Changes – A Pep Talk from the Guides – Written by Florence Mary Feb 12, 1998.

It is very easy to decide to change ones life but quite another to accomplish the feat as a fact. Each of you in one way or another has decided to change your lives. Each of you hopes that it is for the better. The pathways to change are the same as they have always been for human beings ; diligence, understanding, allowing, permitting. Most of all, you must have faith that whatever it is in your life that needs to be changed will be changed by your intent and by your faith in that intent. The hard part comes when you must make choices that foster those changes to garner that success.

Each of you holds within you a view of life. Whether that is a valid world view or not is up to you and what you really want from life and what you are willing to do to have it. In the greatest sense of things, you must first be willing to do things for yourself with the idea of sharing power with others. Sharing power is being able to see what you want or need, to see what others want or need and being able to combine perspectives within your mind to create models that can be lived out by any number of people without creating conflict. These models always reflect a consensus with those involved. It also means that you commit yourself to the model and review how it serves you and others from time to time. Pliancy is the place where you go to change the model when it needs it. Commitment will keep you serving others within the model and keep you from being self-serving.

Each of you who work with energy must commit to service, not only to yourself, but to others. Those of you who have a healthy model of what service looks like will not fall into the self-serving traps of pleasure and the moment. You will also realize that service does not mean servitude. Your eye will always be on where you are and how the moment serves the model that you have chosen. Service also considers consequence of each act before one commits to that act. One who is able to see history and how it affects the present moment and your life model, may derive great benefit when there is sincere desire to change life for the better. We would like you to look into your life and see if it is moving forward or if it is moving in circles around issues that you must move beyond for learning and growth.

Each of you must be committed to seeing yourself as you are, not as you would like to be or how you have rationalized yourselves as being. Each way of viewing self is very different. Each one forms a component of the circle of self-knowledge that you must access in order to bring about change. Self-assessment is the most necessary ingredient for growth on an individual basis and on a group basis and for models. Diligence is where you will go to make the changes possible within each part of your interaction with life.

Each of you has the ability to see yourselves clearly, if you do not judge what you are seeing but observe it and gain important knowledge from it. Each time you look squarely at yourself and see who you are, in terms of your life and you ability to share power, rather than to wield it to grow. When you see yourself in these terms, clearly, you come closer to freedom. To be powerful one must see clearly that true power is mastery over self. Some of you believe power comes only if you have power over others through judgement and control. We ask you to look carefully at the model of the slave and the slave owner. We tell you truly that neither is free and neither is the way that freedom makes you powerful. Freedom is a personal view of self within life and within the concept of what you may hold to be self. Commitments do not make you a slave. Commitment makes you responsible for your choices and for the living out of those choices to the fullness of time. Understanding and drawing a new model of freedom will take time and effort to redraw eons of fight or flight mentality that most of the Collective Conscience lives in.

We tell you so you will know from this day forth that you have nothing to fear. Change is the law of the Universe and Becoming. Comfort Zones are illusions that people draw around themselves that enslave them. Change is nothing to fear but a place where true gains will happen. Being at peace with change is the truest freedom that you will ever know.



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