Esoteric Experience: Reality or Imagination?

Written by Florence Mary on Nov 22, 1992.

Human beings have reduced their reality to that which they can experience physically, all else to them is imagination or a creative function of the mind. They also have a tendency to categorize anything that is not physical in experience as imagination, therefore it is dismissed as not being reality. If that is true then all function and thinking of the mind should be seen that way. Even the belief in all things spiritual should be seen as merely imagination for they cannot be experienced in reality. If you are rebelling at this statement then I want you to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the last time God came for tea. If you cannot give a date, then we have proved our point. Now, we want you to show us God. Where is he? Where does he abide or live? How does he exist? What is his physical form? In human terms there is no reality for God nor is there any real spiritual reality but that which can be experienced through the mind. As we have stated before, the mind is the vehicle of the soul as well as the function of the spirit. No thinking would go on in any brain if it were not for the coming together of these two parts of the invisible world. It comes together in the shrunken, ancient organ or eye called the pineal gland or body. For the star-born ones, the ones who were called and came as children and carried their jewels as part of the biochemical processes, this gland is all that remains and is carried by every member of the human race now. It is proof that the star travellers interbred with the people of Earth in order to give those peoples of Earth those qualities that would allow them to survive and grow in the ways of peace and harmony.

When the spirit has left the body the soul can allow the body to hold function but the mind is no longer present and the person is termed brain dead. This is not a rare occurrence but is the condition called coma. It must be realized that the soul and the whole of spirit of any individual is so vast that it cannot be contained or viewed in human terms. The operation and function of these vehicles of the invisible world are all that give animation on the physical plane. Indeed the physical would not exist without them. The physical plane would cease to be, without them.

Those of you who have studied much of esoteric wisdom will understand the body as a function much like that of a space suit. The physical brain is the on board computer that operates the space suit but intelligence comes from not the brain itself but from the choice of the quality of mind made by the soul before it enters into the body according to the lessons it has chosen to learn upon its present sojourn. The mind is the place where the soul and the spirit unite. The spirit then is what animates the body into life and the soul is the screen upon which the reality of the human experience takes place. Life is like sitting in the most technologically advanced theatre watching a movie. Each mind projects not only its own reality but can perceive the reality of others and even partake and interact within the reality of others. In fact, the projections are so strong and powerful that they seem universal to the mind. They seem to be the only reality that is possible. What are you as people going to do when you find out this is not so? That day is rapidly approaching and you must be prepared for it. You must open your minds to the infinite possibilities of creation and begin to think of yourselves and your creation of life as only one of many created realities. While you must live a physical existence you must open yourself to the reality of the invisible world in which much can exist that the human mind and ego cannot believe is true or real.

It is through the invisible world of the mind and its creative processes that God reveals to each person. Through religions, which are man’s attempts to interpret God in human terms, God comes to reveal itself.  Whatever you hold as a personal belief, whatever you are comfortable in believing, revelation will take place in that manner but it is through your doubts that the truth will come to you in revelation. All truth will come to you, not in opposition to what you hold as belief but in the limitation of those beliefs or in the expansiveness of what you might deem possible. That is why there is such vastly different views of spirituality and what role it should play in life. But the one thing that is Universal is that God loves us all as his children and wants us to be happy. To have a relationship with the Divine that is ongoing and vital. Since God cannot come for tea, our relationship with God will take much work and great faith and it will only exist upon the invisible plane of Spirit and Soul. What kind of connection do you have to these worlds?

In the world of the humanly created God, there is an angry, vengeful God. One who seeks to punish and hurt. One who’s ego is as tender as any human beings. But this is the God of man’s making and is created in man’s image. It is the ultimate arrogance of humanity. For the true God, the God before creation is all loving, all forgiving and the most benevolent of parents. He is the God who sent not one son, but many to redeem the world. And each one, whether they have passed in the footsteps of Jesus, Brahma, or the Buddha, or who’s words are found in the teachings of the Bahai or the Moslem or Saint Germaine or any other interpretation of the words of truth, comes parts of the truth, part of the way and redemption. That need for redemption exists only in the mind and ego of men, for what you do is forgiven before you do it but it requires you then look to seek love and light, not darkness and fear.

It is through faith that you will learn to use the esoteric wisdom to your purpose and to God’s purpose. Each of you must learn to do that on many levels and be aware of the contact. The two main ones will be physical and spiritual, which right now seem to be the only ones but there are others. That is what these writings are about.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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