Growing up and Forgetting by Florence Mary – May 10, 1994.

It is only in the deepest recesses of our imaginations, in childhood, that we ever really remember who we are and why we have come to the Earth, in this or any other lifetime. When we look at our children, we must also remember the joy of love, once again, without expectation and condition. Yet as parents we cannot allow ourselves to stay in this state for long and to be busy ourselves with the seeming concerns for our child and with each succeeding child, allow ourselves to be drawn ever deeper into the separation from all that is.  We allow our society to support our actions and in the harshest of cases, use subtle forms of child abuse, for the child’s own  good of course, to hasten even faster the separation of that child also from all that is.

It is when we finally awaken to the fact that we are doing this and we begin to raise our children without fear and all of its manifestations, that this Earth, and our existence here, will begin to make sense for us. 

We are here to learn love, to be love and to allow all that has evolved from the supreme act of love committed by God, to exist within us and flow through us, from all around us and to others. There is not another reason for being here. There never has been and there never will be. Each thing that you cling to in your forgetting is not a reason to be alive, nor is it an excuse to abuse yourself and those around you with your expectations, conditions and fears. 

All of the roles that you have assumed, are lies. All of the things you do from ego and ego-centered forgetting are abuse and all that you continue to do in the name of love that causes pain and frustration to those around you are not you, but neither are they sin, but rather a call from your deepest despair to remember love and why you have once again come here to this Earth.

You are also not your fears and any of its manifestations, nor are you here to serve another in their own pains of forgetting. You are here to serve yourself by remembering who you are and in that way you are serving God and all of those around you. This is the only way that you will ever be able to contribute truth to the Group Consciousness of the Earth. There is not another way to do this. How you express that love then becomes the free will choice that each of us has to make. When whatever you do is from love and not from fear, all that you do will fulfill you as it was meant to do.

All will finally make sense in ways that it never has before and all will show you the way to your purpose and its accomplishment within the constraints of the conditions and expectations of others. If you think now that this is only a dream, think again and allow yourself to know yourself through love rather than through the view that you have been taught by other unself-realized persons.  There can be no other way for you to change yourself and your world. Only through the teachings of the great masters, mystics and philosophers will we find the road to truth and an existence that is free. As long as you are not free to be truly who you are, you will be living only half a life, and half a life is better than no life at all, see? As Emmanuel put it so perfectly : Freedom is not an illusion. Freedom is the natural way of being. It is your birthright, it is your home. We would all do well to remember this truth and to allow this gift given to us at creation, for ourselves and all of the children who dwell upon the Earth.

If you would look into your world, you would see on a very grand scale all of the atrocities that each of you commit against each other on a small scale within each others lives. You would see imprisonment of the spirit and all of the deaths caused by this imprisonment, for each soul that forgets, each spirit that never learns the cosmic secrets to love, is dead and put to death as surely as they were gassed at a Nazi Concentration Camp. Each soul that does not learn to fly with the eagle and swim with the dolphin, is imprisoned. Each child that does not remember all of its lifetimes because we cause them to forget and encourage that forgetting, has become imprisoned by their fear and is dead to the truth of why all the prophets and teachers came to earth. To give her new birth and allow her to become an example for all other worlds to emulate.

Each of you can only find your way back to God through your own path of remembering. Each of you will only access this path through the light that you possess and allow to grow within you. If you allow any one, any group, any thinking or ism, to tell you what you must know, do or feel, you will always be lost from the truth that God wants you to know. Your prayers fall on deaf ears when they come from fear and ego thinking, for then you are only praying to yourself. But we tell you that when you learn to pray from your joy at being alive and for the advancement of yourself along with others through all levels of awareness and light that there are, then and only then will you begin to see the truths that Jesus and others like him revealed, become manifest within your consciousness and the consciousness of others, then you will find love as it should be and be able to give it without expectations and conditions.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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