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Welcome! This website is dedicated to the memory of Florence Mary Masotti and to the writings given to her by divine guidance over an almost 30 year span of time. Born in 1946, Florence Mary passed away in October 2015 but left behind binders and volumes of writings. Tens of thousands of hours spent in communication with her guides and the results manifest nearly a year after her passing with the production of this website. So who was Florence Mary? Florence Mary Masotti was a daughter, a mother, grandmother, sister and loyal friend. She was a consummate housekeeper, a cook, a gardener, a seamstress, an artist, a writer, a healer, a player of the Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, a psychic, a dreamer, a mentor, a student and a teacher and most of all an open and pure channel. Florence lived a life filled with good and bad times and practiced a life of compassion and contemplation. While the Story of Florence Mary herself is a fascinating one, it is for other times and pages. This website is dedicated to the writings and the blessed words of spirit handed down through her internal guidance. The writings stand on their own. Sometimes the writings would come at 3 in the morning and sometimes they would come after meditation or after a long woods walk or sitting quietly near a pond or stream. During her darkest hours or her brightest days spirit was a refuge for Florence and she was ever loyal to her guidance and was greatly rewarded for it. Nearly 30 years ago the first writings were automatic. Pen in hand and a blank piece of paper and nothing but trust, faith and a curious determination of spirit. Over the years these writings became normal and easily intelligible and readable. The writings are esoteric in nature but also practical and timely for todays challenging struggle between consciousness and unconsciousness. Along with her writings, Florence Mary was an artist who produced some amazing water colour paintings based on the abstract world of spirit. The ability to comprehend the abstract will lead one far beyond where the logical human mind can take them. This project is an ongoing process and writings will be added as they become available. There are binders and journals and blessed pieces of paper to bring to fruition on this site. It is our hope that this website will expand and become esoterically dynamic enough to help in the shift of human consciousness that is long overdue at this time. There is a mixture of writings on this site. Some are very short and some are rather lengthy and some writings will not only ask you to think outside the box, but to throw the box out altogether. The reader will also note the various forms the messages take depends upon the guidance coming through at the time. Florence Mary took dictation for many different energies and so some of the writings will seem different and will stretch the imagination and yet others will appeal more logically to enquiring minds and hearts. When your heart is open you are free to receive and so we ask that your heart and minds be open and pliable to receive the messages given to Florence Mary from guidance and that the messages edify the spirit of the reader. Florence Mary was a humble scribe of spirit and undertook her task of doing the will of spirit seriously but with the innocence of a child and was given the keys to unlock many doors through these channelings. May the words of spirit quench your parched soul and give you hope and abundant life and harmony.

We have added a small clip of Florence Playing the Crystal Bowls below.

It is a short clip, our gift to you.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest. We wish you love and light.


Below is an excerpt and personal message from Florence Mary in regards to her writings and their message and how she became who she is.

Like most of you out there I was someone’s daughter, I had a job but very little education, although I was very smart and intelligent, I was also very angry. At twenty-one I was so angry that I married the man that I thought would give me freedom from all of the expectations of my parents and we would live happily ever after. What I married was someone who was even angrier than I was, and totally unwilling to lay down that burden. I loved him with the ancestral view of life and love that I had inherited. Today I understand that it was not true love but a whole list of things he had to be, but what I did not know was that his list was even longer than mine and that unlike me, the criteria would change every time I thought I was going to reach the goal of becoming whatever it was that he wanted. Soon, I did not even have the list anymore. Just this nagging feeling that I would never reach any of the goals I had set for myself or for my family. Because the biggest goal that my partner had was to have power over me and our children and he could not even consider the thought of sharing power with anyone, unless he thought they could do something for him. Then, he was just waiting to take advantage. What had happened was that “they”, (whoever they were) in the moment, took advantage of him. Because his anger came from the fact that no matter how he tried he would never measure up either. So, the two of us battled and fought our way through twenty-two years of wedded bliss. We devastated three children but have accomplished being happily divorced.

For a long time I accepted all of the responsibility for this devastation by thinking, “if I had only learned what I needed to be.” If I could have learned to just accept my life then things would have been different. What I have finally learned is that my life was perfect. Each day of my children’s life is perfect too. It gets more perfect as I ask the right questions and demand answers from the only source of all knowing that I know, the First Creative Principle that started this all going by asking its own question : “what if I created something other than myself?” Since all it was, was mind and thought creates, in an instant there was “other” but it still existed as its Original Self.

Somehow laying the blame on my husband seemed just where I had always been until the day I realized that he had not done anything to me that I had not let him do. That made me responsible for everything. At first the burden was so heavy all I wanted to do was die. But slowly the Universe brought me as much knowledge as I could handle. The first was a small book of Runes that contained wisdom I had no knowledge of. This led to other books and other thoughts and then one day the realization that I could ask my own questions and maybe with a lot of patience, get my own answers. The answers were immediate and have always portrayed the place where I had grown to and would allow change as I was willing and able to accept the truth.

I could title my writings “Its been a long time since kindergarten” because kindergarten was so long ago. We have travelled so far from it that we have forgotten how simple it all is and we have created a life that is so complex that we feel insignificant in our own lives.  No longer do we live in the village, but the global village and we feel a responsibility to that village or we live in the denial of the existence of that village altogether. Either way, our pursuit of excellence makes us very small frogs in an ever growing pond that is so deep that even the Lily pads we once knew, no longer exist.

For many of the inhabitants of this global village just being who you are can mean death as your brothers and sisters seek to eliminate you from the competition for land, place and identity in the world we have created. Many can do nothing but watch as two wrongs attempt to make a right, when we know that might does not make it right. And yet our countries, ourselves and our children must endorse our participating in the beliefs of our ancestors that ‘war and might will bring right’ to our world. It never has, so our past will always be our future and it will eventually play out globally if we, as individuals, do not change how we think and express ourselves into the world that we live in. Unless we learn the Laws of the Universe and live by them, nothing will ever change and love will always be something that traps instead of frees. We will continue to seek excellence as we always have, by defeating our brothers and sisters in the game of life and not caring what our victory deprives them of. Yet the victory makes us feel good for the moment  as we feel superior in our victory only to realize that now that we have won, we have to provide for the conquered. Instead of providing for them we demand that they provide more for us even in the midst of their devastation. So, instead of freeing, we create more bondage but what we do not see is that the person most bound is our self, country, city or town.

These victories do not fill the core of our being with what we are truly seeking. Instead they leave us feeling even emptier than we were before with the need to set bigger and bigger goals that make us become more and more ruthless in our pursuit of excellence. Even when we have achieved worldly success often we turn to drug, sex, and alcohol to fill the void for what is truly lacking within our being. This lack can be filled by asking “Who am I and Why am I here?” We may have to ask those questions over and over again, searching high and low for the answers. So, as long as we seek the answers outside of ourselves the answers we get will never satisfy or bring us that measure of peace and contentment that we are all seeking. Nor will we ever be sure that we are excellent in our own life because someone else will always be setting the criteria for what that looks like and how we should be to attain that excellence. It is only by stilling the internal self-talk and learning to ask the right questions in the stillness, that we create the space for true excellence to become manifest in our lives.

It is only by knowing the Universal Laws that govern every life that you will ever begin to glimpse the truth of who you are and why you are here. Then you will begin to see that all the “good books” ever written are more about “God created in Man’s image”, rather than “Man created in God’s image”.



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