Gratitude and Abundance – by Florence Mary November 18, 1997. (5:14 am)

Thank you for your presence in my life and the gifts that you bring to it. I love you and wish only to serve God’s plan for my life.

The moment one gets in touch with what they have to be grateful for, is the moment when life begins to give to them in abundance. But gratitude must be real and it must be heart felt. Gratitude is the art of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved, not only by your own life, but also by God. The things that one may be grateful for are varied and many. Being grateful for one’s health, for family, for warmth, for food, for clean drinking water, for opportunities, even for one’s own possessions. As one is grateful one can allow that all of humanity must share their abundance.

One shows their gratitude for abundance by lighting with protection all that they own and each person they hold dear to them, each day. If one visualizes that gratitude and placing of protection like the falling of dominos, so that, that gratitude and protection reaches far beyond their personal knowledge to all corners of the world. As you light your own belongings and give thank for the abundance of the moment, take it one step further and include every person who has ever crossed your path and also ask for forgiveness that you know you will receive from that abundance. In that moment, with deep understanding and love, forgive and let go of all of the transgressions that have been committed against you. By doing this, you open your life to receiving more in the places of emptiness that forgiveness creates.

Think of forgiveness like the smoke from burning incense, permeating every corner of your world with its fragrance, unseen and unfelt, except for those who are aware of the presence of love that forgiveness brings with it.

Each of you has the power of good and evil within you. Being awake and aware requires you to go beyond your personal concerns, to reach into the very life of each living thing, blessing even the unforgivable and knowing that your power to forgive is blessed by God itself. You do this with your non-judgement. So when terrible things befall the world you are neutral in the struggles between your brothers and sisters and you do not ask for people in your life to take sides in your difficulties with others. Instead you allow each person the power of their own conscience to know the truth and therefor, you remain harmless in all of your thoughts, words and deeds each day, each moment that you are alive. How deep then are the errors of political powers, that do not allow each citizen the power of their personal beliefs in the current moment that their country attends in the difficulties of the world?

Politics requires alliances that leave no room for choice but only compliance to treaties that do not serve the moment of the conscience of individuals within the political structures of their countries. If your father joined the fighting of world wars, you cannot count yourself a pacifist, nor can your children claim to be so. Their very lives may be sacrificed on the alter of political greed because by tradition you have not expressed your desire to remain peaceful in all of your dealing with your fellow human beings. Indeed, if war broke out, your pacifist leanings would be places for ridicule and abuse requiring you to either defend yourself by violence, and therefor, breaking your pacifist beliefs, or receiving  from others actual physical beatings or verbal and physical abuse in the form of rotting fruit and eggs, etc. When you look deeply into this kind of behaviour, one begins to see that their personal freedom for belief and mastery over their lives, rally depends not upon their individual right to choose but the mob mentality that is so prevalent in todays present society. These kinds of beliefs then restrict the flow of abundance and gratitude within the world that you live in. Is it then so surprising that so man of you see the world as needing drastic change? Where is that change going to begin? Who then is responsible for it? If you did not think, “me”, then you are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

The world sits once again on the brink of disaster. Each of you go about your daily lives ignoring the disaster, thinking that it will not touch you. Until you can send each day protection and love to all living things, until you can look into the world and see the fear and suffering that causes the world to bring itself time and time again to the brink of self-destruction because of the ego-based need of political thought to defend itself and where you do so yourself in your own life, your world will be destined to live out the dramas that each of you create within your own lives. Each time you manipulate and try to control the freedom of others, you create more ago based dramas that limits the freedoms of individuals.

God blesses every thought, word and deed sent into the ether and multiplies it. Either we learn to send something different into the ether or we continue to live our past as our only possible futures. When the wise say that history repeats itself, do you not think that each of you should be doing something to change that? Each of you who works at, or even struggles to change your inner life to one that is peaceful and harmonious, who refuses to sacrifice themselves upon the alter of ego and need, brings to the world a place of true freedom, not only for yourself but also for others. If you do that with intent that all you struggles in that direction, earn for each person the right to the same harmony and peace, and you are grateful that they will be so, gives to the world the most precious gift of service that one can give the planet that you live on. When, in the small corner of the world, you see the violence of the world in total, reflected not only in the behaviour of others but also within the moments of your own anger and distrust in your own lives, and with intention, you ask those of us around you, to give you the strength and the wisdom to change that condition, you come to understand the admonishment we have been given, “Change yourself and you change your world”. Until each member of society can see the need for them to change from a fearful person into a loving, caring individual, who does not harm themselves or others, your world will live constantly repeating its past as its future. You should all tremble at that thought.

So we tell you that the individual moments of gratitude, expressed by individuals then bombards heaven with the feelings of abundance and love and that is what God will multiply for your world. Take the time to express the gratitude for what you have and to learn the lessons contained within your lacks, you will indeed change not only your immediate world but the world as a whole.

If you cannot see your power in this, then you are blind. If you cannot see how necessary you are and how important becoming empty within the mind is, you are doomed to suffer unlovingness for all of your life. But when you come to know what a powerful being of light you are and when you begin to use that power, not only to change your own life but the lives of others, you become more powerful than any politician can ever hope to be, for you have changed not only the visible world of man, but have brought to bear the invisible world of God into your endeavours.

So again we tell you, each of you is a beloved child of God. Each of you has the power, not only for self-change, but to change the world that you live in. Each of you who understands the worthiness of your state as a child of God, without doubts and fears, bring to the world a place of power and strength to begin change. Each of you is a place of bright light, love, peace and joy. That is what you truly are. Each of you is worthy of the abundance of God’s love. Believe it, have faith in it and it shall be so. Put aside your self- judgement, shame and criticism and watch the world as you know it, begin to change. Fall fully into the habit of gratitude and the speaking of it into the ether and you shall find within yourselves the power to change your world.

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