Bioelectromagnetic Vibrational Healing – Part 3 – Personal Issues – Florence Mary, 2001.

There is not a person alive who does not have issues with, or take issue with circumstances generated in physical reality. Most people learn healing methods in order to or in response to the need to heal themselves in some way. 

When one understands what issues within the “personal mind” drives their response to stimulus or “pushes their buttons“. Even the beginning healer can deliver healing energy by remaining empathetic rather than sympathetic. Empathy is practiced by the impersonal mind through respect. Sympathy allows one to have a clients issues trigger their own so that they “take on”, physical, mental and emotional pain that triggers inappropriate responses in the healer.

It would not be proper for a practitioner to respond to the need of a client for physical closeness to initiate sex between them. It can not only be construed as “rape” but also may be as harmful psychologically, to the practitioner, as to the client. This type of response is also the same as one crying over a client when you recognize your own issues being triggered by the enormity of the clients situation in the case of a disease that may be viewed as “incurable”. All degrees of personal response between these two extremes should be eliminated through the development of the impersonal mind which employs trust and faith in the “Beginning Mind”, or “God”. It also has eliminated judgement for it respects the process or conditions within each being as where it should be in that beings “Isness”. 

Within the Beginners Mind there is no better/worse or “comparison” concept, only the concept of present moment reality. The mind always observes – it is raining – not, “it also rained yesterday and it may rain tomorrow”. One may check the weather forecast if they are considering a picnic on Thursday but would not cling to or be disappointed if rain spoiled their plans. “IS, would be their reality in the moment“.

In healing, IS or I AM, is a concept of present time/moment reality, or NOW. Dis-ease is past/present/future reality. In the past, “I have been” hurt, I am still hurt and I will hurt tomorrow. By consciously or subconsciously clinging to a dis-ease/disease because of tribal/cultural history, personal history or probability one keeps negatively trapped within their auric field. All of the energetic bonds/ties/cords that have been severed from rips in the bioplasmic energy that form these fields. These cords emanate from the heart but are driven by the energetic needs of energetic (chakra) centers of the body which teach beings continuing lessons to spiritual/mental/emotion maturity. 

When the lessons are interrupted by “dis-ease/disease”, it may take years for the “dis-ease/disease” to form within the body.

Spiritual Connect Pathways





Chakra 9 – 5TH DIMENSION

Chakra 10 – 6TH DIMENSION



Chakra 13 – GOD ICON

Without clarity and understanding of one’s own misalignments or how they got to be there, how you took up the job of keeping them, healing cannot take place. 

As one delivers or channels energy to another through symbol or intent it can only be delivered through your energetic reality which “believes” in wellness/un-wellness as the human condition or through study and practice, comes to see the mind as the energy receptor that can eliminate such conditions.

Therefor within the practitioners, personal mind must be eliminated and impersonal mind developed by meditation, prayer and the breaking down of “box thinking” and concepts of life and time.



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