For the Master in Training

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 15, 2011

The quantum level of physics crosses the boundaries of spirit and brings them together as metaphysics. The very theories put forth by science are becoming visible to human beings, either as a learned facility or as a natural state of their being. When this facility is learned, even on the rudimentary levels by millions of people critical mass will be achieved. Only one tenth of Earths population needs to understand and accept “String Theories” for the quantum shift to take place. In your science you have the “Hundred Monkey Theory” which states, when one monkey learns a skill and then 99 more, monkeys everywhere now have that skill. This is the “String Theory” at its best.

Human beings, because of ego have shut down their inter-connectedness as a feeling. At one time it was the basis of emotion. When there was a disturbance in the vibration everyone worked to set the vibration value back in place. Since you created the hologram or template, you worked together to keep the vibrational balance within the universal structure. The “Fall”, was merely your choice to de-evolve and then to re-evolve for soul growth. You did this to right creation that took place outside of Divine Order.

When every molecule of Divine substance vibrates in unison there is only one consciousness. Ego is the veiling of Oneness so that “free will” could be learned. Free will became the vehicle of duality or choice. With one there also had to be the other. Slowly over time choice left you more and more disconnected from the vibrational field as ego and self became a reality. Human kind is re-evolving with the ability to make choice and be totally aware of their interconnectedness of all matter. Each molecule of matter vibrates at the same as the First Principle. Yet each molecule also vibrates to a set rate different from another to accommodate the choices we make to create. Not accepting the ability only limits what you create. A human caught in the groove of his belief, is limitation personified. The Master Path is then the freeing of one’s self from the groove of human limitation.

Human limitation takes many forms but the most compelling of these is the appetites of the body, as they require almost constant attention. Here we would like to speak of balance, something difficult for humans. Balance is the state where one moves from one requirement of life to another but allowing one’s focus to be on what is important. When learned, or when one re- evolves, priorities change. For the Master in training, holding his focus on, “The Father/Mother and I are One”, is difficult, if not impossible each day the needs of the body require more and more focus as you become more self aware and less connected to God. Your connection then is limited. The idea is to do nothing except in the highest vibration. In the beginning, intention is the vehicle, at the end this focus re-evolves into the unfolding of your Divine Nature. The most difficult of your tasks is to demand with authority the unfolding of this nature, for it is not the military command but the command of love, soft and gentle as a breeze on a hot summer day.

Each moment that you hold another responsible for the condition of your life is the moment you condemn both of you to the wheel of being stuck in karmatic non-evolution. Your karmatic agreements evolve when you accept 100% of the responsibility 100% of the time. Refusing to accept what is clearly before you is denial. In acceptance lies the moment where change can and most often does take place.  Since all human conditions are energy and since energy cannot be created or destroyed the only other choice you have is to manipulate it or convert it from one form to another. That is the true power of the mind.

The mind concentrated on a single form allows the emergence of change or intention followed by focus equals results. (I +F=R) When one value is not present then there is no result. To follow up with change in the physical realm only makes sense. Change must have intention and focus but also seen as forgiveness. If you ask for change but are unwilling to change your habits, then you have the same static condition. When there is a constant static condition in your life there can be no growth. Only changing your choices will keep you moving forward. Remember, when movement forward begins one must acknowledge the source.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.



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