as the plan dictates. Even feeling as odd as you do at times, is no accident, nor is the fact that you will see, hear and feel things in ways that you did not see, hear or feel them before. You may irritate some but for others you will be a breath of fresh air. All of your visits from family and the like are to show them what you are doing and they may not understand why but they will go away amazed by what you have accomplished and by what you are really able to do. They may even be proud of you in some strange and wonderful way.

For others, life will seem like a constant battle and yet for you, the only virtue you must practice is retreat from the fray. You can choose to fight or to retreat. In retreat you will find peace of mind and of your soul. You are not going to change the mind so clogged by fear that they have lost the knowledge of what freedom truly is any more. You are not going to change minds that do not allow themselves to think beyond their own personal concerns and see that the things that you are doing and learning are the real gold standard upon which life should be based on. Just do your own thing and get on with the job of feeling good, being healthy and getting together with those who are on the path of awareness and enlightenment. Never allow yourselves to get so caught up an any of this that you forget that God needs your time and attention too.

Learn to eat only what you need in order to sustain good health and remain well and not exhausted after a days labours. The reasons that you are all so tired now has nothing really to do with what you are doing but it is more in line with the fact that you are changing. Keep your energy levels high by plenty of rest and by pursuits that will increase your energy, not deplete it. You may already know what those pursuits are. Take the time to do the things that make you feel wonderful and at peace with yourself and with others. When you have picked up negative energy from others around you, take the time to clear that energy and do not carry it around with you all of the day. Ten minutes of clearing will give you energy at the end of the day for the things you need to do rather than things that do not interest you, to keep body and soul together.

Remind yourself each day that where your intentions are clear, your energy to create follows and you have nothing to worry about. It will only take your guides a little time to move things so that your intentions are put into motion in the best way that is possible for you and those around you. This is very important for you to understand for your intentions may be clear but they may interfere with the greater need to contribute to the Oneness of the Creative Force of God. This principle has not been fully understood even by some of the past great saints and philosophers for this knowledge itself, was not needed until now and is coming to you from all around you in different ways and in different means so that you will see your power to create clearly and to do it without your egos getting in the way of it. Open your hearts and be generous and do not judge those around you. Allow them to be who they are and guide them gently if they will allow you to do that.

Communication is ended. Go with god.

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Writing from July 02, 1993 – by Florence Mary

Webmasters Note : This writing begins with the guides giving Florence Mary a message in the first four paragraphs. After the message Florence asks some questions about other worldy places and beings. The responses that follow are rather interesting. I was not going to include this as a part of the writings but i have had a change of mind and heart. At this point in time it may be beneficial to look at the questions asked and answers given. They are a part of the text of the writings and so to keep things all together in context, I have written them exactly as they are written by Florence Mary. There are always questions to questions and layers upon layers of answers in these writings. Some give calm and peace, some stretch the imagination and the logical mind. Keeping the mind “pliant” is always a good thing. Namaste, webmaster Steven….


Always allow the pains of physical life to flow through you or you will find them manifest as physical realities such as colds, flu and physical pain. Always look at what is happening in your life in the broadest sense possible and know that at any time you could choose whatever you are living to be different by changing yourself.

Nobody is ever without options. Nobody is ever without choice. If you sit waiting for the phone to ring or for a knock on your door then you may indeed wait in vain. As always, life is not only lessons but also a demonstration of those lessons. You must stop the cycle of learned and remembered pain so that you can begin to transform your life and chose love as your existence. Remember, whatever you are prompted to do, you must do from your inner most knowing. Do not delay in accomplishing your physical goals for the opportunity will not be there forever.

As you can change nothing outside of yourself, realize that the period you are experiencing right now is one of personal growth, the way of your Earthly existence and allow yourself to expand within your own life. Do for yourself what you need to do and leave the expansion of love within others to themselves at this moment. 

All of you are at a crossroads at this moment. All of you have had things happen to you to demonstrate paths that are resistant to your purpose. Always choose the path of least resistance to your purpose. Always choose the path of least resistance for yourself. Look deeply at the life that you are living and find the places where you are not flowing and change them. You can only do that by changing yourself on the deepest stratum of your being. 

Florence Mary : The other day, the writing I received told of origins for most of those who are coming together are from Nova Teri?

Guides : Yes, a great master and great teacher, one who has raised himself to that level by devotion to others and God. He also came to Earth to protect and lead and has earned life beyond the Earth’s cycles of reincarnation.

Florence Mary : Do Terian’s reincarnate? 

Guides : There is no need for them to do so for they have risen above ego and travel to God’s work by their power of love and knowledge and by manifestation of true and abiding love. They have never tasted the fears of life as you have, but you must also understand it is because they have always chosen love as the highest experience of soul rather than that of body and mind. 

Florence Mary : Is it true that sexual activity is what keeps us here in the reincarnation cycle?

Guides : Yes and No. Sex was meant to attract male to female to procreate but true love was meant to help you rise above lust and to base expressions of that love for yourself and for God. It is only when you have experienced the true expression of love that you will realize that sexual expression is not always necessary for you to love truly.  You can love many truly and share yourself with many outside of sexual expression. Even souls who consider themselves very enlightened have not always chosen to be above such expressions of self or have even used it to seduce partners to the delusion of love through this expression. In a truly loving relationship it is not always a necessity but one of mutual fulfillment. It becomes the expression of human love and is eventually transcended by those who desire true union with God. It never prevents it, but merely detracts from it and creates the illusion of imbalance within each person.

Guides : You have described the union of souls without physical expression as “spiritual sex” and while it is not exactly what you are experiencing it is a good enough description for the human mind to grasp. Because the world has told you that great sex is a part of any good relationship you believe it. Know that a good relationship is about love and caring. It contains whatever you wish it to on the physical plane but sex is also an expression of egos but transcending egos express love not only physically, but spiritually and while you may not grasp the concept now, you have experienced it and know what we speak of and, of course true love expressed with the opposite gender draws you to it more than loves sexual expression of your same gender. In human form, it is natural to express such love that way. Spiritually, true love can be expressed with whom ever can recognize its qualities and allow it to just be, without expectations and conditions. Ego takes it beyond the expression of energies to the sexual level. This is neither right nor wrong but simply a manifestation of human ego transcended. It is also a manifestation of ones belief in their own power rather than their power to express through and from God as it flows through the manifest world. As we told you before, do not look at what you do not have in your life but instead, look at what you do have. Allow yourself to know that what you have created through God is as it should be. 

Guides : We are not telling you to be satisfied with a life alone but merely that to limit your expression of love for people only in the physical, merely limits love, keeps it from light and has only momentary peace and joy but sets up expectation and condition for its being. Spiritual love allows all to be without expectations and condition and allows you to feel love, always. So, what you might miss in expression in the physical you instead gain by not limiting its expression within all of those that you meet. Do not labour, trying to understand it, it has been demonstrated in your life. You know fully what is meant. Like all that is true and abiding, it is beyond thought and knowledge and just is. Do not worry. All will come that is meant for you when you can believe that it is so. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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