Definition of Service

Written by Florence Mary on Jan 29, 1992.

Service is anything that is done for the edification of the human spirit. As always it begins within and goes to God, for how can a man devote his life to God if he does not love what he does and share that with others? A man is of the greatest service when he loves what he does and helps his fellow man in some instance.

Unfortunately most people have a tendency to value what they pay for more than anything they get for free and it is not written anywhere that we must feed those who refuse to feed themselves but only those who cannot. What is needed here is education and reworking of mental attitudes so that souls lost may find the light within and realize that the life they live can be changed only by them. When God said ‘feed the hungry”, he also meant the hunger within that desires self change. That may have to begin by feeding the body first but at some point both physically and spiritually you must all come to be able to feed yourselves.

One day it will all change. One day everyone will come to their deepest self as a channel for the goodness and bounty of love. Every Man, woman and child will have  meaningful, purposeful lives, which will reflect their relationship to themselves and the Creator and peace shall reign over the land and sea. The idea of the true global village shall be realized with one language, one financial system and a uniform of righteous law that will govern all people equally. It will work because no matter your color, race, or creed you will all realize that the common good is a reality. Mind links and inner-most knowing shall be evident and your striving will have a purpose and be of value. A man may earn his way from all his efforts and a system of education will be funded by student labour. Even education will be earned by all but the youngest in the process of learning. Learning will become life long, moving from the most menial jobs serving the community to those of more urgency.

It will be required of all men and women to serve in the public domain for periods of time. The course of their lives, while varied, will always follow the same path : Service. So, you come full circle, seeing that service may be dedication to the less fortunate than yourselves or service may come from how you can earn your living. This synergy is never present when a man or woman takes from life and gives nothing back. Giving back, even for a fee, is always better than just taking.

Even present political aims are based on power rather than service to the common good. In the future, as political power shifts you will find opposition to those political leaders who do not see that power should serve the common good, not special interests. It will be interesting to see how the people react to such changes in the political structure and by what means that old political structure will use to bring a halt to this change.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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