Early Questioning and the Response from Guidance – Florence Mary March 08, 1992.

Webmasters note : this is another early writing from Florence and it takes the form of a simple question. The guides provide the response. I was not sure whether I would post this one as it is rather short, but it gives you a glimpse into the innocence of her questioning and her thirst for purpose, especially in the beginnings.

The Question

Could you tell me what it is that I am to do with the rest of my life? Is there something beyond creating it as we are intended to or is there a greater purpose to it that is beyond what I can create or envision on my own?

The Answer

In every life there is always purpose beyond our own purpose and what we can create and envision but I understand your question and tell you that there is. But the full scope of what you are to do and with whom, is not yet fully in form. I know that you think that this an evasion but please know that it is not intentionally vague but just our attempt to keep you from trying to make it happen before you are ready for it to happen. As always, you are so impatient for things to happen. Know that all will happen when it is meant to. First, you must bring into form your desires in regards to your family and friends and of course, the teaching and experiencing of things in the spiritual with others. 

Know that none of you are fully as aware as you need to be to do the work that is of this world as it will be. There is much to do and to experience. The most important thing that you will ever experience will be love. Spiritual love, so that you will understand how great a pull that it really is. You have not had it in this life time up to this day. We know that your desire is to be out of the sameness of your being in the world and we can hardly blame you but we tell you again to envision your passage from where you are to where you wish to be. As always, love is the key to all of this.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.




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