Message About Living Love by Florence Mary – January 19, 1992.

All of human existence and the existence of all else is the product of love. We cannot state this often enough or strongly enough. Each soul must give back what the Creator has given to each of you and that is love.

You each are a small part of God and through effort you expand your capacity to be more God-like. It begins in the relationship with yourselves. The statement “No man can give to another what he cannot give to himself”, is one of the basic truths of life. 

What is required of each of you is to live fully in your present existence, accepting it as your own will, and that because it is our will it is also Gods will. It may be hard for you to accept this when things do not please you, but remember that you were created in the freedom of love and therefor, able to create with what you choose to believe as your reality. Remember, that what happens in your life good or ill, is but a reflection of what you unconsciously and consciously think of yourself and what you believe you deserve in this existence. You must change what goes into your mind if you wish your life to be different. If you do not operate from a place of self love then everything you do and are will never be enough to change your life. 

Once one comes to understand love as the most important fact of all human existence and endeavour, then purpose becomes easy to understand. All purpose is for spiritual growth. It may take the form of deep and personal belief in God or in some other round about way as a commitment to ideals of the God-Creator. Many worthy and prosperous souls of deep spiritual growth may not have a relationship with the God-Creator, as far as they can see, but we tell you that any man or woman who is committed to goodness and fair play seeks his or her purpose as surely as one who prays on his or her knees everyday to the God they believe in. You may follow the rituals of your religion but to take the life of your fellow man is murder, for the God-Creator grieves for each life that is taken in its name.

There has never been a holy war. All wars are predicated on greed of some form or another. Even the crusades were more about loot and bounty than about the word of God and God’s compassion for all of us. Jesus, the bringer of a message from God, never tried to force anyone to accept his teachings, except through love and wisdom. Jesus came to teach the power of love and what has come from that teaching is fear and doubt of every kind.

Now in your streets, you have a macrocosm of greed and the war that now exists is between the “have’s and the have nots”. You must all work to restore the goodness within all men and women, with sharing and caring for all of the peoples of the Earth. As you so eloquently put it, ” there is no free lunch”, but that must change so that all of the peoples of Earth can contribute to the wellness of your Collective Consciousness. In time you shall see that trust and faith can move mountains and part seas of unlovingness and even bring all that you need to you without effort and struggle and strife. Until you do you will be as all before you, ever struggling with life and its ways.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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