January 06, 2022 (video page)

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I have had to update and refresh this video page to keep storage down so watch the videos while you can because censorship will make them obsolete sooner than you might think. Until then, we carry on unabated.

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And now for the rabbit hole………….

Things you notice as the world burns down….

I will be adding videos to the rabbit hole but please be warned that the information shared will challenge your reality. The idea is to get as much info out there before they shut it down. Much of the information is unsettling but if understood can open your eyes to the master plan unfolding in front of your eyes. Bit by bit the light shines on the darkness and what was hidden becomes known. This information is not for the faint of heart. Remember to scroll down because i will add pertinent information as i am lead. 

Here is another story from Canada that you don’t see on the news..

Latest report from Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi “a stunning up to date pathology report..

Every good rabbit hole needs a rabbit and this video is about Atlantis. When we understand that what we are experiencing today, in this incarnation is the same force that destroyed Atlantis. Artificial Intelligence mixed with negative energies…..

An update from Peterborough Ontario hospital……

A warning from Canada …media priming the masses to accept persecution of the unvaxxed…..

News from Brazil…….

Are you sure the people on TV are getting the vax?

Remembering the common cold…..

The real reason hospitals are busy……

While i am not a Catholic, there is a warning sent out to the faithful of that church. The only reason i am posting this is to help you understand the converging of timelines. All roads lead to a bottleneck. The only thing separating possibilities from predictabilities  is free will. On that note, see what comes if we keep moving along their script and forced realities.





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