Energy Healing/Lightworker Healing and the book that never was – Florence Mary Dec 11,1997

What was once meant for the end of Book 4 is a journal entry from Dec 11, 1997. This particular writing would form the basis of her later work as a healer. Florence starts out with a few notes jotted down about a course for healers and the like minded. She would facilitate this with both energy work through healing hands/etheric touch and playing the Tibetan and Crystal Bowls.

Energy Healing – is the recognition of your own and others ability to facilitate healing by re-organizing the invisible energy field of a client. 

The next question becomes why would one need or want to re-organize or heal the energy field of another? The answer is simple : because we can. 

Energy healing is not a miracle or a cure for what ails us as human beings, although at times the results seem truly miraculous to those who have known pain, mental anguish and chronic conditions that seem to be getting worse day by day. 

The intervention of an Energy Healing session can give relief from acute and chronic conditions for long or short periods of time. 

There are some things that are common to physical things.  

 1. They are open energy systems, radiating energy to the same degree that they are conscious. Human beings should not use their yardstick of consciousness to measure the consciousness of other things like plants, animals, minerals and gems. 2. While some  physical manifestations have only one energy system, plants, animals and human beings – have breath, blood and energy that circulates around and through the body. Each system is limited by their particular function within the body but energy penetrates and radiates around and through the body and effects body, mind, soul, spirit of all human beings and lower realms of animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. 3. Illness is an imbalance or blockage in living organisms energy fields. Whether plant, animal or human, energy work can facilitate a healing cycle within the multi-energy level being by an energy practitioner . 4. Human Beings, because they can make choices have the greatest ability to transform and transcend the conditions which may be influencing the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that are affecting their physical health.                                                                                                                    

An energy session healing can create relaxation that allows a body under siege by imbalance to begin a healing. Pain on all levels can be reduced or eradicated by the application of energy healing and the healing process can be accelerated. Relief for psychosomatic illnesses that are usually caused by stress which affects the autonomic nervous system.

Energy healing is not magic or uncommon. Because we are all energy systems we can all heal through the use of energy healing. It can be learned and taught and the only limitation is the clarity of our intent and the faith we have in our ability to do so. Energy healing is a way to care for one another in cases of extreme stress when we do not know what else to do. In our day to day lives, we can use energy on ourselves to clear imbalances and realign our energy fields at will. The practice of meditation will allow one to go within that “sweet spot” that practice creates and create calmness and harmony that we can radiate to others in our day to day lives.

Each of us feels compassion for our fellow beings who are hurt or ill. We will reach out to comfort and console one who is suffering. Often we will cause more pain by not knowing how to reach out. Yet the fact we touch the spot that hurts 9 times out of ten is an indication in that moment of empathy and loving intent, we do what needs to be done instinctively. Learning how to do energy healing will train you to reach out and pass healing energy without hurting one who needs attention.

Learning to heal through the human energy fields of the body becomes a point for the beginning of true self knowledge. Even in practice, ones own issues that need healing or looking at may come up so that when working on those with serious conditions you are not going into process (crying or laying that issue on a client) while working on a client. Just imagine if you had cancer and an energy healer burst into tears and then tried to reassure you that it was nothing about your condition. One can have empathy for clients but should approach the healing session with a clear intent to provide a safe and relaxed session that boosts the natural healing capacity of the clients body.

Between sessions a healer should take as much time as they need to clear the energy from the last client. This becomes easier when one mentally allows the merging of their field and a clients field at the beginning of the session. At the end of the session, allow time to individualize the merged fields once more. Clearly, intent plays an enormous part in healing of energy bodies and the blockages of the body.

So the admonishment , “healer heal thyself” is a good one to begin with. The more healed you are, the more you will be able to heal others. This happens because your own energy system requires less energy at healing sessions and can allow all the energy that you are pulling through your body to exit through your hands to the client. Practice will allow you to know how much energy to use at a session. If you begin with an enormous amount of energy at the beginning of the session, you run the risk of overwhelming your client and loosening too much of the stored blockage before they are ready to deal with what is loosed during a healing session.

For the practitioner, the development of the intuitive responses such as “knowing” what the issues are or “seeing” the blockage and seeing what caused the blockage in the present or from past experiences in the body, develop as the willingness, integrity and intent to heal, grows from knowledge and intent. Energy healing then is an extension of ones own mental function through intent or compassion or through the tapping of positive energy to balance negative energy. When negative energy in the form of stress, hurt, both physical and emotional, tiredness or weariness from many sources, put the balance of positive and negative into a state of imbalance, “dis-ease” is the immediate result and disease, the result of long term present and past experience. Each can be put back into balance through Light Body Healing. 



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