Getting in touch with your body – A Visualization Excercise – by Florence Mary , Jan 15, 1999.

Webmasters Note : This is a visualization exercise for a workshop / session with Florence from 1999. This was a basic fundamental principle of Florence Mary, to help others to help themselves and in doing so there is a space for many more to receive that same knowledge and experience. And the breath goes on………..

This visualization is geared to helping each of you get in touch with your body in a deeper way, to learn to read it so that you are very aware of any changes in it by learning to sweep energy through it in new ways with observation and concentration.

The posture is – Spine erect – feet flat on the floor so that you are aware of the feel of your feet on the floor. If you are sitting in a chair you are aware of your body as it sits in the chair, in a traditional sitting position or in a comfortable chair with your back supported erect by a pillow or other device.

Learning to read your own body will help you to read the body of others as you practice your healing art. Being observant takes more concentration than you may have been willing to give to your meditation in the past. Some of us zone out during meditation and therefor we do not experience ourselves as fully as we might during meditation. When you are fully observing self and all that is going on in your body, then you may choose to be in a different realm of consciousness through a conscious choice to experience those different realms using your body as the platform or beginning place for your experience.

This occurs when you know everything that is going on in your body but may be seeing, feeling or be within your consciousness in a totally different place. This itself is a form of astral travel but very different from the sleeping body and dream like states of some forms of this travel or even Merkabah travel.

We will begin by focusing only on the breath. Each breath must be followed and observed as it enters the nose. The breath must be natural, in through the nose and out through the nose. Observe what each breath feels like as it comes in. (Pause) Observe what each breath feels like as you release it out. (Pause 2 minutes)

Now observe the breath in a deeper fashion. What does it feel like as it enters your lungs? Keep your mind focused totally on breathing. (Pause 2 minutes)

Again, observe your breath in an even deeper fashion. Again, what does it feel like as it enters the lungs? (Pause 2 minutes)

Observe how you breathe. Do you breathe in deeply or do you breathe in only to the top of your lungs? (Pause 2 minutes)

If you are breathing in only to the top of your lungs, deepen the breath and keep breathing in this manner until the breath feels normal and natural. (Pause 2 minutes)

Notice how your chest rises and falls with each breath and how easy it is, how full it is. (Pause) If the breath is not full, focus on making each breath being full and natural. Breathe in and fill the lungs fully so that the chest fill to the diaphragm and the belly rises. Keep breathing and observing until it feels normal and natural. At the end of each breath, consciously contract your diaphragm by pulling in your stomach muscles. (Pause 2 minutes)

As you breathe, expand your observation from the nose to lungs and to different parts of your body. What does your head feel like as you observe the breath? (Pause) What changes happen with each breath? (Pause) How does observing each breath change the experience within your body? (Pause 2 minutes)

Whatever you experience in and with your body, be with that experience. (Pause) Allow yourself to be fully within any physical response your body is having in the moment. (Pause) Allow yourself to fully accept whatever you are feeling in the moment. (Pause) As you breathe, take the breath in through the area of the body that has your attention. (Pause) Breathe as slowly and as naturally as you can. Allow yourself to be fully inside the experience without judging it. (Pause 2 minutes)

Bring your concentration back to the nose. (Pause) As you breathe in fill the head with Golden Liquid Light. (Pause) As you breathe, allow the Golden Liquid Light to flow through your body on the tide of your breath. (Pause) Allow the energy of the light to move through your body as if the molecules have visible spaces between them. (Pause) Observe that your breath moves energy both around your body through normal pathways that move top to bottom but now it moves through the body back and forth. (Pause) As you breathe feel the action of the breath as it massages away pain from past, present and parents. (Pause 2 minutes)


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