Fleur de Lis Speak on Relationship by Florence Mary March 11, 1993.

True love is separate from all else that exists. True love just is. It may be that indefinable ingredient within relationships that make them work, where others do not.

When we define relationship that really works, we are not speaking about relationships that work because one party has decided that who and what they are must be sacrificed so that the relationship can be preserved because some “ism” has said that once a contract, such as marriage exists, that there is no going back or getting out of it. Indeed in many cases one of the other parties or both, must compromise who and what they are for a relationship to exist. This is not love. This is also not a true relationship as it should be. We do not presume to say that a relationship should be this or that, for only the two people within that relationship can define what works. It may appear to everyone outside of that relationship that it has no future and no hope for success. It may also appear that the people involved in the relationship are wrong for each other, but that is not up to you to judge. In each relationship or bond that one forms in their life, there is a higher purpose, something that must be served beyond that of the two people involved. That purpose is love. The kind of love that we speak of here is God’s love. The love that god feels for all of us who are God’s children. We tell you that the only way every one of you can feel love is to come to know God. 

You may sit every day in the church of your choice and mouth over and over meaningless prayers that fill your time but not your heart and the result of all of this effort will still be just that, effort. Yet to pray to God with conviction and with the knowledge that God hears every prayer that comes from within us, that is authored from our love for ourselves and God and from the true and abiding knowledge that God truly loves us and will provide an answer if we are but willing to be still within ourselves and listen for the wisdom that God will provide through our witness-self.

Everything you need to know, all righteous action and purpose is already within you. But you cannot hear the rightness if you do not take the time to understand  that doubt comes from fear. Fear is the human condition, a condition that can only be cured by love. So when you are very busy treating everyone else without condition or expectation, make sure that you are treating yourself without those things also. To treat yourself otherwise is to invite failure after failure into your life. When you get up in the morning and say “I must accomplish this today”, and yet you do not get it done, so the day is classified as a failure. But we tell you that if you accomplish nothing in a prescribed plan but have comforted a friend or ministered to the downtrodden or sickly, then it has been a very productive loving day for you.

We are not telling you not to plan or have goals but we point out to you that the way to temper goals with plans is to leave room for God’s plan. Many of you make plans that fit God’s plan for you and things go along very well for a very long time and then one day nothing may seem to fit and you may find yourself asking if what you are living is all that there is. If you do, know that what you have lost is yourself and the next part of your journey may need to be to find your truest self that exists in God.

Remember here that no one, and we mean no one, can give you the exact blueprint to finding this part of yourself. Indeed one to whom you can give your complete trust may be able to point out a path, a book or even take you on day to day journey within, but to truly find yourself is a solitary journey that you must take by yourself. On that journey you not only find yourself but you will find God.

The next question most of you ask is how do you know when you have found the God within? There will be many times that you have and you may have, but living the physical life prevents you from being joined with God for longer than you can maintain the stillness required to get closer to God. For some the quest is life long and not reached, but that does not mean that you have not gained knowledge that will be used in succeeding incarnations that will one day bring you into the union with the God-Creator that you seek. Being in the physical incarnation requires that you honour your physical side as you do your spiritual side. If you do not know or acknowledge your spiritual side, then you must learn this side too, for to leave either side of your nature languishing leaves you out of balance. The imbalance may not be that apparent to even yourself, but at times leaves you feeling that there is something you are missing or that anxiety seems to plague you every day with no apparent reason for the feeling. These are the tell tale signs that you have forgotten who you are. You must remind yourself daily who you are and what that means to you.

Who am I? You may well ask. The answer to that, the only answer that is important is this : I AM A CHILD OF GOD. Everything else that comes after that is an illusion. So, to be wife, mother, lover, etc, etc, contributes nothing to who you are except when they help you to understand and learn the truth of who and what you are. Each state of being contributes to the learning of what you have forgotten at some point in your existence. Even when you logically know that you are something more than your physical self, there needs to be something more than just the knowledge and that is to experience what you are, through the physical life that you live. Each time you comfort your children, wife, husband, lover, friend or anyone else that populates your life you are contributing to your own knowledge of who you are. Realize that what you do does not make you a child of God, for you are that without doing anything, but when you do things because you are a child of God and you need to experience the truth of that state, a great joy enters your life. It begins in prayer and continues in meditation and then one day it spills over into your life. Colours become brighter and music accelerates your vibration with the Universe and you begin to fall in love with being alive in both realms of your life. Each day becomes an adventure that you would not miss for anything.

Even when life is less than perfect there is a part of you that knows the great truth of who you are and allows you to contribute to the group consciousness in a positive way. Know that when you have reached that state you are just moments away from knowing God in a personal way. For when you reach the point that tears may fall from your eyes but that your heart sings with the joy of who you are, you have almost reached the place where spiritual union with God is at hand. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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