Divine Relationship in Everyday Life by Florence Mary – Aug 4, 1997.

The recognition of the flow of Universal energies through life must not contain superstition or fear. There is nothing within the revelation of the Divine within all things that need be feared or ritualized in order to partake of its wonders. The Divine within all things is not mysterious or miraculous for those whose trust and faith in God is firm. They already know this and live the sacred life with reverence for all things and beings of the Earth be they other people, plants, animals, sands or waters.

As we have told you before : “Every rock and tree vibrates with the knowledge of why it was created. Every plant is content with its potential for being. Only man is driven by discontent with his refusal to join with God.” Of course, here we are not speaking of Divine Discontent which is the need to help self and others to overcome the difficulties of the physical life and to know God, but instead, a state of being where mankind does not even know itself or a state in which Divinity is absent in even the smallest form through acknowledgement. Those who do not seek God through their own pathway, they will find God absent when they really need God. Those who know God only through what another group thought tells them about God, will find God absent too. Only where faith is the experience of God, does God appear present within that life and becomes a beacon to all those who would believe in that presence.

The experience of God is something that you must work on and experience for yourselves. You must not judge the magnitude of Gods presence in your life and then compare it to how present God is within another’s life. Instead you must see God as present within your own life. If you expect the experience of God to appear with great and wonderful feats, then you will be sadly disappointed. God most often appears first within the manageable bits and pieces of your life and as your faith grows, with greater and more wondrous undeniable presence.

This presence comes in the manifestation within the invisible first, the element of Air. It is first measured in temperature and movement. This will not be as apparent when you live fully within the manifestation and use it upon a daily basis to connect with the Divine in all things. Then, for some, it will become the scent or sound of things within the invisible, a slight yet constant ringing in the ears or the smell of flowers or incense when there is none present. And of course, it will appear as peace and harmony within your life that keeps all that is not created of those states from manifestation within that life.

Here we remind you not to seek anything that has demonstrated its ability to upset the harmony within your life. We here will work to keep you from that and from being in contact with persons, places and things that will bring about a state of chaos within your life. It may not be exciting in human terms but you are not being drained by your experiences, either.

In the past we have told you about trust and faith. Well, dearest ones, it has never been more important than it is at this moment in time or as it will be in the moments of life that come ever closer. Now is your time.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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