How to Access Self-Knowledge – By Florence Mary – May 22, 2001.

In order to begin accessing self-knowledge one must find a way to quiet the day to day mind and access the “Spiritual Self”. This Spiritual Self inherits from moment to moment, abilities that seem miraculous to those who have no self-knowledge or do not wish to take the responsibility for any part of self-knowledge. 

Self-knowledge is consciousness. Consciousness on this level is Collective, Creative and Active. Self-knowledge then is the understanding that all thoughts, words and deeds penetrate every living organism, every bit of creation, Universally. How then can anyone deny the ability to heal or the responsibility to do so? 

Each person must then develop a method for attaining a deep inner quiet and sense of peaceful harmony. In doing so, one has developed a place where unanswerable questions become answers. Since Source Consciousness permeates all things, including yourself, then Self-Knowledge contains within it the answers to your questions. 

It may take time to develop the question and answer relationship but it will come. In time you will be able to ask the proper question in response to energy field cues and just as easily get answers. These answers will depend upon your ability to accept the answers given and to rephrase questions put to clients until they can answer the questions you ask through their ability to admit and permit comfort with your questions.

If you are coming at questions and answers only to validate your assessments of clients, then you will only reach 65-75% accuracy, but when you move from ego validation to the intent to serve with love, you will begin to attain the range of 85-98% accuracy. Some who truly can put self aside and allow self-knowledge to lead may even be able to do 100% accuracy. In any case, each person is different and you should not measure your progress by anyone else’s, nor should you expect your abilities to mirror someone else’s. While there may be a commonality, there is also absolute uniqueness to each persons urge to heal.

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