Blog #2 “When The Elementals Come Home” written May 24, 7.07a.m.

Greetings and salutations. For a few days now there has been a message building from guidance. In the midst of every day life spirit is ever present, ever faithful. While tending to my garden or preparing a meal, little pieces of information come and go, like the in and out of the breath. When one is silent inside and of no agenda, the message begins to form from an empty space. The vessel begins to fill….

The human mind is a great thing. The power of the human mind can sometimes be likened to the vastness and depths of your oceans. While still mapping out your oceans and its known species, you have yet to know the totality of the vastness of your oceans and its unknown species. It is said that human beings use 10 percent or less of their brains. There are scanners and technologies to register parts and see deep within the brain. Yet for all of the knowledge you have of the brain and the mind, you do not have full understanding or 100 percent totality of the brains function in reality to matter. It is a process that is not complete and even with full scientific and medicinal understanding, you will not achieve that 100 percent. Ego will drive that car only so far. Without integration of spiritual and quantum understandings, the attempt is in vain. A denial of the source of the power supply will not keep the car in good running order. And with that said, we move on.

In the world of the super natural there is an activity that can be both conscious and unconscious. Adepts in the use of directing energy have known this for aeons. For instance, those you would term witches, wizards and shamans have known and used the concept and reality for a very long time. That reality is known as the elemental. Thought forms take on a life and a direction and are motivated to do the bidding of their master. Some have used this power for great destruction and to create mayhem towards an opponent or an adversary. The more emotion one puts into this process, the greater the effect. The problem with such an expose in energy direction is the fact that once the elemental has achieved the effect for its maker, it then always comes back to its source. Two things are then possible. The elemental must be absorbed back inside of the body and consciousness of the entity that created it, or it will consume the host. There is always a boomerang effect when power is manipulated in that mode. This understanding is nothing new. 

So with this in mind, we can begin to understand that one’s thoughts are propelled by emotion, driven like an unseen vehicle. Love, hate, anger, sorrow, vice, etc, are the fuels that move the energy and help bring it into form. This then begins to make one question the fact that if one person can do this sort of thing consciously, can it be said the same of the unconscious mind driven by mass hysteria or negative thoughts or even propaganda? The human race is bombarded by frequencies. Some of these frequencies  you cannot see but you can feel them even if you have no conscious understanding of it at the time it is happening, which is almost constantly now. There was a time where great information was coming in. It was and still is meant to awaken everyone. It began to work and people were beginning to seek truth and peace again. Harmony was coming. Yet, as you began to awaken from your slumber there were other energies that did not want this. They decided to change the frequency when you got close to shifting your consciousness to the higher vibrations. Firstly, they injected more fear, more uncertainty and division on a constant basis. Your televisions so called journalists stopped questioning everything about their world and began to be weaponized against the masses. Things were turned upside down and inside out. 

The frequency has been changed to one of division. Left and right, good and bad, etc. Deeper and deeper into polarity they sent you. They have reinforced this with 5G technology that is meant to interfere with your ability to transcend ego and walk in spirit. They do not want that. Wifi effects your moods, your electromagnetic spectrum, aura and brain, but most importantly, your DNA. Those silent waves are bringing you under control or numbing you. In quicksand you have found yourselves and yet you still think you can swim? There is no truth on your televisions. If there was real truth it would not be allowed. So, all of your religious propaganda and mind control and fear and unworthiness (or so you think) is projected every day, week, hour. You pray to a concept of what you have been told. You have created this mass belief and with those misguided energies you have created false gods, sent up into the heavens to gather form. With the invention of your bibles and radio and television, you have sped this up.  The misguided, unconscious belief and misunderstandings of the people are sent up like foul incense that reinforces the elemental thought forms that will one day come back to your Earth and your dimension and then what will you do? Will you be able to absorb that thought form and still be alive or will it come back and consume you? You cannot send these thoughts up without a day of pay back. They say that you are in the end times. They manipulate you and the rest of society to move you in to that direction. This accomplishes their goals. They have wars, rumours of wars, politics, sports, religion and a thousand other ways to keep you under their hypnotic trance. Fear of the unknown is their weapon against you and they bombard you with it daily.

When the elementals come back they will be your gods and your goddesses, your demons and your angels. So how will you know if this is real? Will they be the true heavenly host or will they be the elementals you created over aeons through your misguided prayers. Do you really want this lord to return? Will the messiah be an elemental or the real thing? How will you know? How would one ever be able to stand against this scientific thriller? Perhaps a real son or daughter of the most high had better take the time to contemplate? We leave that with you.

The move to de-feminize the female and to de-masculine the male is the attempt to neutralize your ability to procreate. They lump sex in with procreation and then they say you have too many people on your planet. This is a great lie. Do you know that they want the baby born outside of the womb? One day perhaps you will have to request permission to have a child and you will only provide the egg and the sperm. Artificial Intelligence will cradle your babies and birth them. Having children will be strictly controlled and not possible without sanction from the proper authorities. The cradle will be the pod. This is the world you are heading into. The mother will no longer carry the child in the womb. This disconnection will bring the singularity consciousness that has been chosen for you. If you can survive the wars will this be the new way? 

Emoting over “onward christian soldiers” will only create the space for people to kill in the name of their elemental god. It does not free you. We only use christianity because this is prevalent in Western thinking.

The balloon is full of air and is ready to pop. The fox has entered the hen house. Watch closely and KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE. That is your first line of defence. When you are plugged in to Source, you are always home. Do not be distracted from Source. We tell you now that when each individual person emits a thought of compassion and love into the world, you create a space for it. It might not be in your own place or area but it does happen. Someone else you have never met will be open and they will receive your energies and it will spread like a wildfire. Your intention of thought for healing your lives and your planet is what is needed. Prayers for peace. Prayers to help one another, not to give your powers over to a strange god.

Send love, send peace, joy, truth. Speak the truth under your breath and in your heart and share it quietly. Intend for someone somewhere to catch your beautiful thoughts. This is how you manifest it. You willingly share your heart and your truth quietly and in prayer and meditation. You will then find that you have more in common with people you have never known or seen or ever will. You will find a common humanity that at its base wants harmony. When your systems fail you will need allies. You must send out the thought forms that can heal and raise awareness and vibration. You have to develop a frequency within your own world that is pure and that your masters cannot infringe on. Speak your truth gently into the wind with the intention of helping someone “get it”. When you move in this way you create a natural way of communication where you will not need your technology to get your information out. What one person thinks in one place can help someone else “get it” somewhere else. There is no dogma in this idea. 

The powers that be have hidden this from you. They have thrown up one smokescreen after another to confuse you. Turn your tv’s off and your minds and hearts on. You will find you are changing your world regardless of the control mechanisms and maybe when the elementals come back they will not consume everyone because you will know who they are. You do not need UFOs for an invasion. You only need a change in dimensional energies and an ability to move amongst them. Do not be deceived. Can resonance change frequency or does frequency control resonance? Can the spirit of man control frequency or direct it? These are very good times to find the answer to that question because you are under attack every minute of the day by frequencies. Eventually, these frequencies will make you all sick and nature will be sick too. This has to be understood, not ignored, nor feared.

Speak truth to the wind and you speak truth to power. The public domain is like a wrestling ring. There are people who will receive truth without struggle. You only have to think it to them.

written by webmaster Steven, given gently by guidance





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