Guides Comment on Televangelism by Florence Mary – January 28, 1992.

Could you clarify a statement made on August 14, 1991? “The man with God internal commits the same sin in public as in private and grieves both with equal intensity”. Are you saying that some of our TV evangelists are less sinners than I because I hide my failings?

You must understand that a man who has his God internal is not perfect. To be perfect here is contrary to the nature of incarnation. Incarnation in this present state or in the next, is always an opportunity to learn the best part of your truest self that you always are from lifetime to lifetime.

The statement that follows is about a person that committed suicide. Take the entity “K”, so recently a victim of his own hand. He had to learn to conquer his deepest fear. He had to find a way to his own light within. It is very sad when a soul fails to find his God within because, as you know, the self-discipline of true love is not present in that soul.

So it is with all other “sins”, as they have been defined whether it be smoking or eating too much or even working too much or not enough. Each of you at times of recognition of wrong choice, wishes for a stronger will to conquer that about yourself that you recognize as errors in judgement.

The evangelists you mentioned, and many others like them are the embodiment of all we do not wish the world to worship. They use Jesus as a tool for their own worship and to gather power. The lure of that power, demonstrates perfectly, the “eye of the needle” theory of the Bible. Always remember that money and power have a way of eating away at self-discipline that lies at the very core of true love. Self-Discipline embodies the relationship between you and the God internal. When you allow power to be your reason for worship and praise then you cast God out to be worshipped as a graven image. Images of God are just that because they externalize God and make it literally impossible for a man to have faith that he may ask, whether at work or play or wherever he needs the help, for the protection and blessings of God, through his assigned caretakers, his guides.

Even at your most needy, you fail to stop and ask for the blessings and grace you need. You are spiritually aware but do not see yourself as worthy of the blessings and endowment of God. Love, as always, is the key. Love will always be the answer. Do not ever loose sight of its power. Offer the suffering you cause yourself up for the advancement of not only yourself but also those of your world. Look around you and see where you cause your own suffering. Learn and grow. Become everything you are and can be. It is time to let your music out.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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