Early morning messages from the guides – Florence Mary – April 30, 2008

Written by Florence Mary on April 30, 2008 as given by guidance.

The force of the ego rises as the experiences of the entity are undergone. Since the personality is governed by experience and the ego by non forgiveness of the consequences of the experiences, so it is easy to see that ego may also be driven by fear.

Even happiness that is not observed by mindfulness, becomes an experience that may “warp” the ego. So the balance is to undergo but always to observe our reactions to the engagement of experience.  This balance, achieved by mindfulness, is not a panacea but the cure for fear.

We tell you once more that you have nothing ever to fear, not even your own death, no matter how it may come about. We tell you also that feeling fear in fearful circumstances is normal but mindfulness helps to alleviate some so that the mind works and allows decision making to be less affected by fear. 

In this time of great change and flux we must remain constant and observant. Do not allow yourself to condemn the intermediate circumstances that will manifest through this time of flux. 

Your concentration may get scattered and this will be one of the challenges of change. This then is a time for ceremony and for celebration. Ceremony done without attachment to form, allows for concentration to remain during flux. Celebration allows us to give thanks for enduring through moments of great flux, which at times can seem never ending. As always, remaining within the circle of Self and others, becomes challenging if trust and faith are not present. 

Having trust in the Divine is not enough. You must also learn to have trust in yourself and the family of man. You must give as well as you receive and celebrate the opportunities to provide for both. This or that, are your choices, but know that a choice must be made in order to create experience.

The more sacred the person, the more challenges there will be with your bodies. Here is where ceremony is called for. Ceremony as simple as lighting a candle while eating your meals can express the deepest of grattitudes for your food or anything else. If your concentration is seriously challenged then longer, more involved ceremony may be called for. Do not worry about prayer. Each breath is a prayer for one who is sincerely engaged in the path of their own becoming. Do not ask us “becoming what?”. There is no answer to that. Only here, are you like the feather or dry leaf upon the wind. Each one steeped in fear or marshalled by trust and faith.

Let nothing be as a stone, hard and unyielding to the bare hands and feet of humankind. Let all things resemble clay, which when shaped or moulded, become things of beauty, like a sunrise or a sunset.

In all things remain both the participant and the observer. And what do you observe? Why, yourself, of course! By observing yourself you will come to see both similarity and contrast in all of humanity. Remember that rigidness in belief, form and practice are but traps to be avoided. Here, is also a test that asks that you do not voice opinions about those who are rigid in their judgements. 

The path to true wholeness and oneness was never simple nor easy. That was only desire on the part of humans to avoid the complexities of life. Therefor, a life well lived can neither be controlled nor avoided. By trying to, you create pain and suffering. Remember that suffering in its original form meant to experience or undrgo something. 

We send you blessings as well as love, light, peace and joy. Remember to watch the SUN.

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