Collection of Quotes from the Guides, by Florence Mary Masotti

Each day it is important for you to say that you intend to play your part in the symphony of life and to follow the directions of your being as they come to you.”

“Keep in the Now, with an ear and an eye open to what is coming and then follow your inner most knowing and do that which it prompts you to do.”

“To make anyone dependent is to enslave them.”

“Man is imprisoned within the physical body because he believes that it is the only reality available to him.”

“God knows each of you by your Light.”

The light formed in the world of One will transform the Earth in times to come.”

We remind you again, You are not your fear.”

“Each day that you can live without fear is a day closer to home.”

“You are always free to test your ability to overcome your beliefs or fears.”

“As the mind turns from the fallacies created by man, it is led to the sparkling waters of absolute truth through its own consciousness.”

“Only through the act of seeking can one hope to obtain that which they need in order to fulfill their comings and goings.”

“Love is God made manifest through all the sons and daughters of the earthly plane.”

“Don’t worry about little green guys, as you call them. They are not green, by the way, but a version of your species that was seeded on another planet before any of you crawled forth out of the sea.”

“We were all created, we all evolve.”

“Life, like all else, is energy. Energy that we, as living energy, transform and transmute into our realities.”

“Nothing is going to happen to you that you cannot survive in one way or in another. Remember, you are immortal.”

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