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Greetings and salutations to you, beautiful people! As of this writing The Florence Mary Project continues to expand and grow and blossom. It has been an honour to share these writings with you and I look forward to carrying on with more. For the past 8 weeks I have been juggling. My first art exhibit of my own art work is going on locally and I have had a flurry of activity on many levels. The purchase of a Kirlian photography unit is leading to work on the electromagnetic spectrum and I am awed by the amount of energy around and through things that one would think inanimate and benign. Perhaps in some way this work will blend with the information in the writings of Florence Mary? Time will certainly tell. Florence and I began making orgonite back in 2012 and I look forward to testing it under the Kirlian unit to see what the energy looks like. Florence saw a table, oblong , made of orgonite for healing. Myself, I saw a rectangular type box or chamber. 

 At the end of this month my art installation will come down and Obelious Arts and Photography will be born. This means that I will be a busy man. However, this will also free up more of my time to take this website to the next level. I will give you all notice but I have to change the format of this website. I have many more writings and things to share here. Florence Mary’s poetry could fill a site. So, I will take a day at the end of this month to change the format. I will do my best to categorize the writings and archive them in an accessible way to you all. I will put up notice and make the transformation quickly. There will be little down time. This is your “heads up” just in case you arrive on the date I do this.

This is a journey for myself. I do not pick or choose much to write. I am led by an invisible force that I do not control. One thing I can tell you about how I see the writings is that years ago I had very little understanding of much of it and yet now, I am wearing it. Learning every day, more and more but also stepping into an energy that has been waiting for me for many, many years.

There are no human words for the waves of consciousness that hit me daily. Things started to move and circle a form after Florence passed away and now I myself understand things more clearly. The lights in the sky appear when we are in darkness, fumbling around. I am speaking literally here. Red, orange, yellow and clear white pulsing lights, many orbs. I have some amazing things to share with you all in time that will give you goosebumps. My point to telling you this is that there is a TON of energies here right now but most of you cannot or choose not to see them. These are the days of great leaps if we can shift our minds to another level. Hearts, too. The energies are available and are reaching out, getting through. These are multi-dimensional energies sent here long ago. 

This struggle we see going on in our world, left/right, good/bad,/rich/poor, it is playing out daily. How then do we remove this polarity? Is it in more polarity? Competition? Violence/war/death? It is so easy to swing like a pendulum in this polarity and divide, so the trick is to find our calm, our zero point and see things from there. The Impersonal Mind, as Florence Mary would say. 

When I update this website I will make a contact form available so I can communicate with you. Last year alone there were 18,000 or more comments on Florence’s writings. Over 8,000 beautiful messages from kindred spirits but also 10,000 or so spam messages, many referring people to places and things that do not mesh with the energies of this site. I have no problem with free speech but I do have a problem with beings and artificial intelligence that wastes my time and thinks me a fool. So, lesson learned. Heavy duty anti-spam is coming so that I can communicate with you without being hindered by lower level discarnates and the like.

It is my deepest wish that the writings I share give you something else to grab a hold of or to blend or mesh with. No new religion forming here, just an openness to giving what spirit and guidance have given us. If it makes you think or opens your heart, I have done my job. The mantle is yours. Guidance gave these messages. Messages meant to be shared. Messages to remind us that there is another way out of this polarity, a middle path, so to speak. Florence was about opening people up so they could access their own information. No strings attached, just a shelter or a place to come to get away from the storms of life. You are Loved. You are the most important thing you will ever do here.

As for the guides and where they come from I can tell you that we here on this Earth see only with the physical eyes. The inner eye is the beacon to come and know. Vibrations, colours, rays, energies, realms. When one thinks in those terms you are close to knowing where the guides come from. They pass by in the morning mists, in the sweet breath of Mother Earth they ride. The ebb and flow of things. They move to and fro seeking open hearts, void of ego and need of self. In the silence of meditation or contemplation they come. A gentle wisp of cool refreshing air graces you and moves past you like a falling angel feather, brushing you gently, almost tickling and playful, yet holy, sacred. The gate is a soft heart and a still mind, void of ego and cares of this life and world. Available to all of us. A soul grouping, a grouping of vibrations, spirit. Think resonance, colour, vibration, angles and energy. Think spheres. No worshipping of anything, no fancy rules or conditions. No hell to condemn you other than your concepts and beliefs within polarity. Can one transcend evil once one steps out of polarity? You bet they can! Doesn’t cost anything yet is priceless beyond your wildest measure. You ARE the alter, no church needed. What offering will you bring?

Myself, personally, I have always been a “behind the scenes” kind of being. Ever working diligently in the shadows, in the unseen. I have stepped out for a short while to accomplish a mission of sorts. Timing is everything and when one recognizes it, one seizes it. This time is now. Trust me when I say that. I would not speak it otherwise. One day I sat by the lake side on some rocks and watched the water reflect the sky. Within that moment I could see every messed up situation that I had no control over in my life before me. Things I never meant to say or do. People I never wanted to be. Every victory , every loss (and there were many), every smile, every tear had led me to NOW. If I had not learned from it all, the good/bad, beautiful/ugliness I could never have understood what I do know. There is something HOLY and it guides us even when we do not see it, especially then. I used to think I didn’t deserve it or that I was unworthy. That was conditioning. I had always chosen it but had forgotten. So, in the end of it I will say “Yes, there is a friend who is closer than a brother”, “one who is loyal and true”. It does not need a name or a face. It is nameless. It is faceless and if you choose it, it will never leave you. It will bring you joy in the midst of your darkest sorrow. You just have to remember that connection. If it was ever severed, it was not done by that friend, it was done by you. Put your cares down. Don’t carry your burden alone, because of who you really aren’t or you would not be here. Love is the highest standard through which all things are measured and you are loved. Fear is our only enemy.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and for letting me share the Florence Mary Project with you all. Bear with me as I move it forward.

In love, and in brilliant light, I say Namaste,

Webmaster Steven


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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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