Finding your “Within Self”

Written by Florence Mary August 31, 1995.

Each of you may wonder how to find yourselves within. In the physical life, where that life is expressed within by ego and personality, it is not an easy task. So going within and bypassing the ego is not simple. You may begin by living in a more quiet way. Turn off your tv, radio, music, for short periods of time during the day. These things keep the mind and ego occupied and rarely allow you time for communication with things around you or yourself.
Communing with yourself is the first step to learning the inward path. Finding that inner core of quiet on the surface level and not allowing the mind to play its song to you will be a difficult task. In most of you the mind plays a constant refrain of criticism that is undeserved. You are all very aware when you have done something that you need to be sorry for or to make restitution for. Look deeply into your lives and observe yourselves both on the outer and inner levels of your existence. What you observe will tell you what you should be working on to alleviate the discord within your life. What you will also observe is at the deepest level of being you have not accepted your humanity and are still struggling with its nature. Your nature is Divine. As a child of God you are Divine, so in human form you find yourself out of step with this nature. The Divine nature of your being, especially in the world that you live in, is totally out of sync. Daily you struggle with the simplest of things like kindness, understanding, fortitude, knowledge, piety and God himself. All the anointing in the world will not give you these things, but understanding the human nature will help you bring your dual nature into balance.
All things in your life must be in balance, but first you must be able to see where there is balance. If you give constantly then you deny someone else the privilege of giving to you, so their acts of kindness seem to be nullified by you. Sooner or later they will stop trying to give to you and you will seem to be taken advantage of.  So, here balance will help you to see itself being served and moving through your life, not as separation but as wholeness. The human nature has within it duality. This duality comes from the fact that the very state of humanity is foreign to the intelligence that it encloses. The spirit intelligence can fly without wings and move mountains but it is enclosed and encompassed by the physical intelligence, personality and ego. The more unrealized these things within the human nature are, the more tightly enclosed is the spirit intelligence in forgetting. Bless the day you are called to remember who you are. Bless the day you are told to go inside and seek yourself and God. That is the day you begin to set yourself and your spirit free.
The whole world may see the emerging spirit as selfish because it cannot see how imprisoned the spirit is by its earthly concerns, but as you free yourself from earthly concerns and learn to observe life and time, you will truly want less of what the world has to offer and more of what you can create within yourself to express outwardly into the world. Quite naturally life will take on a more simple nature and the daily could, should and would take on a less meaning. In the world of spirit caring for the needs of others and of self is of prime importance. Within the world of spirit you are only concerned with spirit and feel less separation from the spirits around you. Each spirit retains a part of the personality of its last incarnation and some spirits even take a part of the ego personality with them. It is this ego personality that does not allow progression into the higher realms of spirit knowledge. Each soul that returns to your world knows why it is returning and what it has to do to obtain the knowledge it needs to progress back to the world of spirit. The soul is the encasement of the spirit in physical form. The body is the encasement of the soul. The soul operates the physical vehicle and records on the cellular level all experiences of both the soul and spirit within the life of the entity. If all you are recording is the conflict between the soul and the spirit (physical/non physical experience) then your life is truly stressful. You then express this conflict into your world as your experience of the world. It is upon the inward path of knowing and remembering that you truly eliminate the conflict in your life. The lack of conflict is reflected in the changes you make in your life. They are not grand or overblown but rather quiet and personal. They happen within before they happen without, even with yourself.
The battle for the spiritual warrior is always with the self. What is he trying to gain? Union with the Self or Higher Self. It is self that contains ego and personality. It is Self that allows you to overcome the duality of ego and personality. The worst characteristics of ego and personality are balanced with the best of those qualities. It is the non judgemental observation of the operation of those qualities, good and bad, that allow you to choose your way within the world and thereby ridding yourselves of the stress and the self judgement that plagues physical life. It then makes the statement true that you cannot give to another what you cannot give to yourself. If you judge others even on the shallowest of levels, then you will judge yourself. Even saying someone is a good person is a judgement. Learning to observe without attachment the qualities of others allows us to observe ourselves with the same non judgemental nature that is wholly Divine and our truest nature. It is only when you become the observer that you allow yourself to observe God within all things, including yourself. It is the recognition that God lives within you as yourself that allows the acceptance of your own Divine nature and that is what you begin to express into the world. Life in the physical becomes a delight. Hard times come and go and you do not cling to them or feel trodden down by them but instead see them as natural cycles of the wheel, or circle of life. You then begin to understand that the circle of life is rather the upward spiral of awareness and you travel it gladly welcoming its upward struggles and downward slides with all the grace and fortitude of a truly saintly nature.
Do not run out and get fitted for a halo yet, for the saintly nature of man must be balanced with the earthly concerns of the physical life and lived out among the rocks and hard places of that life. All that any of you are to achieve within the physical life is understanding and kindness for yourself and for your fellow beings. Then you begin to see the possible within in even the most unrealized of beings and allow and permit their progression within. You begin to realize that judgemental thought restricts and you do not engage in it but instead begin to see that your purpose for life may not contain associations with one who has not realized who and what they are but you can allow for all possibility of association at a later time. You must realize that if you meet someone with a good heart but who is over concerned with physical life, it may be your good wishes for their progression that brings it about. Remember, thought creates. Judgement is thought. So in your judgements of others and life you hold in place the very things you wish to eliminate from your life and not only retard your own progress but the progress of others. It is in this realization that you begin to see the Divine gift of creation that you have been given. On the simplest of levels you then begin to accept the role of creator and create for others harmony and oneness. By doing this for others you are also doing this for yourself. This then becomes the realization of your true nature which is Divine and comes from the Heart of Love and the Mind of God which has created you and all things.
Remember, it does not matter how or who created you, only that you know all things and systems for creation existed first in the Mind and Heart of the One true God and have been allowed and permitted by God for the greatest and complete fulfillment of Divine Order and Oneness. Even the working of the forces of darkness are but the whole plan for progression into the One. None of the children are alone within the world of man but instead have a constant stream of Divine help within them. Observing it within your life will allow you to tap fully into the world of One and ultimately into the mind and heart of God.  Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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