A Look Ahead – From 1993 – written by Florence Mary July 7, 1993.

Each country and nation of the world must come to understand and to realize that the system of greed and avarice that they have created will bring down all of their governments of these nations worldwide. Only radical change worldwide will bring peace and stability to the world in which you live.

Companies who use those practices are going out of business every day. Even large institutions once considered built on solid foundations are crumbling before your very eyes. They will continue to crumble because greed and not love are what their businesses are based on. Each country should be encouraged to lower or even remove the taxes from the poor while providing jobs and social benefits to the poor. At the same time education to reduce ignorance and spread real truth must be instituted. The poor of every country must learn to realize that the plight of all poor is the same wherever you go upon the Earth. When you have a high standard of living within a country then the standard of living for the poor of that country will be higher but their anguish over providing for themselves and their families is just as great. In one place, shoes, any shoes will do, but in another country another certain pair of shoes will only do and a parents anguish and humility at not being able to give is just as great in either case.

Each person, each country, creates their own reality. Those who believe they have a right to great wealth create it, but they also create a system in which others get trapped in poverty and need.  Those who are poor believe that it is their lot and that all of the education and self-help cannot change their belief in the lacks of this world. 

Only true lovingness and a firm unshakeable belief  in the abundance of the world will bring about the creation of a system in which all people will share in  the abundance and prosperity. If not, then those over burdened by worry will create systems within the systems now in place that will bring down the governments that now exist. Meanwhile the creation of these systems may very well contravene the laws of love and justice. 

Another great war is about to engulf the world but this one will not be fought on the battle fields of the world but instead in the kitchens and back yards of all nations. It will begin there and will spread to towns and villages and countries throughout the world and it will keep growing until all of the systems of the world now in existence fall. 

For there to be justice in the world each man and woman over the age of sixteen should be able to contribute to the worlds bounty and lovingness. Each should be able to live without fear. We tell you, do not be fooled. There is more than enough food to feed the nations of the Earth a hundred times over. Instead, food is priced out of reach for some families and many go without. One day surely these companies will feel the power of the poor as they turn their ways to new ways of eating and those products that were sold in greed will be left. Each person must recognize their own power within the system. The simpler that you make your life, the less dependant you will be upon this corrupt system for your sustenance. Grow your own vegetables and plants and fruits. Educate yourselves to independence through knowledge and the system that is unjust will topple. 

The rich and the well off must come to understand that poverty is systemic. Poverty goes from level to level, encompassing all in its path. In the beginning of the next century those who have not prepared may find themselves engulfed in poverty the likes of which they have never known. One in which there will be no cure for. 

Those of you who are just and who learn the ways of sharing and caring will become the new rich of the world but your wealth will be measured not by gold or money but by love and freedom. Do not look to the systems now in place to provide you with what you need for they are built on avarice and greed. Look to God and Gods people for the answers. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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