Blog Post – #1 – It’s Been A While – May 21, 2019, 6:44a.m.

Greetings and salutations! It’s been a while……by webmaster Steven

Today is a new day. Today begins a new process and a new beginning. There was a time when i wanted to wake people up to what is going on around them in their world. Sharing news and concepts and doing my best to get some form of basic understanding out to anyone who would hear, of the train wreck coming down the tracks right in front of their path….i looked high and low for what i could share to help raise a warning call and awareness. While i was going about this i did not see truly what was going on. The full scope of the picture had not come into view. The pieces of the puzzle just hadn’t clicked in yet. This has since changed for me. 

I did not see the war coming between the left and the right. The ace of spades was cold, hard, division. Fully separated and isolated, the moderate voices of reason would be the first to be silenced. This is occurring daily and constantly. A world is coming where revolution will be neighbour killing neighbour because of a left or right view point. The vileness of the abortion debate thrown back up and vomitted back into the public arena gauranteed to divide and create more anger and hate. When you come into truth you can be sure that negative forces will raise the stakes to oppose you. In todays world of politics and greed and self gratification of ego, one almost loses all hope..

I decided to remove the information and news section of this site because i could hear the censorship ghost approaching. I have seen the websites being pulled for using a word that someone somewhere finds offensive. It might be something innocent and benign but these are no longer the days for that. An iron curtain has decended and is closing tightly upon the free thinkers of this world. There is a demand that you are either left wing or right wing. No middle ground. No zero point. The people have hardened their hearts and have closed their ears. They do not want dialogue, they have become like stone. Impenetrable…

About 8 weeks ago I went flying down my stairs and broke my ankle. A few weeks later my ankle gave out while walking and I fell and smashed my knee on a rock. Broken ankle, sprained knee. No doctors. No hospitals. Eventually, they healed enough that i can still use them but i cannot touch them. I had been working on my photography and artwork and was beginning to integrate things and then i had to just stop. The guides impressed upon me that everything had changed and that none of that was important. Life had to get my attention and it did so. After investing thousands of dollars into building my own portfolio and life, i was to let it go. It was no longer to be a major consumption of my time or energy. There was no more time for that.

What was very important was communication. Not from ego based fear or monetary need, although i am lacking financially, it balances out in spirit and i am ok with that. Every day i get things from spirit. The guides have told me that now is the time to share. It is my intention to bring you fresh content, but it will not be from other sources for now. I will share what i am led to share and i will begin today, at this moment…..

While i was sitting quietly in the morning sun, being present, i began to feel a pull. A memory was coming. In the early years of woodswalks with Florence, when i was a younger man i was like a sponge. Everything she spoke when it came to spirit, i absorbed into every pore. Yet life happens and years pass and we forget some of the things we once knew or were told. They get buried in the fine print or under the semantics of ego life. While going through immense changes lately i was taken back to our morning walk along the mighty Columbia River. It was a hot summer morning when we walked. The birds were singing and a gentle breeze blew. We stopped to share a rock and watch the eddy and flow and dance of the river. The waters danced as though there was an orchestra playfully above them, coaxing and prodding them into unison and harmony as they went along. After about 10 minutes of silence and watching and smiling, Florence began to tell me something. During her earlier years on the path to herself, she went in to a deep meditation and her heart began to pull with the emotion of spiritual unfoldment. In a split second Florence found herself at the foot of the cross. Before her eyes hanging on the cross was Jesus. He was battered and beaten and lifeless. His head hung low with the wieght of the crown of thorns. Limp, bleeding and tortured by man, Jesus was dying. Florence told me how horrified she was when she saw that scene in front of her. She bowed down on one knee in reverence and looked up at the cross. Then she told me that what happened next blew her mind, so to speak. Jesus opened his eyes and looked straight at her and then as if nothing had happened, he got down off of the cross and walked over to her. With one hand on her shoulder he pointed to the cross and motioned to her to get up……it’s your turn now, he said. Her words sent chills up my spine.

What Jesus was telling Florence was that we are crucified by life. This brought a great respect for Jesus as a teacher. Florence never argued the religious guilt propaganda of the masses. Jesus was crucified by life and so are we. Once one begins to get that, it changes the dynamics a bit. You begin to absorb the body blows and they hurt much less. 

Two years ago i watched a squirell jump from a telephone pole and when it hit the ground it was a crow. Two months ago i planted a hazel nut tree and it has turned itself into a maple tree. While the hazel nut has the magic, the maple has endurance and strength. We will always be in need of a little magic in our lives but now we must be strong and endure. These may not be the days for the faint hearted but with a little trust and faith and compassion they might be good days for the LIGHT-HEARTED.

I will end this first blog now. I thank each and every one of you for your love and your light. The messages I will bring forth will be from 3 sources, Florence, The Spirit Guides and the deepest parts of my heart. 


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