Clearing The Auric Field – Monday, Jan 11, 1999. by Florence Mary


In all things, we are a sum total of all of our experiences and how we allow these experiences to influence our make up. Often, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to outrun our history and truly take up our authentic desire to be just ourselves, as we know that we truly are in our core. That core-self often becomes a distraction to those who have come here to learn what that is but have not accessed their higher wisdom. More importantly, what that means. 

We all accept that we are victims in our body’s vulnerability to disease, emotions and even chronic conditions or even repeating events in our life. Often we cannot escape making the same mistakes over and over again. We fault ourselves and seek more and more bodywork and healing without knowing that we not only have to clear the physical body but also the auric body. It must be cleared of the lingering subconscious body of experience or imprints in the auric field. Even when we have had the work done, we often feel disassociated from the body and the feeling of the body being our home. We then call back to ourselves the experience of that body, rather than make conscious changes to that experience.

The good news is that all of this change takes time. The best thing you can do is to hunker down and ride the wave of change that is brought into your life with clearing your field of intention. It is also good to remember that your intention for change or no change, will bring the test of your own experience into your life. Either way, on a conscious level you must choose change or not. It is that simple and that difficult depending on what ego-based needs are being served by whatever it is that is overwhelming your life.

Often, our conscious mind will choose a thing without allowing the mind to dig around in the sub-conscious or super-conscious mind to find out what choices should be made. This is called impulse. Our present reality mind may be clinging to these choices, not living out the souls life voyage. The good news is, when you know better, you do better. Impulse reality can be changed. It is changed through clearing the auric field of life experience imprints. That is the purpose of the clearing meditation.

There are eight layers to this body and each one must be held within the consciousness as the clearing meditation is done so that the auric bodies can be cleared. Since this field often appears unified, rather than in layers, this is not a hard step. Each of the layers is generated by one of the chakra systems of the body. With this clearing meditation we are clearing only the ones attached to this physical plane of experience. The higher realms of experience only effect the lower realms once they are clear. The effects are always for our higher good and come directly from the First Principle of Creation.

Once the auric level is cleared we often find ourselves more deeply attached to Spirit than we have been before. Since the most important thing about us is that we are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience and therefor, do not exist outside of the First Principle, nothing bad is going to happen if we clear our field. But guaranteed, you will live with same old, same old, if you do not. For some of you, same old isn’t that bad. But aren’t you curious as to what the new reality might be?

Before we begin the meditation, please take some time to consciously choose the depth to which you want clearing to take place. Your sincerity mean a lot. I have tried to design the visualization so that you have enough time to look at, know or feel the changes to take place, to awaken your ability to let go of the past experience of your life. If you know that you cannot, for whatever reason, let go of present reality, you do not have to share that with anyone. But be honest with yourself. You will find that nothing is more important than this honesty. The dusty motes in your auric field are the leavings of self-deception that often appear as dark spots or muddy colours in the aura. Re-encoding the chakras and then doing the clearing visualization will help the process to speed up. 

You may ask why would I want to clear the field of intention? When the field of intention has been cleared it opens the doorway to higher realms of wisdom and truth and allows each person with clear intention to become truly peaceful and harmonious within the world that they live in. If you are in a constant state of turmoil then your field of intention and the connection with Higher Realms of Wisdom and Truth are blocked. Unblocking the Auric  field of intention also allows us to plug into the realm of the Ascended Masters. The great ones of the central sun who have from the beginning of time moved the evolution of both dear Mother Earth and of Humanity. Clearing the field of intent is also a commitment to take a more active part in and a responsibility for that evolution or to become an Enlightened One. It will not happen overnight but it will happen. The initiation to that realm of Wisdom is to take love, light, peace and joy as your most fervent belief. Nothing else matters at this time. 

The Auric Field-

8. Authentic Ketheric Body – Divine Knowing

7. Celestial Body – Divine Loving

6. Authentic Etheric Body – Divine Will

5. Astral Body – Loving

4. Mental Body – Clear Thinking

3. Emotional Body – Real Feelings

2. Etheric Body – I Exist

1. Physical Body – Being-ness

Clearing Visualization

We will begin by breathing to the rhythm of the Universe. “So” on the in breath. “Hum” on the out breath. “So – Hum”. And again, “So Hum”. Pause.

Be with yourself the way you see yourself at this moment in time. Take a breath. (Pause)

Allow yourself to see or feel all the unclear thoughts and feelings that surround you. Take a very good look at this cloud that surrounds you. (Pause)

What colour is the cloud? (Pause)

What does it make you feel like? Again, take a deep breath. (Pause)

Now visualize or “thought intend” yourself surrounded by tiny winged beings. Take a deep breath. (Pause) As many breaths as you need. (Pause) Now I want you to feel their wings moving to clear the mists of unclarity and confusion away from you. (Pause)

Now look at your winged beings. Are they butterflies that represent transformation?(Pause) Are they hummingbirds that represent joy? (Pause) Or are they tint angels? (Pause) Watch their wings moving; feel the joy that they feel at being of service to you. (Pause)

Now allow yourself to see every painful experience you have ever endured. Take a deep breath. (Pause) Allow that to become part of the mist around you. (Pause) Know that you are safe and protected. Take a deep breath. (Pause)

Take a moment to identify why the fog around you is so dense. (Pause) Now allow that you do not need these feelings of confusion anymore. (Pause) Begin to collect them all up, no matter what they are. Illness, (Pause)chronic conditions, (Pause) hurts others have helped you to experience that you cannot quite forgive and may be holding on to. (Pause) Take your time to identify them all and to collect them. (Pause) Take a deep breath. (Pause) Feel how heavy they all are. (Pause)

Look into the distance. There is a large gold box encrusted with jewels. Walk towards it and as you walk towards it, the box opens up so that you can place all of these feelings, illnesses and conditions inside. (Pause) Now notice a note on top of the box, but do not open it. Allow yourself to experience the feeling of being unburdened. (Pause)

Return to your cloud. Notice that the colour of the cloud has changed to pure white light. (Pause)

Your winged friends are beginning to clear these clouds from around you. As they do, your feeling of well being begins to grow. (Pause) Joy fills the space created by what you have unburdened yourself of. Take a deep breath. (Pause)

When the cloud is cleared, open up your note and read : In my central core is the perfect me that is ever beautiful, ever young. I have a beautiful spirit, mind, eyes, nose, mouth and skin – The Divine Infant is within – pure and innocent. The Divine Alchemist is within my temple – this is the human form Divine. All is well! Peace! Peace! Oh Perfect Peace! (Pause)

Now allow yourself to look at the radiant body of light that you are. Step into it affirming: I Am this Radiance. I Am this Light. I will keep it with me always. Dearest Love! I Am the perfect reflection of the Divine within the world. Think a beautiful thought and give it away to the world. 

Namaste – Florence Mary





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