Moving Into A New Way – Written by Florence Mary – May 01, 2009

Webmasters/Editors Note : This writing is a grouping of notes given to Florence Mary in May of 2009 by Guidance. These are some of her later writings and the format and info begins to take a more hands-on approach. At this point I wonder what direction the writings would have taken if she was still in her physical embodiment. But in the long run, she was just a conduit and the messages are for all of us to carry forward in our own unique way and contribution. In this spirit, I share this next writing. Namaste, Webmaster Steven.

Intention is no longer enough. Now you must apply the science of metaphysics. The place to begin is with platonic solids.

The power of meditation is not the attainment of emptiness but the place where one becomes once more, the place where all things are possible.

“Leave your nets and follow me”, does no longer mean to “leave literally”, but to own what you own and not have it own you.

Learn the way to live life without the distraction of purpose. You are very close.

The way to mindfulness is to master mindlessness without going insane.

Learn not only to feel energy but also how to quantify the very nature of that energy. Learn to move electrons at your will.

Desire every good thing with real passion and real appetite. Stop playing at it. Take a big bite out of life. Remember to not become distracted.

Eat less, drink more. Take nourishment through liquids rather than solids. Begin slowly. Walk for exercise. Build on your core strength if you have lost it.

Again, do not become distracted by any purpose you have set for yourself. Keep the focus.

Practice gratitude by demand for more abundance rather than supplicant thanks. You might want to practice this one privately until you have mastered the technique.

The greatest Master only mastered himself and his world. Generation of existence is prime to mastery of one’s world. Shifting from solid to vapour becomes prime in the following steps.

The object of prayer must be to qualify energy. It is up to you to learn how to quantify it.

The reason one tries to control electrons is because they travel according to Earth’s rotation or are effected by Earth’s rotation. Protons travel against the rotation of earth and are harder to control for one who is learning to quantify energy.

To quantify the nature of energy one must be aware of the geometry of the energy grid around the Earth. Begin as a servant and learn to repair it. To do this you must give your own energy to it but replenish that energy given to it, by other sources. What we ask is the opposite of what you have been doing and has been correct for the past moment. As the new moment begins, new tactics are needed.

To look only within knowing requires unwavering concentration in the mental or internal condition and unwavering focus to the external manifestation of such concentration. Applying such concentration and focus upon the electron portion of matter, slows or speeds the movement of such electrons. Moving electrons speeds up the movement of all other portions of quantum matter to the smallest particles.


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