Discernment by Guidance as given to Florence Mary – April 15, 1994.

A while ago you asked us how you will know if someone is not serving the purpose of God. We tell you that you will know by way of your inner most knowing. That is why we tell you that it is important for you all to take time to pray and meditate. In the still quietness that you create within you comes that voice of God. This voice comes to you to direct you on the path to safety in the world of men and beings who are not of God, but who are of personal gain and glory. We tell you that when things just do not sit right with you then you must look at it through your own quiet and stillness.

You also asked us if the beings that you received your messages from in the mornings are good or evil. We address this now. 

We understand them to be sincere in their desire to help the Earth and her peoples to progress in the world of spirit and love or we would have done all that we could have to keep you from any union of the mind with them. Yet you must also remember that you always have the choice and that choice is one of the reasons that they are not giving you a great deal of information at this time. You are still learning to make your choices without fear and we do not want you over burdened with choices that are not yours to make at this time and place.

Do not worry for your heart is full of love and nothing that you have been given has burdened or worried you unnecessarily and this is how it must be. We also advise you to spend more time in deeper meditation so that you will be able to handle the things that are coming your way, even in the short term with much more equanimity than you might have handled it in the past. Allow yourself to feel more and to see more, for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Opportunities are coming your way and if you do not allow yourself to use your knowing for yourself, then side trips to nowhere are inevitable.

There is nothing wrong with taking these side trips but they usually cost you in time and in progress, as well as worry and they really do not enhance your life in any meaningful way. Even those that you meet on these side trips would have crossed your path, if you had not taken it. If you believe that your life must be full of worry and toil then it will be so. Yet if you can know that your life must serve God, then the toil will make you feel good and will allow you to do the things that would have been impossible for you just a short time before. Remember always that as creations of God, our purpose here is as that of creator, as well as many others. So when you look at life you realize that this is what YOU ARE DOING ALL THE TIME ANYWAYS. 

So then, instead of feeling that you have no choices and that life is dealing you a bad hand, get involved in the process and create you life with flare and with daring. See yourself as a creator and then become one. Do not forget to use creative visualization to do this and allow part of your meditations to bring to you clear pictures of what you wish to happen. Once you have done this the things that you need for your life will begin to find you instead of the other way around. You will realize also that it is the way it should have been for all of your life times.

Do not limit by belief what you think that you should be seeking. To do so is to limit God. We all know that if God really wants to reach us we could find ourselves on the road to Damascus blind and hearing the voice of God as if coming from on high. But instead we tell you to go within and hear that small, still voice and allow that voice to help you to shape your life, your relationships and your world, into relationships that serve, rather than the need to be served. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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