A Little Consciousness – by Florence Mary – undated

We are here to unite the world of the material into the world of spirit. It is the souls drive for life, to return time after time to live out and transform its own karma and that of the material world that finds itself mired in unconsciousness. 

Consciousness therefore, is the full knowledge of the true purpose of your present incarnation and its purpose to the cosmic revolution which is always moving through the unconscious world. If we do not choose purpose over materialism, even as we live the material life our coming has been for naught.

When we recognize the world of experience as only part of the science of life, love and finally healing, we begin to see Cosmic Consciousness as the gift it is. A bridge to the truest realizations of the One Field of magnetism, resonance, radiance and form. We are form, divine form made manifest in the world of consciousness.

At the edge of consciousness, slightly beyond the realm of accepted reality lies a vast field of potential ready for you to investigate. It lies within you as your ability to allow and permit that the accepted reality is a box that confines. We say to you that thinking outside the box is not sufficient to explore this realm. We say to you to rid yourselves of the box entirely and find the true vastness of possibility that exists within the enduring consciousness you have attained through your practice.

Silence is the vast vista of human consciousness that lies within your world as yet untapped by the majority of practitioners of meditation. We live in a world where true silence is rare. The lack of silence is a great distraction to the questing consciousness driven by purpose, realized through self – discovery.

We remind you that in quiet moments when the mind races from one thought to the next you may demand that it tell you something that will be helpful, either in living out your day to day life or in the fulfillment of your true purpose. As always, look for the gifting of spirit in all your endeavours.

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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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