Messages from December 22, 1997 – written by Florence Mary

Webmasters note: this writing starts with Florence giving thanks and making a statement to the guides. The guides respond below her statement.

Thank you for the deep sense of Joy and Thanksgiving that I experience each day. Please help me to live the Sevenfold Path of Life and Learning with the deepest sense of honour and integrity.

The process of life, driven forward by choice, can be nothing but honourable and filled with integrity or it is an ignorant and fearful path. 

One creates not only with thought but also by choice. Thought therefor is the psychic manifestation of the invisible brought into the physical awareness, and choice is the action taken because of thought. 

As one develops the attunement to mindfulness and emptiness, the process of thought changes to one of not only harmlessness and compassion but also to one of personal honour and integrity that does not judge, except in the moment where the path is transgressed by others they meet upon that path.

Many times you have been told that you bring the test of your own experience to yourself, for what good is honour if it has no test? What good is integrity if it is not tempered by the fires of life. Instead of dreading those moments or meeting them with the suffering of anger, embrace them with the knowledge of who you really are. By each choice and moment of knowing that, your life becomes less filled by fear and more filled by joy.

Life is truly a joy when a man or a woman knows what honour and integrity demands of you. When beyond the precepts of religious truth, honourable truth authors the nobility of your life. That life may not be one that is held up to the world for praise or honour, but one lived quietly in the shadows of life, as the multitudes may know it. 

To the person quietly living their truth, the wheel of karma has stopped turning, the joy of earthly enlightenment has entered, and peace and harmony rule them and their closest loved ones. Fear is nothing more than an empty chair at the table that they realize, can be filled, the moment they gather to them the evil of ignorance. 

The ultimate ignorance is not knowing who you are or why you are here. All else is the machinations of a mind addicted to thinking and adrenaline. Happiness is not being high but being peaceful and harmoniously enraptured within the Universal Flow of the chosen life.

The chosen life is one that you see clearly authored by the limitations of your beliefs. The chosen life evolves more rapidly when it is authored by faith. Faith that is not held by belief but by possibility. Faith makes the impossible possible, the improbable probable and the very difficult doable. Faith is not logical but a matter of the heart that does not judge except in things that are personal. Yet faith holds not slights or anger but understands, with compassion, the suffering of others no matter how they are generated . Faith shares itself not only in words but also with actions and willingly pays the price that action demands, if its ultimate goal is freedom. Freedom for not only for one’s self but also freedom of others knowing that it is the Universal Right of Souls.

The rhythm’s of life sing to us in the songs of birds, the wind in the trees and waters upon rocks and shorelines. Man has long fashioned sinew and bone, skin and wood, metal and even his own voice to sing in harmony with nature. How long will it be until he sees that music is the path of true love and giving in a world that believes it is divided by colour, eye colour, skin colour, creeds and lines drawn upon a paper to represent the mother Gaia? 

There are no lines anywhere except the ones we draw around ourselves to keep us safe in a world already unsafe by the very presence of those lines. Turn your lives to music and sing the notes of the bowls both in your hearts and with your voices. When you do listen, you will hear in the many voices only one intent, that is to know love, light, peace and joy as reality.


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