Written by Florence Mary on Nov 13, 2007

We wish to talk about experience today. Experience is both your history and your future. You cannot avoid it nor can you change it once you have enjoined it. What that means is that each experience you have is made up from what you remember about the experiences you have had before the one you find yourself in, in any given moment.
Each experience is colored by a set of circumstances that surround it. These circumstances are made up by the reality or history of even the smallest or less significant participant in any experience. A witness to any event can change the feel of that event by bringing into it their personal bias that is formed by the history of their experience.
Each of you who seek higher vibration cannot avoid experience where you are, so you create lives that are more positive but the true test of your vibratory power would be to enter in to each experience without your history. This is near impossible where you are because you have quantified time. Past, present and future cycle through so quickly. Each moment lasts only a moment before it becomes the past, the present and future. You as physical beings are the past, present and future because all time goes on at the same time.
Each existence you have ever had lingers within the many vibrational existences that you created for the experience of physical existence. Each unity of soul and spirit that takes a body in the physical does so knowing that it carries the memories of the many energies that make up a vibrational force called spirit. Each physical life is carefully constructed for maximum benefit to the whole of creation. (Spirit)
We remind you once more that ego and personality are only important where you are and in the fourth dimension, where souls are schooled to form a new agreement with the “whole” to return to physical reality for experience. Even in fourth dimension individual personality and ego are less important than they are where you are. This importance you place on individuality is called life or “forgetting”.
Life, therefore is not physical as you take that with you when you return to spirit. Nor is it a matter of soul, which is the construction of your agreement for each physical experience. So, you see, spirit is the living presence of god within each manifestation no matter what it is.
Soul on the other hand is built by you in collaboration with the Divine Spirit and acts as the container for the physical experience. And so experience radiates out from you attracting to you the people, places and things that vibrate in accordance with your agreement.
Each attraction demonstrates where you are in your place within the agreement. It will show you if you are struggling (resistant) or if you are flowing (non-resistant). You can change your agreement at any time you wish by making another choice. Does that seem too simple? Well of course it is! Each choice you make vibrates across the past and the future and illuminates the present. The cosmology of each of your choices is as vast as all the universe in which you find yourself, plus it affects all those you cannot yet conceive of.
You are the “whole”, not just a part of it. Only you with a physical mind struggle to perfect that which is “already perfect”. You would do much better if you relaxed into your life and laughed more. Celebration is so much more powerful than grief. Grief is not natural to your “whole being”. It forms part of your cleansing system clearing the negative vibrational response to sorrow. Remember we promise you, and therefore all men and women joy in the moments of their greatest sorrow if you and they enjoined the path to their own becoming.
Now you must ask the question, “What am I to become?” Then we ask you, “Can you be other than what you already are?” If you said “yes” then you are wrong. For all the changes that you may make, the underlying personality does not change nor does the fact that you are subject to ego. You can only apply the theory of relativity which is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but merely transformed from one form to another. All energy in the physical realm is also subject to entropy. Entropy is one of those states of mind where one’s vibration is so low that nothing seems to be moving. Everything is always in flux. What appears to be chaos is really just an orderly flux from which all things emerge. The mind of “God” is orderly. What you call chaos is so vast your limited physical mind cannot bring order to it. In other words, it is ineffable, beyond your minds capacity to express in words what it may be experiencing. It is in accepting the ineffable cosmic force that you come face to face with god.
So why do you ask for an explanation of that force within the Universe that is truly ineffable? It would only create more myth and mythology on a subject that is held prisoner by centuries of myth and the mythological creatures of men. Instead embrace the experience that comes to you as you celebrate the existence of Universal Mind, knowing it is the doorway or gateway to the ineffable vibration that you are seeking. So now within all these words we have come full circle right back to where we began with experience. Each moment you exist is an experience. Since you have always existed, you have always experienced yourself, your feelings both positive and negative, as they arose. You must have no yardstick by which you measure those experiences but must “suffer” the coming and going of experience without attachment.
Surely you must see that opinion is merely ego exerting itself over the cosmic connection to the whole, which is your deepest desire to experience. Personality enters and tempers ego by its nature which then turns maybe positive or negative, due to its agreement with the energy it carries in the moment it took a body. Personality is much more malleable than ego. Personality vibrates more closely with Divine vibration but can be overtaken by the negative experiences that populate life and are carefully cultivated by ego. So, in effect the ego is the storage house of negative energy, which is female in nature, and personality is the storage house of positive experience, which is male in nature but do not forget that if there were no female energy there would be no creation.
Positive energy is the nature of the void where all thing exist in entropy or seemingly so. In truth, it all vibrates so fast that it can only be experienced ineffably. Positive and negative are the polarities within you. Each sex contains both and develop them in accordance with their experiences that shape and mold the personality and the ego. Each person may have similar experiences but fear or the lack of fear affects each of these etheric energies within the nature of the individual. One who has not been intimidated by fear at an early age grows to have more confidence and belief in themselves and each one applies it differently. Where children have been raised with fear they see life as a place where they must constantly prove their worth. They enjoy life less than those who do not experience life through fear.
Fear lingers as part of personality and ego once they have been experienced at an early age. Fear usually accompanies physical violence applied as discipline in the early years. There is a great difference between a spanking and a beating. Those who were beaten, beat others but not so with those who may spank as a last resort to get the attention of a child. In the end beatings and spankings prove only that you are larger than the child you are beating.

End of writing.

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