January 04, 2022 – New Years Message

Happy New Year of 2022 to everyone! 

For 2 nights i slept but did not sleep. For two nights i received more information as i slept than i have in what feels like this whole life time. I am waiting for the dam to break and for a writing to come into my consciousness so that i can share what i have received with you all. This is a crazy time on this planet and while i would love to tell you things are looking better as time moves forward, i am convinced that this year of 2022 will try all human spirits and the other side of this year will not look anything like it does at this moment. For about a month now i have felt something on the other side saying “for God sakes, warn the people”. And so how do i warn anyone about that which is not completely manifested? Or how do i warn when the octopus grows more tentacles everyday? I have asked the guides about the covid vaccines and the dna re-arranging and if it locks one into a certain paradigm or biblical mark of the beast outcome timeline scenario and i understand the idea of transhumanism or non human entity in combination with artificial intelligence and they remind me that with each mrna shot that you get, the further and further the chances of original source being erased as the person that you were. The re-write is a process. So i would not give up hope. We are still in command of our own ships? These are the things i ponder. I can feel the satanic forces in control of this planet getting ready to move their plan into high gear. Kind of like riding a mechanical bull, rather than the slow decent we have been going down since this plan was enacted. I decided to post the closest video to where we are at now and i wanted to share it with the starseeds and other beings who need to hear it. My personal message to you all is to remember that Love overcomes Fear the same way joy overcomes sorrow. Remember, what you are looking for is looking for you also. 2021 was the year more brains were washed than hands. May 2022 be the year we turn this around and expose the truth in all its forms and set ourselves free……



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