Messages from the Soul by Florence Mary – January 4, 1992.

Only with the absolute surrender of being can one come to know the deepest part of themselves. It is this very act of surrender that funds the power to accept and change what is in one’s life and to go beyond self to the you that you were born to be when you were first created. This is the goal of all incarnations. To work for this goal is the burden and joy of karma. In this realization lays the reward. 

Karma is most easily understood as fear. What we fear most or have always feared, returns again and again to be conquered. Walking away from what one fears is not working in their life, is not working out karmatic obligations. It is not even the skillful use of retreat. One also cannot outrun one’s own fate, for it will be presented again and again until one works out the lesson to be learned. Take heart, lessons come in many forms. Be careful to take the time to see them and to learn each lesson as it comes up.

Love is always the key ingredient to our renewal of being. To be love, as it is defined in the archetypal mind and as we know it, or have come to know it, may be very different from the definition we need to learn now. Before you can truly love another, you must love yourself and value that love above all others, for from that love grows all power and strength for growth, change, birth and rebirth, in the cycles of our lives. We shed our hair and skin in cycles unnoticeable to us. As our body dies and renews itself, so do our psychic and spiritual selves.

There are no set patterns for this growth and renewal. Awareness is what sets these patterns in motion. If you refuse to grow, meditate, read and study, then you lay as a fallow field, capable of yielding much, but as of yet, unplanted. As the wind blows, drying your soil, you allow yourselves to be dispersed if you are not watered by the knowledge and experience of truth. You become dust in the wind.

It must be remembered here, that even in congregations of like believers, all men walk the path to self-realization, self-actualization and rebirth alone. You can only exchange the most minimal of what you are with another but your essence is contained in that mysterious part known as your soul. Each of you can only guess at the truest most dear feelings and wishes contained in each soul. It is not so much what they do or say that is important but what is contained in the soul is an overriding desire to serve. Make no mistake, in some it is evil, but in most it is to be of goodness.

The power of the soul is lost if that soul believes in its own powerlessness. When one sees a soul repeat behaviour that is self-destructive one must realize that the soul is separated from its ability to recognize its own power and worth. In your case and with others, it is more important to cling to the one thing that you have power over than to rid yourself of your physical pain. 

When one has conquered their attachment to power and in most cases, false and non-existent power, then one sees that power is like all else in the world of physical, an illusion, and the soul will no longer seek it but instead will seek love as its only source of strength.

On the eve of your New Year we gave you a set of predictions that are forming to completion in your not too distant future. We tell you now that only man’s choosing of enlightened lovingness shall bring a change in the patterns of what has been set in motion.

All of the weather patterns will be slightly off kilter. This will grow to greatly off kilter as the shift begins to grow. Expect earthquakes where they have been not known to happen. Expect earthquakes where they have been known to happen yet rarely do. Storms will come to areas that have historically been storm free. Clouds and cold will come to places that are usually warm and sun and heat will reach to where it was once cold. Snow will come to your deserts and also rain. There will be bouts of inordinately dry weather in areas usually assured of enough moisture. If mankind continues on his present course, the final shifting of Earth’s axis will bring flood, famine, pestilence and utter death. It will cleanse the Earth of that which is an abomination unto mankind and its purpose. At this point we tell you that we are not speaking about those whose sexual orientation is not understood by most others. We are speaking to those who have allowed others to starve, be cold, be wet and die in disease and heat, all the evils and ills of unkindness and greed that one man commits against another.

Be assured, every one of you that until you become of one mind, one heart, and one purpose, when you see yourselves as one people, regardless of the separations of truth, color, race, creed and even dimension, then and only then shall you find global peace. Until that time, time and programming of your Earth for her own evolutional progression continues. This shift that is coming is not the work of the Creator but is rather of your own making and that of the Earth indeed, to cleanse yourself and itself of the rot that eats away at your societies. Only a shift in consciousness will cushion the blow of what is almost upon you. It can be gentle and loving or it can reflect the present hearts and minds of all of you here and now, as well as those who will come in the future.

When you become open to the power of love then you shall remember and understand all the things that shall come to you in vision and in remembrance. Trust this and allow it to flow through you and to those who would gather around you in celebration of life and love. You may have many confrontations along the way with doubt and fear but if you remember that you are loved and looked after here and now, you will always triumph over the forces of evil that exist within your world as it is now. Remember that evil is the absence or lack of light and hope. When you have this knowledge with you always, then you cannot be overrun  and overcome by that which is seen as evil.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.

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