Message from Lady Nadd

Written by Florence Mary on Sept 11, 2010.

In the face of resistance be willing to keep your secrets so that you do not create more conflict. It is really not important to be right but to be right with yourself. Standing up does not mean standing in someone’s face creating conflict, it means doing and being what is correct for you.

Form is not as important as practice but if the form has the knowledge you need, embrace the form. Right now you only have part of the picture and some of the possibilities have been revealed. Do not make part of the picture your choice, wait until you have the full picture. Ceremony and Practice are important only as a Vehicle.

Karma is not so much paying another back for the wrongs committed against them but rather righting the wrongs that you have committed against yourself, for surely a wrong committed against another because of interconnectedness, is a wrong committed against the self.

The master is therefore ready, willing and able to accept 100% of the responsibility for everything, with no exceptions. In this is ultimate healing and joy. When you can manipulate your own molecules which begin with your thoughts, then you become a true master in training. Ascension is the gift of acknowledging this power. One day the dissipation of energy will seem like child’s play. One day leaving the elements of Earth behind and stepping into Love will be the only thing you can do.

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