Life, Death and the Inbetweens – written by Florence Mary – May 16, 1993.

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Deeply buried within each of us is the knowledge of who you are. You are the children of God. As such, you have been given a great legacy. That is eternal life.

Eternal life means that you never die. All religions of the earth believe that your soul lives on after your bodies have passed from earthly existence. Some even believe that your soul may come again to take up another body and live again as another, only your address this time may be George instead of Martha.

To many of you, the belief that you return holds some kind of justice. If only that you get to come back and try to get it right. To others, it seems unfair that you would have to inherit this veil of tears more than once. Yet in spite of what you believe, the fact is that you do inhabit earth more than once.

Some on the other side do not ever wish to live the life of the physical once they have been there, but continue their journey on this side by helping those of you there to be more than you could be otherwise. The job of these souls is to be your guides through the rocks and hard places that you continually find yourselves into with great regularity.

Often the voice you hear in the insanity of your life is that of your guide or guides, trying to bring some order to your thoughts so that you can climb out of the pit you have dug for yourself. Know that this is the voice of God speaking to you through them. For while we have not yet completed our journey to perfection, we are motivated by the continual love we feel for all of you in the physical world of the Earth. This Earth that we all inhabit, in whatever dimension, is a school house and we are all here to learn about life, love and God.

Have you ever wondered why the Greeks devised such an elaborate system of  gods and goddesses? Indeed they were most un-god like. They had vices and anger and generally reflected the worst and the best of man kind, but even in all pagan beliefs it was an attempt to interpret God to some form of understanding that the human mind can grasp and explain. God is beyond definition and explanation. Even Christianity has not explained God but has instead venerated his son Jesus, as an understandable explanation for God.  Yet even in the worship of Jesus, lies feasts and festivals that stem from the Pagan rituals at the time. Christianity then absorbed the beliefs of the times, which helped to spread their beliefs. It is a common practice with religions and one that all should be aware of.


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