A Quick Note From Florence Mary…. Dec 15, 2021.

Sometimes a person goes about their business with the feeling that something is guiding them. Consciousness, source, perhaps a loving mind from another place we cannot see…. my point being that sometimes when i am working on the pieces of the puzzle, things pop out. Things like a piece of paper in a journal, that falls out from the journal  with a seemingly benign yet pertinent message. My duty is to share this with you all. If you can figure this out then good on you. So, here we go. 

A short little note on a paper that had at the top “things to do”. Here is what is on this note.

“The generation of archimedean solids embraces all the possibilities for creation through the third dimensional mind. Do not seek new mind but work with the one you have. Change happens when you embrace what is, not the fairytale. 

Tetrahedron = fire with a rotation of 120 degrees

Hexahedron = earth with a rotation of 90 degrees

Octahedron = air with a rotation of 72 degrees

Dodecahedron = universe with a rotation of 72 degrees

Icosahedron = water with a rotation of 72 degrees

Icosahedron and Octahedron alike in flat, rep lear …(webmaster Steven feels the rep lear is kind of spiritual shorthand for “representing linear”)

To look at each solid in three dimensions.

Do not try to look at them or spin them in higher dimensions. These solids are the vehicles of this dimension where you are trapped. Think not only death gets you out of here now.

Remember to watch the sun.

Webmasters note : i wish you great understanding. I have wanted also to mention something for my friends who have taken the covid vaccine and that because you have been deceived you have the right to cancel your soul contract for this lifetime. It must be written on paper and in the physical because there is a record of everything we do. This puts us on an innocent footing with Universal Law. Whether you bury it or burn it or take it to church and put it in the collection plate, this will give record for all is seen. 

Do not let them win.


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