Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing (BEVH) – Part 1 – Written by Florence Mary – 2001.

Webmasters Note : This series of writings on healing were neatly hidden in the back of a large notebook. If one flipped the pages too fast one might even pass over these pages. This is exactly what happened for about 3 years. However, when the time is right things get found. Florence Mary kept this healing info put away for another time yet she had mentioned it to a few of us many years before but did not elaborate in the least, it was a secret. It was given and then tucked away. Maybe we were not at the right place or time then? Perhaps the time is now? I have broken this series into parts. Bear with me as I unfold these writings. They were written in pencil and sometimes very light pencil and this one calls for diagrams further in. Also, Florence uses the initials (BEVH) to shorten the name during the writing. I will also point out to you that I have not read this writing. (As I type, I read and I absorb like a sponge.) This then is the introduction to the Philosophy of Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing – written by Florence Mary Masotti 2001 and published by her humble webmaster Steven, 18 years later. Namaste.


In order to enter into the world of BEVH one must look deeply into self/Self and understand – that relationship is one’s primary relationship. It comes before your relationship with what you believe is Divine and prompts you past the “box thinking” of beliefs and commonly held cultural or tribal truths, into innate internal wisdom. This truth cannot be accessed until “self-ism”, box or tribal thinking is abandoned for “Impersonal Mind” thinking. Impersonal Mind thinking is “Self” thinking. 

Abandoning personal mind thinking which is influenced by “self”, “ism”, “box” or “tribal” thinking, means knowing the ego/personality needs one has. This abandonment is a mind shift that requires complete responsibility for all thought, word, deed and feelings generated by ones relationship reality. In personal thinking, one’s relationship reality usually focuses outward on people, places and things. In Impersonal Thinking, it is focused on observation of the “self”, in relationship to everything else. One’s reality is focused from “everything effects me”, (polarity thinking), to “I affect everything because I Am part of the All of Creation”, or zero point thinking.

To the personal mind, that statement is egotistical in the extreme, but to the impersonal trained mind it is a “selfless” statement. The difference is a mind-shift from the fear based thinking of the personal mind to the trust and faith thinking of the impersonal mind.

The impersonal mind, when fully developed is the “enlightened mind” of Buddhism or “Buddha Mind”, or “Christ Consciousness Mind” of Christianity and other Eastern Religions in which meditation and reflective qualities of self-assessment are encouraged. Most important for true development of the impersonal mind is the reward/punishment response, or “doom” mentalities of most “isms”, are left behind for a circular form of thinking which goes, “I decide, I choose, I act, I get a response”. I decide what my response is to that response, I choose, I act, I respond, which is one’s never ending relationship to the “All”. 

Linear thinking believes in beginning, middle and end thinking, which allows for negative and rational thinking. In the end, this thinking is illusionary or “suffering” thinking. Impersonal thinking may not stop one’s physical suffering but it does not effect the mind in a personal way. Instead, the impersonal mind may be able to eliminate the pain/pleasure response completely and transcend bodily responses completely through the development of that mind. When one has developed this mind, healing is total but may or may not eliminate “dis-ease” or “disease” effects that affects the biological system of the body. 

One must come to understand that the success/reward response to effort may not eliminate or bring healing to specific conditions within the body, which is a personal mind, or ego response. Instead the impersonal mind seeks to learn from the condition and therefor study the ego responses of their physical reality while still having trust and faith that the mind can experience “life” without suffering while these conditions exist. One may see this in fire walking and in cancer patients who are enlightened. Their response is quiet to adverse conditions as opposed to high flow responses of fire walking done through adrenaline highs currently practiced. Remember, if true response or response through the impersonal mind is made, one could not only walk through fire but on water as well.




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