A Creation Story

Written by Florence Mary on May 20, 2013

In the beginning was the word and the word was sound and the sound and the word were light. In the light was the flower and all that could be and would be by choice. The choice was free for each possibility and out of the balance of energies came the four energies of the directions. In the North sat the Father. In the South sat the Mother. In the West sat the Son. In the East sat the Holy Spirit.

From these possibilities were formed the stars and the planets, as gasses were chosen and the elements were chosen by the new energies receiving light and thought. But the pattern of the word and the thought were the flower from which all life springs. Each drop has the Word and the Thought which is Light. Each particle and wave, the same. Each possibility chosen not assigned. Not by the will of the Father or Mother but by the energy of Life.

Each energy that chooses the possibility transforms the possibility for good or ill. Each good is multiplied as a gift of peace. Each ill the same so as to learn and remember the Word and the Thought which is Light. Each energy vibrates with the original light of the first word and the first thought, which is mind.  Each energy has the “all” within it and all energy is one, transforming itself through all possibilities and realms according to its ability to heal itself in the void of its chosen possibility.

All things were light until ego or self was chosen and the laws of the word and the thought were disregarded. This disregard was the transgression of fear and from that moment darkness was in the void and the reality of all who do not know the word and the control of the force of light. Peace moves the force and harmony results. When fear is present chaos results. Out of chaos man created its being to transform the original flaw in the creation of the ego or I. This fall from the grace of true life was chosen by a multitude of energies who would be gods and ignore the first thought and first word which came from the perfection of the void where all was one. In the One is contained the All and the darkness cannot prevail against the Light of the All.

Each choice for being-ness contains the all, but must relearn its being through its choice for peace and harmony without fear. Each fear is an illusion relegated to the third dimension where it can be transformed through the light of freedom and will. Will is chosen and given by the perfect void which is the First Thought and Word which is beyond mind. It is the great “I Am” presence in all things with intellect, mind, soul and spirit. Each other thing has the original mind of the void. It waits as the Divine waits for Chaos to right itself and choose to return to the light.

Not one drop of light will return until the very last drop makes a choice to return to its original form. As the individual energy chooses its form from the flower of all life, the perfect void, in which all is Light; the lights who choose to rise to a place of being and waiting, are one.

Each third dimensional planet separates from its form to become a star. Each star is a part of the original form of light, which waits for the “all of chaos” to learn its being-ness through light. All the energies of the star become one and in the all, in the process of ascension. Each one exists as the All and the One as is the original creation of the Creator. This form of being called “Creator and Creation” is not clear to the mind steeped in the illusion and duality of the third dimension. It does not become clear until the energy ascends to the 7th realm of the physical dimension of the Creative Force. In the 7th realm, being is one, thought is one, all is one. Each energy is beyond soul and is pure spirit in this 7th realm. This 7th realm is where the energy of life and peace is transformed into new creations and genius for the transformation of all the other realms below it.

The 7th realm is the blue realm, and the place where the new Adam Kadmon’s have arisen to hold the new light of the Christ and Buddha Consciousness, that needed to have ascension take place. The Buddha Consciousness is personal peace. The Christ Consciousness is internal peace made manifest in each thought, word, deed and feeling. One cannot create this peace until they embrace both Consciousness. These modes of being and thought are not opposed for the one sprung from the other. Or, the Buddha was so that the Christ could be. They are one in the 7th realm, as is all energy. Personality at this level does not exist but can be seen from the third dimensional mind as personality energy still individualized.


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