A Glimpse into the Origin of Florence Mary – January 01, 1993.

Webmasters Note : I came across this writing a few days ago. I have read and re-read this writing since I discovered it. This has become a wrestling match in my consciousness and spirit. This writing brings up some very personal things in relation to Florence Mary as well as our personal grouping and our purpose. It speaks of a home planet and a galaxy that is not yet discovered. It also gives the spirit name of Florence Mary. I will repeat neither for now. It is not the time. To do so would be irresponsible of me. It would open a door for attack from dark forces, adversaries and artificial intelligence. Yet I am sharing this writing. A long time ago I was told that it was very important that I always be near water. I live by a lake. I’ve crossed the ocean and walked its shores. I walk the mountains and follow the winding creeks to alpine lakes. I was told this long before I met Florence. You do not understand why I even mention this but you will after you read the writing. This writing is a mind bender. Park your ego at the door and your critical thinking and judgements with it. They will do you no good within this writing. Have an open mind and an open heart and hopefully there is a connection for you somewhere in this. There was for me. That being said, this is a peculiar writing. Unlike the others, so in advance I say thank you and buckle up, Namaste

The question upon your mind will be answered. FIND THE WORD. 

And so the origin planet was named with a question mark. These are the words that followed…..Research is always illuminating for the mind and soul. It is not required that you remember all that has been given to you only that you remember how to access the information when necessary. Do not draw conclusions to anything but merely experience your feelings about the information received and organized within your memory.

The origin planet is a spiritual galaxy from which many have come to awaken, within those who are of the Earth. Slowly you are all coming together and forming alliances of love and friendship to facilitate your work within the world. Your work has been long and arduous. In order to complete your work upon the Earth you all had to take on the physical manifestation of body and become human. 

Your essence is Water rather than Earth and that is why you seek it around you in some form or at least understand why others are so drawn to it and find it necessary for your existence. Your revelations come quicker near Water but soon you must turn to Earth for your strength and purpose. Water will always provide clarity and peace but the Earth will sustain you and ground you beyond the world in which you are now living. 

The cycles of initiation for each soul by Earth, Air, Water and Fire continues. Each of you are at different levels and can help each other through such trials. Obviously, they are not actual elements but rather are symbolic elements of your galaxy of origin. The Protector planet which provides illumination for all worlds within this and other galaxies. A most harmonious planet with beings transformed and transfigured by their deep devotion to God and God’s purpose.

In the cycle of incarnation you began your incarnations as human rather than as water. You all gave up much to become human and you lost your way many times and some of you may again do so but it is of little importance for their are many of you who know your true path and you seek it always, in spite of its inherent difficulties.

While you, “Florence Mary”, are one of the oldest of your genus, you were one of the last to become human in form. Your special light has always been that of peace, love and joy for those who would allow themselves to be bathed within it. Through you love will awaken the eight spot of remembrance within those who are here now. You must remember that for all who read and know this truth comes havoc in their lives for they must then disown and transcend all knowledge of the Earth and its ways to become wholly and completely who they are.

The planet within your galaxy of origin that you all came from is a wonderful name and its discovery will be made as the cycle of initiation for your fellow people is completed. These trials will be completed for each soul as they transcend themselves and find their peace and tranquility not within their lives but rather within their relationship to their Higher Self, Purpose and God. Even now your work in human form is to awaken the remembrance of old, of who and of what you are and of your purpose. Nothing you can desire is of your purpose. Nothing your mind can conceive of is of your true purpose. Only in transcendent awareness that comes through the eight spot (chakra) of Remembrance will awaken you all.

Each time you come to yourself.  In some way you are accessing the knowledge you have to share with the world you have adopted as your home. Warrior/Protectors, Protectors, Teachers and Philosophers are what you have always been. The forms you took as rulers, artists and teachers has always been in advance to remembering who you are. 

As sister Agnes you remembered much of love and kindness but did not find the same in the cloistered walls of that convent. Indeed, none of you did, for unlike the men of Earth, your knowledge of love has always been far deeper and more expansive than those around you. But in each incarnation the depth of your forgetting is manifest in your struggles in life, even to understand your life. Surrender to the pain of your existence and seek love from God for God is within you and also within your pain. Gods presence permeates all that is and we walk through it and take it within us wherever we go. Love is like that.

Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into needless pain by pairings that have conflict in them. Be sure that you come together with one who understands your need to lead rather than to follow. For those who understand will lead with you and their hearts will open and take up your burden with you by abandoning their knowledge of Earth and its ego traps. At the same time they will begin to realize the necessity of not allowing themselves to be seduced by their humanity back into the conflicts of the Earth for the sake of creating harmony. That way has passed and you must teach love and to do that you cannot condone violence of any form. It will be hard, for you are indeed human, for you have taken it on body and soul. Your liberation, not from humanity but of your spirit, will come from remembrances of your truly loving natures as people from your planet of origin.

We brought some of you together to provide the next generation of souls who would carry on your work after you are gone from the world you now live in. Some of you are indeed saints in the worlds sense, even though none of you feel very saintly at this time. True sainthood is a judgement and condition of those around you and limits love by its nature. Sainthood as we see it is the capability to create love wherever you go. It also allows you to create light, peace, love and joy within those who are your friends and disciples.

Know always that those of you who do not reach the fulfillment of your purpose in this life’s span, will come again to give to the Earth what it needs from you. For there are many who will indeed be awakened by the light and love and clarity emanating from those of you who can accept who you are.

You ask us if you were angels of some sort? In your planet of origin the answer is yes and yet on Earth the answer is no. Your dimension is not that of Earth but of the answer to a request made by God. There is only one true God. All else are lights to provide direction on Earth and other planets of existence. 

Your divinity and that of all created beings emanates from your creation by God’s Self-realization. That only came about by the loving act of creation and the true desire to share God’s gifts with the many worlds God created. God is perfect. God’s creations are perfection and yet God shares all God is with all of you and it may be beyond you to understand how this can be. But each time you allow yourself to transcend the desire to understand, you come closer to experiencing the truth. That is the only way understanding will ever come to you, for like love, understanding is not a process of mind but one of true and abiding love and just is.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.


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