A Writing from June 2, 1993 by Florence Mary

In love comes all things from God. It is only through God that all things are accomplished unto Gods purpose. With this knowledge planted firmly within your heart, comes peace of mind and the earthly purpose that you yourself, and those like you seek.

Everyday you will grow in realization of purpose and will come to accept that what you think and say becomes the things in your life. If you do not like the fact that you are impatient, do not say to the Universe, “I am so impatient”, but instead say, “I have patience in God”, and in time patience will be delivered into your hands in Gods perfect timing.  So with each fault that you perceive in yourself, you do this and begin to form the attributes that you wish to have. You will begin to notice that all those who enjoin your life have the same things deeply embedded within them also. In this way all that you are and all that you have both physically and spiritually, become reflections of the God within you and within those around you.

When things become a fact in your life and you have truly mastered yourself, then those around you will also display the same attributes of spirit and love that you have. Then, when you go into the world all that you do will be Gods purpose for indeed, God is in all things that are brought forth from love, even thought.

Every soul is beautiful, even those souls lost within their own darkness. Remember that you are not meant to help every soul who comes into your sphere of influence but you may instead be the instrument for finding a solution to the problems that beset another soul by finding them the care and attention of another who can fulfill that purpose.

All that you come to believe will become manifest within your life. You are reminded once again to be very careful of what you choose to hold as belief. Even what you see in another’s behaviour, do not judge it but allow it to flow through you. To take the behaviour personally allows that person to escape the lesson that they must learn from what they have done. So let it flow through. If you are hurt by someone’s behaviour then you must look within yourself, for your own conditions and expectations that you yourself have placed upon that persons behaviour and then you will truly find the reason for your own hurt.

It is only through your expectations and conditions that you are hurt. Not by another but by yourself. If you can be without expectation and condition, then even the one who is trying to hurt you will fail, for all that you are is love and even the loss of your good name or even your life, will be restored in truth. This is the hardest lesson of love to learn and you will fail it many times, but only in your acceptance of this truth will you finally overcome this behaviour. When you have the limitlessness of God’s love, you will be showered with the blessings of spirit and of the world.

In the acceptance of this truth lies the absence of the need to look at others in any way other than in love. Even the worst of faults will not bother you for you understand that humanity and the living of humanity is not about perfection but about being “imperfectly perfect” in the physical and knowing that true perfection lies in God. In this way you will find true freedom from want and care. In this, you will truly be able to put yourself aside and find your purpose in God and the things required to fulfill that purpose.

Being human is not a sin, so do not judge it that way in others, nor should you judge it as fault. Each of us must come to our own realizations in whatever way God will show us. Even if you do not believe in God there will be indisputable truths that you will be faced with that seem to have no explanation. Sometimes these things are very large and sometimes small and inconvenient truths that must come into your acceptance of what is, in order for you to use them to your purpose.

Acceptance is another word for surrender. Surrender is more palatable for those beings who believe surrender is weakness. If one was to examine their lives they would find that they surrender all the time, to temptations that dissipate the goodness that God would give you if you had not surrendered. Sometimes even  when God sends a teacher to you, and you do not like the message, you tell yourself that this is just another way of looking at things, but not one that I believe. Even your inner most knowing tells you otherwise, so you over ride it and refuse the truth that sits inside. This is very human and you do it from your fear and from the fact that you really do not wish God to set your course. This is neither right or wrong. It is just what is. In this behaviour there is no forward movement to your purpose, only a time lost from yourself and God.

Each person may take many lifetimes to realize the truth of this but sooner or later the burden of human existence forces us to accept and surrender to the truth, for it is only when we all have accepted this truth that we can once again become the light that will one day join with God in total ” IAMness, Beingness and Isness.

You are light, beautiful spiritual light and as you grow in surrender, your light will grow until all can see it. It will not be of your imagining or from your inner feeling, but from the perception of others around you.

All souls who are earthbound for a lifetime desire love from one who would share their life. Yet it is only in the acceptance that only Gods love can bring rightness to all the things in your life, will you begin to see love. Love is all around you so you are never without it. If you believe that it is not contained in physical expression then you will not find it there. If you believe love is only contained in physical expression then that is the only way you will feel love. Only when you surrender to the fact that it is always around you, will you always have it deeply embedded in your life.

Know that life and love are not separate. Only man has separated them in his own fear of life. When all that you have exists from love, you will then be as God intended and your walk through this physical world, while not always easy, will seem to be that way, for all that you are and all that you feel will be love.

Know this and be of God, all else unfolds as it should.

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