A Few Light Lines – written by Florence Mary – February 1994.

Each of you comes here to do your part in the transformation of the Earth’s peoples. Each of you has within you the heart of love, the heart of One, as well as the knowing of the Way and the Truth and the Light. 

Each person that you meet has a part of this plan within them and must, if they are to move on past the world of “Me” and into the world of “One”, contribute their bit of memory to the plan. If they do not do this then another of you will remember it as their own, in order to fulfil the divine plan of the Almighty, who stands at the head of the God force within the world of One.

The Light formed in the world of One will transform the Earth in the times to come. It will pool in places to save those gathered in the name of the Christ Consciousness, as is your purpose and the purpose of those who will gather with you. Remember that no matter where you are, if you feel the call to be together with each other, then go. Let nothing stand in your way. For it is in this faith that you will protect and transform the lives of those around you in the times that are fast approaching. Those who will be still and listen will truly save themselves from darkness.

There is no punishment in God. There is no hurt and toil within God, only the redemption of Love. Look clearly and without doubt into yourselves and find the Universal Truth of God and each other. 

How much easier our lives could be if we all, both in spirit and in the physical could just come to believe that we are allowed to remember all that we have ever known and all that we have ever been and to combine that reality into the perfection of the physical life and the unlimited experience of the spiritual reality. For each is truth and until we can bring both the physical and the spiritual experience together as one, we will always be searching amongst our broken crockery for the answers to the questions that already lie within us, already answered by God.

A lily never becomes a rose in order to please one who likes roses. Instead, the lily believes in itself by knowing it can become the best lily it can be and it offers that to God as the consciousness of self and the reality of its own existence. Always remember that your faith must be stronger than your doubts and fears. Follow your innermost knowing even when common sense tells you not to do so. Nothing in your life is impossible if you believe in it with more conviction than you believe it to be impossible. Remember that all of the impossibilities of life are opportunities that are passing you by. 

Wholeness begins with those of you who believe that you are not separate from each other but are instead part of the great whole which is humanity. Distance means nothing in the great scheme of things. You are always just a breath away from anyone you know and love. 

Remember that any impossible situation can be turned around with the belief that it is possible and that we deserve to live the impossible in our lives. Love tells us this. True love makes this happen.

Know this and be of God all unfolds as it should


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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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