Healing Through The Energy Field – The Subtle Differences – Florence Mary 2005

For most practitioners of Energy work, reading the subtle changes, from one area of the body to another is their stock and trade. Each area of the body gives off a quality of energy that is slightly different from the next. These subtle differences in energy, do not necessarily mean that the clients energy is not balanced, nor that the energy from person to person is the same.

People who live in their heads, will have a measurable amount of energy around that part of the body, as will people who lead with their hearts, sexual magnetism or neediness. In each of these cases, a measurable or discernable amount of energy coming from that area does not mean that the client is out of balance. To say so would be a judgement and that is not what healing is about.

If a client has come to you because life may not be as they wish it to be, then mentioning that they lead from chakra 1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7, and then stating what you perceive about a lack of balance in their life is correct. How you state what you “see, feel or know”, through reading the energy field of the client must be stated, with kindness and consideration.

During the get to know you phase of your session, a healer may ask for guidance in how to state perceived information and then have trust and faith that whatever they say will be for the highest good of the client. It is not the purpose of the healing session to read the person so well that you knock them out of their comfort zone. This type of behaviour may be more about the healers need to razzle dazzle the client and put them at a disadvantage or create a need in the client to believe that self-healing is not possible or that a healer does anything other than assist the methods of healing chosen by the client. In any case, your personal views are not required, but your clear intention to assist the client or find whatever it is they need, is your role as a healer. The methods may vary (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Energy Balancing) and so on, but intention is what makes it work. Unfortunately, in some cases, dependence, not healing is the goal.

If clear intention is used with honour and integrity as a driving force, the healer may find that keeping a journal while formulating personal cues for assessing a client is most helpful. Some healers move from person to person and adjust intuitively to the clients energy and body signals. They interpret body energy, verbal cues, intuition and other cues so rapidly that they do not think, act, or react but become for the moment of assessment, the client. Once the read on your assessment is done they step back from the client once more and use the information to clear energy or blocks in the client either by laying on of hands directly or above the spot they “see” as blocked.

Others follow a form as taught in different energy healing disciplines with equal or varying results, depending on the willingness of the client to let go of their problem. Clients often have a conscious need to be healed but a subconscious need  or unwillingness to change behaviours and ways of thinking and interacting with life, that they, in the long run, hinder healing of any type. The healer may learn to see, feel or know this from reading the energy of the person. What they do about this should be done with kindness. Often the client only requires your attention and time. In these cases you should treat them with the same love and kindness as you would treat your cures, miracles and clearings. Those successes are not yours anyway but a collaboration between you, the client, and the Universal Energy that is found collectively in all things. Some of you will call that God, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus or whatever you wish to but the collaboration is always between you, the client and love.

Each persons energy is so distinctive that often a blind folded healer can tell the different energies of people as they approach them, or identify something that belongs to them when they hold it. This may be a neat parlour trick but used properly becomes a strong bond with love to heal beyond the resistance of the client. Often, when the healer gets beyond the human ego and intuition and just loves life no matter how they find it in the people around them, that love moves healing spontaneously.

Each healing session is a contract between two willing souls to move the energy of love, as one person gives and the other takes initially, healing happens when loving energy flows between healer and client. This is so especially true with the dying.

Each person at this time realizes that physical healing may not take place, but an exchange of loving energy may heal on levels not consciously accessed by either person. Some might think that this level of healing is not valid but they would be mistaken. 

As you work with energy, you come to realize that there is a level of lovingness that you access that cannot be put into words or explained. It can only be passed one to the other by experiencing each other in total faith and trust in a healing moment. That moment is beyond all forms, rituals, symbols, signs and ego agendas and exists in the core of love so pure that it Just Is. It does not fade, but once experienced becomes a wellspring of energy that drives choice in ones life forward, regardless of the strictures, rules and regulations of man. It is pure and innocent and exists beyond the agendas of humanness and lies at the core of our spiritual natures. It is hard work getting there but well worth the journey.

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