Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing – Part 2 – Methodology – Florence Mary, 2001.

Webmasters Note : this writing is a brief on the methodology behind the practice of BEVH. Part 3 delves deeper. This is just the primer.

There are many forms and philosophies around healing systems or methods. As far as the way to do it goes, all methods are similar in that they involve practitioner/client relationships and involve channeling energy to specific physical, mental and emotional stressors. The BEVH practitioner understands that all other methods work, even this one, but may not “create” the miracle cure sought by clients.

Indeed, without the mind shift from personal to impersonal mind, most “dis-ease” often forms part of their clients control system that conscious or unconscious fears generate. Therefor it is safe to say that all healing works if it is on the deepest conscious and subconscious levels and if the client is willing to accept the changes to their reality/life that a complete healing would make.  

This lack of physical response is not the healers responsibility but can be over-ridden by their faith and trust in the connection they have with God, Beginning Mind or Cosmic and/or Universal Energy, of which we are all a part. Even this connection cannot over-ride and must respect the clients choice not to have healing take place.

Here is where the healer applies the compassionate mind of love that is both harmless and compassionate in its observation of the suffering of others.  Respect means that you do not judge the response of another nor do you doubt your own abilities, but instead come to understand that you are the instrument of delivery for extra energy and balance that can be used by your client to heal themselves.

When you understand this you have accessed the most important part of healing. “Respect” for the individuals rights as a client.

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