Goals and Success by Florence Mary – July 22, 1993.

Love, belief and focus of one’s concentration upon one thing is the key to success. In the physical life one who is scattered in their focus and cannot concentrate upon their vision within is doomed to having their dreams remain so. But one who sees with determination and clarity and works diligently ever toward the vision within them is assured of success, for that person will not be swayed from their path no matter what the hardships or obstacles are in their way. All that one must remember about such deterrents is that they are not real, for all of the physical life is but illusion so that usually what these deterrents are, exists only in the mind as our fears and must be conquered within us and then all we have to do is watch them disappear outside of us.

It must be remembered that no other sentient being can be controlled even if they appear to be an obstacle to our success. It is not to say that one of superior consciousness could not control others but that it is not correct for one to do such a thing. Remember that no matter what it is that appears within your path to keep you from the realization of goals, that they are there to help you increase your knowledge in some way or to overcome something within themselves that must be dealt with before true success can be manifested.

So too, is this principle to be applied in one’s own life to overcome one’s self and to know God. That was the message of Jesus and many other beings of great and loving development who came to Earth as teachers of the way within. Church, to him, meant groups of like-minded individuals that knew no expectation or condition for each other, who would help and foster the growth of love and caring that is needed to help the world and her peoples survive and allow growth of all consciousness to enlightenment. Look, the Earth is going to evolve and the human species is not ready to evolve with her.

The success on the path to enlightenment is that man is capable of joining many paths into one. He can be successful in earning his living and still help those around him to earn theirs. This man knows that the Earth is a bountiful place with enough for all of her beings to live and survive without want and care. He does not worry about competition for he knows that if he keeps his eye upon God and has trust and faith that he can provide from within the guidance to success, then, all will be well and there will be more than enough for all to survive with. He is not afraid to take a risk that is presented to him as an opportunity because he knows that concentration upon his goal sooner or later will bring him the success he desires and wants within his life.

So too, must one do this with all things that are important within your life. Whatever you are doing or have to do, treat that time of being as if it is the most important thing that you must do in your life time. Then, if you have very limited time to spend with your family and friends they will feel that they are the most important thing in your life and it will be true, for you are giving them the attention and time that they need without your thoughts being scattered and resentment entering either you or those that you love. We see the bane of existence today as the cellular phone that some of you cannot be without for even the briefest periods of time. Those of you who cannot find time for friends and loved one’s without your phones and your mental ties to goals, are doomed to fail in one or both areas within life.

What we are speaking of here is balance. In every aspect of your life you must set priorities and know without doubt that people are the most important thing. If for the sake of a person, you miss anything in life, the opportunity will only be gone if you allow the belief that it is gone. So you must be stronger in your belief that you are able to manifest your dreams within your life, than your ability not to. The saying that “time and tide waits for no man”, is not true and becomes untrue when a person realizes that they are master of their life and that time and tide are his creations of reality and that as such, he is master over those things. Each day has the same hours within them and each tide comes and goes in beauty and a clear demonstration of the synchronicity of life and being for all of mankind, as an example to guide and encourage mankind in all that they wish to do and be.

Never be afraid to choose a person over an opportunity for advancement on the physical plane. If this is a choice, realize that life is telling you  something about what you wish to do. It is going to cause hard times ahead if the choice is between the needs and wants of another and something that could and should wait until tomorrow. If the opportunity is right and you have been living your life, giving to each person within it the time and attention free from the wants and the cares of the physical world, then, they will be encouraging you not to miss the opportunity and you will know that it is right and correct. If on the other hand, this person is unreasonable about things, then you know that you have either neglected to give them the time and attention that they require from you to maintain and establish a relationship built on faith and trust or that the opportunity is not for you  and that maybe you should allow it to go to someone else who may be better able to deal with it and its consequences in their lives.

Love, true love, is the key to balance within one’s life and times. Love always sees that there is enough time for everything that must be done. Only fear tells you that there is never enough time and that tomorrow will never come. For the person of love is always at the beginning of everything and all of time and purpose and therefor, everything within this life will be new and fresh. Each day becomes one where one can build whatever they need to be successful for that day, that month, that year. This person never sees anything that they do within their life as a waste, for waste is not something that they can contribute to what they believe in. They believe that their life is always unfolding as part of the Divine Plan of life authored by themselves and the God of love that exists within them. Everything that they do is embedded within that love between them and God. When they deal with others they realize that the same God exists within them as exists in them. Even in their journey upon the Earth, they leave not footprint nor path and they give thanks to the Earth for their living and for their being.

Know that these pathways to love do not exist within the world at large but instead exist within each of us who takes the time to know and to love God. God is our constant companion of love when we see God clearly within our world. The Christ returning is the consciousness of love that each man and woman allows to grow from within and sees within the light that is within each being.

It is time for all of you to come together in love, light, peace and joy and to hold that as your reality in a world of hate, darkness, war and sadness.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should. 

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