Advice and Wisdom from the Guides – by Florence Mary – February 2, 1994 @ 4:44 a.m.


Welcome. Each person who comes to receive these messages must try as hard as they can to receive what is coming through to them as accurately as possible. To do this one must let go of their ego and receive what we are giving without fear and question. You will best do this by prayer and meditation. If this is not your practice we suggest now is a good time to start. All spiritual pursuits help in the receiving of messages both from us and from your own spiritual guides who are always trying to reach you on whatever level you permit communication.

Communication with us and them is important because there are things that you must now know and things that are to be known by those around you. Deep within each of you, you know this on some level or you would not have chosen to be here. We have come to give you information and what you do with it is totally up to you. We are not giving it to you so that you will worry and not live your life fully in the now. We only wish for you to understand that things are coming to a head with your Earth. BE READY.

Now is the time to expand your consciousness into higher levels of spirituality so that those of us who also know and love God and who wish to serve God can reach you and let you know what you are to do for the survival of the species upon your planet. It will be different for you than it will be for others. What you will do is not what they will do. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REALIZE THIS AND LOOK AT WHAT OTHERS ARE GETTING ONLY AS A GUIDE TO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO AND NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU MUST DO. 

The practice of belief in God and in spiritual pursuits helps you to develop trust and faith in yourself and in others. Especially if you are coming together in the practice of meditation. This allows the mind to expand and receive our messages without anxiety or doubt. Even in your personal relationships some of you will feel more closely attuned to friends rather than family and even spouses and children. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. THIS IS IMPORTANT. DO NOT WORRY. THERE ARE GOING TO BE THINGS HAPPEN THAT WILL MAKE THEM REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE RECEIVING AND THAT SOMEONE WITHIN YOUR CIRCLE IS RECEIVING TRUTH AND SHOULD BE HEEDED. 

As for what you should do. In the meantime, before the time is of the essence so to speak, follow your inner feelings, adjust your attitudes and allow your mind to expand beyond the care and concerns of your daily life. That is why it is so important for all of you to have trust and faith that God will provide your Earthly needs and that you must free your mind to hear God in the quiet recesses of your being. Do not waste your time trying to convince others whose minds are shut and without any knowledge of God within them, to see things your way. It is too late for all of that. Just lead by example. If those whom you love do not wish to come than that is their choice and you can no longer waste your energies in that kind of useless pursuit. YOU CANNOT WASTE YOUR TIME ANYMORE. There are too many important things that you need to know and to be doing. 

If you have not done so, nor ever considered it, now is the time to learn about building, healing and survival. Now and for the next period of time you must use as little of your time and energy in the pursuit of money and the things of your Earth for personal gain and glorification. You must do them for survival and for the glory of God. This will help you become the open channels that you need to be. Each of you should cultivate the possibility that your lifestyle needs to change and that you best do that by getting involved in those changes no matter what your physical conditions are. Some of you are suffering a great deal because you refuse to accept and receive the messages that are literally bombarding you from beyond your world. Never miss an opportunity to expand or to help others expand their consciousness. This will be a prat of your mission in coming times. Always listen to what others have to say, even if their fears of appearing foolish or that they will be ridiculed and then ask them if they really care. Point out that not complying with what they know inside is making them sick, not the negative opinion of others.

Each of you are fully aware of who you are at this moment in time. You are fully aware of some personal lesson that you must learn and the personal trait you must overcome in order to live in harmony with the will and purpose of God. THIS AGAIN, IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. It is like if you learn this one lesson then the whole of the group of people will learn and benefit from your learning it. This is exactly what is happening. All of these lessons to be more generous in the spirit of giving, overcoming ego, forgiveness, tolerance, unconditional love, healing, studying, along with practical skills,  are all entering into the group consciousness around your own group and will be learned in this way by all of you. As each one of you learns this and puts it into practice, others within your group are learning and putting these virtues into practice also. SEE HOW EASY WE ARE MAKING THINGS?

Fear on many levels will still be the greatest hurdles in front of you. You will have to just ignore the taunting and baiting that you will receive from those closest to you. In the case of older relations and those who cannot and will not change, they will choose to leave and you must not waste time in the trap of mindless grief, at the passing of any member of your family or of your friends for you must always keep in mind that they have gone so that they can help you from the other side or because their presence here was getting in the way somehow and on a higher level they knew that and they chose to leave in order to further the cause of humanity. All things upon the Earth work in synchronicity and you do not need to worry about the why’s and the therefore’s of others. LOOK INTO YOUR OWN GROWTH AND DEVELOPEMENT AS BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE. BELIEVE THAT OTHERS WILL COME ALONG AND FOLLOW WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

We tell you that the Earth will give many warnings and people will begin to see that all the things that they thought were safe are not safe and then they will begin to move and grow in ways that they do not understand. Nothing that is going on right now is an accident. Nothing is going on as the plan dictates. Even feeling as odd as you do at times, is no accident, nor is the fact that you will see, hear and feel things in ways that you did not see, hear or feel them before. You may irritate some but for others you will be a breath of fresh air. All of your visits from family and the like are to show them what you are doing and they may not understand why but they will go away amazed by what you have accomplished and by what you are really able to do. They may even be proud of you in some strange and wonderful way.

For others, life will seem like a constant battle and yet for you, the only virtue you must practice is retreat from the fray. You can choose to fight or to retreat. In retreat you will find peace of mind and of your soul. You are not going to change the mind so clogged by fear that they have lost the knowledge of what freedom truly is any more. You are not going to change minds that do not allow themselves to think beyond their own personal concerns and see that the things that you are doing and learning are the real gold standard upon which life should be based on. Just do your own thing and get on with the job of feeling good, being healthy and getting together with those who are on the path of awareness and enlightenment. Never allow yourselves to get so caught up an any of this that you forget that God needs your time and attention too.

Learn to eat only what you need in order to sustain good health and remain well and not exhausted after a days labours. The reasons that you are all so tired now has nothing really to do with what you are doing but it is more in line with the fact that you are changing. Keep your energy levels high by plenty of rest and by pursuits that will increase your energy, not deplete it. You may already know what those pursuits are. Take the time to do the things that make you feel wonderful and at peace with yourself and with others. When you have picked up negative energy from others around you, take the time to clear that energy and do not carry it around with you all of the day. Ten minutes of clearing will give you energy at the end of the day for the things you need to do rather than things that do not interest you, to keep body and soul together.

Remind yourself each day that where your intentions are clear, your energy to create follows and you have nothing to worry about. It will only take your guides a little time to move things so that your intentions are put into motion in the best way that is possible for you and those around you. This is very important for you to understand for your intentions may be clear but they may interfere with the greater need to contribute to the Oneness of the Creative Force of God. This principle has not been fully understood even by some of the past great saints and philosophers for this knowledge itself, was not needed until now and is coming to you from all around you in different ways and in different means so that you will see your power to create clearly and to do it without your egos getting in the way of it. Open your hearts and be generous and do not judge those around you. Allow them to be who they are and guide them gently if they will allow you to do that.

Communication is ended. Go with god.

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