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There are many books out there with information of one kind or another. With knowledge increasing more information is available. This page has books that Florence was interested in, many of them in her vast collection. Bookshelves full of many diverse theories and knowledge. Below, each book has pieces of information. Little breadcrumbs of information to whole loaves of bread. Many of these items are available in your local bookstore or library. If you are interested in any of them and cannot find them, the book link below will take you to Amazon where it can be easily purchased. There will be more added to this list. There is something there for the beginner to the adept, poems to colour healing. There are also some links to healing and spiritual tools at the very bottom. Namaste


Crystal Bowls on your Alexa

Pulse Vegetarian Superfoods – Vegan Cooking

Ozonated Olive Oil for Healing

CBD’s For Healing – Organic & Pure

5G and the Sickening of America

Vaccines : The Biggest Medical Fraud in History

Eco Friendly Frankincense

Tesla Technology EMF Protection

Anthology of Linguistic Ciphers – The Vatican Ciphers

Information About Mudfossils

Sirian Prophecies

Vibrational Colour Healing Art

Crystal Prescriptions for Electromagnetic Pollution

Sigils For Transformation

Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual

The Cancer Cure That Worked

Cosmic Forces As They Were Taught in Mu

The Power of Now

Colour Healing Manual

Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Remedies

Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Frosted Crystal Bowl Set

7 Piece Coloured Crystal Bowl Set

Tuning Fork Set of 13 in Box

Chakra Coloured Tuning Fork Set

Gold “Weighted” Tuning Fork Set

Zero Point Energy Wand

Monoatomic Gold Powder

Vancouver Island Ormus

Non GMO Vegetable Seeds Open Pollinated

Non GMO Vegetable Seeds – Heirloom

Life Straw Personal Water Filter – hiking- survival-emergency

Personal Portable Water Filtration – 1500 Litres

Cern – Abaddon Ascending

Reflexology Slippers

Original Water Pillow

Chakra Guide Chart

Work Your Light – Oracle Cards

The Secret Language of Birthdays

Pocket Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis

Hidden Hand Reveals Secrets – Wes Penre

The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need

Edgar Cayce – Encyclopedia of Healing

Singing Crystal Pyramid

10 Tube – 5 Bell Bronze Wind Chimes

French Press – Travel Mug – Stainless Steel

Solar Powered Spinning Prayer Wheel for Car

DoMatcha Organic Green Tea

Anti Radiation Shield – EMF Blocker

Shower Head – Chlorine Remover

Leo Buscaglia – Loving Each Other

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